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Peter B. Meyer

Planetary Transition from 3D to 5D

Humanity is Thoroughly Brainwashed The Old Frequency becomes Unbearable     Humanity is Thoroughly Brainwashed The Anunnaki lowered the Earth’s frequency and its polarisation from positive to negative, meant for war and destruction. The more people are killed, the better… Continue Reading →

Historical Investigation 1

It is time, to realise that just ten generations ago, humanity was much more advanced than we are today! This startling conclusion is based on architectural facts that show shocking evidence by mediocre quality of today’s constructions.   Our Fatherland… Continue Reading →

Our Reality is a Consciousness Trap

The Great Awakening You are a Conscience   The Great Awakening The third ‘Dimensional Reality’ of today, is not real. In fact, today’s reality is a consciousness trap. Who and what we really are has been hidden from us. Our… Continue Reading →

Origins of the Tartar Empire

A self-created problem in search of a solution Unprecedented expansion of the Tartar Empire Tartaria did indeed exist Khazaria became Tartaria Annotation Best Evidence Proving Aliens Exist     A self-created problem in search of a solution The world that… Continue Reading →

Independent thinkers

Note; This is your preparation for your ascension exam. A requirement to enter the 5D world is thorough knowledge of our true history. Atlantis and Tartaria show what really happened. Make the information provided here your property and understand what… Continue Reading →

The Tartarian Empire

A compelling vision of an untold brilliant civilisation   How Historians Deceive Us The Tartar Empire Historic Buildings The true history of Tartaria and the Great Tartar Empire   How Historians Deceive Us This has recently become worldwide the most… Continue Reading →

The Truth Being Told

Planetary Transition Waking up from the Nightmare The truth changes your life   Planetary Transition Reports of what is about to happen becomes the biggest news story of all time, the history of humanity on planet Earth will be different… Continue Reading →

The fall of Atlantis final part 6

Open your eyes the long-awaited awakening has begun The pyramids and the second moon The Crystal Awakening The Ark Crystal of Anti-Gravity Summary and the new beginning   Open your eyes the long-awaited awakening has begun Greed and Envy is… Continue Reading →

Manipulated Perceptions

Our lives are disrupted in ways thought impossible The Narcissistic Personality You can’t stop what is coming; it must be carried out   Our lives are disrupted in a way that has been thought impossible “Money “is virtual, a mental… Continue Reading →

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