Return to Gold:

The Silk Road is back from history. The Eurasian Trade Zone will be built upon the revival of the gold route that cannot be stopped. The safe haven is Gold and Silver, bars and coins, otherwise defined as money. – Meanwhile on behalf of the RKM extreme propaganda branding any nation wishing to establish trade or a monetary system centred upon gold is a rogue nation. – Russia is being vilified since they discredited the US Dollar as the reserve currency and don’t want more US dollars for trade and finance, they lead a global banking movement against the dollar. The solution lies with precious metals as the core of banking, trade, currency, and wealth preservation. The US Dollar is doomed; the return of Gold is long overdue.


funny-moneyPrinting paper money with no regards whatsoever for the value of that money, is already by many widely understood lethal for the global economy. Governments can fool people for a while by printing paper money, but in the end it’s inevitable that TRUST in the money will be lost. Without trust, paper money is nothing. Trust in the dollar is absolutely required to keep its status as a vehicle of economic exchange. And already the world trade discovers that trust is falling apart, as billions of dollars worth of transactions with more than 10 countries around the world are exchanged in other currencies or gold.


The Bank of Russia and People’s Bank of China recently agreed to trade completely outside the U.S. dollar. – Singapore, Malaysia and Qatar have also agreed to currency swaps with China. In the case of Qatar, the deal establishes a direct trade with an OPEC nation in the very heart of the petrodollar system. Even Canada, and Australia recently have signed a currency swap with China! The petrodollar has reached a period of historic risk.



China also is beginning to trade directly with Germany, Brazil, Russia, Australia, Chile, India, and South Korea, all outside the U.S. dollar.


The “too-big-to-fail-banks” bailed-out in 2008, now are 37% larger than they were before 2008. – The experienced bull market in recent years is nothing more than “smoke-and-mirrors” created by the Fed. And most of the government reports and statistics are misleading.


“If interest rates just go back to “normal,” let say a rate about 4% annually. How are governments able to pay off all their debt? If all will be paid back, it will take over 30 years at 4%, – spending $58 trillion just to repay what is owed today. If the rate ends up at 6%, it will become $102 trillion.”


Governments are a disgrace to honest democracy, if there was such possible; it is a scam and deceit. Rich, powerful special interests wager billions of dollars on hollow puppets, knowing their investment will pay off hugely if they are elected. The money system is an elaborate fraud, too. It steals from the taxpayers, and rewards speculators, and insiders. The entire system is corrupt and dysfunctional.


The End of paper money:

Paper money is a PROMISE that something of value is tied to it, like gold. But the gold standard was left behind decades ago. Today the U.S. dollar – and all other currencies – is only as good as the faith people have in it.


When faith is lost, problems begin to take care of themselves, in one of two ways:


  • A quick, sharp depression wipes out the value of credit claims. Borrowers go broke. Bonds expire worthless. Companies declare bankruptcy. The whole capital structure tends to get marked down as debts are written off and financial assets of all kinds lose their value.


  • Or, under pressure, the central bankers print money. Debts are diminished as the currency loses its value. The zombies still get money, but it is worth less. Inflation adjustments cannot keep up with high rates of inflation. Pensions, prices, and promises fade.


Either way, accounts are wiped clean and a new cycle can start.


Dollar free-fall.

Free-fallInvestors around the world are counted for loans, but they have snapped their wallets shut. They have seen the handwriting on the wall. The debt is simply too massive. It can never be repaid. It would be financial suicide for them to throw away more good money after bad.


No amount of money printing could even begin to make up for the trillions of dollars Washington needs from investors. – Worse: “Washington has no reserves, no savings for a rainy day. Not even a Social Security “Trust Fund.” It is dead broke.”


“The American dollar gets in free-fall as the news reverberates around the globe. – In bond markets worldwide, investors are dumping U.S. treasuries as if they were radioactive waste. – As treasury prices crash and interest rates skyrocket, Washington’s already un-payable debt is transformed into a loaded gun aimed at the nation’s head.”


In early trading, the U.S. stock market reels, staggers, then collapses. The paper wealth of generations is vanishing before everyone’s eyes. Millions of retirees who once had fat portfolios watch helplessly as their life savings are wiped out.


Entitlement spending is on-hold until further notice. There will be no Social Security checks or payments for seniors. No healthcare or other benefits for government dependents. No welfare checks or food stamps for the poor.


Civility begins to crack. – Millions, who thought they could count on the government to care for them, suddenly find themselves destitute, abandoned, and helpless. – Armies of angry citizens will soon fill the streets in violent protests. Others will spend the day desperately foraging for food.


Meanwhile, the federal government — equally desperate to survive — will have no choice but to declare martial law, to wage war against its own citizens.

In the weeks and months ahead, revenue agents will seize private savings, homes and other property on the flimsiest of excuses. Battle tanks, armoured personnel carriers and heavily armed soldiers will patrol the streets.


Beginning of the worst financial crisis ever:

EuropeCrisisThe worst financial crisis in history is exploding, most likely in this year’s autumn. No fewer that three powerful economic cycles break loose:


“1. The Kondratieff Cycle — named after the Russian scientist who first described it — is predicting major troubles ahead.

Although the Kondratieff Wave has been progressively shortened by the impact of technology on the world, this downward phase will not end until 2025. Until then, this cycle brings with it massive economic pain including an ever-weaker economy, chronic unemployment, soaring interest rates, massive defaults on public and private debt and more.


“2. The Juglar Cycle, a cycle that tracks fixed investment by business. This cycle also peaked in 2007 with the real estate crisis and continues down all the way into 2025. This means businesses will hoard cash, avoid re-investment of earnings, create fewer jobs, and by doing so, will help drag the economy to a near-standstill.


“3. The Kitchen Cycle, discovered in the 1920s by Joseph Kitchen, is also predicting tremendous economic pain ahead. This is a shorter cycle of 40 months, also related to the inventory cycle of commercial businesses.


In other words, all three of these time-tested cycles are now pointing to an outbreak of economic pain ahead: Hoarding of cash by consumers and businesses, chronic unemployment, plunging household income, and ultimately lower tax revenues for the world’s debt-ravaged governments.


“These cycles all converge in October of this year: – On Wednesday, October 7! – On that day, the current cycle, the cycle in which governments could amass obscene amounts of debt with impunity ends. And on that date, the next cycle — the cycle in which mankind pays the price for that debt — begins.”


On that day, the patently un-payable debts and obligations in Europe, Japan and the United States confidence will all begin to crumble, right in front of everyone’s eyes.


Debt is the culprit of all misery:

Europe will be the first to collapse. The EU nearly fell apart a few years ago, since then even more massively un-payable debts piled up throughout the union. First Greece, Ireland and Portugal, and later Italy, Spain and even France, all came dangerously close to defaulting on their debt. Had these nations done so, they would have utterly imploded, wiped out trillions of dollars of invested wealth all over the globe, and destroyed the EU.


EU endsUntil today, 22 of the 28 EU member nations, including the largest: Spain, France, Italy and the UK — are deeper in debt now than ever before. In Spain and France, it would take nearly all the money generated by their economies in an entire year to equal their national debts. – The governments of Cyprus and Belgium each owe MORE than their economies produce in an entire year. – Ireland owes 23% more than its economy produces. Portugal and Italy each owe 28% more.


The Greek government, still in the worst shape, even after six huge bailouts, owes 75% more than its economy produces. And there’s no end in sight: “Europe’s debt burden is STILL rising at an alarming pace.”


Excessive regulation, outrageous levels of taxation and obscene levels of government debt are literally killing Europe. The Italian economy is barely growing. France is stagnating, while Germany the economic engine of the Union, recently slipped into recession. – The government in Spain has begun taxing bank deposits. Spaniards pay an income tax, and than another tax when earning are deposited in the bank.


In France, police routinely search travellers, looking for large amounts of cash that’s being smuggled out of the country to avoid taxation. Over the past seven years, the EU with the ECB has repeatedly bailed out its member states. But the bailouts have only given politicians a license to increase their reckless spending.


Sobering message:

In 2013, Cyprus’ leaders pulled off the crime of the century: To qualify for a bailout from the EU, they quite literally robbed their own nation’s banks.

Depositors across Europe and around the world were sent a sobering message:


“No deposit in any European bank is safe. If we want your money, we will simply take your money.”


The European Union will not survive this time, as ultimately the euro will collapse – and, when it does, civil wars are around the corner inside many of these countries as opposing factions struggle for control. Old rivalries and resentments amongst EU nations are revived. As shown above pointing to October of this year as the month when this great EU unravelling will most likely begin.


Japan and USA are next:

Japan is next as Europe’s collapse will break Japan’s back. The EU is Japan’s number 2 trading partner, the lifeblood of the Japanese economy – as its export to the EU will plunge and crater their economy.


americas-liars-1aAnd thereafter America’s final day of reckoning has arrived. The same fate suffered by Europe and Japan awaits the US. The plain truth is that Washington, D.C.’s debts are far larger than most people realize. Everyone worries about their $18 trillion national debt; that it equals 107% of the value of all the goods and services the U.S. produces.


But in addition the “US government owes another $238 trillion that almost never is talked about. – These are what it politely calls “unfunded obligations” — the money it owes primarily to veterans and to seniors in pensions, Social Security and Medicare payments. – Altogether, Washington is on the hook for $256 trillion.”


That’s more than 15 times the size of the entire U.S. economy. And, worse, trillions more dollars in additional debt and obligations are piling up with every passing year. Everyone knows US government will never make a dent in its massive debt.


“What most economists know but won’t say is that Washington won’t be able to even service that much debt for much longer, any significant decline in the economy could ultimately push Washington into default.”


When that happens, the U.S. government’s Treasury bills, bonds and notes won’t be worth the paper they’re printed on. The bottom line is that governments, the economy and society are living on borrowed time. – All will come crashing down.


With two of America’s largest trading partners — Europe and Japan — in ruins, global demand for U.S. dollars, stocks, bonds and real estate will evaporate. As bond prices crash, interest rates will skyrocket to levels that are unimaginable today.


“Mortally wounded by collapsing demand for its products and exploding interest rates, the U.S. economy will collapse like a cheap suit. The tax revenues that are needed to pay the bills — including skyrocketing interest owed on national debt — will dry up. Bond investors will snap their wallets shut.”


It was a well-known fact; governments couldn’t tax, print and spend forever. It’s simply unsustainable. So, the day would come when it would all come crashing down. The only question has been, “When?” Here is the answer.


”Cycles show that the most powerful forces in the economic universe are coming together this autumn. The global government debt collapse that will begin in Europe, and than will quickly spread to Japan in 2016, and inevitably strike America as well.”


What to expect:

Higher interest rates means the debt gets higher, while interest rates repeatedly go up more and more. That is the start of the death spiral with no way out. Causing:

  • Chaos.
  • Forced noticeably higher interest rates.
  • Dramatic cost increase to buying a home.
  • Double-digit dip in real estate prices.
  • Reduced business investment.
  • Rising unemployment.
  • Cascading effects in global economy.
  • Collapse in supposedly safe bonds.
  • Lowering stock prices.
  • Oil priced in any other currency or even gold.
  • End of the petrodollar.


When that happens, only those who are prepared will have a possibility to survive with their loved ones, let alone preserving their wealth and or quality of life.


There still is some positive news in all of this.


  1. There still is some time to prepare.
  2. Getting through this in safety – with your wealth secure and growing will not be difficult IF you make the right moves now.
  3. Good-willing forces will come to help, by


Ousting the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia – RKM:

If people en mass express their non-confidence in the un-backed currency, this certainly collapse the monetary system, while consequently the RKM looses their most powerful weapon against humanity. This is exactly where all citizens can collaborate together in the change for a better world, liberated from suppression, living in total freedom, without poverty, and great wealth for everyone on Earth. –


Simply attainable, if; ‘everybody withdraw confidence in the currency system’. And require the nationalization of the central banks to starting issuing government backed currency, – like the Icelandic people required and obtained. – One-time write-off of all debts, public and private, and returning all financial assets illicitly obtained by the cabal.


Watch below documentary to understand that the coming collapse will be at lest ten times worse than the 2008 breakdown.


To understand the frenetic power struggle taking place in the US and elsewhere, it is worth taking a look at the secret history behind the Governments’ corporate bankruptcies. The White Dragon Society and Chinese royal family members presented documentary evidence that will force change of how 20th century history is written. The documents describe secret agreements between US Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, Chinese Nationalist ruler Chiang Kai-shek and members of the Manchu royal family. The documents show how Roosevelt, Truman, and US Secretary of State George C. Marshall, over time, took 20 ships laden with Manchu gold to the US and fraudulently used the bullion to finance Roosevelt’s New Deal and the Marshall plan.


The gold was taken to the US starting in the 1930s under the promise it would be used to finance the development of East Asia and the creation of a federation that would include Manchuria, China, Korea and Japan, the royal family sources said. The Americans also gave the Manchurians plates to allow them to print US dollars.


The two current heirs to the Manchu gold are Kim Young Hee and Zhang Sheng Zhi. They claim for to be chased, to be killed as they have the legal rights to this gold worth US$ 30 trillion.

The owners of the US branch of the Federal Reserve Board Bush / Clinton / Rockefeller / Rothschild, etc. – are being asked to pay their debts to the rest of the world in gold. For that reason they are desperate to try to stake a fraudulent claim to the Manchu gold they stole all those years ago, and have long since used up.


The Khazarian Mafia is desperately trying to steal this gold elsewhere. The Lehman shock of 2008 came because the corporate government of the US failed to make a gold payment due. Then the red shirt movement in Thailand was really aimed at getting custody of the huge historical Thai gold. – The Arab spring in Tunisia and other Arab countries were also aimed at the gold stashes these countries had. – The invasion of Mali was staged to seize their gold mines. – The earthquake attack on Haiti was also aimed getting gold mine rights. – The invasion of Libya was an unsuccessful attempt to steal Kaddafi’s gold. – The March 11 2011 earthquake in Japan with tsunami attack on Japan’s nuclear power facility was aimed at extorting Japanese imperial gold.


The RKM are frantically hunting royals with claims to historical gold troves. This is the reason the Obama regime turned on Iran with a pleasing deal because of the Persian historical gold trove worth $ 46 trillion, according to the current heir to the Persian throne. The Iranians have responded adversely, by publically blaming the US government for 9/11 and are telling many other truths. So the RKM are never getting their hands on the Persian gold.


The background reality; the US hired mobs paid by the government to try to start race wars in Ferguson, Baltimore, Seattle, Garland, and elsewhere, in the hope to use the unrest to trigger a civil war in order to distract attention from their own problems. The intention to start WW3 is boycotted from the inside by the Pentagon brass, according to reliable inside sources.




WARNING financial crisis ahead 2015 be prepared




Global Financial Crisis:

Documentary on Why the World Faces Financial Meltdown.

This documentary shows why we face a global financial crisis and looks at past financial meltdowns such as 2008 and before to show we face a global financial meltdown again in the future. The documentary is one of the best at looking at the causes of stock market crashes and explaining why another is probably inevitable – what are the solutions? Well there are easy solutions but Governments and central banks are ignoring them and leading the global economy into crisis – a frightening look at what could happen in the near future in the global economy. Debt is to high; banks are run in a reckless fashion all encouraged by the central banks and governments.