The Picture:

The obvious fact is not ‘incompetence’ that has brought the World economy to its economic knees and the imposed increase in taxes and economic policies of austerity that involve countries facing catastrophe to be bailed-out by contributions from other countries. If the problem were only ‘incompetence’ the task would be far more straightforward and focus on replacing the ‘incompetent’ with the competent. It is not like Incompetencethat. They are very ‘competent’ at following the agenda of calculated incompetence with the aim of creating an enormous problem in search for a solution. It is conspiracy to turn the World into a Totalitarian Dictatorship run from Israel by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia.


Western leaders are all big-time insiders following the script authored by the Khazarian Mafia. The engineered economic implosion of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Italy and Spain has created a massive problem in search of a solution and what is now being proposed is to delete what is left of national sovereignty to ‘fix’ the problem that they created. It is the known Problem-Reaction-Solution leading to another giant step on the way to Totalitarian State of Europe and the rest of the world. The euro was never meant to be an end in itself. The plan is for an electronic single world currency. The euro was the stalking horse to delete all the individual currencies that existed before. The plan is to trash the euro – and the US Dollar – eventually, and move to a global currency with all consequences for global control.


The hindrance of massive debt makes it impossible for the world economy to recover. – Which is not the intention of the Khazarian Mafia, who have instructed their puppet governments accordingly. – Worse than unmanageable debt, is the compounding of this debt. The EU and US debt, are measured in the hundreds of trillions, and are compounding at a low interest rate because of ZIRP – zero interest policy. If rates rise, this debt will compound at a higher rate, which will raise the total debt by hundreds of billions of euros and dollars. Without any doubt this means: Default, Bankruptcy, Ultimate Collapse and The Greatest Bear Market In History. The overriding trend in the world is now deleveraging and deflation, which ultimately leads to default and bankruptcy. – So, the current trend of compounding debt is unsustainable. And if it’s untenable, it will lead to total collapse, and the greatest bear market in history.


Gold Versus Fiat CurrenciesDebt destroys wealth. Silver and gold are not symbols of wealth; they are wealth. All the gold ever mined in world history is still with us, some of it disguised in the form of jewellery. Unlike gold, silver is used up in industry. Billions of ounces of silver were owned by the US Treasury. That silver is gone either used up by industry or hoarded by investors.


Most people have no idea that in the past six years, The EU, US, and Japan have created virtually trillions of new euros, dollars, and Yen literally out of thin air. At the same time – since 2006, national debt in these areas have doubled.


Prosperity cannot be created out of thin air by a central bank.’


Sooner than most people think, the populaces are losing confidence in the monetary system as a simple result of investors around the world that are realizing currencies are no longer the “safe haven” they once were. When that faith is broken, which it will be soon, the power of the Khazarian Mafia will be gone. – In a world of one-massive debt if one currency loses confidence, the others will follow, nearly everything else will go with it – stocks, bonds, commodities, houses, etc. When currencies crush, the entire economy is destroyed. Most of the nations will suffer severe pain. Middle classes are wiped out. The way people live, work, travel, retire, and invest – everything is going to change. Some of it in ways most people can’t even imagine.


The Changes:

The real concern is what happens to everyday citizens – especially the middle class. If governments go broke – all citizens’ wealth – all citizens’ savings – are put in jeopardy. Massive changes in retirement system and Social Security are inevitable. Pension funds will be confiscated, augmented with huge tax increases.

And even a “wealth tax”, a fee on all your savings and valuable assets will be applied. Anything is possible. It only is getting worse. When currency crisis hit; the number ONE priority for governments will be to control the existing supply of capital. All kinds of new laws and rules will be implemented about what you are allowed to do with your own money. Where and how your money may be stored and moved.

inflationMassive inflation will occur as all those trillions and trillions of newly printed currencies make their way into the economy. It’s going to be especially difficult for seniors and anyone who relies on their government for income. – A total breakdown of the stock market, imagine 2008, Black Monday and even the Crash of ’29 happening in a single day. The middle class will be wiped out. The real killer will be the effect of all this on our society and our liberties.


To be more specific, the coming crisis won’t be just a banking and mortgage disaster, it will be a full-blown “currency crisis” one of a kind the world has never experienced before. The savings of millions of people could be wiped out, overnight. The stock market could crash by 50% or more. The way of life enjoyed for the last fifty years could come to an end. And this is not a question of if this will happen, but only when.


The Destruction:

When a nation’s money is destroyed, businesses are destroyed too. Friendship and family brake downs are next, as faith in money is critical to a free society. Without faith, forget businesses and commerce, and any sense of normalcy.


Financial destructionUnfortunately people won’t have any clue what to do when there are long lines just to access the ATM – or when banks start shutting down. They won’t have any idea what to do when stores stop accepting credit cards, electronic currency, dollars, euros or whatever as payment. Be convinced this will turn into CHAOS because of social unrest, especially in cities. People are going to be very, very unhappy when they turn on the TV one morning and hear that their life savings suddenly is worth a fraction of its former value. While the price of everything like milk and bread could skyrocket.



The Weakness:

This exactly is the weakness of “paper money” – governments have the power to declare paper to be “legal tender” – but they do NOT have power to give that money VALUE. Something no one even politicians won’t tell you. – All Central Banks should be abolished. The average citizen doesn’t have a clue how dangerous and corrupt the Central Bank System and their government really is.


The world over, governments have embarked on an out-of-control experiment with debt money that they could have issued as ‘debt-free-money’ themselves, without interest. –In today’s world credit money is printed in absurd amounts out of thin air – and so much money of it is borrowed, it never ever can be paid back to creditors. – It took for the USA “216 years to rack up $8.5 trillion in debt… and then just 8 more years to double that amount.” – Governments won’t be able to do a single thing about this crisis, as they themselves have created it!


The Action:

By the time people see a full-blown currency crisis, it’ll be too late for them to protect themselves. No Government will warn you or save you. Better prepare yourself now that is remarkably simple for almost everyone.


Keep in mind: The best place on Earth is where you live, but it is important you take action NOW. Begin with realizing that your financial safety is in your own hands, don’t expect or wait that your government or any other institution will fix these problems. That surely won’t be the case.


Real monetary reform will only come AFTER a major currency crisis hits. And for most people that’ll be much too late. That’ll be only after a catastrophic stock market crash, after the bankruptcies of dozens of financial institutions, and after many people’s savings are completely wiped out.


The Market:

When money can’t be trusted – the price signals in the markets all around the world can’t be relied upon anymore. Which makes it harder and harder for people to exchange labour and capital internationally. The entire system breaks down as a result of the inevitable mistakes people made by investing and saving their money. – The scary truth is that many people, including almost every politician, don’t understand this.


For some people, the only warning they are going to get is from sites like this one, why it is called ‘The Final Wake Up Call’ was chosen. To Finally Wake you up, by efforts made to inform you, your family and friends about what is happening and going to happen. You won’t hear or read about this in the MSM until it has already happened. And the government won’t say a word, as that would cause panic. This follow-up crisis could arrive literally overnight, as it happened in Great Britain in the 1970s. Expect not much later than October next. If you joined lately, view the home site where all published articles are presented to quickly inform.


The Squeeze:

The scale of taxation is incredible, and will getting worse. When added together all taxes from income tax and the explosion of stealth taxation hidden behind ever increasing fines and fees, the percentage of income that goes to the state would blow the mind. An article on captured this theme:


Consider all the way we’re taxed. When we’re born (birth certificate), when we die (death certificate), when we make money (income tax), when we spend money (sales tax), when we own property (property tax), when we sell property (capital gain tax), when we go to a concert or ball game (amusement tax), when we own a vehicle (licence, registration, toll, road tax, gas tax), and special taxes on cell phones, tobacco, alcohol, energy, etc. Then, when we die, they tax our income all over again (inheritance and death tax). They even tax our bowel movements (flush tax). Even house pets are annually taxed.


The middle class is suckedsqeezed middle class into this economic plughole so they and the working class become a single serf class serving the tiny Elite protected from serfs by segregation, distance and the Orwellian tyranny that is emerging by the day. The poor are made poorer and those who were not poor are fast becoming so.


People that are neither poor nor super rich or part of the bloodline cabal are now being targeted in the next stage of mass human suppression. This is the reason for what happened in Cyprus in March 2013 when private bank accounts were seized and plundered. – After taxing and austerity measures, the conspirators now go direct to people’s individual assets, as shown in the Cyprus case. Where a rescue deal was reached and agreed at the behest of the Troika, which consists of the Rothschild-controlled EU commission, with the Rothschild-owned ECB, Rothschild-controlled IMF, enhanced with Rothschild-owned Germany in the mix too, dictating the austerity measures. This deal is better to be called State Theft, as people’s deposits were confiscated – STOLEN – for the bail-in of the Cypriot banks. – One-day people were living comfortably on the money they had spent their whole live earning and the next most of it was gone – stolen by the state and the banking system.


What happened in Cyprus with banks stricken by the Goldman Sachs-engineered Greek financial collapse was planned long before the story hit the media. – All it takes is for the crisis to continue to escalate – as planned – and then it will be declared, ‘the state cannot afford the deposit guarantee any longer’, to embargo everyone’s even tiny bank account. Then they clean out everyone and create their mega-rich, mega-poor Orwellian global state.


fedreserveThe Cyprus precedent also severely damaged confidence in the banking system and made bank failures even more likely and this is part of the script. – Greece is no longer a member of the EU – it’s a colony and that is what the Archon bloodlines are seeking for everywhere as they batter the masses into submission.

Greece agreed that its lenders in one bailout could seize the country’s gold reserves of 111 ton and the plan is to do the same eventually with the far more gold wealthy Portugal – 382.5 ton, Spain – 281.6, France 2,435.4 ton, and Italy 2,451.8 ton. The Rothschild Khazarians want all the gold of the world for themselves. They coax the people so desperate that they will either agree to whatever they are told to do, or will be too weak to resist.


The corrupt and depraved banking system crashed in 2007 the global economy with the most extreme consequences for billions of people and yet no major player was even arrested, let alone convicted for their organised crimes against humanity. The likes of Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan (Rothschild banks) go about their criminal enterprises in the knowledge that they own the departments of government, agencies and courts that should be calling them to book.



The little people are jailed for years for minor drug or financial offences while HSBC was exposed for laundering billions of dollars of money for the Mexican drug cartel (Rothschild owned) with no leading official even facing charges.


If Greece defaults its assets will be seized and it will not be able to trade internationally. Greece being crushed to mush and that is the blueprint for every country. The approach is to weaken the people over a period of time until they are so weak that they accept submission unchallenged. This is what the bloodlines are doing to the human race, and the people are now reaching the advanced stage.


The final crash of the current system is almost certainly planned to be accomplished through the derivative market’. Fraudsters hedging their financial bets by cheating someone else into taking their risk and selling the same financial ‘product’ to multiple buyers who all think they are the only one owner. It is another primed disaster to happen. When this is going to happen the banks already have permission to confiscate depositors assets – yours – to fund their exposure to the bound to fail derivatives and it is all a plan to make the fast majority of the global population destitute. People better start making plans as best they can because the point of no return has been past. For warnings could come from Greece, and the CME – Chicago Mercantile Exchange, which operates major derivatives and future exchanges in Chicago and New York.



Worst Debt Crisis ever:

Debt crisisThe largest and worst sovereign debt crisis, ever, is rapidly approaching. Greece is at its tipping point. Whether Greece gets concessions or not that won’t matter, as next month, Greece faces another € 2.6 billion repayment. And in July and August, another whopping € 8.7 billion repayment from which 7 billion is owed to the ECB. – There is no way Greece can pay off that debt. It doesn’t have the money. Nor can Greece rollover the debt without paying excessive interest rates of 12 percent for 10-year money. This will bankrupt the country. – Meanwhile, the IMF and the ECB are pushing more and more austerity measures down the throats of the Greek people — all in the name of making sure bondholders and authorities get repaid.


It’s not just Greece that is about to reach the tipping point. All of Europe is about to go under. As is seen from this chart. While Greece is the worst, EU debt chartItaly or Portugal isn’t far behind. – Eight EU countries have debt levels just above or below the 100 percent of GDP level. Not one of these countries is capable of servicing its debt, not even France.


Moreover the sovereign debt crisis is not confined to Europe this is merely the starting point. Japan’s debt stands at more than 24 percent of GDP, nearly $12 trillion. And worst of all is, none other than the United States, with its $18 trillion national debt — but in reality more than $215 trillion — the worst and biggest debt in the history of civilization at nearly 12 times GDP.


The Wakeup Call:

The warning signs are on the wall. The Fed itself has announced that since 2003 the exchange value of the U.S. dollar has plummeted by as much as 20%. The IMF has proposed an entirely new world reserve currency system, the SDR that won’t be better as that again is based on un-backed paper, this time with the backing of a basket of international acclaimed un-backed paper currencies.


Ultimately – the U.S. dollar and other paper currency crisis will awaken people, as investors will reject any other paper-based currency as an alternative. – This essay is not meant to trying to scare you. At this point all people must wake up, pay attention – and grasp the logical conclusion of what our governments have done, or better not done.


Future governments should be formed on the basis of meritocracy, where people with proven records take the helm to govern their country in the interest of the people that trust them to be put in charge. Political parties will be abolished, as these were an invention of the Khazarian Mafia to put people into sleeping mode. There has been no democracy for centuries, all was faked, pleasing voters with promises from politicians that were never materialised, giving them a sense of influence without any substantial meaning or power. The truth is that the Khazarian Mafia dictates the course of governing before hand.


Please wakeup and accept that politicians who were chosen to be in charge should be honest, but they deceived you and all the others. These folks are the puppets financed and bribed by the Khazarian Mafia, to lead the electorate into slavery.
Final question:

Will you take the steps necessary to get ready and being prepared? – Hopefully you all are doing so. One thing definitely can be done is protecting your wealth. And for all other important preps like food, etc. visit specialised sites with numbers of sound suggestions. Consider: gold and silver are very much undervalued.


“The central planners are having difficult time holding gold below US$ 1,200/ounce and silver below US$ 16.20/ounce. It looks like both metals are ready to break higher.”

Gold billionCurrencies die more often than most people realize. There have been more than 20 hyperinflations in the last hundred years. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that bad things happen when authorities have the power to create infinite money. What is amazing is that many still trust them to create just enough money for the good of the people, but not a penny more. Jeff Thomas points out that some countries are finally realizing that it’s just a matter of time until all fiat currencies die. – They’re quietly buying gold, so they’ll own something of real value when the world realizes that paper is worthless.


Countries that have gold will recover first when the present system crashes. Whoever holds the most gold will hold the most real wealth and, by extension, gain the most prominent seat at the bargaining table for decades to come.



Bitgold, is a new gold storage and transfer payment service. It’s a secure mobile payment service that enables users to pay their bills in gold. – It’s too early to say whether it will be a game-changer.



The Biggest Silver Haul in History – by Ted Butler

Silver coin Philharmoniker“With the cooperation from the federal government, JPMorgan was able to turn silver (and gold) prices sharply lower into year end 2008 and made well over one billion dollars as a result of falling metals prices. Thus, they were able to greatly reduce the short positions inherited from Bear Stearns. JPMorgan then repeated the process of selling short great additional quantities of COMEX short contracts on metals price rallies buying back those short positions when prices fell. JPMorgan’s profits from the short side of COMEX silver and gold amounted to hundreds of millions and even billions.”




PANIC IN THE WEST = $150 SILVER — Alasdair Macleod


In fact, according to John Williams from shadowstats, as the ranks of the unemployed in the United States reaches 23%, the economy is now beginning to suffer the effects of inflation, and Williams says, we are on track to hit hyperinflation of the Dollar in 2016. The problems that caused the 2008 economic crisis have not been addressed or fixed and loose monetary policy continues unabated.
With the average age of a minimum age worker in the United States 36 years old, and with 93 million Americans out of the workforce altogether, hyperinflation of the Dollar is the death knell for the Republic and for all we once held dear.
Alasdair Macleod points out that once confidence in a currency is lost, that currency is doomed. At that point, panic ensues, and we are now headed in that direction. Alasdair says, “There will be people in the west panicking because they haven’t got any physical silver or gold.” And by the time the panic is palpable, it will be too late.



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