King Dollar about to be exiled:

The US is loosing the petrodollar. The US fleet abandoned the Persian golf after in 2014 the destroyer Donald Cook in the Black Sea was disabled by a high-tech target system from Russia.

Death of King DollarThe oil-states, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are seeing their future of global economics with their new pals in East Asia. And indeed, officials have already been holding secret meetings with Saudi Arabia and the UAE. All indications are that they, along with China and Russia will soon launch the petrodollar-crushing move – that undoes the U.S. dollar’s monopoly on all oil trade.


Vladimir Putin said; he doesn’t trust the US dollar either, he declared settlement for domestic oil will be in roubles, the use of dollars and euros for settlement are now banned, the first two of many more currencies to fall out of grace.


Russian warplane – a giant Tupolev bomber aircraft – flew as low as 150 meters as it approached the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan in international waters off the South Korean coast last week. This is not highly unusual but it does increase the odds of “an accident” happening.


What is not an accident, are Russian bombing sorties in efforts to help Syria’s Assad. Guess the latest possible US policy response by the Obama administration? “Boots on the ground” in Syria! Who thought this one up? It is thought to be a good idea to place U.S. soldier where Russian planes are dropping bombs. It was also thought to be a good idea to send a naval vessel slowly past the Chinese South Sea islands. Was there an upside to this? Especially after being warned by China not to do this. What could possibly go wrong? Do you see where this is headed and why? The United States is financially, and morally broke. The Chinese and Russians know this. Life in the US and elsewhere in the west is going to change forever. Countries are forced to rebuild everything from the financial system to infrastructure to things as simple as work ethic, and honesty.


Monetary System:


“I sincerely believe that banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies.”

Thomas Jefferson


Central Bankers are nearing the end of their ability to manipulate the world economy without producing anything apart from dire consequences even worse than those it set out to avoid after the 2008 crash. There are no exits from seven years of market manipulation, QE and Zero interest rates. The Fed didn’t continue with their follow-up on previous announced policy of reducing purchases of assets, the so-called ‘tapering,’ WORSE – confirmed on their own website – they continued QE with 1 Trillion dollar per month! The U.S. is for over 5-years in a recession. The FED is purposely destroying confidence in the dollar among foreign creditors of the U.S. The result of market manipulation to the point where these no longer function as markets, to provide useful price signals and guidance for efficient allocation of capital.


The stupidity of negative interest rates:

Interest Rate Crash

Interest Rate Crash

A negative nominal interest rate is impossible, meaning a negative rate before accounting for inflation, implies a weird world, a world that cannot really exist.

To lend at less than zero suggests they believe the present value of money is less than its future value, in other words, deflation, under the assumption that the risk of default or inflation is near zero.


This allows governments to build roads or pay pensions with money that cost them less than nothing. How long will this last? – Yet as long rates remain below zero, money is not just free, actually it’s a cost not to borrow!


To demonstrate the mischief: Imagine you are buying a house. If lenders are willing to grant a loan at a negative nominal interest rate that’s secured by nothing more than the full faith and credit of the government, then lenders should surely be willing to extend credit to you against the value of your house. That would leave you with a curious mortgage – one that pays you interest. At the rate of MINUS 0.023%, a €1-million house mortgage would come with an extra income of about €19 a month.


This raises profound metaphysical issues. If a mortgage carries negative interest, it implies that the house, or an equal capital value, has a negative value. After all, the lender has to pay someone to live in the house. And if houses are worth less than nothing, wonder what a car is worth, or a diamond ring, or a luxury cruise?


Does it means that money has no value? Or even negative value? So it can no longer be given to someone in exchange for a positive interest payment. He then must be paid to storing it for you!


And if money has no value, what happens when you hire, a gardener to pull out weeds? Should you pay him? Or should he pay you? How many hours should he have to work for you before you consent to take his money?


The whole thing is so contrary to nature so bizarre when you think of it. Conclusion: This is the craziest world ever we live in today!


The 21st century economy:

On August 15, 1971, President Nixon hammered the last nail in the coffin of honest money. Creating today’s credit-based money that brought Last nail in the coffinabout the 21st century economy. It changed the way people thought and the way their government operated. This is an economy in which the old rules of supply and demand, value and price, have to be seen through the distorted glasses of central bank intervention. When the price of new money – as set by the Central Bank to its best customers – is almost zero, who knows what other things are worth?


After all, who would want to pay a high price for an asset whose value depends entirely on central bank manipulation? Apparently everybody! As is confirmed by the new highs in the US stock markets.


Sellers are losing money. Buyers believe they are getting a bargain. You can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, and most of the people once in a while. You can obstruct price discovery and you can disguise and distort the real value of things. But Mr. Market will get even someday. He always does. It was Alan Greenspan who started the betrayal of Mr. Market.


In 2001, Alan Greenspan cut short-term rates, and inflated another bubble in housing and mortgage finance. The financial industry amplified the Greenspan “support” and made hundreds of billions on the fantasy trades. The housing bubble grew so large that all of Wall Street became over-stretched, undercapitalized, and out-of-control. Bernanke and now Yellen continued this scam, hollowing-out the value of any sensible peace of asset.


Greenspan had been loyal to free markets. But his job carried with it the biggest central planning authority of all time. He knew that currency unbacked by gold was a scam, but his position as chief of the Fed put him in charge of the largest paper money swindle ever. He believed in letting Mr. Market set prices. But as gatekeeper of U.S. credit, he corrupted more prices than any human being ever had done before him.


As corporations sold their products on cheap credit, made their profits from cheap credit, and then depended on cheap credit to issue their bonds, to buy back their own stock, for the purpose to getting paid inflated bonuses.


The screwy financial world that Central Bankers have created – funded by ultra-cheap credit – is now going to get what it deserves, good and hard. The monetary system has run out of Central Bankers’ control. All currencies are inflated in an effort to win the race to the bottom. Newest is that ECB’s Mario Draghi announced last week more ‘unlimited’ euro QE, which pushes-up the fraud another step. Investors are aware that the 21st century economymarket is manipulated, but it doesn’t seem to worry them.


As Yellen said, the central bank will begin the long return to “normalcy.” Don’t believe it. The entire system depends on abnormality. It depends on more mischief from the central bankers: more QE and more ZIRP. It was Greenspan, who wrote in his early days:


“In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation. There is no safe store of value.”


If there were, the government would have to make gold holding illegal, as was done in the 1930s. – If everyone decided, for example, to convert his entire bank deposits to silver or copper or any other hard asset, and thereafter declined to accept checks as payment for goods, bank deposits would lose their purchasing power and government-created bank credit would be worthless as a claim on goods.


But the financial policy of the welfare state requires that there be no way for the owners of wealth to protect themselves. This is the shabby secret of the welfare state exploiters’ tirades against gold. Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the confiscation of wealth. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a protector of property rights. If anyone grasps this, they won’t have difficulty understanding the exploiters’ political system for centralized control – and that’s why governments dislike the gold standard.


Gold Market a House of Cards:

London metals trader Andrew Maguire warned that Goldman Sachs is robbing producers and misleading the public about the gold market. Goldman Sachs came out once again trying to call gold down to $1,000. Gold traders are well conditioned to know that when Goldman Sachs house of cardsmakes a call of any sort, they are guaranteed to be on the other side of that trade. What is deceitful about these kind of calls in gold and silver is that it is a blatant attempt to rob the captive miners they are financing, forcing them to forward sell their gold against a lower price.


The primary bullion banks, acting as agents for the central banks, who have had a free pass to naked short large volumes of synthetic – paper – gold over a long period of time, became accustomed to exploiting the advantages of conspiring together to create and protect mutually beneficial position and strengths in the paper gold and silver markets.


In the process, they accrued an entrenched naked short position that they thought could be infinitely rolled forward. This created a fractional reserve gold/silver position that directly mirrored the cash banking system, where it is assumed that not more than 10% of cash depositors at any one time would ever ask for the money they had deposited back.


But the paper Gold Market now has become a House of Cards to collapse. As bullion banks start to recognize the gold market has changed and they are about to split ranks and reposition more bullishly, a position they would already have if they had not accrued such large underwater proprietary positions.


The leader of these wolves is Goldman Sachs. They saw the changes coming and get an incentive to compete against the two primary bullion banks forced to keep this game going for as long as possible. This is a big deal because without conspiring cooperation of all of the cabal members, the whole paper gold market house of cards collapses.


Bull is looseLikely investors around the world are going to realize that central banks print trillions of dollars of worthless paper that never can create wealth and therefore will just lead to a total implosion of the financial system as multiple systemic failures are showing up. Looking at the bad news from all across the world, it is likely that this unconnected bull will turn down before the end of 2015.


Gold should be bought as insurance against a rotten financial system and in order to preserve wealth. To be held in physical form stored outside the banking system.


It is unlikely the world will use today’s fiat money much longer because soon all central banks will print unlimited amounts of money in trying to save the world financial system from collapsing. Yet, solving a problem using the same method that caused it will not work and eventually will cause a deflationary implosion of the financial system. – But before that there will be a brief period of hyperinflation that in nominal terms could take gold to $100,000 or $100 million. 


This market change is now underway. Goldman Sachs and at least ten other trading banks are breaking rank because they see the writing on the wall and are pre-positioning for a post-cash settlement. – Gold depositors are not getting their gold but paper cash. In other words holders of paper gold will never get delivery of physical gold, the gold price will go up faster than anyone can imagine. That day is probably coming soon.


No one understands the branching out of the capped paper markets and under-priced physical markets better than these trading banks. JP Morgan has already cornered the silver physical market.


A lot is changing; the price of gold will rise before the end of this year. Listen to Andrew Maguire the whistle-blower and insider in the gold market, explaining the details about the imminent collapse.



Financial Collapse and Geopolitical Chess moves:

This Eye-opening interview with Dr Jim Willie, explains the coming geopolitical changes. As many may not understand avalanche of the details discussed, or take the time to follow his exposé, the most significant details are featured in this summery to have as many people as possible geopoliticsfamiliarised with the coming changes that are expected in the near future. Important Willie’s view confirms; many more are waking up and begin to comprehend the senseless destruction systematised up on the world by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia. Waking up many more, please forward this peace of hard work and research to others, as a positive sign ‘we the people’ are on our way going to win the fight against our centuries long oppressors.


The US is loosing the petrodollar. The US fleet abandoned the Persian golf after the 2014 Black Sea incident in which the destroyer Donald Cook was disabled by a high tech target system from Russia. The US military fleet with her presence supported the petrodollar for over 40 years, recycling these dollars into oil and so forcing the status of the petrodollar. – Wealth Funds in the Persian Golf countries own 3 trillion dollar and are now very nervous, and busy to change these funds into gold. King Salman is senile, and for over a year didn’t show up for office. The battle for his succession is on; over 30 sons from different women are fighting for his succession. Now the petrodollar is dead, as the Saudis are forced to accept payment in other currencies for oil, in order to avoid the destruction of the House of Saud.


The US has been in recession with a minus 5% growth for over 5 years. They artificially kept the dollar strong on lies and with suppression of the gold price by manipulation. Rockefeller moved out the oil business, confirming the deplorable state of affairs in the US oil industry. Further the US recession is confirmed by looking at the empty containers leaving the port of L.A. to the Pacific Rim; these contain at best scrap metal and scrap plastic, that previous was shipped in open barges.


The Russians in Syria are hitting ISIS targets the US military never attacked, as the ISIS is funded and trained by the US. The US created the ISIS terrorists, who are funded by revenues from the illegal narcotic trade grown in Afghanistan under supervision of the US government. The US is the creator of ISIS, which is the successor of Al Qaeda, while the US is their main financier and supplier of weaponries.


China’s has created huge expanded RMB financial centres, a kind of mini Wall Streets, in Frankfurt, London, Paris and Zürich and amongst them these are fighting for supremacy, specifically between Frankfurt and London. Those centres are not only for payment and exchange, but more important for the issuance of RMB Bonds as many countries holding US T-Bonds are becoming nervous and change from US dollar nominated bonds into RMB nominated bonds. Particularly the Saudis and Golf Emirates go from dollar to RMB, which is the game-over signal for the petrodollar.


One of the Crown princes went to Russia to discuss the transition. The Golf Emirates are playing an important role too in the near future. Yet the Khazarian House of Saud nevertheless is on its way out.


In the west ‘debt’ is called asset, which is idiocy. The US kept the system running by 1 Trillion of QE/month for extended periods of time, even till today, hidden for the public eyes by not delivering the corresponding issued bonds. Meanwhile the crooks on Wall Street made naked shorts on the bonds. The FED confirmed the 1 T / month on their website. All the talk about QE tapering is pure BS. While the rate hike talk is just bluff, the cracks in the bond markets are becoming visible, and negative interest rates is an impossibility. It is just another hidden QE. Knowing how the world monetary system has been kept alive is in the public domain, kept alive by committing fraud, manipulations, telling lies and grand scale deception, more and more people are waking up!


The oil price is not going to rebound, Iranian oil now is allowed to come on the market, with huge quantities, expect no price recovery but tremendous disruptions. The UAE remains in tact. The Saudis although financed and providing funds for ISIS, went nevertheless to Russia for help, particular to talk about the killing of the petrodollar. – Russia is going the fill the vacuum left by the US.


Turkey is going to change sides and turn eastward. Elections are held; if Erdogan the dictator wins, he will be forced to change tack to the East, if the opposition wins the change will be even faster. The people in Turkey are not happy with the US relationship. Erdogan wants a presidential system in Turkey. – I think this is the last exit before the full dictatorship for Turkey, says Ceyda Karan, an opposition journalist.



The new Silk Road world is coming. – Merkel plays her Khazarian puppet role, but the Germans are hell bound on her, as they have lost a tremendous volume of business with the East resulting from Merkel’s disastrous policy. A new lady force is rising in Germany in the person of Professor Dr Gabriele Krone-Schmalz, author and freelance journalist; she really is the lightning rod for the opposition.


Gabriele Krone-Schmalz is against the US and positive on Russia that makes the opposition growing even faster, as also mayor leading Germans are angry, and stepping up against Merkel. Schäuble the cabal controlled Finance Minister is making open statements in favour of Russian action in Syria. Jan-Claude Juncker EU Chairman came with his statement; the Americans made in three years no progress in Syria; they only demolished the infrastructure and were not fighting terrorists. The US governed by the Khazarian cabal, is isolated and unmasked, for exporting war, destructions, terrorism, toxic vaccines, toxic GMO food, and diseases like Ebola, etc. The geopolitical tables are turned!


Next year will see a wider understanding, the US dollar be replaced, and the reign of terror on the way out. Important to watch are developments in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Germany, and Britain. – The RMB will make a gigantic stride in the coming month, when the Gulf States are going to accept RMB not later than early next year.


The greatest risk is that the US is going to destroy the monetary system, because they cannot control it anymore. Only a reserve system will be maintained for money exchange and commercial transactions.


Readers interested to hear this interview first hand go here:


Wake UP and Speak Out

stand-up-and-speak-out-11Knowing the many positive developments in progress is a fabulous confirmation that the world is waking up against the Khazarian Mafia. Now readers know who these are; it is time to inform all your friends and contacts to wake them up. The more conscious people, the faster the Mafioso is brought to justice and the people of the world are liberated, free to go and live together in peace and wealth, without war or even the threat of it.


Let many people voicing their outrage and concerns about what’s going on in the world regarding the many programs being executed upon humanity in plain sight to all. – It isn’t always easy to present to others, especially in certain circumstances, the most challenging of which is amongst close friends and loved ones who haven’t woken up to these realities yet.


It is an extremely common phenomenon and completely understandable that even in marriages one partner is awake and the other not. After all, awakening to a monumental shift in consciousness and perception is a very personal and ultimately individual experience, as it should be. However it’s not necessarily a shared one. What compounds the issue is that those who do wake up and become aware of what’s really going on usually become quite passionate researchers, only to find more and more evidence confirming the magnitude and wonder of this paradigm shift, including both horrific as well as empowering realities never perceived before.


The most important things are the hardest to tell. Remember, the plant can’t begin to grow if the seed was never planted.



Neocons, Mossad & Premeditated Murder — Rebekah Roth

Every single citizen should know the truth about what happened on 9/11 and the months leading up to it – and who the REAL culprits were.

In this interview Rebekah and I discuss some extremely disturbing new evidence that speaks directly to the Israeli art students and their premeditation and intent to murder the occupants in the world trade centres.

The world is on borrowed time. Now take your country back. Stop supporting the Big Banks.

Step-out of the Matrix – Wake – Up and Stand-Up!

Now you know who people’s ENEMY is.