Get to know your enemy!

To identify your enemies in this quagmire of confusion it is paramount to know whom to expose.

Followed by the formulation of solutions and counter measures to return truth to the planet.


World Dictatorship:

In order to control mankind information has to be manipulated and people’s freedom be curtailed. By owning and manipulating the media and censoring the truth, it would be possible to influence people in a simple way, so that the Khazarian Mafia can obtain optimal economical, financial and political domination over the world, with the ultimate goal to depopulate the world, and human involvement to the point where they would accept everything related with the New World Order plan, or World Dictatorship.

World DictatorshipYet the Khazarian Mafia alias cabalists is a small group usually called on as the Elite but officially and original named the Illuminati, the ones that bring the light, who are hidden behind- and instructing- all governments in the western world. This group also owns fully or partly all-major Corporations, which CEOs are directly connected with this Mafia, and these on their turn are heavily involved in governing nations, enabling them to execute secret engagements. This recently culminated in the approval of the secret TPP – Trans Pacific Partnership – deal.


“Free trade” is used as a disguise to hide the power concentration these agreements that offer Archon bloodline corporations enormous advantages, through manipulation of events in starting lawsuits that overturn sovereign laws of nations that regulate such as pollution, food safety, GMOs, and minimum wages. These so-called “partnerships” are not laws written by Parliaments. Politicians had to vote for legal acceptance without knowing the content.


The Illuminati continue to influence the internal and foreign policy of the Western world. They set the agenda, expenses, income, wars and everything what’s NOT allowed by law. Politicians are puppets without integrity. And act as being instructed by the cabal.


The real power in the Western world is not the government that is elected by and for the people they represent. It is the banking world that does. Politicians with party funds, contributions, campaign funds, property and influence, that vote and amendment are bought in exchange of their soul to the satanic cabal. Money represents priority; keeping revenue short ensures that laws are ‘revised’ and the money from the middle class flows to the rich.


“We do not fight against flesh and blood, but against principles, forces and powers, those who rule by secrecy, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Wrote Richard Goodwin, speechwriter for President Kennedy.


The dictionary Van Dale defines power as follow:

Those in power have a conflicting interest with respect to those they want to execute their power. Power is the ability to do what you want others doing. Consequently those others can no longer do what they want. The power of one consists of the un-freedom of the other. The ruler benefits from the un-freedom of the people, as people will not benefit from freedom. Conflicting interests.


The Cabalists:

top-1-percentThe cabalists with their cronies are the top 1 per cent that own more than half of the world’s wealth. – Above all, these Mafioso’s are the force that is deepening the global economic inequality, with the United States being both the wealthiest and by far the most unequal country in the world. The US has less than 5 % of the world’s population, but a staggering 46 % of the world’s millionaires.


A new report issued by the Swiss bank Credit Suisse finds that global wealth inequality continues to worsen and has reached a new milestone, with the top 1 per cent owning more of the world’s assets than the bottom 99 per cent combined. Of the estimated $250 trillion in global assets, the top 1% owned almost exactly 50 %, while the bottom 50 % of humanity owned collectively less than 1 %. The richest 10 % owned 87.7 % of the world’s wealth, leaving 12.3 % for the bottom 90 % of the population.


The TPP Trade Agreement:

The biggest next step to global dictatorship is just completed. Staring down the biggest trade deal in history, one that could rock our world in the coming years is the TPP, which is made for creating a supranational tribunal that gives multinational corporations equal status with sovereign TPP-SGTnations. Truth is, the vast majority of it has little to do with trade. Of its 29 chapters, only five deal with trade issues.


It’s been made clear that the TPP is a “living agreement” meaning it will change over time. One of the stated terms is that the transnational tribunal can change the rules, add members, and restructure the deals on its own accord, in other words an agreement made for corporations, by the corporations. Basically the TPP is a government-managed trade.


And the purpose of it, is to establish a transnational economic authority that will, inevitably, create more “too big to fail” companies that will, unavoidably, suck all the money, life, and hope from taxpayers and the people in general. Meaning, all national sovereignty will be thrown out of the window, as already is the case for all member nations of the EU. A corporate-led tribunal will be able to override decisions made by any of the Parliaments.


Passage of the TPP gives corporations the power to sue any nation and drag them into their own court, with judges they hire on a revolving basis, who also substitute as their lawyers.

The TPP is not about “free” trade or bringing the world together. There is no need for hundreds of pages of legislation to establish free trade. In fact, all that is needed is one statement “Trade freely.”


The beauty of free trade is people will trade freely without being told to. Without people are going to loose their job!


This TPP is a pure corporate bonanza. “Labor unions, among many others, have lined up to oppose the TPP based on concerns over a number of issues, including currency manipulation, environmental and health protections, food safety, pharmaceutical monopolies, offshoring of jobs, Internet privacy, government transparency and local control.” – “Leaked drafts of TPP negotiations have suggested that corporations would be allowed to sue governments in private courts over lost profits due to regulation, elevating corporate entities to the status held by sovereign nations.” Opening the door for Global corporations to tap taxpayers’ wallets if regulations cut into the bottom line. And so deals will be initiated with the purpose to let that happen!


The Companies that are involved and profit from the TPP agreement, are listed below.


The Top Cabalists:

illuminati-bloodAccording to a US intelligence group that has been on this case for some time, the top cabalists include George Bushes Jr. and S., Henry Kissinger, Queen Elizabeth, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Senator J. Rockefeller, Paul Wolfowitz, Frank Carlucci, Donald Rumsfeld, Tony Blair and the Pope. Of course there are many thousands more working below them and above them in the shadows who are in on the scheme.


The intelligence and police agencies of the world have now obtained the codes for the global collateral accounts and can trace in detail, which are using these funds, and for what purpose, ever since these were stolen by a high level group of conspirators that illegally took them over in the 1950’s.


These accounts are backed by the pooled assets of many of the world’s governments and were destined to finance peaceful development. Instead, they were mostly misspent on war by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia penetrated in the financial, military, oil and pharmaceutical industries.


This includes all the top people in the Fed, most Central Banks, BIS, IMF World Bank, UN, WHO, and the heads of all the TBTF and major banks, brokers, and insurers. Completed with the presidents and many professors at top universities, which act as their recruiting centers – all the top media figures, of course, and many regulars at the Bilderberg group, World Economic Forum, Trilateral Commission, and the Council on Foreign Relations. These typify the current situation, held together by power, money, and propaganda.


When U.S. President John F. Kennedy agreed with the 77-nation of the non-aligned group to create US treasury dollars to finance the development of the third world and a trip to the moon, he was killed. A number of other non-aligned leaders were also killed, hounded out of power or intimidated into silence.


Altogether, these Khazarians number a thousand or so; the ones that are in charge to have the markets rigged and control the world.


But there are hundreds of thousands more who aren’t at the nexus, but who directly depend on them, who have considerable clout, and support the Khazarian because it supports them. This includes many of the wealthy, especially those that have their connections, the 1.5 million people who have top-secret clearances – that’s a shocking, but accurate, number – plus top players in organised crime, especially the illegal drug business, little of which would exist without the State. Further many mid-level types in the police and military, corporations, and non-governmental organisations, belong to them, as they have sold their soul, for money and privileges.

Former US President, and long term Nazionist Führer, George Bush Sr. showed his fear recently when he was asked by a truth seeker about secret US government projects. Bush answered, “Americans can’t handle the truth,” before being shut up by his handlers.


What truth can’t they handle Bush? The fact you and your cabal assassinated President John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King and thousands of others? The fact that you took over funds meant for the people of the world and used them to advance your genocidal fascist New World Order? The fact that you and your fellow Nazionists manufactured and spread deadly diseases like HIV, Ebola, Bird Flu, SARS etc.? The fact you sold US military secrets to the Chinese and North Koreans? The fact your gang murdered close to 3000 people on 911 to stage a fascist coup? What about the chemtrails, the plan to microchip the people etc.? The list goes on but, let us face it, you know that, as you told Journalist Sarah McClendon in 1992, “If the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.”


The 9/11 Twin To9-11wer Disaster:

The real reason behind the 9/11 disasters is control over Global Collateral Accounts by the Khazarian Mafia. The search for the ultimate culprits led to something known as the global collateral accounts and a high level group of conspirators that illegally took them over. A decade of research has proven that the highest level of the western power structure was behind the 9/11 terror attacks, to achieve control of the global financial system. – Fewer still realize the 3/11 – March eleven – nuclear tsunami attack at Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster was directed against Japan and part of this battle. And these criminals in high power also have organised the downing of the MH 17, in order to get Putin’s Russia on their knees. However, a critical mass of military, law-enforcement, banking and other officials has identified and is about to arrest the culprits behind these and other attacks.





The downing of the MH 17:

malaysia-plane-crashThe US, the EU the UK and NATO, will be implicated either in shooting the MH17 down accidentally themselves, or shooting it down on purpose in order to frame Russia and anti-regime militants in eastern Ukraine. Russia certainly had nothing to gain by shooting down a civilian aircraft over a battlefield that anti-regime militants have been aptly able to hold and defend.


The gain they have wrought in terms of propaganda against Russia has been impressive. From the moment the airliner was shot down, the US, NATO and Ukraine have used the incident to indict Russia and more specifically, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in the court of public opinion, and applied their sanctions, the only diplomatic weapon the US is able to use to the detriment of the EU nations. The Obama cabal have used legal manoeuvring and its Khazarian owned press to turn the investigation of the disaster into a witch-hunt eagerly determined to implicate Russia.


Moreover the Western media has intentionally twisted the words of investigators to misrepresent evidence, and preliminary and very cautious statements, to portray them as definitive conclusions to establish Russia’s guilt.


The Dutch Safety Board (DSB) and the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) looking into the disaster provided the following cautious statement in August 2015 regarding anti-air Buk missile parts found near the wreckage of MH17:

The parts are of particular interest to the criminal investigation as they can possibly provide more information about who was involved in the crash of MH17. For that reason the JIT further investigates the origin of these parts. The JIT will internationally enlist the help of experts, among others forensic specialists and weapon-experts.


At present the conclusion cannot be drawn that there is a causal connection between the discovered parts and the crash of flight MH17. The JIT conducts the criminal investigation and the DSB the investigation into the cause of the crash. Both investigations are conducted separately but JIT and DSB occasionally share material. In its final report the DSB will report on the discovered parts.


The US and its allies have deceived the world regarding their crimes, and considering the gain they have from exploiting the MH17 disaster, one must question the wisdom and reasoning of the West to go through such extraordinary lengths to at best portray Russia and eastern Ukrainian fighters as guilty of accidentally shooting down an airliner flying over an active battlefield it should never have been directed over in the first place.


Top behind MH17 disasterWhat is more likely to play out later this month, is that their credibility is lost, they will fail to sway public opinion or the facts on the ground in Ukraine in any shape, form or way regardless of the conclusions of the MH17 investigations.


Russia has more than adequately balanced the long-standing monopoly the West has held over the global media space, and will be more than capable of defending itself regardless of the outcome of the investigation. And since the investigation itself has been so transparently manipulated by the Western media and Western politicians, it is likely the vast majority following this investigation will fail to be convinced by any spin provided on the issued conclusions.



Cabal owned EU is Changing Sides?

The EU cannot go on fighting Russia, “We can not have our relationship towards Russia dictated by Washington,” were the words of EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.


Huge reversal: the EU seeks a normal relationship with Russia. It seems that the EU is being greatly affected by the actions of Vladimir Putin in Syria: suddenly the EU President Jean-Claude Juncker is saying that the EU must not let the US dictate their relationship with Russia. He has demanded a normalisation of relations – and indirectly, the end of sanctions.


EU switch sidesThe EU Commission President advocated a relaxation in the conflict with Russia. “We have to achieve a sustainable relationship with Russia. It’s not sexy, but has to be done. We can’t go on like this anymore”, he said recently in Passau. It isn’t necessary to achieve overall understanding, but a sensible conversational basis. “The Russians are a proud people”, the country has “a role to play”, said Junker: “One must not remove them from the bigger picture, otherwise they’ll call again, very quickly, as we seen already.” He criticised US President Barack Obama, for having downgraded Russia as “regional power”. “Russia needs to be treated correctly”, the Luxembourgian explained. “We can not have our relationship towards Russia dictated by Washington. It’s simply not on.”


The Zionist State of Israel:

With the imminent removal from power of its European and American sponsors the fate of the Nazionist Netanyahu regime in Israel has also now been pretty much sealed. Netanyahu was forced to cancel his planned visit to Germany because German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the German regime told him he was not going to get any more German submarines.


The blackmail against German automakers like Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz, etc. using a fake “emissions scandal” has only served to strengthen the German’s resolve to work with the Russians against their Khazarian tormentors. The flood of millions of “Syrian refugees,” many of them trained sabotage agents who were never Syrian, has also alarmed many sensible Germans. The Germans are getting ready to re-issue Deutschemarks if necessary and improve their relations with the Christian Putin regime in Russia.



Chemtrail spraying to outer Space:

On October 7 the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) successfully completed an experiment with a suborbital, or sounding, rocket aimed at testing out new technologies before integrating them into other projects. Barium and strontium, along with aluminium, are the 3 of the most commonly used chemical agents in atmospheric geongineering projects, which have been used by the US government in weather modification projects since the 1950’s.

This recent experiment proves once again that NASA and the US governments do in fact use atmospheric spraying of toxic chemicals for various research and experimentation purposes, although who really knows what they’re up to?


Recently other mysterious anomalies have been occurring in the skies around the planet including giant twin beams of light emanating from the earth. Additionally, a recent NASA feed of the ISS (International Space Station) was cut short when to massive pillars of light were seen, apparently directed toward the planet from the ISS. One may wonder whether next to sky spraying, additionally atmospheric spraying is being applied to intoxicate the whole planet at once? When de Illuminati hide in their underground bunkers they intoxicate the whole planet to execute their goal to destroying 90% of the populace?


NASA Takes Chemtrail Spraying Program to Outer Space:


TPP the most TREACHERY Trade Agreement ever:

Wikileaks’ Bombshell Proves TPP is the Death Nail to U.S. Economy. The Trans Pacific Partnership text is out in the open, thanks to Wikileak – will lawmakers in Washington finally realize how devastating the TPP is to the American economy?