The Necessity of massive awakening


The illuminati control the world:

The world is ruled by the illuminati an elite group of psychopaths who own the banks and big business that control the illuminopolygovernments and media. They fund both sides of war for profit and manufacture the consent of the public through propaganda of the media.


Due to the convergence of different factors amongst others; the end of the US Petrodollar as the World’s reserve Currency, the emergence of the BRICs Development bank, the Chinese AIIB, and their new Cross-Border Inter-Bank Payment System (CIPS), combined with the direct trade agreements between many nations except the USA and Japan, can now the use of the US Dollar for international trade be avoided, and that eventually will cause the complete breakdown of the privately owned Federal Reserve System, all major central banks, and their franchiser the RKM controlled City of London.


Let’s be honest the world doesn’t need this kind of fraudulent masters anymore that depends on a system of human enslavement and I.O.U. bonds to pay for debt that isn’t owed by the people. – George Carlin explains in 3 min. what they have taken away from us.

So the question is what’s next?


The Gold Standard:

Expect the RKM controlled central banks to force upon us the Gold Standard, as they have stolen most of the gold in the world. The only way they can make obscene profits from their heist is when they succeed in getting the world trading in gold.


Marine_Corps_Silver_DollarThe American and Mexican people hopefully realise that their own national currency is respectively the silver dollar and peso, issued by the people for the people that cannot be issued by any private central bank, and is ready to trade. The RKM through JPMorgan have cornered the silver market, so there is no chance to beat them with their own game, but to exclude the Federal Reserve and central bankers of the world and to refuse their debt. The banking system is drastically going to change by minting real money by the people for the people in combination with a transparent payment system based on block chain technology.


When China backs the Yuan with gold, the RKM will be lost. It looks certain that almost everyone will favour to cripple the cabal this way. However, the RKM may have created another escape route many of us may not have thought of. They simply will have moved ahead and focused their operations on China, even with the blessing of the Chinese.


The elites far from being wiped out:

Since 1928, the Feds owe the Chinese a huge amount of gold with interest on it, but never complied with the made and signed agreements, for which Neil Keenan sued them, on which they pleaded bankruptcy protection. However, eventually the Feds were brought to justice. Understanding their way of criminal-thinking it is likely the Feds have offered the Chinese a deal they couldn’t refuse; help us to institute a gold-based monetary system and we will generate profits beyond your wildest dreams.


devilheadSo again it has become the same old story, the Good Guys catch the crooks, the crooks make them an offer they cannot refuse, and the Good Guys become complicit in the crime after the fact, and get embroiled in the web of lies. – Apparently following the news outlets, the Chinese agreed to set up the gold standard system, and the Khazarians already could have moved to China.


Now, the devil’s advocate question; are the Chinese already lying about whether the WDS elders with their amazed gold reserves are real independent, or part of the new crime cabal? WDS Gold that is promised to be returned to the people for the purpose of humanitarian aid, new developments, infrastructure improvements, and last but not least elimination of poverty, all this could be an illusion too attractive too come true. Hopefully Neil Keenan does know the answer, and will tell the world the truth?


If not, it is realistic to think that the Chinese too are greedy and collect the money themselves, no matter the shown good intentions? They could claim that all the Feds stolen gold is theirs in the first place and that the US T-Bond debt they bought in exchange for lucrative trades should lawfully be compensated by gold first, while the rest of the world will become an illusion poorer.


All over again:

All over againSo instead of being covered by the UN, IMF, Mossad and the CIA, the Khazarian Mafia shield themselves behind the hundreds of thousands of tons of gold owned by the Chinese, and gain thousands of percentage points in profit in the process, as everyone else rushes into buying gold and gold backed currencies. – That, as already was planned, will destroy the US dollar and make the value of silver currencies like the US Silver Dollar soar in the secondary markets. With the result that modest silver stands to make a far greater percentage of gains than gold!


Soon there will be no other solution but to set up a new monetary system. Most of the BRICS and AIIB members have already discussed in secret that these various new currencies will have to be linked to gold, silver and commodities as backing for their money.


As the Khazarians have neglected the importance of silver, while the American people, have the right and authority to issue silver dollars as legal tender, they are in a prime position to unshackle themselves from enslavement, and become a true shining example for the rest of the world again.


Our interest:

Mountain of debtIt is in everybody’s interest to let the rest of the world know, how they all have lost their individual legitimate identities that have been changed into corporations that must be revoked, then they are the only living natural identities that has the right to issue their own currency, and rule for themselves and consequently are being released from enslavement. – We the people are innocent and not responsible of all these committed crimes and purposely generated debts by the RKM, who also have cheated the Chinese and the Russian people. – Let this the world be known!


The only reason people pay taxes is because the RKM Banksters have transformed society into their own police states with their “owned” judicial system, and their ability to apply their unbridled power of stolen wealth to completely control the world’s infrastructure, they just threaten with imprisonment to force compliance.


How to triumph:

Triumph of humanityThe handwriting is on the wall, the number of days for the Central Banks and RKM World hegemony are limited, their end will be near once many more people wake up. Only by mutual force we are able to drive out these criminal mafia gangsters for once and for ever that have terrorised the world for centuries and in particular the last one hundred years after the Federal Reserve was founded in 1913.


Their system has been exposed all-around the internet by trustworthy bloggers and their knowledge is rapidly spreading to the masses who are beginning to connect the dots too and by now have enough of this ridiculous extravaganza of lies and deception. These Satanic paedophile-mass-murderers, child-sacrificing-psychopaths and dictatorial-sociopaths have run the Hierarchy and reached all the way down to your street level through their control of governments, municipalities, local police, and agencies.


The last question left is, how long will the masses allow this to continue before the Khazarian mafia’s Babylonian debt slavery banking system run by old screwed Luciferian occult masters completely destroy their lives and everything they ever have worked for, including the environment and natural beauty of their sovereign country?


When the masses are fully awakened, and start united actions, we the people can fight en masse to oust these Mafioso ourselves, if we depend on others it will be in due course the same story of enslavement and suppression all over again!


The Biggest Scam in the History of Mankind in 7 minutes: