The Disinformation on Gold:


Honest Money has intrinsic value:

Over the centuries, many things have been used as money, predominantly including cows, salt, and seashells. Aristotle thought about this in the 4th century BC and arrived at the five characteristics of good, sound money:


  1. intrinsic-value-1It should be durable, which for example is why wheat is not good to use as money since it rots.
  2. It should be divisible, which for example is why artwork cannot be used as good money since you can’t cut up a Rembrandt painting for change.
  3. It should be convenient, which for example is why lead isn’t good money, as it takes too much of it to be of value.
  4. It should be consistent, which is one reason why land can’t be used as money, as each piece fluctuates in value. And
  5. It should have value in itself, as it is exchanged for valuable goods or services, which is why unbacked paper money eventually always leads to trouble.


Of the 92 naturally occurring elements, gold has proved to be the best money, and silver is next best. It’s no more magic or superstition than it is for iron to be proven best for building bridges and aluminium for building airplanes.


Significant benefits:

Gold offers the people significant benefits in a world of imposed sanctions and the outlawing of cash by governments. As Gold is physical, not digital, it cannot be hacked or frozen. Gold is easy to transport by air to settle a balance of payments or other transactions between nations. Gold flows cannot be interdicted at SWIFT or any form of bank transfers. Gold is mutually interchangeable, and non-traceable, so its origin cannot be ascertained. The banksters, cabal and governments are unprepared for this upcoming strategic alternative to fiat currency dominance.



Those who keep dollar or euro currency under their mattresses should turn them into gold or silver as all these currencies will go to zero.



Today’s valueless paper used as money has been tolerated since 1968/1971. Before this date it served as a receipt for actual money, gold!  Paper money – currency – historically has a pseudo-life that depends on a number of factors. It rarely lasts longer than 40 years, as is the case today. Gold has proved to be the best money because it doesn’t need to be faithbased or to be dependent on a government



Critics of Gold:

The best thing to do is to treat almost everything you hear or read about finance or economics in the popular media as no more than entertainment.


Critics of Gold, say if world growth is about 3–4% a year and gold is only growing at 1.6%, then gold is not gold_bullgrowing fast enough to support world trade. A gold standard therefore gives the system a deflationary bias. But that is nonsense, because mining output has nothing to do with the ability of central banks to expand the gold supply.


The reason is that official gold, i.e. the gold owned by central banks and finance ministries, is estimated to be about 35,000 tons. Total gold, including privately held gold, is officially about 180,000 tons. However, there is far more gold on Earth, stashed away in underground bunkers that could total over millions of tons, which is privately owned gold e.g. The White Dragon Society gold, which is held outside the official gold supply. In other words, it is not available for sale on the market. Availability is a matter of price, in other words there is always enough gold for economic expansion, it is only a matter of price.


Expanding the money supply, when necessary:

If any nation wants to expand the money supply, all it has to do is print money and buy some of the private gold. Central banks owned by the people are not constrained by mining output. They don’t have to wait for the miners to dig up gold if they want to expand the money supply. They simply have to buy some private gold through dealers in the marketplace.


The liberation of gold:

Deriving the real price of physical gold will be its liberation from the prison of paper gold. The liberation will occur because there is no gold whatsoever behind the deluge of paper in the economy.


The central banks have most of their gold under lease. The gold was leased by gold banks and then sold for cash. This cash has been dispersed. There are no funds to repurchase the gold that the leases call for upon maturity. The central banks cannot lease out any more gold. The entire fractional gold paper scam sits upon inflated gold lease bubbles that are now exploding.


liberation-od-goldThe attempt to hide reality by kicking the can down the road to manipulate the gold market with paper is in the process of failing miserably. Every time a gold coin or bar is bought, more physical gold is taken off the market. It is the physical market that is going to liberate gold. Gold will then be free to react to all the debt in the worldwide system.


The Central Banksters will be forced to stop stealing savings and pensions, applying negative interest rates. Finally all paper currencies that want to survive will have to be backed with gold.


As has been reported previously the Chinese WDS has offered the US at least 20,000 tons of gold at a 13% discount on the condition that, 10% goes towards setting up a future planning agency while the remaining 3% is for commissions.


The holder of the gold is the Chinese military that says it will not hand it over to either the Chinese communist government or to Chinese corporations. The holders say that apart from the 20,000 tons, that have been refined into 99.99% pure 12.5 kilogram-bars of gold, there is a lot more gold still available but that it is in ingots of 60% gold and 40% copper and it would need to be refined. The Chinese military reports to the dragon family, both CIA and Chinese government sources agree on this information.


china-billboard-yuan-gold-currencyThere is an ongoing scramble for physical gold. The off-market gold will be slowly moved back into the official market after it has been stamped with the official quality markings. It is anticipated that China, Russia, and Thailand will be the main players involved in this transfer as they prepare for the new Gold-backed currency. China even slipped the news out in a big billboard near the Bangkok airport a few years ago. The truth was put in plain sight.


Central banks exist to steal from the people:

Even though most politicians, economists, and ‘experts’ in the mainstream media won’t admit it, central banks exist to help governments to finance themselves at the expense of the average citizen. This is the real and hidden reason that these banks were founded to begin with. The truth about this money scam is explained here, which is a blatant fraud for unlawfully stealing from your earnings and to enslaving you forever.


The petrodollar system is about to bite the dust. This has enormous geopolitical and investment implications for investors. The collapse of the petrodollar system is the #1 Black Swan Event for 2017, the #2 is the Bond Market.


Change for better or worse?

An insider hacker explains:


“Donald Trump is not a Washington DC insider, he is part of the wealthy ruling elite of the United States, and he is gathering around him a spectrum of other rich people and several idiosyncratic personalities. – They do not by themselves form an existing structure, so it is a weak structure which is displacing and destabilising the pre-existing central power network within DC.”


“It is a new patronage structure which will evolve rapidly, but at the moment its looseness means there are opportunities for change in the United States: change for the worse and change for the better,” he added.



The Secret World of Gold:

GOLD is a chemical element with the symbol Au and atomic number 79. It is a dense, soft, malleable, and ductile metal with a bright yellow color and luster that is considered attractive, which is maintained without being tarnished by air or water.