During times of universal deceit,

telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.



News is rarely what it pretends to be:

Entering into 2017, the Western civilization, the product of thousands of years of striving, hangs in the balance. Degeneracy is everywhere before our eyes. As the West sinks into tyranny, will Western peoples defend their liberty and their souls, or will they sink into the tyranny, which again has raised its ugly and all-devouring head?


Formed by the secretive Luciferian elite, seeking the new order that is taking hold of all western nations – and perhaps the whole world. Its influence infiltrates every aspect of our society, from the products we buy at the fake-newsgrocery store to the topics of news networks. They are now causing the greatest financial catastrophe in history to implement their new world order.


Supposedly, there is also true news, filtered, approved, and propagated by the elite media establishment. And there is fake news, such as the deliberately faked stories, like; the news fabricated that Russian manipulators supposedly cost Hillary Clinton the White House.


However, fake news, it seems, is what people want. Because News is seen as a form of entertainment. They want entertainment that makes them feel smart, heroic, and honourable. This is the reason people want lies! They don’t want to feel uncomfortable, inadequate, or stupid. So the last thing they want is any serious contemplation or real insight.


The truth is too difficult to accept and too bitter to swallow. People seem to want news that goes down smoothly, and makes them feel taller and slimmer. The farther away from the hard facts – as in first-hand experience – the falser the news becomes.


The news you read in the newspaper, usually takes place far away, based on motives you can’t understand, based on compounded fantasies, myths, and delusions. This is clearly shown by looking, for example, at the economic news.


The present fake economic recovery has been financed by QE, and subprime student and car loans. Both loan bubbles are the result of the Obama administration’s disregard for credit risk in addition to having no desire to have the loans repaid. The $1.4 trillion of student loan debt on the shoulders of taxpayers is a disaster in progress. Over 25% of this debt is effectively in default. The taxpayer bailout will exceed $500 billion.


Currencies not backed by anything tangible, like gold or silver, have always left debt and destruction in their wakes. Gold and silver are sure to rise in value for as long as printing money out of thin air exists. Debt bubbles are not a new phenomenon. Historically, leaders have far too often chosen to print too much paper money, something that has always ended in misery.


News is rarely what it pretends to be. It is not a bloodless account of indisputable facts, like a list of the temperatures recorded at the North Pole. Instead, every bit of it is influenced and shaped by a web of ideas, myths, and misconceptions. Otherwise, the news would be meaningless as a tool of the elite in pursuit of their goals.


Prime Perpetrator of Falsehood; The Washington Post, owned by Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos, has accused a number of websites and opinion blogs of purveying fake news, some of which is supposedly fed to them by Russian agents!


Statistical Lies:

Then there are the Statistical Lies: Statistics issued by governments about the economy – from CPI to GDP – are fake and manipulated to make the economy appear stronger than it is. Central Banks maintain that the inflation rate is 1.7%. They say the unemployment rate is 4.6%. They publish these numbers with decimal points and a straight face, as if they were facts. But they are not facts at all. They are merely hollow constructs.


The true statistics compiled by John Williams of Shadowstats.com paint an alarming picture: Virtually all “growth” in the US economy since the Crash of ’08 has been artificially engineered by the central bankers, while the risk of debt contagion has increased. Modern economic reporting is manipulated to make the economy appear stronger than it is.


The Fake War on Terror:

war-on-terrorThe War on Terror appears to be a setup, too. This will most certainly go down in the books of the Deep State as a total flop. Not only has this myth failed to stop terrorism, it has failed to get it started! After 14 years of constant intervention and trillions spent to stimulate attacks, people’s risk of being killed by a terrorist is still only one in 4 million.


Then there’s the latest story of wanting to begin restricting cash and precious metals transfers from outside the EU. Of course, the reason given for this suppression is that it is necessary to shut down avenues such as those that are supposedly used to covertly fund militant terror attacks across the continent. Yet to be mentioned is that every terror attack and almost all significant ones are more than likely staged and done with very little money, through involvement of government resources. – The most recent truck attack in Germany, if official reports from the Fake News Main Stream Media are to be believed, involved one man with a gun stealing a truck.


Another prime example of the Fake Mainstream News; In the run-up to America’s entry into World War I, the English cut the cable that gave the U.S. direct access to news from Germany. Henceforth, most of the “news” read by Americans about the war came via England, where it was heavily redacted. The English spun tall tales of German perfidy and German atrocities – including nuns who had been mass raped and children whose arms had been cruelly cut off by the barbarous Germans. None of this was true. But it did its work; in 1917, gullible Americans rushed their troops to join the war, on the side of the English.


The Fake War on Poverty:

The War on Poverty, another huge flop. No serious economist – which rules out most of them anyway – can be believed to be of the opinion that poverty can be conquered by spending money on programs that encourage dependence. And so, the War on Poverty continues.

Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

51 years later and $22 trillion down the line, the anti-poverty warriors still put on their helmets and go into battle every day. Do they expect to win this war? Of course not. “You get what you pay for”. Milton Friedman said. Paying people to stay poor was bound to find some takers.


There are 10 million more living in poverty than there were when the war on poverty began. Excluded from this number are many of the jobless. The War on Poverty has not done them much good either. There are more jobless people than ever before. And they are all now dependent on the Deep State. The estimated cost since 1964 of paying all these people to stay poor is more than US$ 22 trillion.


In addition, this War on Poverty supports not only an army of poor people, but also a whole industry of experts, educators, lawyers, sociologists, managers, researchers, and community organizers – some in the public sector, some in the private sector. All these people now look to the Deep State, the only real winner, for their daily bread.


The War on cash with its Fake Motives:

rothschild-central-bankThe War on Cash and negative interest rates are radical and insane measures. They are signs of total desperation. They are also huge threats to your financial security. Central planners are playing with fire and inviting a currency catastrophe. Most people have no idea what really happens when a currency collapses let alone how to prepare for one.


Such a radical and extreme measure as the banning of cash shows the Deep State is desperate. This is not a move they would consider if they were confident in keeping control over the financial system and economy. The ultimate result of this action of desperation, will be counter productive to them, and a blessing for the population.



The war on Gold; the next Fake narrative:

Once policymakers see the massive shift to gold, they will launch their unbridled war on gold. People interested in gold do have to buy it now while it still is possible. Don’t wait, for it will soon be too late.


Banks and authorities, with the support of Big Business, are doing everything to make it impossible for you to get your own money in the form of cash. It seems that businesses have launched their own war on cash too. They hate handling it, as it’s expensive to transport, store and insure. More and more, businesses are refusing to take your cash. This is just another form of discrimination against people that may not have banking accounts or who rely on check cashing services and live pay check to pay check. It forces you into a digital system where your money can be hit with negative interest rates, service fees, account freezes, bail-in charges and other forms of theft. The war on cash may be a losing battle for the people, but there is still refuge in physical gold, silver, property and other hard assets. The key defensive strategy is to obtain your gold and silver now, while you still can, before the war on gold begins. As this realisation sinks in, it will create more demand for physical gold, which is already in short supply. The war on gold and silver is a lost battle in advance for governments.


The Fake War on Drugs:

war-on-drugsThe War on Drugs has resulted in people giving up their liberty, yet they got no protection from the influx of drugs in return. It is not hard to see why this war was doomed to start with. It was a fight against markets; in the end, markets always win. – The more the drug warriors interdict the flow of illegal drugs – if that is what they are really trying to do – the higher the price of the drugs become. The higher prices lure in more entrepreneurs, give rise to more innovation, and inevitably result in greater abundance, more choice, and lower prices for drug users. – Enforcing the War on Drugs, has cost more than US$ 1 trillion to date, and it is estimated to have cost more than $50 billion annually, simply fighting drugs, while the overall drug use has remained unchanged.


The War on Terrorism:

This also seems to be the case in the War on Terrorism. While the money and energy spent on this fabricated brand of war seem to have had little impact, the inventors of this War-brand nevertheless seem to have increased demand for ‘foreign’ terrorists. Under pressure from U.S. and NATO bombs, drones, and assassinations, the more civilized strains of extremism seem to have evolved into more violent and more dynamic cultures, as more and more Muslims are radicalized by anti-terror interventions. The costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as the new fight against ISIS, according to the National Priorities Project has cost US$ 2.3 trillion to date, creating more terrorists and groups than ever before.


EU Queen Angela Merkel Allows ISIS to Operate in the EU:

isisAngela Merkel and those within the EU and German government who are aligned with her are knowingly allowing ISIS operatives to infiltrate the EU, set up networks and stage attacks on European citizens. The goal of allowing this to occur is to create a crisis which will artificially deepen the need for greater European integration into the EU, which is of course mostly controlled by Germany and has allowed them to control Europe without firing a single shot; so far. Once the crisis has reached its completion, Merkel will use it as an excuse to use the newly formed EU Army to occupy European nations. This army is allegedly currently being supplied by NATO, while NATO officials who are in the position of discovering this, are mysteriously showing up dead.


  • German Intelligence is knowingly neglecting to deal with ISIS operatives;
  • Germany allows ISIS events to occur to justify occupying Europe with the EU Army.


In the following article it is explained how Spanish and French authorities have successfully dismantled terror cells based on information passed to them by the Moroccan intelligence. Why did Germany not act? It is because Angela Merkel has a vested interest in creating a crisis by allowing ISIS attacks to occur in the EU.



The Fabricated War on Global Warming:

Global warming is an invention to charge more taxes and expenses on the populace and has cost to date since 1989 more than US$ 23 trillion, with corrupt scientists claiming global warming is accelerating.



The War on the Credit Cycle:

war-on-the-credit-cycleThe Credit Cycle, measures the expansion of the Central Banks and Federal Reserve’s balance sheet. According to the Federal Reserve, in the US assets have inflated to more than $4 trillion since 1990. The War on the Credit Cycle has the now-familiar markers of the Deep State’s wars.


  • The enemy is hard to identify.
  • The cost is huge and open-ended.
  • Large amounts of money are transferred to Deep State operatives and clients.
  • And the war cannot be won.


The fight against the credit cycle is different from the others. This is a war the Deep State doesn’t want to lose. As with so much of the economy, it has become dependent on cheap credit for its growth and funding. Losing the war against drugs or terror actually benefits the insiders. Losing the war on the credit cycle does not.


NASA, a Fake Agency:

NASA was created by the Deep State as a smokescreen, designed to distract and entertain the public with “its chemical rockets” that are “fun to watch” – as an alleged anti-gravity insider once stated, whilst the real space missions have been carried out in secret by the US Air Force and Navy. NASA has not even built one new Space Shuttle Orbiter in the past 36 years.


According to Gary McKinnon, a British hacker who broke into the computers of the US Army, Air Force, Navy and NASA, we already have fully operational warships in space.


McKinnon’s findings reinforce and validate the allegations of multiple whistle-blowers who have confessed to having served in space and even on Mars. Moreover, manned Moon missions have never occurred, as it is impossible to pass the Van Allen radiation belt.


NASA’s 1986 doomed challenger crew is still alive and well. MORE NASA and government deception. NASA has faked space walks, Earth pictures and footage, and the Deaths of Astronauts. What do they gain by this? Look at it this way, even though they faked the death of many Astronauts, they gave them all new lives, they are therefore alive and well, and this is a good thing. However, the mystery behind the destruction of the space shuttle is still unresolved.

The real reason NASA was gradually shut down for the past decades might be that the Deep State has a far more superior covert space program, for which NASA was used as a distraction cover-up.




The world is changing fast, and many people, at least in the developed world, are starting to see through corporate- owned mainstream media. Television is specialised in ‘faking’ and lying about major global events on multiple occasions, and now, some of their employees are leaving their jobs and telling the truth about what and who dominates a large portion of mainstream media.

Dr. Udo Ulfkotte is one of them, he was a top German journalist for more than two decades who was forced to publish the work of intelligence agents under his own name, and was instructed that noncompliance would result in losing his job.


It may be true that not every single thing shown on mainstream western television is a lie, but it seems that much of it is, or it would seem at least that much of what is shown has corporate and political bias’ behind it, especially when it comes to major global events like war and terrorism.


Fight the globalists:

For the First Time in 50 Years, the People Are Winning and the Globalists Are Panicking


new-brooms-sweep-cleanIt is quite certain that Soros, Clinton, and Obama are not going to go away peacefully. The biggest confrontation may be yet to come. Regardless of the form of the false flag, it could prove to be on the horizon. Be prepared but remain calm because this is the best counter-response. Just a few days ago, a nuclear bomb placed next to the Trump-tower was found, removed and detonated.


However, we cannot expect to sit back and let Trump do all the cleaning work. We need to roll up our sleeves and get to work on January 20, 2017. Freedom is never for free and all people need to help Trump fight the globalists.  What can you do, you may ask yourself.  Watch this video to find out.


Preaching The Truth About the Federal Reserve:

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