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Who are the terrorists?

Extensive research learnt that terrorist groups called ISISI, IS, ISIL, or Deash what ever they are named, is the Islamic proxy Army of the RK Mafia. – Daesh is an artificial creation, of another political instrument by several states and multinationals. In 2012 ISIS didn’t exist. The West, the Gulf Countries, and Turkey support ISIS, while Russia, China and Iran support the legitimate regimes of the countries under attack.


terrorist21About five weeks ago an Israeli army colonel, named Yusi Oulen Shahak was captured in Iraq, and interrogated by Iraqi Intelligence who provided extensive information regarding the role of Netanyahu’s IDF that widely supports these groups, in accordance to a senior Iraqi intelligence officer who confirmed that the colonel was related to ISIS Golani Battalion. He stated:


“… the IDF colonel “had participated in the Takfiri ISIL group’s terrorist operations.” He said the colonel was arrested together with a number of ISIL or IS terrorists, giving the details: “The Israeli colonel’s name is Yusi Oulen Shahak and is ranked colonel in Golani Brigade… with the security and military code of Re34356578765az231434.”


Since Russia’s very effective ISIS bombing of select targets in Syria started on September 30, details of the very dirty role of not only Washington, but also Israel, NATO member Turkey under President Erdogan – Mossad asset – who recently his re-election stole, Qatar and other states has come into the daylight for the first time. Intel sources report that Erdogan with Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, the Bush/Clinton crime family and the Saudi royal family are members of the same Khazarian mafia clan, in charge to implement the New World Order.


It now becomes clear that the Obama Administration has played a very dirty behind-the-scenes role in supporting ISIS in order to advance the removal of Syrian President Bashar al Assad and destroy Syria the same way Libya has entered in chaos and destruction, which would make the present Syrian refugee crisis in Europe a mere warming-up by comparison.


The “pro-IS faction” in Washington includes the so-called neo-conservatives centred on John McCain, now disgraced former CIA head and executioner of the Iraqi “surge” General David Petraeus, US General John R. Allen, who since September 2014 had served as President Obama’s Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL, also includes former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.



Israel’s role:

It is reported that Netanyahu’s Likud and the Israeli military IDF work closely with Washington’s neo-conservative war hawks, and is the fervent opposition of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. Israel regards the Iranian-backed Shi’a Islamist militant group, Hezbollah, based in Lebanon, as arch foe. As Hezbollah has been actively fighting with the Syrian Army against ISIS in Syria.


The US strategy of “bombings ISIS”, as Russia’s Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov repeatedly have pointed out, is far from destroying ISIS in Syria, but only destroying Syrian infrastructure. Effectively supporting ISIS to expand their territorial control of the country. Now it becomes clear that that was precisely the intent of Washington.


Investigation revealed that in fact Israel was hitting Syrian military and Hezbollah targets who are valiantly fighting against ISIS and other terrorists. De facto Israel was actually helping ISIS, likewise did General John Allen’s yearlong “anti-ISIS” bombings.


The Pentagon’s role:

The Pentagon through the CIA and the help of Mossad – both agencies are controlled by RKM – has secretly worked behind-the-scenes to train, arm and finance what today is called ISIS or IS in Syria, which now is a public secret. – As result of the initiatives of US NGO Judicial Watch, have a secret Pentagon document declassified that details precisely the emergence of what became the Islamic State or ISIS in Iraq. The west is supporting ISIS to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered a strategic depth of the Shia expansion in Iraq and Iran.


The secret Pentagon document further revealed:

“… there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist Principality in eastern Syria… and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition (to Assad) want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion.”


ISIS-works-for-IsraelThe supporting powers against Assad included in 2012 Qatar, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the USA, NATO, and behind-the-scenes Netanyahu’s Israel. Here is the reason why Obama is unable to defeat ISIS, explained by Russia.


But former US Defence Minister Hagel says clear and loud: ISIS is the real threat, US needs to work with anti-ISIS players with common interests.


Meanwhile Russia publicly explains clueless US public ‘Why Obama Can’t Defeat ISIS.’


Islamic State Doesn’t Have Money Problems:

Islamic State or ISIS differs from other terrorist organizations in that its funds come from many different sources rather than a few small donors. How ISIS makes moneyA closer look at how they make their money, reveal that their principal financial resources come from clandestine petrol, Afghan drugs, of which the French have not yet understood the implications on their own territory. Everyone agrees that the stolen petrol freely crosses Turkey before being sold in Western Europe. Given the quantities involved, there can be no possible doubt about Turkish support for Daesh.


Russia has for a long time been aware of oil going from Syria under the control of terrorists to Turkey, Putin said. The money finances terrorist groups. Putin said:


IS has big money, hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars, from selling oil. In addition they are protected by the military of an entire nation. One can understand why they are acting so boldly and blatantly. Why they kill people in such atrocious ways. Why they commit terrorist acts across the world, including in the heart of Europe.”


The IS uses millions of dollars in oil revenues to expand and manage vast areas under its control, home to around five million civilians. – IS sells Iraqi and Syrian oil for a very low price to Kurdish and Turkish smuggling networks and mafias, who label it and sell it on as barrels coming from the Kurdistan Regional Government. – It then frequently is transported from Turkey to Israel, according to al-Araby’s investigation.



Derivative-trading scheme:

Further investigation learnt that ISIS effectively is managed by the government controlled private British Blackwater Company; they collect the proceeds from the sale of black market oil to Turkey. – A huge financial black market oil Ponzi scheme is created with the help of the American CIA and Israeli Mossad that use the American-Turkish Council in Istanbul as clearinghouse.


Even more important to know; the worldwide sale of ISIS black market oil allows the United States and the EU to use the generated proceeds from this oil as collateral to continue the trillion-dollar worldwide crooked bank derivative-trading scheme.


These days the global financial markets’ survival is based on the ability of ISIS to sell their black market oil.  This grand scale financial BETRAYAL involves Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Saudi-controlled New York Citibank, Bank of New York Mellon, Barclays Bank of England, ABN AMRO, British owned HSBC, and last but not least the German Deutsche Bank that has $75 trillion derivatives on their books, and manages the massive money laundering of this black money.


This is the worst kind of treason, criminality and corruption that

Banksters and our elected governments commit.


UN documents show that the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) maintained regular contact with members of the so-called Islamic State since May of 2013. Observations include that military hardware were transferred from the IDF to ISIS forces.


It also is revealed that the Republic of France has fingered British-owned HSBC bank of Hong Kong, as the major financier of the British Petroleum (BP) and British Intelligence crisis actors terrorist group known as ISIS. In short World Banks HSBC and JP Morgan are financing terrorism. 


Bloomberg reports the sources of the funding in even more detail:


Islamic State, or ISIS, differs from other terrorist organisations in that its funds come from many different sources rather than a few small donors. Here’s a closer look at how they make their money…



No western support for Syria:

Within a matter of weeks a Syrian General made his plea for international help to fight the rebels, the US, the Saudis, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey and Israel began providing weapons, training and money to the so-called rebel groups like the Free Syrian Army, affiliated with ISIS. In September 2013, even American media reported that weapons were being given to Syrian rebels. CNN reported that while the weapons are not “American Made,” they were “Funded and organised by the CIA.”


In a special report, RT America examines the origins, power and expansion of the terrorist group known as the Islamic State known as ISIS. – RT’s Ben Swann delves into the roots of the organisation while Ameera David explains how the group amasses the millions of dollars it requires to operate. Finally, Manuel Rapalo explores how the Iraqi army fell apart despite benefiting from billions of dollars of US money – and military hardware – meant to ensure security.


It is fair to conclude that ISIS serves US interests; the US government actually want ISIS to rise to power in the Middle East, or more precise; the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia controlling the US and other western nations.


Organised terrorist attacks:

Freedom and expressionAssisted by well-organised terrorist attacks to sow FEAR and take away the liberty of people is the main RKM purpose. They want to own the whole Middle East to establish the RKM Kingdom for the implementation of world dictatorship and depopulate the world, the sooner the better! The hawks in governments are Selling Fear, and Global Warming! The economic crisis is organised in order to destroy the economies of the EU and the USA, creating famine and poverty to quicken the depopulating the world.



The real reason Putin is Fighting ISIS, watch this video.


putin reasonProof is established; the U.S. government wanted ISIS to emerge in Syria. Following the Paris attack, a CBS local news anchor named Ben Swann shared leaked government documents that he claims prove the Pentagon actually wanted the Islamic State to gain influence in the region to help overthrow Assad in Syria. He presents an interesting case.


And also question yourself why the U.S. and other nations cannot stop ISIS and whether people can trust their leaders? – Ben Swann exposes secret DOD documents that prove the U.S. wanted ISIS to emerge in Syria. Watch his presentation.

Russia confirms terrorist Explosive device downs A321 Metrojet:

Other revealed information clearly indicates that the Qatar Ministry of Defence is arranging supplies of the Ukrainian air defence systems to Syria-based terrorist organisations via Bulgaria and Turkey. The US officers in Qatar have approved the deals. Taking into account that “Pechora 2D” racket launcher system is able to strike the aircrafts at the heights up to 21 km, the investigation of the A321 Metrojet downfall over Sinai may receive an unexpected turn…


An investigation into A321 crash shows traces of an explosive material in personal items and parts of the plane, Russian Federal Security Service head Alexander Bortnikov added:


“Investigations have been completed on the personal belongings, baggage, and parts of the plane that crashed in Egypt on October 31. As a result of expertise conducted on all of the items, of which I mentioned, traces of foreign explosive material were exposed,”


Told Bortnikov the Russian president during a meeting on the official conclusion that the aircraft was exploded in mid-air by a homemade explosive device. Read more: 


France’s role:

Shariah 4 FranceIn principle, states always deny their participation in terrorist groups. However, the French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, declared in December 2012, the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda had “done a good job”.  Mr Fabius, being a puppet of the RKM guided Obama clan, knew that he did not risk being taken to court to answer questions for supporting an organisation listed as “terrorist” by United Nations Security Council – also owned by the RKM. However he took a very serious risk for his country by dropping the French people into the melt pot of terrorism with this statement.


In truth, France had been implicated on the side of Al-Qaeda at least since the beginning of 2011. At that time, the United Kingdom and France had signed up for the US project called “the Arab Spring”. The goal of this operation was to overthrow all the secular Arab regimes and replace them with dictatorships run by the Muslim Brotherhood.


Of course people never hear anything about all that, because although France has democratic institutions, its current policy in the Arab world has never been publicly discussed. In violation of the French Constitution, it decided to enter into war with Libya and Syria after only a few hours of superficial parliamentary debate without a vote.


France has thus become a mercenary state working for these multinationals. On the morning of the 13th November, in Nanterre, the Minister for the Interior, Bernard Cazeneuve, presented a 20-part plan to limit the arms traffic. Clearly, the government was expecting the worst, which implies that France was in negotiation with the organisation that attacked it. France made engagements that it did not respect, and is now certainly the victim of blackmail by the terrorist leaders it has betrayed.


The successive French governments have created alliances with states whose values are opposed to those of the Republic. They have successively engaged in secret wars on their behalf, and then retreated. President Hollande, his private Chief of Staff, General Benoit Puga, his Minister for Foreign Affairs, Laurent Fabius, and Fabius’ predecessor Alain Juppé, are today the objects of blackmail from which they cannot extricate themselves without revealing the mess in which they have implicated their country, even if this exposes them to the High Court of Justice.


Putin’s role:

On the 28th September, in his speech at the United Nations, President Putin, addressing the United States and France, exclaimed:


“I would like to ask those responsible for this situation – “Are you at least aware of what you have done?” But I fear that this question will remain unanswered, because these people have not renounced their policies, which are based on an exaggerated self-confidence and the conviction of their exceptional nature and their impunity.”


Gulf DictatorsNeither the United States nor France listened to him. It is now too late. The war now spread to Paris, is incomprehensible for those French citizens who are ignorant of practically all the secret activities of their government in the Arab world, of its unnatural alliances with the Gulf dictators, and its active participation in international terrorism. These policies have never been discussed in Parliament, and the major media outlets have rarely dared to take an interest in them. Read more about, how France has been a terrorist state since at least 2011, and now is being blackmailed.

The various Arab Springs are actually CIA and Mossad operations, as numerous times has been exposed in the alternative media, and ISIS has been manufactured along with close NATO ally Saudi Arabia. In other words, the Syria confrontation is just like the Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan confrontations. It’s been created and sustained by Western subversion. It is Western leadership that wants the war that led to the violence in Syria.


Turkey deliberately shot down Russian Su-24 military jet:

What also is clear is that Vladimir Putin is being manoeuvred into an antagonist stance. This has been done by a series of obvious military incitements, first in Georgia, then in Ukraine and now in Syria.


Downed Russian SU.24Putin has no reason to want war with the West. Putin would be happy to be left alone. But it is obviously not meant to be. He has been playing a careful game, but Turkey’s deliberate provocation inflamed Putin who called the shooting of the jet a “stab in the back by accomplices of terrorism.” Turkey backstabbed Russia by downing the Russian warplane and acted as accomplices of the terrorists, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.


This incident stands out against the usual fight against terrorism. Our troops are fighting heroically against terrorists, risking their lives. But the loss we suffered today came from a stab in the back delivered by accomplices of the terrorists,”


The Russian Su-24 military jet was shot down by a Turkish F-16 over Syrian territory while returning to Khmeimim airbase, the Russian Defense Ministry has confirmed. The Ministry’s Twitter says that “analysis of the objective monitoring data” showed the downed SU-24 jet did not violate Turkish air space.


The downing of the Russian warplane happened despite Russia signing an agreement with the US to prevent such incidents in Syria, Putin stressed. Turkey claims to be part of the US-led coalition fighting against IS in Syria, he added. The incident will have grave consequences for Russia’s relations with Turkey, Putin warned.


People generally get mad when they feel threatened, and Putin has a lot to feel threatened about. He had to go into Syria to bomb ISIS because the US was not doing so – and thus ally Assad was losing the “war.”


The West’s lack of competence:

Once Putin began bombing ISIS it was only a short time before Russia uncovered the West’s lack of competence or outright deception when it Lack of Competencecame to bombing. The Russian’s soon figured out that NATO was not bombing ISIS directly but was degrading Syrian infrastructure.


Once Russia actually began to bomb ISIS, the so-called terrorists went on the run. Russian officials claimed victory and Pentagon officials, clearly restraining their anger, voiced doubts about Russian air strikes. In a deliberate incitement, Turkey apparently was ordered to shoot down a Russian plane. And almost immediately thereafter a meeting of NATO was called. Turkey is a member of NATO. It seems fairly obvious that this escalation is being planned. NATO can’t let Russia continue to bomb because Assad would soon win the war.


UK’s role:

Washington stooge David Cameron supports for war: “Striking IS in Syria is in UK’s interest”, he declared. – But fortunately Farage seriously questioned Cameron’s “coherent strategy” in Syria.


I don’t back bombing Syria on current terms,” he said. “Whether we bomb or not we still face threat on London’s streets.” – “I think to go to war you need to be absolutely clear what your aims and goals are … There needs to be a long-term global strategy.”


Farage continued; the war against IS needs a “grand coalition” in order to be successful. Asked if this would involve Russia, he replied: How could it not be?


Cameron must investigate ISIS terror funding by Gulf allies – declared Lord Ashdown. And Former UN official Assistant Secretary-General Hans von Sponeck has signed a letter along with 30 other VIPs begging Prime Minister David Cameron not to bomb Syria. And Jeremy Corbyn the opposition’s labour leader will give his rebellious MPs a free vote over bombing Syria, in a move that heads off a civil war in Britain’s main opposition party.



RKM at losing endRKM at the losing end:

On a more ‘pleasing’ note, the RKM clearly is at the losing end of the game. Investigation learned that many more developments are expected that reveals the secret war that is raging behind the curtains. People will become contributors to the eventual solution by learning about what is going on, as these terrible terrorist attacks are waged to claw back power by generating mass effects as demonstrated in Paris on the 13th of November last. Mass fatality serves distraction and creates more FEAR confiscating more of people’s freedom. – But let’s work together for a harmonious and peaceful future the world is waiting for.


Readers who may think the information provided is too much to stomach, are recommended to read a second opinion from a researcher with even more expertise on the subject: David Wilcock in his article disclosure showdown: Explains his vision on The War for the Truth.


Important conclusion:

Please understand that our leaders cannot be trusted, during many years they intentionally deceive the public, and that could become worse if people don’t WAKE-UP!


It is estimated that by now 30% of western populace has become awake, let’s make over 50%, to being prepared to defend us, and throw out all western government leaders, as they are the criminals behind these terrible terrorist attacks


If you agree, then feel free to share this article with your friends, once they too understand how the world is crooked, the RK Mafia is easily removed from power, and brought to jail without chaos or revolts.




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