Voting only change the players – but not the game.


The governing system is rigged against the people:

The preceding essay uncovered the incompetence and corruption amongst our leaders. Even worse, starting about 200 years ago the governing system has been rigged and organised to facilitate the now visible largest massive corruption in all branches and corners of society the world over, never happened before. Corruption is used as tool to facilitate blackmailing of every official when necessary.


The system we live under is falsified from A to Z, and controlled by a tiny group that has total control of the money supply, intrusive spy networks, Game is riggedand own weapons of mass destruction. They at wish can confiscate the wealth of people, and indebt unborn generations. At the same time they are the most incompetent performers, to even let the system work, and by now about everyone should be aware of.

These elites control the media. Wield intrusive spy networks even in people’s private amenity through their digital TV-set and smart phones. They act through mind-controlled puppets, and go at war to destroy entire nations without democratically obtained permission from parliament.
They are defending their turf by creating wars, unnecessary fears about terrorist attacks, instating security checks at airport the world could do without, global warming hysteria, uneconomic recycling of waste costing more than the conventional way, keeping-on more money printing until the bitter end, extending the pain, and causing extra expenses for citizens, but with the hidden purpose to create added income for themselves, unnecessarily extending the suffering for the populace.


In this essay it is made clear how governments really work, rather than the way it’s supposed to work. – Over the years – hardly noticed by the press or the public – a group of insiders has taken control of all western governments. Some of them are familiar government officials and politicians. Others are anonymous, active in the private sector. And some represent foreign governments, foreign businesses, notably banks, and foreign organizations.


These puppets and their cronies – who number in the thousands – have much more power and authority than hundred of million voters. Research shows that if they want legislation, they get it.


Voters, on the other hand, rarely get what they want, and probably only because the insiders want the same thing. The insiders get the money, too. The tens of trillions are diverted into boondoggle bailouts, QE, and ZIRP – as these had to go to someone. – And now this elite group are setting itself up to get even more of your cash and your wealth.


The system is an antiquated 19th century model applied to a 21st century society. Decision-making is in de hands of this elite selected group, deciding how much money they’ll print. It’s so antiquated it could be comical, if it wasn’t that serious.
Governments borrow money to pay interest on money they already borrowed; it must be obvious that this game is almost finished. Then there will arrive a tumultuous reset, for which people should have a Plan B in place, by avoiding their nest eggs are in one basket. Why bother working hard if everything ever achieved or provided for your children is tied up in a country with dismal fundamentals?


The first thing to do is focussing on personal liberty and financial independence no matter what happens. Take responsibility for your own future. – The world will need and eventually is going to get a new system to economically move forward, something that is not part of the current fiat system, and the elite clan. – Gold and silver are very good alternatives combined with a payment system like the gold Bitcoin for long distance transactions.


The deception and the hidden incursion on people’s freedom:


end of freedom“I will promise you this, that if we have not gotten our troops out by the time I am president, it is the first thing I will do. I will get our troops home. We will bring an end to this war. You can take that to the bank.” – declared Candidate Barack Obama, in October 27, 2007.


Obama is doing what the RK Mafia instruct him to do; the sell of the fake war on terror to the public, they should have thought twice about associating the US with Erdogan and the senile King of Saudi Arabia. The idea alone should have sent the Washington supporters running for cover, rather than to show the public that the on-going ISIS proxy war isn’t theirs, as to the contrary already is established.


Then neither there is any doubt about why Francois Hollande has declared a state of emergency in France, and requires its extension, to issuing an edict allowing the government to shut down “conspiracy” sites that provide information counter to the government’s narrative. The true intention is blocking the Internet under the argument, necessary in the ‘wake of Paris attacks’.

– Be assured that more nations will follow. – There is too much to hide, too much fraud, too many lies, and the Internet has proven to be an adept facility when it comes to exposing the Big Lie and its manifold elaborations.



The touted democracy is a fraud:
Democracy is just a wealth-distribution, and ultimately wealth-destruction scheme that pits the taxpayers vs. the tax eaters. In the case of Europe, the Germans, the Fins and the Dutch produce and save, while Greece, Spain, Portugal and the rest consume. Eventually, a bankruptcy will bring to light the truth about democracy, which Hoppe explains as follow:


“It is nothing more than an especially insidious form of communism, and that the politicians who have wrought this immoral and economic madness and who have thereby enriched themselves personally, – never of course, being liable for damages they have caused! – are nothing more than a despicable bunch of communist crooks.” Hans-Hermann Hoppe (born September 2, 1949) is a prominent Austrian school economist.


Friedrich von Hayek, another well-known figure in the Austrian school of economics, wrote in his seminal work the Road to Serfdom:


“By giving the government unlimited powers, the most arbitrary rule can be made legal; and in this way a democracy may set up the most complete despotism imaginable.”

It’s hard to ignore Hayek and Hoppe’s prescient warnings and words when you observe today’s political manipulations to keep the western world economy together and paper currencies alive. People are deceived in the hope one day a miracle is going to happen that makes the impossible possible and solves this crisis without pain and leaves everything in tact.


The dying euro:
dying euro
To make room in banks’ reserves for the Yuan, the IMF reduced by 16% the amount of euros banks must hold. This is terrible news for everyone in the EU, institutions, companies, and investors holding the euro currency. It will see the biggest drop in the IMF basket, going from 37.4% to 30.93%. – Perhaps this is the biggest news that is ignored from the IMF’s announcement. It isn’t just the rise of the Yuan – it also is the fall of the euro. – Forget the euro for investment. The EU is struggling to stay together, while the economies of the EU nations continue to struggle as well. If the Yuan is going to replace any currency, it is the euro.


The EU nations’ massive unpayable debts is confronted with:

  • Three million Syrian refugees demanding free food, free housing, free medical care, etc.
  • The slow motion collapse of the EU economy, and inevitable decline in government revenues needed to service their exploding debts.
  • And on top is the brutal attack on the euro currency by the IMF.


The decade-long decline and fall of the euro has been astonishing:

  • Since January last, the euro has dropped 8% against the U.S. dollar.
  • Since April of 2014, the currency has fallen a staggering 24%.
  • And since its peak at $1.58 in 2006, the euro has plunged a staggering 33% against the U.S. dollar.


ECB’s Draghi fails to deliver enough ‘Monetary Drugs’. What Next for Markets?

Here is what the European Central Bank did. It:


  • Reduced the deposit rate to negative -0.3% from -0.2%;
  • Extended Euro-QE through March 2017 or “beyond if necessary,” compared with a previous projected endpoint of September 2016;
  • Announced plans to reinvest principal and interest payments on bonds it has in its portfolio – another kind of money creation;
  • Expanded the list of bonds eligible for purchase to include regional and local government bonds, rather than only national government securities.


Over the past month the value of the euro has declined 5.6% against the US dollar, largely because the ECB is printing hundreds of billions of new euros. Europe’s quantitative easing (QE) program is currently pumping €60 billion into the Eurozone’s financial system each month. The QE’s total is in the region of €1.5 Trillion! Each new euro makes existing euros worth a little less.


The weak euro is one big reason why the dollar appears strong today. To measure the value of the dollar, the U.S. Dollar Index is used, which compares the dollar against other major currencies like the euro, Japanese yen, and British pound. The euro is, by far, the largest component of the index with a weight of 58%. So when the euro loses value, it causes the dollar index to go up. A weak euro makes for a strong dollar.



All is a scam:

The Federal Reserve Board and the US corporate government of the United States are bankrupt. Major European allies like France, Germany, Italy, governmentfraudEngland, and Switzerland etc. have already abandoned them.


Retirees are victimized; in 1950, 16 workers paid for each retiree’s Social Security. Today it’s down to 3.3. Many of you reading this —will never see a dime of the thousands they’ve paid into that system. Better considering it now, when making financial plans.


There are five more frightening financial statistics:


  • 46% have less than €10,000 saved for retirement
  • 29% of workers have less than €1,000 saved
  • 40% of baby boomers plan to work “until they drop”
  • 36% don’t contribute anything to retirement
  • 46% of adults say they are “extremely” or “very” concerned about having enough money to retire.


Twenty years ago, the average individual planned to retire at age 60. Ten years ago it was 63. Today it’s 67. Observing this, many won’t ever be able to retire.

The international reserve currency:

int res currencyAnd in light of this, people should not lose sight of the big picture. There is one form of international reserve currency that largely is being ignored, but this ‘reserve asset’ deserves anyone. It is gold, and it has a history of being used as money and a store of wealth for thousands of years, and more important central banks cannot create gold out of thin air. – If anything is going to replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency, it will be the return of gold.


To demonstrate the fraud committed by Central Bankers with their currency creation out of thin air: Since 1994 the aggregate balance sheet of the world’s central banks has expanded by a factor 10 – rising from $2.1 trillion to $21 trillion over the period. This rise does not measure any kind of ordinary trend, which temporarily got out of hand; it represents an outbreak of monetary insanity that is something totally new under the sun.


What it means is that the Fed, ECB, BOJ, People’s Bank of China (PBOC) and the manifold lesser central banks purchased $19 trillion of government bonds, corporate debt, ETFs and even individual equities and paid for it by hitting the electronic “print” button on their respective financial ledgers.


This central bank balance sheet expansion, in fact, represented 70% of the world’s entire GDP since in 1994 the excessive printing practice began. As a matter of good accounting this monumental expansion should integrally have been suspect. Stated differently:

The central banks substituted $19 trillion of fiat credit for $19 trillion of real savings from current income that would have otherwise been required to fund debt and equity issued by businesses, households and governments during the last two decades.


Needless to say, this giant substitution drastically falsified the price of money and capital. It represented a big fat bid in the financial markets that drove cap rates to deeply sub-economic levels, meaning that bond yields were far too low and equity prices and PE ratios way too high.


Had the world economy tried to issue trillions of new securities and loans in the absence of this massive central bank balance sheet expansion, interest rates would have soared and PE ratios would have weakened, thereby short-circuiting the reckless expansion of finance, which actually occurred.


In short, the torrid pace of central bank bond buying during the last 20 years has caused the global economy to become bloated with over-financialization.


In the case of debt, for example, the expansion ratio was nearly 4 fold. That is, total worldwide public and private debt outstanding soared from $40 trillion to $225 trillion. This astounding $185 trillion gain compared to just a $50 trillion gain in GDP, meaning that the world’s leverage ratio has soared to unprecedented heights. – Hopefully people now understand that all the hyped talking around GDP growth are pure fantasy, lies, deception and manipulation.

The truth, of course, is that everything is not fine.  The world is witnessing a pattern similar to what was seen back in 2008.  Back then, Chinese stocks and other major stock markets started crashing first, and then U.S. stocks followed later.

Anyone that tries to tell you that a global financial crisis is not happening is not being honest with you.  Right now, there are 27 major global stock markets that have declined by double-digit percentages from their peaks earlier this year.  And this is truly a global phenomenon – we have seen stock market crashes in Asia, Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East. But because U.S. stocks are only down less than a thousand points from the peak earlier this year, most people seem to think that everything is just fine.

It appears that the world has entered the next leg down for markets in the western world this past week.



Dying Empire:

Hallmark empire collapseThe hallmark of an in collapse is the imposition of Governmental totalitarianism and reckless attempted military imperialism. Currently the U.S. military is the most dangerous terrorist in the world. The biggest fear is that Governments soon are going to turn their supremacy of terror on their own citizens. History tells us this is what occurs when a powerful economic/political system is in the final stages of collapse. – Since it is now a known fact that governments and their leaders are corrupting the people, it is we the people to changing the existing regime for one that secures freedom, and ending poverty. It went on for too long, and we must not allow it continuing.



Soon you will have to make a choice. You will either live as a free man or die as a slave.

The choice is yours!


If you agree with this, then feel free to share this article with your friends so they also can get a plan B in place, and prepare for choice, before it is too late. The current system won’t survive; if over 50% of western populace is informed about the TRUTH, we the people NOW have the chance to exterminate the cabalists for once and forever.


Artificial Alien Invasion:

Lies, Lies all over and again. In 1974 Werner von Braun told his assistant before he died in 1977 the TRUTH about all weaponization of the US has in mind. Most of his predictions meanwhile have been happening, so watch this short video, to understand what is going on, and what de final target is of the RKM.

aliensssDr Carol Rosin: Staged Artificial ‘Alien Invasion’ and asteroid/comet threat. NWO is the final card

Dr Carol Rosin a former NASA scientist turned Disclosure Project witness shares very important information with us. Keep in mind this was back in 2000 before 9/11 back when it was only Oklahoma city and the ’93 WTC bombing and they realized they were going to need something bigger…
Understand, these people just don’t care anymore. They have been getting away with it for so long the cockiness and outrageous activity almost becomes a sport. They know just about nobody reads anything they publish (general public) and that if somebody does read it, it is always brushed off as jokes and the good old conspiracy theorist ridicule “excuse” almost. They publish their agendas and talk about their plans to reduce world populations up to 90% and all the eugenics and economic terrorism. It’s a joke. They got savant compartmentalized experts working on every field and manipulate more or less everybody at the top of the pyramid. Social engineering.



Conclusion & Future Vision:

This essay clarified; governments and banks are criminal corporations that simply pocket assets and funds belonging to the people. They never implemented any honest humanitarian activity or project.


No normal human being wants perpetual war and planetary destruction. No normal human being wants more pain, distress, and diseases. No normal human being wants any more of the darkness the Cabal has created on this planet.


These criminals will be held accountable for their atrocities and the crimes they imposed upon humanity since the inception of Central Banking and beyond. Thereafter they will be “imprisoned” to a place where they never again can control and decimate society. The day of change for the better is arriving next year.


There is evidence that the Cabal is getting nervous. Their desperation is no longer just Internet chatter. – The change is upon us all now, and instead of events that sweep the world with devastation, we will now see events that sweep the world with positive creation.


Ahead of this, feel grateful to imagine new possibilities to rebuild our world in total freedom, with free energy, unrestricted wealth-creation, without famine, ending poverty, and fulfilling creative jobs for the benefit of mankind and the planet.


Embrace the concept that we the people will be given the means to do that all and more. Expanding by innovation unrestricted initiative, creativity, entrepreneurship, etc. We ALL need to be thinking about this and start envisioning what we want to conceive, because it is the only way to make things happening. Be assured we will evolve. We will live up to our potential as human specie. What now is going to happen is just on TIME. Our Time. Believe it.