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The goals of the Khazarian Mafia:

The Khazarians have put their importance on the all-out control over the world population, and possession of all resources on Earth for which trillions has been invested. Gold, silver, and oil are the main goals of the Illuminati, next to absolute control over oil supplies, water and fertile land Goals of Illuminatithat are preferred resources in need to further complete their agenda. Anyone who is against is eliminated, as in the case of Hugo Chavez, the President of Venezuela, who deliberately was killed by infected cancer cells. Wars are created and fought to get their hands on these massive raw resources; Iraq and Libya are two recent and clear-cut examples. The position is that no single country should own its resource wealth. Countries that are not served by the New World Order and stand up for their own sovereignty are struck down.


For centuries, inventors like Nicolai Tesla produced free energy devices that can exploit the Earth free magnetic energy. Patenting these inventions was a big mistake that made those legally belonging to the government. This means that authorities legally own their invention, and therefore can prevent making these inventions available to the public. The international banksters and oil cartels control governments in the western world. They are against free energy technology because it is a threat to their “fossil fuel” energy empire.


The Ukraine purposely became occupied by the ‘West’ for the same reason to gain access to the oil resources in Central Asia, but not only regarding oil resources, but also to control the pipeline routes. Since the one who controls the oil pipelines also has the control over all new future oil resources. Which is the reason for the initiated war in Syria, where Assad stands in the way to realize their pipeline plans coming from Afghanistan, confiscate Syrian oil reserves, and to establishing their Khazarian controlled central bank.


The Archon bloodline families:

The most powerful families in the Archon bloodline, secretly monitor all satanic cults, they run alongside the military apparatus of the US and NATO. They also run an army of Satanists in charge to control society through influential corporate and government officials to fulfil all “demands” of the Illuminati. Once enlisted in this army there is no way back, as betrayal is settled with death. Consider the existence of dangerous satanic methods, which are part of the Illuminati conspiracy; they enjoy the suffering of their victims, and don’t have any empathy. As publically was shown with the murder of the Vatican banker Calvi, the banker of God, who disobeyed, and ended his life hanging under Blackfriars Bridge over the Thames in London, on June 18, 1982.



satan-by-jack-chickThese most powerful Illuminati families like the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Bush, Kissinger, Netanyahu, Clinton, and the lapdog Blair, are at the top of the Satan hierarchy and form the ‘Kingdom of Satan’. They are the vanguard of the anti-Christ movement, they just want us all dead, and are frantically working to obtain absolute world rule, though overwhelming the people with calamities that already are put in motion and widely recognisable. Such as the massacre in Paris on Friday the 13th last, the on-going economic crisis, huge un-payable debt, never-ending unemployment, refugee crisis in the EU and US, these are all pre-organised disasters, to manoeuvre the public into submission. – In Paris, just as with 9/11, Charlie Hebdo and the Boston Marathon Bombing, the media was scripted in advance with the story and ready to go the minute the happening was reported. There was no investigation, no questioning, just the media moving in lockstep with the scripted official story.  And, again the perpetrators conveniently leave their ID, behind to facilitate a rapid chase on them. People that are awake are fully aware that this was another false flag operation, to making people afraid and drive into submission. How many more should follow before the majority is getting AWAKE and require change of regime? Reliable information explains how such terror attacks are orchestrated to create a maximum of victims of different nationality, as one important story was broken thanks to a glitch in the Mexican media that offers strong evidence that the French government murdered “victims” while in custody of the authorities. Read the story here:


Their last trump card is the World Leader that Satan will play out over the sinful world. The media all over the world, all cabal controlled, has been prepared for his arrival as the great hero, the saviour, and the prophet to manifest over the world, as the reborn Christ, holding his worldly headquarters in Jerusalem to govern his world empire. All opponents are without exception silenced.


The huge world debt, of about US $ 200 Trillion is deliberately created. If this debt was owed between each other, theoretically that debt could be equalised by crossing-out one against the other. But that’s not the case this debt is not owed amongst the people – one to the other visa versa, but to all of the 198 central banks, owned by the Rothschilds, except 6, who created the money out of nothing. Logically spoken there is no obligation to repay any debt; the losers are the ones that bought this debt as an asset.


Purposely the Illuminati managed to keep people unwise on this simple fact, so no one acted against this injustice, enforcing this faith to gain more momentum, eventually ensuing the reintroduction of global slavery.



The state Israel:

After WW2 a new political situation in the Middle East was created. The UN decided in 1947 to proceed with the division of the Palestine country into a Jewish and Arab state, while Palestinians previously exercised control over the entire country. As result from WW2 sympathy was created with the Jewish people; Zionism was formed in 1948 as a direct result from the formation of the state Israel, which was obtained through diplomatic terror. The Rothschild family became the ‘de facto leader’ of fundamentalist Zionism. They fund the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset. In Jerusalem a street is named after them. The Rothschilds are considered the royal family of Judaism, with the addition “King of the Jews.” The founding of the state of Israel in Palestine was a crucial point of the RKM program that only could be materialised as outcome of WW2.


ISIS New World OrderThe power elite wants to carry out the New World Order from their HQ in the State of Israel to implement their absolute world domination. Through networks and stolen money from the citizens, added by violence, the power elite has infiltrated in all power structures within society and all those are fully under their control. Without exception all-important positions in government, the media, business, finance, economics, science, religion, education etc. in practically all countries, have appointed RKM-controlled-officials, meanwhile history has been manipulated to enforce world dictatorship over everyone on Earth.


Thanks to the Internet many of the top-secret plans for the new world order are leaked. Nonetheless the Illuminati are the experts in secrecy and for that purpose a program has been developed and introduced that guarantees secrecy without any doubt no one of their appointees blows the whistle.


Monarch Total Mind Control:

This program is called Monarch Total Mind Control, developed and implemented by Josef Mengele the Auschwitz Angel of Death, one of the worst criminals of the twentieth century; he is member of the occult hierarchy that seeks total control over the world. This program coerces to forcing humanity into the global slave state. And also is the guarantee for complete confidentiality about the blueprints that will lead to the planned world dictatorship.


mindcontrolThe program applies pervasive and excessive mind-control methods to form people into robots – so-called Monarch Slaves – without understanding that themselves, they are fully operated by their controllers, who are members of the Illuminati. These slaves are used at the highest levels in government, business, finance, churches, science, education, and many other organizations that affect daily lives of citizens. The brains of Monarch slaves are step-by-step programmed, just like computers, in order to control their psyche and behaviour. Be assured that all prominent public figures in the west belong to this category of slaves. In this way the RKM controls the world from behind the scenes.


Assuring them with certainty that none of the motives and secret missions is exposed all official officers on important posts are Monarch-programmed personalities. Subsequently all current leaders, as known by everyone, are Monarch Slaves! When non-programmed ‘normal’ executives are appointed, there always is the possibility that someone betrays the secrets, and sooner or later the secret plans become known to the public.


Mind-control slavery


Only through consistent use of programmed government and corporate administrators, the plans to accomplishing the introduction of world dictatorship can remain strictly confidential.


Monarch slaves:

A select category of Monarch slaves over the past six decades helped to build the greatest empire ever, to guarantee the Illuminati their imperium. This empire has been built by means of deception, fraud, economic manipulation, violence, torture, and war. Monarch slaves are fundamentally economic assassins!


Monarch SlavesThere exists also another type Monarch slave that are programmed assassins and spies. They are used to carry out the dirty work, to make it extremely difficult to make the real culprits behind the scenes visible. Some examples of Monarch Slave killings are:


  • A Monarch slave murdered Pim Fortuyn; it was not Volkert van der Graaf he was just a stand in, and was richly rewarded for posing being the murder and keeping his mouth shut.
  • The 2012 Sandy Hook elementary school massacre in Connecticut in the US was aimed at amending the Arms Act to prohibit the possession of weapons.
  • Richard Reid the shoe bomber didn’t posses a fatal bomb in his shoe; the purpose was to humiliate travellers walking on socks through the ‘security’ gates at airports.
  • John Lennon was slain by a Monarch slave after his interview he gave to Playboy magazine in which he stated, being aware of the malevolent Opium Cartel’s hard drugs promotions during concerts to create deliberately social chaos and eventually destroy society. He said:


 “We owe it to the CIA and the military that LSD is for sale. They use LSD to control people. They gave us freedom. Look at what the government says about it!”


Why do we let other people tell us what to do; are we not all equal? What is the purpose of government? What does it cost, and what benefits does it confer?

Serious question to think about, even more now governments noticeable are not acting in the interest of the country and its citizens that they should do. Something is terribly wrong, here is why:


Secret anti-Christ plan:

Part of the RKM secret anti-Christ plan is to displace millions of Muslims from their Syrian, Libyan, and Iraqi homes and give them travel money StepsofFreemasonryto migrate to Europe, included are masses of foreign combat trained mercenaries hidden between these refugees, to being employed to generate mass chaos, and make Europeans hate Islamites in general. The divide and conquer tactic! This mass migration has already reached gigantic proportion; authorities hardly can cope with. If Intel-reports are accurate they are financed by George Soros who is giving these refugees ample travel money. Another proof that satanic cult forms the main belief and governments are controlled by the Khazarian Mafia’s Top Policy-Makers is in Germany. To learn how serious this refugee crisis is, watch this video to have a first hand impression.


Angela Merkel is Hitler’s daughter:

Shockingly Intel insiders accept the truth that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is Hitler’s daughter by Eva Braun’s sister, confirming why she acts as a hard core Globalist, equal self-destructive as Hitler her father before her – also being mind-controlled. Wouldn’t this be major news if these rumours should be true? That would mean she has Rothschild blood and is just another illustration of how the ruling “Bloodline” families continue their template of power. Comparing photos of the two, experts were able to ascertain remarkable similarities.Merkel w daddy Hitler


This must be the reason why Merkel has allowed an embargo against Russia that has shut off German industry and Mittelstand, selling produce, cars, trucks, spare parts, etc. to Russia, which noticeably decimated German revenues. Another proof she didn’t oppose the fake accusations against Volkswagen for not complying with CO2 emission standards as the whole CO2 argument is a swindle. Allowing so many Mideast refugees entering Germany despite the huge opposition of large numbers of Germans that begin to revolt. – Mind Controlled Angela Merkel apparently is torn between her NWO Globalist commitments to the RKM and her wrath being manipulated against the US Government by cutting off much needed sales to the Russians.


When a leader is acting contrary to the interest of the country confirms the employment of mind-control. Typically it is the satanic rule, calling ‘black is white’, and ‘evil is good’. So you can be assured that the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte is another mind controlled leader, confirmed by his unacceptable attitude and action regarding the MH-17 downing above the Ukraine, he certainly must have known about this plan in advance!



The hidden truth:

As of this hidden truth is now becoming known, it can no longer be denied that High Treason has been committed by both leaders, as also is Agenda-21the case for the Pentagon’s High Command Structure that with the help of the CIA and Israeli Mossad controlled the 9/11 Twin Towers demolition in 2001 that triggered all the subsequent wars. Nor can it be denied that thousands of young soldiers have been needlessly sacrificed, killed, horribly wounded and disabled for nothing but the evil profits for the RKM Banksters and war defence contractors. Not talking about hundreds of thousand murdered innocent civilians in Iraq and Libya.


The US Bush Administration are effectively the criminals behind the 9/11-attack on the Twin Towers on 9-11-01 in New York City. Causing the death of 3,000 innocent civilians that purposely were mass-murdered, added with about 39,000 later dying of the radiation fallout and asbestos poisoning and strange cancers. Right now about 70,000 are fighting for their very lives from this after-pollution fallout that was caused by this Inside job – False-flag attack operation on NYC.


And one of the lesser-known reasons behind this attack, was the killing of the whole staff of the company Cantor Fitzgerald Securities that was instructed to handle the paper work for the return of gold to the rightful Chinese owners, as the company was located inside One World Trade Centre on floors 101-105. All 658 employees were murdered on that day the towers fell and subsequently the gold was not returned to its rightful owners the White Dragon Family. Read more about here.


The RKM own all (except 6) private central banks around the World, to creating money out of thin air and lend it for use to the masses at interest. Then they also run the world’s largest opium cartel that have allowed them to generate huge quantities of black money necessary to financing their secret operations. They accumulated so much money making it possible to buy or bribe almost every single government, and officials in any important nation. They ‘grossed’ sickening profits, land and resources of other nations that were made debt dependent, providing the RKM complete control over the MSM to deceive the public where and when necessary. – Only recently a significant number of people begin to understand that the mass media is filled with lies and deception.

How to defeat the RKM:

Jacob-RothschildIt now is of the utmost priority to defeat the RKM and their controlled puppets in high places and getting put people first. Until masses rise up to arrest and put in jail the satanic families like the Bushes and Clintons, the Central Banksters, and all the TBTF – Too Big To Fail – Banksters, as in Iceland was done, by simply defaulting on the debts they owed the banksters, assisted with each passing headline in the MSM that reminded Western nations, and the world, that if they rise up and fight for what’s theirs… victory is possible! – So let’s start by cutting off the fake money supply in getting the message across. And let’s hope that as result of the many efforts that are made in getting these messages out, this day will come soon.


Once the masses start to understanding that all these mind-controlled government officials are Monarch slaves why they constantly are crying about terrorists actually are the real terrorists themselves, and then we the people will be able to defeat and eliminate the RKM for once and forever.


It is important to know, when Monarch slaves fail, then with the help of the CIA and Mossad a coup will be staged, or a revolution forced. If that does not work, then a special elite unit performs liquidations. And when it comes to that, the government head or dictator gets a heart attack or a plane accident. If none of these are successful then the military branch of the Illuminati – NATO – is deployed. Recall the recent NATO deployments and you’ll know where false flags are implemented, it’s simple like that.


Accordingly, all countries with a strategic location and valuable resources are swindled for billions; by loaning these countries more ‘fake money’ than they ever could repay, in order to take over their economy and power. Greece is the most recent livid example in this long line of countries.


“Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” – Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the United States.


What are politics today, and how do they relate to what’s happening on the planet? On the surface, it seems to be nothing more than that ‘political leaders’ of one country using their media outlets to ‘bash’ other ‘political leaders’ of another country.


A great example is the on-going situation between the United States and Russia. The US and Canada called Putin, Russia’s President, a bully. HERE is what Putin had to say after Russia was accused of being a bully.


The mass propaganda:

Millions of people are listening to Russian ‘RT’ and Chinese media outlets, saying something completely different than the MSM. So the Russian President Putin said something about ISIS that western media won’t air. – President Vladimir Putin said he’s shared Russian intelligence data on Islamic State financing with his G20 colleagues: the terrorists appear to be financed from 40 countries, including some G20 member states.


The mass propaganda that’s dished out regarding political issues via the mainstream media, are all biased and in contradiction with the truth. Global media outlets are basically instructed to supporting the interests of the RKM. Where to turn to get more information on this subject about what the United States is doing with regards to their infiltration of so many countries across the world? Why have they established so many military bases? What is going on there?


Hidden handAll these matters really are in the hidden hands of the RKM and influenced by Big Business, like the recent agreed TTP agreement. – The fact of the matter is that people are enslaved to private central banks that issue the public currency. It is a system that is naturally unstable and eventually crashes no matter what they do. Consequently the global hegemony is under attack and won’t survive for which Obama desperately wants wars to save the US dollar.



A power has risen up in the governments greater than the people themselves, consisting of many, and various, and powerful interests, combined into one mass, and held together by the cohesive power of the vast surpluses in the banks. Which is the RKM.


The Conference on the New World Order:

Recently, a number of politicians and academics gathered at the International Conference on the New World Order to discuss matters that are in light with the quote below from one of the speakers:


“We are dealing with a criminal undertaking at a global level… and there is an on-going war, it is led by the United States, it may be carried out by a number of proxy countries, which are obeying orders from Washington… The global war on terrorism is a US undertaking, which is fake; it’s based on fake premises. It tells us that somehow America and the Western world are going after a fictitious enemy, the Islamic state, when in fact the Islamic state is fully supported and financed by the Western military alliance and America’s allies in the Persian Gulf… They say Muslims are terrorists, but it just so happens that terrorists are made in America. They’re not the product of Muslim society, and that should be abundantly clear to everyone on this floor… The global war on terrorism is a fabrication, a big lie and a crime against humanity.”


One of the comments: (The) only way to collapse the NWO is to build an alternative and in unison drop their old corrupt system regardless of the consequences. It is through fear and comfort that they control us all. But just a month of us all not participating in their BS system would collapse it. We are the resource that drives them.


The connection between 9/11, JFK, and the Global Collateral Accounts:

The Global Collateral Accounts originally intended to be used for the modernization of the world through several humanitarian projects that would bring an end to Central Banking. The Dragon Family is the legitimate Depositors of these accounts.

Now the liberators are on the road to free these accounts, on completion these will be opened. This almost impossible task to release the funds as initially planned for humanitarian purposes, and finish-off the RKM cabal, will hopefully be completed, before they have the chance to strike again with their all-out disastrous plan.


Awakening is beginning:

The American masses as well as many Pentagon Officials are now learning how our nation’s highest echelons were infiltrated and hijacked by the Khazarian Mafia and its subordinates the Bush Crime Cabal (aka the BCC) and the Israeli-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizen Traitors (aka the Zios).


Illuminati Are Running Out of Time: Simon Parkes Oct 2015

Pope Franciscus Khazarian figureheadThe Pope who doesn’t speak for the Muslims, Hindus, and other believers is the figurehead of the Khazarian Mafia’s New World Order. Why did he speak in the UN and not in the Capital of the USA to tell the people of the world to prepare for the new world order? Clearly the Pope is following the RKM orders. In this 15 min. video, an excerpt from a 2 hr. interview where Simon describes Illuminati’s desperate last-ditch attempt to launch New World Order.




Khazarian mafia takedown is accelerating, making them dangerously desperate:

Read the full story here:

Our Ignorance is RKM’s Force:

Hillary Supporters Endorse SHARIA LAW in AMERICA!

Look how stupid they really are, and judge for your self, if you understand what Sharia Law really means. Punished by lashes, cutting off your hands, and so on, and see what this law mean in Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive a vehicle, etc.


Illuminati 2016: Predictions!! We the people must reach mass awareness!

Ni Lampedusa, ni Bruxelles, être Européen !

No Lampedusa, not Brussels, but be European!

A brief preview of what Europe is likely to be, what it was, and what it should be again if we all WAKE UP! – Highly recommended.