The Awakened Expose the Criminals in Government:



Globalisation is the integration of all nations’ economies, this being the primary goal of the Deep State, as outlined in Agenda 21. But now, several factors have converged to threaten this objective, thanks to the rising consciousness of a growing number of people in an increasing number of countries. There is a growing awareness that globalisation is actually disrupting national economies, while national sovereignty is being lost as a result of so-called free trade deals. Even freedom of speech is at risk. Governments in much of what was formerly known as “the free world” have consequently restricted people’s freedom. But now as result of a criminals-exposed-in-governmentgrowing consciousness, their structure is being brought down dramatically one step at a time.


Britain’s vote to leave the European Union was perhaps the most serious single blow so far suffered by the cabal in decades in their push for a global government. Meanwhile other EU-nations are in the process of following suit. – The nomination of Donald Trump and his “America First” campaign was largely due to his opposition to trade deals that diminish American national sovereignty.


The Deep State promoters of globalisation are not only the same people who supported the policies that led to the financial meltdown of 2008, followed by the long lasting crisis that the world is still in today. But they are also the promoters of the Transatlantic and Transpacific Trade and Investment Partnership agreements TPP- TTIP – both deceptions, which are another Agenda 21 project on the road to global dictatorship that have nothing to do with free trade.  “Free trade” is used as a disguise to hide the power concentration that these agreements give to the Archon bloodline corporations, abusing lawsuits to overturn sovereign laws of nations that regulate pollution, food safety, GMOs, and minimum wages. These so-called “partnerships” are not laws written by Parliaments, but laws dictated by the globalists.


ceta-swindleAnother free trade swindle between de EU and Canada, called CETA is in the process to be ratified by both parties. Again, despite all the PR attempts by the Canadian Government and the European Commission to sell CETA as a progressive agreement, it remains what it always has been: an attack on democracy, workers, and the environment.


Now, Belgium has followed up with a ‘no’ vote by two of its regional Parliaments on this controversial EU-Canada CETA trade deal, at least temporarily blocking the first step towards the treaty’s ratification in a meeting of EU trade ministers. A close look at the CETA – and a recent declaration designed by Brussels and Ottawa to reassure critics and gain support for its ratification – shows that concerns over CETA are well-founded.



The elite’s Central bankers are driving down interest rates below their market level, which is causing the financial meltdown, and is contributing to the declining levels of confidence in the abilities of these same elites who have pushed for globalisation. – Ludwig von Mises of the Austrian school of economics predicted the Great Depression of 1929, in his opposition to a similar policy of the Federal Reserve System. – Other Austrian school of economics advocates such as Ron Paul, rightly predicted that the same thing would happen in 2008, as a result of the easy money policies and low interest policies of the Federal Reserve.


Central bankers believe they can enhance the workings of a free market by fixing the price of credit. But the economy has been distorted by fake money – the unbacked paper fiat dollar. – To understand how the political system was purposely corrupted, follow the story about the Clinton Foundation, which is in the news almost daily. Learn how the establishment is profiting from the Clinton Foundation with the most blatant, corruptive manipulations imaginable.


The Controllers:

big-government-child-cartoonThe Bush/Clinton/Rothschild/Rockefeller crime families, the controllers of the dollar system are still putting up a vigorous fight in their final strongholds that include the Ukraine, the US corporate media, Israel and the Gulf Petro-Monarchies like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Their fiat monetary scam and blood-soaked petrodollar, is a significant source of funds for them.


And, not to forget the help they get from the European Union in Brussels, which is composed of a class of puppet-bureaucrats that are extremely well paid, have tremendous benefits, and have their own self-referencing, petty little culture. They’re of exactly the same kind of breed that dominates within the RKM controlled Washington, D.C. culture.


The solution to economic stagnation is not more of the same; artificially low interest rates, austerity measures, compromising national sovereignties, and the demolition of the industrial base of Western countries by off-shoring labour, etc., instead a free market economy in all nations of the world, is the real solution that should be implemented. But obviously this is not what is desired by the elites.
People have the right to know and what’s more, they want to know;

  • How is it the economy no longer grows as it used to?
  • How is it most are poorer today than they were in 1999?
  • How is it that all wars initiated by false flags are never won?


People must understand that much of the rigging was taking place while Hillary and Bill Clinton were collecting more than $150 million in speaking fees, telling voters how they could improve the world! Instead, they could have explained to voters how they should put two and two together to discover how the fake dollar was corrupting the western world economies, and politics.


Where are the real solutions?

a-real-economic-solution-reverse-europes-total-collapseTrue solutions are necessary to get out of this crisis, but nobody seems to care, neither the major players on the stock markets nor the bond markets. Not the various commentators. Not even the presidential candidates who are seemingly more interested concentrating on each other’s personal blunders than about necessary politics. Nobody is telling the voters what they should know and understand to make their choice!
The markets will remain stable until they become unstable. That pretty much sums it up. When the next big crisis will hit us is anyone’s guess; most of us are surprised it hasn’t done so already. – But the awakened know that there is a dark movement afoot. The world’s central banks are buying stocks in addition to the bonds they were already buying under QE, in almost unlimited quantities with factually worthless paper money.


Only this is helping to keep stock prices high and to maintain the illusion of stability. As for higher levels of consumer price inflation, there is no doubt that this is surely coming, but it will not necessarily be coming anytime soon. With the economy slowing down, the velocity of money is almost non-existent, being the rate at which money changes hands when buying and selling goods. The fewer transactions there are, the less upward pressure there is on prices. As result of austerity; wages are falling in the developed world. This is also due to the refugee crisis that has been orchestrated intentionally, becoming a huge supplier of cheap labour. So higher consumer prices as a result of higher wages won’t happen soon.


The Financial Times warned that:


“China exports fall sharply as concerns over demand grow.”


Chinese exports are falling – in dollar terms – at a rate of 10% a year. China buys raw materials. It sells finished products. It is the greatest “export-led” success story of all time.


But if China can’t sell its products, it can’t afford to buy resources, so the price of resources plunge, and consumer prices follow, aggravating weak demand with lower prices, falling money velocity, causing gloom, doom, recession, depression, and worldwide deflation.



Free Market economy:

free-marketPerfection is not of this world. There always will be shoddy products, and cheating sellers. But on the whole, market competition, when it is permitted to work, protects the consumer better than all the alternative governmental mechanisms that have been increasingly superimposed on the markets, like the recently discussed TTIP agreements.


Fixing prices never makes sense for the public. The only price that works is the one that isn’t set; the one that is discovered by buyers and sellers, moving freely as supply and demand shift. If the price is set too low, buyers are happy at first, until the manufacturer gets tired of taking losses and the product disappears. If the price of credit is set too low, a typical debacle is in the making. Pension funds have poor returns and therefore suffer huge deficits, causing businesses to have to put more money into them, rather than use it for expansion.


People who are able to save more do so because they need a bigger pot of savings to get an equivalent return, so low interest rates cause those people to spend less instead of more.

With interest rates set too low; Companies have an incentive to use borrowed money to buy back shares – which is what they are doing on a large scale – rather than spend the money on new and productive investments. – Consequently, Central banks have to buy up corporate bonds, not just government bonds, to keep the system inflated. – They are acquiring risky assets themselves.


Companies that can only stay in business because they can borrow so cheaply, are kept in business even though they would normally not be successful – This drags down long-term productivity.


In a store where no one forces you to buy, you are free to either do so or to go elsewhere. That is the basic difference between government control and the free market. You are free to choose. There is no policeman to take the money out of your pocket to pay for something you do not want. It is a very poor business practice, controlling a market. Doing so will not develop a loyal and faithful clientele.


If an item is bought and it turns out to be defective, it is more likely you will return it to the retailer from whom it was bought, than to the manufacturer. The retailer is in a far better position to judge the complaint than someone else unknown to you. The reputation for producing or selling reliable products is the source of the goodwill of the company and the retailer, which may well contribute more to the value of the firm, than the factories or premises they own.


Most consumers are looking for guidance, and are willing to pay for it in some way or another. Leave people free to choose what they want, without government interventions.


The Deep State:

A shadow government has been in control of the U.S. ever since at least 1836, during the days of Andrew the-deep-stateJackson. It is a system which has enrolled vast human and material resources into a tightly knit, highly efficient organisation that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. It virtually runs the United States government, and subsequently all western governments for their own selfish purpose.


It practically controls all political parties, operating under the cover of a self-created curtain – Almost all heads of state, executive officers, legislative bodies, universities, schools, courts, newspapers and every federal agency, including the FBI, CIA, etc., all initially believed to be created for public protection.


Intentionally, all these institutes were established to control the people. These are the worst ruled, completely dominated and supervised entities in the civilised world. No nation is ruled by way of free opinion or conviction and the vote of the majority. In actual fact, all are ruled by the opinion and force of a small group of dominant, psychopathic men; criminals.


The above-mentioned dangers have never been clearer, and their existence has never been more evident, as is observed by the awakened masses of today. Dissidents are silenced, not praised. With this in mind the most important and moreover the very first task in true statesmanship, should be to destroy these invisible criminals. They outrageously infect and corrupt businesses and politics, forging a corrupt alliance between the two. The demise of these criminals is of utmost importance.


Meanwhile, all the 33,000 Clinton emails are in the possession of the conscious people in charge. These emails clearly outline the Corruption at all levels of the elite, including the corruption within the Clinton Organisation, the US government, the Bush crime family, the Soros crime syndicate, the Rockefellers, and Federal Reserve conspiracy.


The rigging of the elections seems to be turning into a Conspiracy Fact, even in the mainstream media. Everything that is needed to expose the Deep State through these emails, audio conversations and implicating videos, are going to be released before the election.


Donald Trump has single-handedly made it possible for many more people across the globe to wake up and these masses are now joining the fight against the Deep State and the Clinton crime clan. This is truly our greatest opportunity to date to win back our Freedom from this crime mafia.

Just ask yourself as a matter of interest, where is flight 77…


VIDEO PROOF Showing No Planes Hit The WTC On 9/11



How a FAKED Alien invasion could jumpstart the NWO:

According to Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) we are not going to experience this.

*Not in your lifetime and not in your children’s or grandchildren’s lifetime*.


Dr. Carol Rosin, a former NASA scientist-turned-Disclosure-Project-witness shares very important information with us. Keep in mind this was back in 2001, before 9/11, back when we only experienced the Oklahoma city and the ’93 WTC bombing and the cabal realised they were going to need something bigger…

Dr. Carol Rosin worked directly under Werner Von Braun, the NAZI V2 Rocket Scientist from Operation Paperclip. That’s an extremely solid inside connection to a very serious source. The chances of her making this up are negligible.