The Deep State’s Criminal Dictatorship

Fake Money creates Phony Wealth

Fake Money Kills Real Gains for Investors and makes prosperity an illusion

The Gold Standard is around the corner

Getting free of the Central Banking system


Central banks don’t want to part with their worldwide control

Central banksters are doing whatever they can do to keep staying in power, they don’t want to loose control. And, that is their business model on which they eventually cause their own demise. They put governments into debt to control them by creating fake currency out of nothing to loaning it with interest attached to the government who then have to listen to what the banksters say. Otherwise they go after the real assets and that is the reason why governments and the populace are put into debt slavery on a massive scale. The central banks don’t want to part with their power and control.


Consequently, bankers worldwide control almost every government. This has been the case in Europe for centuries, and since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 in the US. This grip was further strengthened by the abolition of the gold link for the US dollar in 1971. The majority of the public believes that the government receives money via the collected taxes from citizens. This money in turn, so it is believed, is what pays for all of the services and programs needed to keep the country functioning. But, this is not the case at all. Instead, not one penny paid to the government by the people actually pays for any services or program. The money collected from citizens goes directly to the privately owned Central Banks, the Bank of England and the Vatican Bank. This is the structure how central banks really work and rob the populace.


The Fed’s recent emergency 50 bp rate cut brought 10-year yields to a fresh record low. It’s doubtful that they might have envisioned this, as it has crushed the stock market. This is where it becomes problematic; while stocks initially rallied on the ‘good news’ of rate cuts, the optimism quickly faded as the intermediate nature of the move raised more questions than it answered. At least it signals that the situation is worse than initially feared. if Central Banksters turn nervous, we all should be.


The Deep State’s Criminal Dictatorship

Meanwhile, the current banking system has become very dysfunctional. It’s politicised and distorted, while today’s “too big to fail” institutions are already practically arms of the Government. Paying management mega millions and socialising their losses on the people.


The hidden Deep State dictatorship has only one goal; putting the populace into debt enslavement through illegally issuing ‘debt money’ based on credit, to controlling worldwide the economy.


All they have to work with is fake money. They either add it. Or take it away. Guess which one they are planning to do now? Bloomberg reports:


European stocks were in the green on Monday as central banks around the world pledged measures to stabilise economies from the continued spread of coronavirus.


By the way; The C-virus, is indifferent to Fed policies, no matter how bad they are. From the beginning of humanity, humans have been regular victims of microscopic attacks. But for the first 200,000 years or so, modern plagues couldn’t get much of an influence, as people were too dispersed.


Then, with the arrival of agriculture, animal farming, large, settled communities, and widespread trade, the little bugs saw their opportunity for infections. There is nothing Central Banks can do. Fake money can distort prices, either asset or consumer prices. But fake money cannot replace workers, sales, or profits. As, real money cannot do that either.


While the C-virus is nothing like the Black Death, it has a similar economic effect: The capital is still there – the buildings, the stocks, the factories, the savings, roads, and resources. But the income has disappeared.


Fake Money creates Phony Wealth

The Central Bank cannot actually rescue anything. It is like a quack doctor with nothing but “snake oil.” All it has is fake money. Snake oil only can work, when people believe it will work.


If stocks go up, on the other hand, it will be because the Central Bank has pushed them up with phony money. Keep in mind; Gold will go up more. While fake money, whether in the form of quantitative easing – QE, Repo Madness or ultra-low interest rates, may or may not lure investors to buy the dip, it will always make real money gold more valuable, at least in terms of the fake money.


Meanwhile, if the sell-off continues, investors are bound to begin asking some serious questions. For instance: Is this C-virus the only thing causing the stock market correction? Will it cost Donald Trump the next election? What kind of “wealth” is it that the stock market can evaporate so quickly? – It is fake wealth created by fake money that easily evaporates.


Here a tweet from Christopher Cole that gives us a clue:


91% of the price appreciation for the classic portfolio over 90 years came from just 22 years between 1984 and 2007. Large capital flows from boomers, falling interest rates (19% to 0) made this happen. Ask your advisor or pension fund manager the trillion-dollar question, is this repeatable?


Everyone in the financial industry should know: The idea of a long, steady increase in corporate values is a myth. Once compared to the value of real money called gold. Because, today’s money is created out of debt, which actually is ‘debt money’, but debt is the opposite of money, in other words bogus money. As debt is made into wealth every citizen that uses the money has become debt slave of the Rothschilds controlled banks. Only banks have the legal right to hold debt on their balance sheets as a wealth asset, whereas we the little people hold debt as an essential liability.


There was no C-virus in ’29 or in ’66, ’99 or in 2007. But there were big sell-offs. And there are always bull markets and bear markets. Stocks begin at one level, climb mountains, sink into valleys, and then come back to where they started.


It took 15 ounces of gold to buy the 30 Dow stocks in 1929. By 1933, it took only three. It took 26 in 1965; by 1980, it took less than two. It took 41 ounces in 1999; by 2007, the Dow was on sale again at seven.


After the recent sell-offs, the Dow-to-Gold ratio is back at 15 — just where it was 90 years ago. So, in real terms investors have gained nothing – except possibly dividends.


In other words, investors earned their dividends, and nothing more. The dividend earnings from Dow stocks, for example, averaged almost 3%. But Dow stocks are the aristocrats of the investment world. Many stocks don’t pay any dividends at all — including almost all the high flyers on the Nasdaq.


The common idea that “holding a balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds over the long run” will make you rich is a myth. That myth is now exploding. What it shows is that stocks do not go up, for ever. Instead, they go up and down!


Fake Money Kills Real Gains for Investors and makes prosperity an illusion

On he other hand: Over the past 20 years, gold has outperformed stocks by a factor of nearly 5 to 1. Resulting, for the first time in many years, that gold is making international headlines, again.


The so-called prosperity that has been seen over the past decade was simply an illusion. The economy nearly went over the edge in 2008. Governments and their central banks kept it together by printing up scores of trillions of currency units. Most of that new money flowed into real estate, stocks and bonds. Sure, that kept the banks, brokers, and insurers from going under, and made the rich much, much richer.


All that new money has encouraged governments, businesses, and the average citizen to go even further into debt. To live beyond their means. Everything might “seem” fine, but the economy is heading for a major crack-up.


The Gold Standard is around the corner

Due to a major change in the accounting rules at the Bank for International Settlements – BIS, which is kind of the central bankers’ bank, gold recently took a huge step toward becoming day-to-day money again, for the first time in many decades.


The world is being forced to move away from unbacked paper currencies that can be created out of nothing by bankrupt central banker and governments. The world is in the process of returning to a gold-backed financial system. Which is, as earlier explained, the QFS – system.


The central bank changed their mind for gold because most of the world’s central banks and governments are actually bankrupt. Whatever the BIS does, it has an immediate impact on the global gold market, because it reflects the needs of its members.


As is seen at the Repo-market, all these banks are rivals. They don’t trust each other. And they’re quickly losing faith in one and another’s paper money, as well as in their own. That’s why they’re all starting to buying gold by the truckload, because they realise that gold is the seed for the new upcoming gold standard.


Nevertheless, Gold has only moved from about $1,100 at its last bottom in 2015 to $1,600 plus today. The new bull market is just getting started. This means that the upward potential for gold and also silver in the near future is enormous.


If, gold is not going to back currencies the way it once did, hyperinflation will be fact of live. Expect panic into gold and silver markets as the shaky financial system comes unglued in the months ahead. It’s going to be much worse, much different, and much longer lasting than what the world went through in 2008 and 2009.


So all of a sudden, the idea of gold moving up to $10,000 an ounce is becoming reality. As above expose is well understood; it doesn’t seem outlandish at all.


Getting free of the Central Banking system

Trust the Q-PLAN to getting worldwide rid of the Central Banking system. Because the Central Banks are not for the people, they have no allegiance to countries and their citizens. The Central Banks only care about debt, profit and control. But, by reading between the lines, it is obvious that President Trump is setting up the Federal Reserve – the US Central Bank, by contradicting the Fed at every turn. In this way, he is making sure that everyone understands that the Central Banks are the ones that are responsible for our financial illness, the economic crisis and the looming financial crash. Please wake up and share this information with everyone you know. The more awake people the sooner we are out of slavery, enabling humanity for the first time to live in true liberty.