A wider banking crisis

Fake Money effect

Wealth moves out of fiat currency into gold

Precious Metals go to stratospheric heights

Wake Up Message



No turning around

Real money is based on natural characteristics, such as the fact that it is intrinsically valuable, durable, divisible, uniform, portable, scarce, and broadly accepted; these characteristics are essential for a medium of exchange to become an honest standard of widely accepted payment, which isn’t the case with today’s Central Banks debt-currencies.

Everything costs money – lockdowns, bailouts, and boondoggles, too. – Yahoo! Finance reports that consumer spending is back to where it was before the pandemic: But there’s a big difference. Before the pandemic, consumers were spending money they had earned. In June, they were spending money with a fuse attached.


In the US and the EU over 80 million people are collecting unemployment benefits. About two-thirds of those are getting more money from not working than before they earned on the job.


The world economy ship is sailing into some rough waters, with waves already splashing over the railing. But instead of turning around and heading towards a safe harbour, it is being steered into even rougher water, with more trillions of COVID stimulus.


With up to $8 trillion in deficits expected by year end, the money masters’ brains have been muddled by phony money. The economy is being destroyed with taxes and regulations, people are being made dependent on the government and the central banks are printing money to provide giveaways to the urban masses. But the fake money is practically guaranteed to blow up in their face. And, when the money goes, everything goes.


The Central Banks enable this spending frenzy by printing money – “whatever it takes” to keep the boat upright. While any fool can see that this is a recipe for disaster, as it is a seemingly endless downward cycle of more spending, more regulation, more debt and deficits, and more money-printing to pay for it. The correct way to earn money is well known. Get up early. Work hard. Learn. Save. Invest. Build businesses. That has worked for every group or society. But today, the money is fake, the wealth is fake, and the progress is fake too.


By issuing fake money and fake credit, the central banks and governments have purposely compromised the immune system of the economy. The only way to keep this scam going is to add massive doses of more fake money and fake credit.


A wider banking crisis

The likelihood of default on a mass scale is increasing exponentially in this current situation. It is difficult to predict when, as there is no way out of this situation in which many banks cannot be rescued. These banks can only be saved if tons of physical gold are available, which they most likely don’t have. With the continuation by Central Banks printing up trillions of worthless currencies, people are losing faith in the whole system – its rules, institutions and its principles.


A COMEX failure to deliver gold may be coming soon, then contracts will be settled in cash and not with physical metal. How many times can the gold market do this? Gold specialist Alasdair Macleod says; “I think it will be the end of the futures market because nobody would trust it as a means of delivering gold. I mean it would have demonstrably failed. So, why would anyone play with it again? Of course, the failure of COMEX contracts is a very, very serious issue.”


Fake Money effect

What is going to happen to the price of gold? Macleod says, “The price is already on its way to infinity or, to put more accurately, the dollar is on its way to zero. The question I think you really want to know the answer to, is how long will that take?


In my view, not very long. Probably by the end of the year because we’ve got another thing happening in the background, and that is a banking crisis is developing. This is the natural consequence of the contraction of bank credit – a dangerous debt spiral, ending into a 1929 to 1932 horror show.



If there is a banking collapse, then those asset values will just go down to zero. The next thing, of course is that bond yields will start rising because of the inflationary implications of a financial collapse. At that stage, government financing becomes impossible because governments already are bankrupt.


According to Macleod stocks, the dollar, other currencies and bonds all go down together and explains, “That is the lesson of history. Everything just goes away. If you destroy the currency, you destroy all the financial assets that are priced in it. That just happens. It just goes.”


Macleod predicts that the problems with the currencies are going to happen by the end of this year. He believes the problems of the COMEX are going to happen considerably before that, everything being tied into a wider banking crisis.


A wider banking crisis is certain. There is no way to avoid it. The purchasing power of all currencies will go to zero. Then $1,800/ounce for the price of gold and $19 for the price of silver is nothing compared to where it’s going to be. Gold will go up even more. And that is the reason why, real money and the fake stuff are moving farther and farther apart. As uncertainty rises; so does the price of gold and silver.


This now is the Fake Money effect; Gold is up about 24% so far this year, and it is nearing its all-time high of around $1,900 an ounce. While silver may follow gold much higher soon, possibly hitting $100 an ounce.


Think about it; this is a major move that is happening, not because they are buying gold and silver so much, but because people are beginning to realise what is happening to the purchasing power of the dollar, pound, euro, yen and so on and so forth. And that is the thing to keep in mind.


By the end of this year the dollar and subsequently all other currencies will be destroyed, and the price of gold and silver is infinite. The collapse is likely to be so rapid that in the absence of any other information, the best thing to do is to hold on to gold and silver now, as an insurance policy just in case this analysis is right.


Wealth moves out of fiat currency into gold

It is important to know that everything is looking really good for the precious metals. The fundamental factors driving gold higher have been well publicised, and they are starting to impact the dollar, which is weak and in a severe downtrend.


Gold this year and last already hit record highs vs most global fiat currencies. The US dollar is the last major hurdle to fall. Once gold finally climbs above $1910 to a new record high, expect a 1970s-type bull market in gold and particularly silver. As, silver kept going higher.


It’s never a straight-line of course, but back then, silver soared over ten years from its $1.20 starting point to that $50 peak in 1980. Silver hit that $50 level in 2011 again, and the expectation is silver is going to hit $50 once more soon.


Silver has been leading gold of late, with the gold/silver ratio falling back from 140 to 92 ounces of silver equalling one ounce of gold. The ratio was 30 in 2011, and it is assumed that level will be reached – and probably broken to an even lower ratio – in this just started bull market.


The demand for physical metal is huge. Imagine what it will be like once $1900 is taken out. Then let’s add a banking crisis to that mix. The rush for the safety offered by physical gold and physical silver will be unprecedented.


The ratio of fiat currency to physical precious metals has never been this high. In other words, there is a lot of wealth that is going to be moved out of fiat currency into gold and silver in the weeks and months ahead.


Even silver could triple in price very soon, which is something never seen before in history. Silver’s rally since March has been steadily gaining on gold over the past two weeks, since the beginning of the third quarter, it has put in an impressive performance, finally showing its technical strength.


Remember that the current private Federal Reserve Central Bank debt money system, is a manipulated scheme to let the insiders steal from the outsiders. They control the nominal paper value of our currency which isn’t money in the first place, lie about what is really going on, steal wealth from savers and workers, filling their own pockets and pay stolen money to their zombie – bank – friends. That’s the way it has always been and is supposed to stay on forever.


Precious Metals go to stratospheric heights

Eventually, the unpayable debt will drive the price of precious metals to stratospheric heights, that is for sure. Be wise, and buy precious metals before it is too late. To bring to mind; The heydays of debt-backed fiat currencies are over. The world is moving toward money redeemable for fixed amounts of gold or silver. Gold and silver are real money. It is the very best money. It is the only money that has stood the test of time during more than 5.000 years.



Wake Up Message 

In various nations and regions around the world, groups are launched by awake citizens, who will contribute as patriots to liberate planet Earth.


Another excellent idea has been launched to motivate the quiet but awake majority to show themselves to the world by raising the national flag in support of President Trump’s re-election. Key puppets such as Obama, Clintons, Merkel, Rutte and Macron, among others, cannot be publicly arrested before more than 50% of the population is awake.


As encouragement to the Trump Team and the Patriots in removing the Globalist mafia once and for all, we can help and support by asking to the Trump Team and the Patriots to which we supporters also belong. The Globalist Mafia must be removed once and for all. Help, by motivating everyone who is awake all over the world to fly the national flag and fly it until after the next election on November 3. This is the very best visual demonstration of our solidarity, which should be implemented wherever possible.


FWC wants to help to unite all main action-groups by establishing a reliable communication network between these groups for the exchange of ideas, suggestions and activities. This network for improved cooperation could become a basis for future autonomous regional civil restructuring.


Ultimately, the newly established local societies could cooperate together from this unified network. Any initiative is welcomed. Help identify local action groups for mutual exchange and support. Make your group known by contacting: Final Wake Up Call.