The intrinsic quality of education has declined

Learn more and better by doing

Down the road to higher education

Study Debt for nonperforming assets

Neither idea nor insight into what the future holds

Easy money has corrupted our society

Take responsibility for your destiny


Modern Education is Mind Control

After sound drinking water and food, education is the next important human need. Education should be a plus for the individual and for society, right? Wrong. Education is only a benefit when freely floating conditions and prices are allowed to determine what it is worth. However, what is seen, is that true education stands in stark contrast to indoctrination, which as the word suggests is all about putting dogma, belief systems or doctrines into someone’s mind. In other words it is mind control.


Accordingly, our today’s education system is fake education or indoctrination, having been set up by the elite in the early 20th century. They in turn based it on the Prussian industrial school model which was designed to produce obedient citizens, workers and soldiers – not creative free thinkers who would challenge the system. It is, essentially, a model of mandatory education, in which all members of a society must attend school up to a certain level, and or age.


The young have no idea or appreciation of the work that goes into learning a profession and making money. And the old know a deeper truth: It scarcely matters. – Since the 1960s spending on education, in per capita terms, adjusted for inflation, has soared. From the 1930s, when the first careful records were compiled, to the 1990s, real spending on education multiplied 5 times per student. It more than doubled from the ’60s.


Did this increase in spending do any good? Not conform the available evidence. Test scores; measured achievement, have not budged in 40 years. In other words, the additional investment over the last 60 years has been wasted. The money might as well have been thrown down the drain.


On the other hand; Parents are terrified of the idea that their children may not get the “education that they need” and may be condemned forever to the lower rungs of the socio-economic ladder. The unemployment rate for college graduates, for example, is only half that of the rate for the rest of the population, less than 5%. Parents are afraid an uneducated child will not only be a failure, but will be forced by joblessness and poverty to move back in with mom and dad.


The intrinsic quality of education has declined

While achievement tests have not changed, tests of potential achievement have improved. For whatever reason, IQ tests and SATs show that young people are getting smarter, or better at taking the tests. This may seem like good news. But when it is realised that multiple choice tests are easier, the intrinsic quality of the test has declined. What one sees is that investments in education over the last 6 decades have actually delivered a negative return. The original test material was better able to learn and appreciate. So that on balance, investments in education yielded less in the way of quality learning. In short; Learn to use your hands and you will be independent to earn your living.


It also fits in with growing calls for a “universal basic income” that the government would give to all citizens, whether they work or not. In theory, robots will put most people out of work; a universal income will keep them alive, and the free time will allow them to develop their hobbies, their artistic sides, their charitable natures, and the “thoughts and feelings” necessary to lift them above the gutter rats.


This is concluded with great humility and even a little self-mockery. For most of us have worked with the rats for the last 50 years: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., five days, sometimes six days a week. There was little or no time to read the classics, or pay attention to fashions, or even keep up with friends and family. Most recognize Chopin when they hear his music, but Mahler could be Mozart for all they might know. Achilles? Aristotle? Hector? Plato? Were they cousins?


The young today have no idea or appreciation of the work that goes into making money. And the old know a deeper truth: It scarcely matters.


“How did you sleep last night?” they ask one another. No one asks how your money slept. No one cares. And where does that leave us busy guys? Have they become nothing but a “coat on a stick” – pretending their wealth and advanced age entitle them to status?


Learn more and better by doing

Building a business is problem solving. Problems don’t cease just because you’re not active in your business. A family still faces problems. You still face problems. Everybody has problems. Even in retirement, you bring your problem-solving skills to help solve them. “Besides, getting money without working for it is probably more often a detriment than a boon to civilised behaviour.


It will be a disaster for our children if they make money for which they don’t have to work.

It is work, that challenges, and struggles to give meaning to peoples’ lives, not money!

That’s why all ancient Greek drama has a hero, and a confrontation of some sort. The hero has something to fight against, even if it is Fate, or the gods, or his own character flaws. That’s what makes drama meaningful. It makes life meaningful, too.


The typical young person would be better off getting out in to the real world and learn as much as possible from working, than by staying in school. After all, that’s how almost all the world’s great geniuses, inventors, scholars, and entrepreneurs learned. It has only been in the last 120 years that public education has been ubiquitous, and only in the last half a century that ordinary people felt they should go to college. But as more people went to college, the less dynamic, less creative, and less productive the economy became.


Down the road to higher education

University or College is not necessary for most children. It never was. In fact, the preoccupation with college has left many societies deprived of former abilities to create wealth.

A modern unhealthy cultural myth has flourished that says everyone must go to college and get an advanced degree, even if it’s something for which there is virtually zero market demand. Meanwhile, below-market interest rates and government-backed loans have lured a too many generations of people down the road to higher education.


Further, the kind of education colleges provide, of schooling from kindergarten onward, doesn’t produce innovators, entrepreneurs and job creators. But, in the last 30 years, higher education has become viewed as a human right, something that governments are obliged to guarantee. Lost is the notion that a higher education is a path for the exceptional, particularly those exceptional people going into the hard sciences.


Of course, this doesn’t do anything to change the essential ability of the people now being shoved through the system. All it’s done is water down the quality of what’s being offered so that everyone can join in.


It’s criminal when “profits” are doled out to banks and “too big to fail” businesses by the government, with money taken from the taxpayers. But what about the real profits, the not stolen goods, in which entrepreneurs take risks and business people add value, when profits are the reward for serving people’s needs?


They would like their student debts to be wiped out, in other words; those students be bailed out like the bankers and crony big businesses were. Or even worse, governments get it in their heads that all higher education, henceforth, should be paid for by the tax payers.


Study Debt for nonperforming assets

A system has grown up that encouraged enormous debt for nonperforming assets, namely, schooling in things that won’t pay off. People are still falling for it. But markets aren’t mocked forever. There has to be some painful write-down in central bank- distorted asset values before the economy can regain solid footing. This is just as true for higher education as it is for the over inflated real estate. It won’t be pretty. It is not sure how this will play out for those who have misallocated their time and energy based on false signals, and with nothing but debt to show for it.


Exceptional people still become scientists and engineers. Everyone else gets a master’s

in some field that was recently invented to meet the artificial demand for advanced degrees, for people who couldn’t be scientists or engineers, but who had a head full of misguided notions and a boatload of borrowed money.


Fortunately, one of the great modern thinkers and improvers in this field was Maria Montessori, with her emphasis on autonomous thinking and individual intuition enhancements, viewing children as naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a sufficiently supportive but individual and well-prepared learning environment. It discourages conventional follower-attitude. Montessori developed her theories in the early 1900s through scientific experimentation with her students; the method has since been used in many parts of the world, in public and private schools alike.


One of her students was this author, who started thinking independently at a young age and was awake at 16 and reached the 6th dimension in consciousness decades later. For more in depth clarification, the average person today lives in the 3rd dimension, of consciousness that are the followers, or sheeple; the awake ones live in the 4th and fully awake in 5th dimension. In total there are up to 12 dimensions of consciousness. Professor Michio Kaku explains this very well.


Neither idea nor insight into what the future holds

The momentum for the completion of the New World Order (NWO) through centralised control of global politics, business, banking, military and media is gaining pace by the day, and is clearly evident through the large scale spying upon us. George Orwell already wrote it in his book 1984, published in 1948, Big Brother is watching you!


Whenever a hidden agenda is about to be implemented, something occurs to scare the people, justifying the action for implementation. Our world is more and more becoming a recurrence of fascist Nazi Germany, before and during WWII. This is, in accordance with the plans of the Deep State Cabal, as the promotion of the new world that awaits the global population.


The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and multinational corporations already control most Governments; promoting the one world government through their control of the media, foundation grants, and education; with power exerted over all issues of the day; they already control almost all avenues; they have the financial power to promote the “New World Order”. The key to their success is the control and manipulation by the international bankers of the money systems of almost every nation, while making it appear as though they are controlled by the government.


People have neither the slightest idea, nor the insight of the restrain that is going to be put on them. They would rather ignore the obvious and go into denial of the truth that has already become reality. Instead, people prefer assuring each other that their government would never take people’s freedoms away and make us serfs of the elite.

Humanity has on a large scale given away its mind and its responsibility – it is advisable to consider the broader consequences of this behaviour for human existence.


Easy money has corrupted our society

The system is corrupt, and dangerously dysfunctional. But why does no one say so? Central Bankers have since the 1980s been fighting credit corrections – being the originators of the credit bubbles. And for the last ten years, the Central Bankers have been so actively and aggressively defending the past that the future hasn’t had a chance. Their easy money has corrupted the entire system. So, there will never be a true recovering economy.


Take responsibility for your destiny

Infinite power is within each and every individual. The reason we are controlled is not because we don’t have the power to decide our own destiny, it is that we unknowingly have give n away

successful hiker jumping on seaside mountain peak rock

our power. When we don’t take responsibility for our destiny on all fronts, something happens we don’t like, for someone else is blamed. When there is a problem, people think first what is government going to do about it.


But remember it are the hidden rulers who instructed your government that has secretly created these problems, and they consequently respond to people’s demand by offering a ‘solution’ that always requires more centralisation of power and erosion of your freedom.


Think about; The world is run by Satanic Luciferians united in secret societies, founded on death cults. Their control over the money supply is the root of all evil. These criminals can never have enough, they want more for themselves and less for us. This will never stop. Theft, lies and murder are their main tools. Look around and see what is happening everyday of the year, year after year. By 2030 only 10% of today’s population will be robotised and alive, to serve the Deep State elites that by then own our planet Earth. Ask yourself do you let that happen?


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