Planet Earth is in very poor condition

In the beginning, Planet Earth was created as the most beautiful planet in the Universe, very diverse and natural, as were the creatures that lived there. Again and again the possibility arose to maintain the planet as Mother Nature intended.


From the position in which planet Earth was circled, it was possible to clearly observe what was happening to the people on the planet and how much damage was being done. They understood that we had been taught what was ‘the great aim of the Deep State cabal’ to destroy planet Earth.


The entire past history of our planet was also known, because everyone in the Universe knows exactly what we on Earth have been through throughout history. Despite all the suffering, due to many intentionally created problems, such as wars and floods, caused by so-called duality, every time again an attempt was made to find peace and harmony from the heart.


Unfortunately, today only few people enjoy the beauty and nature of the Earth. As a result, many do not appreciate its beauty as it is meant to be. Every other planet in the universe where people live is beautiful, within their own vision. But a beauty that is commensurate with that of planet Earth is extremely rare in the entire universe.


It was decided by the Galactic Federation that our planet should be saved from the hands of the Satanists who have terrorised the planet and its inhabitants for more than 450,000 years, and to tell us the real truth. Finally, all 4.5 billion elite star beings decided to voluntarily go to Earth for this long-lasting Earth liberation mission!


Then, the decree was given to send a rescue mission to Earth as soon as possible! For some time they all gathered in the great halls of the Galactic Federation and began to prepare their mission to earth!


On large tables they opened the scrolls and writings of the light and began to make a plan for the journey to Earth! They made blueprints and cosmic contracts and agreements for their mission to Earth!



Pleiadean Michael Love continues with his previously transmitted, translated and edited, story;


Extraterrestrial beings live on Earth

Water is a necessity for the development of life as we know it. The Mesopotamian texts leave no doubt about the presence of water on the 12th planet Nibiru, the planet where the Anunnaki originated. Because of the presence of water, this planet is called the green planet of life.


In order to preserve the matrix, the extraterrestrial rulers eventually called upon the help of the Templars, the Magical Priesthood of Melchizedek, as well as part of the Ancient Priesthood of Solomon, which directly links the Order to the oldest civilisations, the ancient Pharaonic Egyptian priesthood.


The Priesthoods of the Biblical King Melchizedek and King Solomon, as well as the Essenes, recorded this in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi Scrolls, including the contents of the Lost Gospels and the Book of Enoch.


Those at the top of the hierarchical pyramid are known as the Luciferian Pharaonic rulers of Octogon, based in Switzerland, which appears to be the core of the Global Octopus of ruling elites with their tentacles extending into every nook and cranny of “our” society.


“We planned and detailed every event and situation that would happen when we incarnated on Earth in human bodies!


You remember, don’t you?

When we all got together and made a plan for our mission, one said,


“In one incarnation, I will be born a child of John and Mary, my chosen parents, and I will live in this particular city on earth.”

“My parents, especially my mother, will not be very nice to me.

“When I am 4 years old, I will learn to ride a bicycle.” She said.

“I will destroy my bike and get scars on my knees when I learn to ride.”


She continued;


“When I am in primary school, I fall in love with a nice boy.”

“He will break my heart if he doesn’t love me in the same way.


She went on to describe every detail of this incarnation!


She even described other incarnations where she would be crippled and in a wheelchair and an incarnation where she would have a fatal car accident!

We listened attentively as the expressions on our faces changed!

Then we asked, “Are you serious?”


“Why on earth would you go to earth and do all those painful things to yourself?”

“Why would you consciously choose to have such a bad life experience?”

“Why would you do such a thing? We don’t understand?”


You replied with a smile on your face, “All I know now is my perfect self and I have never experienced duality or the opposite of what I am. I can only know myself fully when I have experienced the opposite and know who and what I am.

“This is why I will do all this on my journey to Earth,” you said! Our main reason for coming to Earth was to assist people in their conscious evolution, but we also got the chance to experience the contrast of human duality and evolve in a way that ultimately brought us closer to unity!

When all our plans were made, we were ready to leave for Earth!

3, 2, 1, let’s go…

We opened a multidimensional doorway in the middle of the great hall and this was the starting point of our journey and gateway to Earth! At that moment we all held hands, took a deep breath and jumped into the abyss!


As we lowered the vibration of our bodies to levels they had never experienced before, we plunged down through two dimensional levels as we fell!


As we descended, we smashed through the frequency barriers that separate the dimensions, and it was quite painful to say the least! Each of us emerged again at the other end of this tunnel of light, at the 3rd Dimension Earth end of this tunnel was a female birth tunnel!


Our souls were born in human bodies, as babies, and we were on Earth! There is a caveat about this journey to Earth! It is a multidimensional journey so it works on many levels!


A pleiadiani metaphor – the landing on earth!

The first day of your first incarnation on earth was about 5 million years ago. On the day you arrived on earth, the landing was not soft, in fact you made an emergency landing with your light-body-ship!


When your ‘Merkabah’ crashed on earth that day, your light vehicle was damaged by the impact and your higher being was knocked out and became completely unconscious!

You were stranded on an alien world! And remained in this unconscious state for millennia!


Then one day another higher being came and saw you unconscious and tapped you on the shoulder and said, “Wake up! You have been sleeping for a long time!”


That being said, “Look and see the great ship that brought you to earth!” It is time to repair the damage to your light vehicle, recharge the fuel cells and prepare to ascend again to the heavens from whence you came!”


“It is time to ascend to the higher realms!

“It’s time to go home!”


This has truly happened, we have become a great unity on this great journey, right here, right now and our metaphor to one is done, as you read this message!


Pay attention;


You know now what has happened!

You know the whole story!

You know who you are, what you can do and where you come from!

You know the details of events, even from eons ago, that have all led to the now!

You are now fully conscious and you have developed your soul!

You are ready to return home.


Just remember that your main mission is to assist humanity and you have to wait a little bit longer for them.


They are all coming faster than you think now.

The people are closer than ever to being able to receive the story of what really happened, but we must tell them in a gentle way and only when they are fully ready to hear it!


The galactic wars have since ended and there is now peace among all the star nations!

No dark force is now controlling planet Earth, and more and more light information is beginning to flow to Earth beings from the fifth dimension!

This light is truth and this truth is complete freedom! As this light continues to permeate the Earth realm, humanity will begin to awaken on incredible levels!


In the earth year 2015, the Galactic Federation established the Earth Alliance, which is comprised of elite light forces stationed on the surface with the mission to move humans faster along the gamma positive timeline!


Large numbers of Earth Alliance beings now hold powerful positions within world organisations and Earth governments and from this inner position they are indeed influencing major positive changes on Earth!


Great resets have recently been initiated all over the planet by these wonderful beings and things are speeding up on this new timeline as the reset on a galactic level spreads throughout the world!


The primary 5D star nations involved in benevolent service to humanity ‘s accents at this time are the Andromedines, the Arcturians, the Sumerians and the Pleiadiaans!


Be assured that one of these groups is your immediate Lyran-Hominidae star family and this is where you came from for your journey to Earth! You can easily find out which star family you belong to, by doing some research to get to know the different characteristics of each group!


You, as a large group, are a different kind of human from the indigenous people on Earth! You are human enough because you are in a human body and you live with humans every day, but you know very well that you are different from them! You are not better than them, you just resonate at a higher frequency!


In fact, the ancient books say, “the angels are created a little higher than the humans!” Becoming aware of who and what you really are is one of the main goals of your journey to Earth!


So who and what are you, ultimately?

We could say an angel and it could be true!

Angels are misunderstood in earthly religious teachings, for you do not have feathery wings and are not soft, little, cute babies!


You look like you and I look like me, and like me you are the most powerful beings in the universe!


We could call you a heavenly being, a light being, a star being or a star seed and be correct!


We could say that you are an extraterrestrial and it would be 100% accurate, because you came to earth from another world!


It has now been proven by earth science that a large part of your DNA did not come from earth! When you see ancient megalithic stones with markings carved into them, know that you did it!


Traces of what you built here are still scattered all over the planet today!

You are the ancient aliens, except we don’t like the word alien, we prefer to be called family!


You are the gods who came from heaven to earth!

You are written about in every ancient book of human history and now look, the big story we are telling is about you!


You came from a heavenly world to earth millions of years ago!

You came here deliberately and with a purpose and you have already made this world a better place, just by being here! Remember, only the strongest and most advanced souls were asked to come to earth on this great mission to help humanity, so now that you are here, you know how great you are!


Right now there are about 4.5 billion elite Starseeds stationed on the planet who are your direct Lyran humanoid relatives, who came here from the 5th dimension to change the energy of this realm!


These 4.5 billion elite Starseeds are now the most advanced spiritual beings on Earth!


They are the guides and masters who work every day to create a better world for everyone!


Their primary goal is to create a high-vibration reality on Earth where people are abundant, free, healthy and all live together in peace!


A big one

This great journey to Earth has been a long and arduous mission, filled with so much pain, but also filled with so many beautiful moments! It is the contrast that exists on our beautiful home on earth that we love so much!


Earth is a very special place and there is no place in the whole cosmos that is exactly like it!


Thank you for passing on the information we have provided here!

The Light shines on this world as never before as the children of Lyra bring this world back to the Paradise it was always meant to be!


You are direct family to us and we love you! Together we are the great family of Light and we are the ones who are counted like the sand of the sea and who have conquered the whole world!


Good luck!


Michael and the pleiadiani


Request; Tell one of your old memories, share an experience you had with another higher being and let us know which star family you resonate with the most!