Transition from 3D to 5D


The Anunnaki lowered the Earth’s frequency and its polarisation from positive to negative; designed for war and destruction. The more people are killed, the better the rest can be controlled and manipulated.

The debt-based money system puts people in debt and makes them debt slaves. Conspiracy theorists are classified as negative doomsayers, whereas the opposite is true, they are the real truth seekers and proclaimers.


Mankind has been deeply brainwashed into turning positive into negative. By letting the sheep live in a world of illusion. A world where democracy is proclaimed as freedom, while in reality it is dictatorship where 51% rule the other 49%. Therefore, anarchy was turned into rebellion, when in fact it is self-government!


The sooner humanity wakes up to the blatant lies and deceit, the better for everyone. Do not be timid; let it be a challenge for you to help us reach our maximum potential.


Our world is filled with a great deal of filth, lies, deceit, disinformation, distortion, fake news, half-truths, fraud, false images, deceptive mirages, propaganda and brainwashing.


In the final phase of the current 3D cycle on Earth, those who have awakened have the task of informing the human race about all criminal actions of the Deep State Cabal. And, to show the crimes committed by them against humanity, which are becoming more apparent every day.


They are serious crimes against humanity, committed by the highest Cabal echelon within the Inter Galactic Community. They operate behind the scenes on Earth and ignore all the laws of nature. Humanity must understand that these laws have been broken repeatedly, which has serious consequences.


Needless victims are those who queue up for a free vaccination against a pandemic that does not exist, despite the many warnings by reliable and knowledgeable sources about the dangers to humans and their true intent.


The victims are those who have been made mentally ill through brainwashing in the MSM. No new beginning can be built with such people, which is why two thirds of humanity on earth will disappear into exile. This observation is the result of the many pathological lies provided by authorities.


No new world can be built with zombies. The stupidity and obtuseness of authorities keep all this in balance. If it were not so sad, one could laugh one’s head off at the proclaimed idiocies. We await the awakening of the masses, with or without brain damage from Covid injections. Most will probably only wake up when their own children die from the poison shots, or when there is nothing left to eat. Anyway, the big end is near!


The planetary transition from 3D to 5D requires an increase of the Earth’s frequency, within which the sleeping sheeple cannot maintain themselves. In fact, nothing can stop a Planetary Transition, it is part of the universal evolution of Worlds.


The energy adjustment, mainly for the physical body, has to be made for which the Earth frequency is slowly increasing from 7.8 to 40 Hz. In order to make the transition from 3D to 5D. Many souls have already made a plan for the incarnation now. Others have chosen not to go through this process, so that they dis-incarnate before the transition from 3D to 5D takes place.


Only one third of the population has decided to leave the material life for transformation. They are the ones who are now experiencing the energy phenomenon of frequency shift.



Our returning extraterrestrial author Vital Frosi, reports more about this.





Beloved ones!


At a time when the Earth is in transition and humanity is ascending, the variations and changes of everything around us are visible. However, nothing compares to the change of frequencies, for they are not seen but felt.


The transition from the Third Dimension to the Fifth Dimension is not sudden. It would lead to the destruction of the planet and mean the end of the Earth’s humanity. We have already written about this in previous texts. The Transition takes three centuries on average. We are now in the last decades, so we can feel it more intensely than ever before.


The last events of the Transition will coincide with the ascension of a large part of humanity. All those who are ready to end their experiences in a World of Attrition and Trials will be transitioning to the New Earth, that is, to the Five Dimensional World.


The Old 3D Earth is slowly being replaced by the New 5D Earth. The frequencies go up little by little and then go down again, so that the incarnated can adapt without suffering the consequences of an abrupt transition. So we can observe how each person progresses this process.


Frequency is not knowledge and even less an individual will. Frequency is a vibration that corresponds to a higher or less high level of consciousness; a more expanded or less expanded consciousness. It is the state of each consciousness that determines which frequency range each person is in.


Yet nobody raises their frequency by leaps and bounds. Nobody succeeds in rising quickly and staying there for long. What happens is a gradual rise. It is like taking two steps forward and one step back. We go a few frequency ranges higher and higher, and then take a step back to acclimatise the physical, emotional and mental body.


Each frequency line that is crossed is always an achievement. And with each conquest, it becomes longer possible to stay within that range. So, throughout the period, we have the ability to move on to short turns of the Five Dimensional tracks, staying there for a longer period of time each time.


And if we go back to 4D or even 3D bands, we go back to less dense bands and stay there for shorter and shorter periods.


And so humanity is moving towards 5D. The time is not far when many will no longer retreat to lower levels. One will remain in the 5D frequency for longer and longer periods of time until the lower Dimensions are finally abandoned. Because we are in a transitional phase, this process will not happen at the same time for everyone. It depends on how each person perceives themselves in terms of attitude, understanding and vibration.


You can see how your process is progressing. Don’t make comparisons with others. Just observe and feel your vibrations and your reactions in every moment of your daily life. See how quickly everything changes from one day to the next and even from one hour to the next.


There are moments of great peace, and then shortly afterwards it seems as if the world is collapsing forever. There are moments of great joy, and then shortly afterwards a strange sadness takes over. There are moments of great euphoria alternating with moments of discouragement; moments of total understanding with inexplicable anger; moments of great trust with extreme fear; with many other symptoms.


When you ascend to Fifth Dimensional frequencies, it seems as if the world is indeed much better and the feeling of well-being is constant. However, when the frequency returns to lower regions, i.e. to the Third Dimension, the shock is inevitable. The discomfort is immediate.


Observe how this happens in your daily life. Do not be discouraged if the frequency range drops. Just understand that you are on an ascending ladder, and going down a few rungs does not impede your ascent. Affirming yourself on that climb requires that you go up 2 or 3 rungs and then down another 1 or 2. Even then, progress continues.


Certain things that were once acceptable are now becoming unbearable. Society with certain people; certain types of conversations and topics; certain places that used to be visited; certain events; certain ways of behaving; and similarly with food and traditional customs, these are now seen as a burden that you have to endure.


Notice how much you have changed from a few years ago. Review those old habits and try to imagine how you are doing now. Certainly, it will not encourage you to repeat them. All this has become unacceptable within your current routine.




You are within the Five Dimensional Bands and staying there longer and longer. And it is becoming increasingly difficult to tolerate staying in the lower realms, even if you have to go back there.


So someone might say, why not just stay in the 5D vibrational bands? Even though it sounds reasonable, we are not ready yet. This adjustment happens gradually. Even the physical body has to adapt to the new DNA, as it slowly changes from a carbon base to a crystalline base.


The planetary transition is a major event affecting the whole galaxy. And the ascension of the soul is an event involving the entire Monad of your Spirit. Imagine these two greatest events happening simultaneously!


Indeed, it is nothing for a mere mortal. It will only be possible for a part of incarnated humanity, the very one who is ready for it and has completed the apprenticeship in 3D duality.


He who reads or listens to this message is exactly at this point of transition.


You are advancing, sport by sport, to 5D. You are feeling everything that has been described here. And it is this process that makes you feel the advances and retreats, for this is the most common formula within the ascension of every soul.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!



5D Reality – How to Shift to a higher Dimension