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Electric Vehicles Ecologically Worse than Diesel Motors

The real Motivation is Government-control of Everyone The Electric Shock Diesel engines emit 20% less CO2 Conclusion; EV’s are politicised, not Green Electric Vehicles: Government Subsidised Disaster   EV are a giant con operation and the biggest scam of our… Continue Reading →

The Electric Car Cheat

The rule of thermodynamics delivers the proof; Only wireless power transmission will change the game:   Electric Car is Old Technology: Electric cars were already developed about 120 years ago, and were abandoned because of the limitation of energy that… Continue Reading →

One World Government

Open your Eyes Government is people’s greatest enemy The Bankers Control Government Everything is a lie can you imagine a world without lawyers? Disclosure of the past Democracy is the problem – Anarchy the natural solution   Open your Eyes… Continue Reading →

The Objective is Consciousness

Make the unconscious conscious The Fire Elements   Make the unconscious conscious The energy for the final breakthrough step is building among the people and on a day that no one can predict, completely unexpectedly, the full extent of all… Continue Reading →

Consciousness and Oneness defeats Cabal

Babylonian Moneychangers Money from nothing Consciousness and Oneness defeats Deep State Power Banking system on the verge of collapse Our liberation becomes fact by self-destruction of our tyrants Discovery of Truth opens to you the Future The Collapse of the… Continue Reading →

Who has the Last Word?

Will the Third Dimension Continue to Exist?   The Power of Government is Broken Unfortunately, the majority of the population is unaware that their government charged with the task of running the country or state, is not serving the people… Continue Reading →

Consciousness is Light

You Are the Beacon!     Consciousness and Oneness Consciousness and Oneness are the greatest enemy of the Deep State Cabal’s social engineering programmes. Their false Covid pandemic is affecting people’s social consciousness. Some knowledge and understanding is required to… Continue Reading →

How to break the power of government

Who has the last word? The majority of the population is unaware that the government is in the service of the people to run the country or state. The reality is that ultimately the power lies with the people, for… Continue Reading →

Preparing for 5D Changes

Consciousness and Unity Awakening People Natural Laws   Engineered Social Culture Humanity needs to re-educate itself to understand what is really happening in the world today. We live in an age of engineered social culture that is leading us to… Continue Reading →

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