In this article, some ancient high-tech utilities are shown to convince our readers how backward we are today, compared to previous generations, which ended in 1940 with their final destruction, organised with WW2. It is very likely that this war was specifically designed to end Tartar civilisation once and for all!


No roads or airports, just plasma

Why were there no roads or airports in Tartaria and the Old World?

There are many Tartarian remains buried under the Mud Flood that are being discovered all over the world, but there is not a single concrete road or airport runway that could have been used to transport people and goods!


The reason there were no concrete roads, rail tracks and runways in the Old World was because people and goods were not transported by trains, cars or planes, but by a high-tech electric plasma portal.


Digging deeper down the rabbit hole, one might wonder what else we might stumble upon in terms of Old World high technology!


By the way, did you know that it is cheaper and easier to build a Plasma Portal machine than a car?


The good thing about travelling through Plasma Portal machines is that you get to your destination instantly, 100% safely and free of charge, instead of travelling by car, train, plane or otherwise!


Imagine how much environmental impact would have been avoided if we had Plasma Portal travel today.


Can you now imagine how much the world will change when we return to Plasma Portal travel? All the environmental damage caused by the building of concrete and asphalt roads would be reversed and eliminated over time.


The biggest question on everyone’s lips is why have they hidden this technology from the public? The answer isn’t hard to find: With transport systems like today’s, the cabal earns handsomely, so the ignorant people don’t get what their ancestors had!


A portal is created from a laptop with a certain frequency of sound… How much knowledge has been lost or kept secret from mankind?


See here how easy it is to create a portal


Abandoned and dismantled Old World Portal turned into a bridge in Ioannina, located in north-western Greece on the shores of Lake Pamvotis, close to the border with Albania, about 70 km from the coast and 400 km from Athens!


At least they found something useful for this circular ruin, stripped of its high-tech plasma-generating electronic components that allowed people and goods to be teleported instantly to any destination on the entire Earth plane under the 5,000 km diameter dome.


In the Old World, people did not travel by car, train or plane as we do today, but through portals. No matter how advanced and fast our way of travelling by car, train and plane becomes, it will always be the most primitive, expensive and dangerous way of travelling compared to the portals.


On the other side of the ice wall of the North Pole, in the land of Hyperborea, people travel mainly by portals, among a few other high-tech means of transport, 100% safe and free.


Hyperborea beyond the Arctic Circle was the land of our great divine ancestors and is still on maps in the 16th century before it was invaded by the Deep State cabal.


The Church created a flawed theory of our solar system and blessed all wars and heinous crimes to kill the human spirit.


They created a false Christianity and other religions whose mission is to subjugate, enslave and eliminate the agency of the human race.


These religions flaunt love, compassion and humanity while worshipping Satan, pretending to worship God and promoting the opposite, as do all the governments and multinational global institutions they run.


Have you seen the photo of the Lady of Elche, a limestone bust discovered in 1897 at La Alcudia, an archaeological site on a private estate two kilometres south of Elche, Spain?


Read on if you haven’t already: The Tatars had teleportation technology!

The device that the Lady of Elche wears on her head is actually a high-tech resonant frequency machine that ruptures space-time and opens a bubble of multi-dimensional wormhole that connects the zero-point field with our 3D existence, allowing not only instant teleportation but also time travel.


With this high-tech device on her head, the Lady of Elche was able to instantly travel anywhere in the world under the dome, as well as travelling back to the future, revisiting her past life and seeing her future.


All this mentioned in this article and many others from the past is the true world. Whereas the world we live in today is superficial because it has been transformed into the most primitive way of life of the Stone Age

All aspects of life have been developed using advanced technology and manipulated to alter how we connect to our true Self through our DNA.


But what is not in its natural state cannot be maintained for long, so it will soon end in a very spectacular energetic cleansing of our world, which the Hopi Indians have already spoken of.


As soon as everyone wakes up, even suddenly from a very bad dream, all the pain and suffering of the past is instantly gone.


According to the Hopi, when the Blue Star Kachina appears, “the Fifth World will emerge”. That is, from the ashes of the end of the Fourth World, the New World will be born. All this is reminiscent of the Mayan prophecies of 2012.


This Hopi prophecy, along with the mention of the 9 symbols they spoke of, will be the manifestation of an event that will change the world forever. So the march towards this prelude will itself be an occurrence important enough to change everything.


Absolutely nothing has been invented or discovered by the “scientists and intellectuals” of the 19th and 20th centuries. The high Tartar-Aryan civilisation extracted electromagnetic energy from the ether through star fortresses, temple complexes, domes, towers, minarets and obelisks using copper.


The energy was processed and stored in toroidal coils at the top of the power stations, which were covered in copper and always positioned below the towers. As the rotating coils inside create magnetic fields, electrical charge is generated in a vortex of mercury.


Hindu power stations have this function at the top of their structures.


“In a coil made up of several turns of wire, the magnetic field of the turns adds up in the centre of the coil, creating a strong field”. according to Wikipedia.


Copper has high electrical and thermal conductivity and has been mined since the beginning of human history. The Venetians – “Phoenicians” – mined copper in the New World – America and Cornwall.


Complex copper ingots used in the Middle East and Europe were mined and melted in facilities in the Americas. According to the oral tradition of the American Indians, copper was mined by “red-haired, white-skinned ‘marine men’ who came from across the sea”.


The mercury was supplied by the mines of Almaden in Spain, Huancavelica in Peru and New Almaden in California.


Think about how advanced our previous generations were and where we are today!


Wake up as soon as you can to make up for the time we have lost …


Information provided in part by Gorgi Shepentulevski.


Spread this important historical message far and wide. It is suggested that you do your own research to facilitate widespread understanding and human unity.


Do yourself a favour, ask each sleeper if they want free energy?

If they are all awake, it will be delivered!


Share this with everyone you know!


The New Age is finally here! Gold is up and the Cabal is down! It is clear to see that governments are obsolete. It is pointless to continue with the current cryptically bankrupt system that oppresses and contributes nothing. Stay tuned daily for new developments on our Telegram page.

Many will ask: when will change come? Know that it is happening now, slowly but surely! There is no going back, the speed of change depends on the awakening of the masses. Spread the word!


To be continued, as there is much more to come …



Insane Asylums of Tartaria | Psychiatric Hospitals

This video shows how, less than 150 years ago, our ancestors were killed and treated, or rather indoctrinated, to forget the true past they had lived, for which a newly invented history had been written and implanted in their memory. The orphanage of millions of children shows the inhumanity of the cabal oppressors.


People should wake up and search for their own and their ancestors’ true history.