Sanctions destroy our economy:

Washington and its EU puppets are implementing more sanctions against Russia. Considering the incompetence of both regimes it’s unclear who will suffer hardest – Russia or Europe. Russia has done nothing to deserve any sanctions. All sanctions are based on blatant lies first by the downing of the MH17 and now secondly against “Russian combat forces with Russian weapons in Russian tanks” that ‘they say’, are deployed in eastern Ukraine, which is another deliberate lie: “…observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) have registered no troops, ammunition or weapons crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border over the past two weeks.” Global Research reports.


The EU sanctions against Russia just illustrate its policy of “the four Ds”, which is divert, deflect, deceive cowand deny, says RT’s financial commentator Mitchell Feierstein. Russia has been put into an impossible situation, meaning they are responsible not only for what has been done in Lugansk and Donetsk, but also for what has been done on the side of Kiev (MH17 downing), concludes political analyst Alexander Pavic.


The EU added 24 individuals to the list which blocks travel to the EU and asset freezes. Russian leaders and businessmen, as well as politicians in Crimea and the Donbass, will be added to the blacklist. According to the official document, the EU will halt services Russia needs to extract oil and gas in the Arctic, deep sea, and shale extraction projects.


Putin’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov replied. The EU “does not see or is unwilling to see” Russia’s efforts to establish peace in Ukraine. Despite Brussels’ “non-constructive” policy, Moscow is committed to helping implement the peace plan. But that’s not in the EU/US interest; they want war and freeway to Eurasia.


“We are sorry that the European Union has adopted a new round of sanctions. We have repeatedly expressed our discontent with the previously imposed sanctions and our disagreement with them. We also considered them illegal,” Peskov continued.


The EU decision “is absolutely beyond understanding and explanation,” Peskov added, especially given Russia’s recent efforts to help stop the bloodshed in Ukraine and peacefully resolve the conflict between Kiev and Southeastern regions. He stressed that Brussels either fails to see or “is unwilling to see the real situation in Donbass and does not want to get informed about the steps the parties are taking towards settlement.” Moscow regrets that the EU still “prefers talking the language of sanctions,” rather than to “contribute to a peaceful settlement” of the conflict, “not in words but in deeds.”


“At the same time, it is impossible not to understand that one way or another, European companies will have to pay for those sanctions as well as taxpayers,” – This is actually happening already.


“Despite the absence of constructivism in Brussels’ position, Russia will continue to do everything in its powers to support the implementation of the existing peace plan, as well as the stabilization of the situation in the south-eastern Ukraine as a whole.”


Moscow will take “appropriate measures” in response to possible new sanctions from the European Union, the Russian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson said. – Aleksandr Lukashevich said that the Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine in July has been used as a pretext by the West to push through economic sanctions against Russia.


However, the true reasons behind the tragedy may not be revealed at all due to external pressure on the international commission investigating the MH17 crash, he said. “It seems that the international commission – under pressure by certain Western powers – is deliberately delaying (and diverting) the investigation and not executing its duties, which is obvious to any aviation expert. As a result, the reasons for the tragedy may not be established and not announced at all,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Aleksandr Lukashevich said.


In response to the EU’s previous set of sanctions that targeted banks, energy, and weaponry, Moscow introduced a one-year food embargo against the US, EU, Norway, Australia, and Canada that is estimated to block $9 billion worth of agricultural exports to Russia. And this has cost EU business a loss of € 12 billion.

U.S. and European leaders blundered in attempting to turn Ukraine into a Western stronghold on Russia’s border. Now that the consequences have been laid bare, it would be an even greater mistake to continue this misbegotten policy. Concludes The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) a cabal entity – “The Ukraine Crisis Is the West’s – Not Putin’s – Fault.” Apparently the harmony inside the western camp is over?


Official statements from the Russian government indicate that the president and foreign minister continue to rely on the good will of “our Western partners” to work out a reasonable diplomatic solution to the trouble in Ukraine caused by Washington. Not only is there no evidence of this good will in Western capitals, the hostile measures against Russia is increasing. Moreover, hostile measures are on the rise even though their main effect is to the disadvantage of Europe.


Stupidest Sanction:

For example, the socialist president of France has followed Washington’s orders and refused to deliver a ship that it owes to Russia under contract. If Russia has not already paid, then the failurepresident to deliver will harm whoever financed the construction of the ship. If Russia has paid, then the idiot French president has placed France in violation of a contract and under international law France is subject to heavy financial penalties.


It is not clear how this hurts Russia. It is Russia’s strategic nuclear force that the West has to fear, not a helicopter carrier. What Hollande has taught Russia is not to do business with France or any country in NATO.


“The point of a series of regional wars organized by the Americans, especially today’s catastrophe in Ukraine, centres on the U.S. securing control over all of north Eurasia” to bolster “its position against China,” Glazyev said. “That’s how the U.S. military and oligarchs are trying to maintain leadership in the global competition with China.” The effort will backfire, said Glazyev, who spoke before a round of retaliatory steps by Russia banning food and agricultural products for one year from the U.S., the EU, Norway, Canada, and Australia. The U.S.-led “economic war” against Russia will ricochet, leaving the EU to pay the steepest costs in the conflict, he said.


The trading bloc stands to lose about 1 trillion euros ($1.3 trillion), an estimate he says includes the possible bankruptcy of several European banks and companies toppled after the cut-off in financial and economic ties. An energy crisis in Europe will bring a sharp spike in prices and a loss of competitiveness for European producers. Meanwhile, Turkish, Chinese, and East Asian nations will fill the void left by the departure of their European rivals from the Russian market.


The fallout costs Germany €250 billion alone, while pushing the three Baltic States to the brink of an “economic catastrophe.” – Lithuania and Latvia will lose the equivalent of half of their entire economic output, and the cost for Estonia will reach 50 per cent more than its gross domestic product, Glazyev said.


Where does that leave Russia? Meanwhile, Russia is pondering a closure of its airspace to Western airlines seeking the established primary route from Europe to the Orient – and thus costing airlines a small fortune in extra fuel.


bearIn the case of the West, not only is the European economy being pushed further into decline, but also ongoing plans call for already hard-pressed Western taxpayers to effectively subsidize the two decades of Ukrainian government failure to get a grip on the economy. Europe’s citizens appear doomed to groundhog days of paying for every politicians’ failure, several times over.


By inducing negative growth as an economic weapon, the results are rarely an outright victory, unless the aggressor has a massive economic advantage. In a bygone era perhaps that was once true of Europe. However now the EU is a fragmenting morass of failed super-state ambitions saddled with a crippled single currency. For the vast army of unemployed Europeans, the application of more sanctions is an act of economic vandalism. Evolving in a state where both the EU and Russia threaten to bind themselves together in a pure lose-lose scenario.


“Russia is the richest country in the world and has unique marine resources that unfortunately go abroad. However, the demand for these products on the international market are very high,” Irina Yarovaya, a Duma member from Kamchatka, said. The new sanctions will help Russia develop its agriculture sector and make it easier for Russian farmers to market their products, Igor Rudensky, head of the Duma Committee on Economic Policy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship said.


In August, Russia’s energy minister, Aleksandr Novak, warned that in the upcoming winter Ukraine may begin siphoning off Russian supplies intended for Europe if it fails to build up its reserves. He said that Ukraine had stockpiled up to 16 billion cubic meters of gas, but needed to pump as much as 10 billion more into storage. Ukrainian natural gas consumption is estimated at about 50 billion cubic meters per year, while the country’s own production is about 20 billion cubic meters. The escalating political crisis in Ukraine and the risk of the pipes being turning off has already spiked gas prices 35% since July, Reuters reported.


EU no alternative energy supply:

EU Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said Sept. 3 that the bloc was preparing a “Plan B” to protect gas supplies in the worst-case scenario on energy security. The plan would bar the EU from “re-selling” any gas to keep enough supplies to heat the continent through the winter months.


Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic import 100 % of their natural gas from Russia and logically want to diversify their import options. Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Poland, Turkey, and Greece all receive more than 50 % of their natural gas from Russia.


Russia holds all the cards and can wreck Europe by turning off the flow of natural gas and can reincorporate the entire Ukraine back into Russia in two weeks or less. Russia has no interest to be a russian gaspuppet state of the West. But Western leaders are to stupid to realise that until they feel the brunt, then it will be too late. The EU sanction against Russia are suicidal, an act of economic strangulation, writing its own death certificate, on orders form Washington.


Russia has brilliant strategists and is playing a game of chess and will win. Europe has shot themselves in the foot and don’t have options to recover from the suicidal embargoes. Their own traders are losing billions in revenue for the sake to appease the USA. Europe has no strong statesmen to stand up and tell the USA to take a hike. Russia has already started to contact China and Asia for resuming business and trade to the detriment of Europe. Putin says the EU sanctions will be replaced by safe alternatives that won’t harm Russia any longer.


And Putin continues: “I have this seditious thought on my mind, that Ukraine itself is not a subject of interest, rather it is simply being used as a tool to undermine international relations.”

Imports of Western cars and clothes into Russia could be restricted as retaliation for the second round of sanctions prepared. There are many sellers of non-agricultural goods in the West who are heavily dependent on the Russian market. “That is true of car imports, for example, first of all used ones, that is true of certain types of consumer goods, which we are able to produce ourselves. Not all of them, but certain types of clothes,” said Belousov who is another official.


The question to be answered: Either are EU leaders so stupid to jeopardize EU’s economic recovery with their sanctions or are they deliberately plundering taxpayers to death, to extract maximum wealth from its citizens, before killing them in their drive to implement the NWO? People get conscious now and understand it’s all deliberately orchestrated to lead you into the slaughterhouse.


US ‘heading for disaster’ by putting empire over economy

Clyde Prestowitz is former counsellor to Sectary of Commerce in the Regan Administration. US is ‘heading for disaster’ by putting empire over economy. A great detailed interview he speaks of US stupid manoeuvring and lack of doing the right thing for fear of antagonizing various nations of threat to the US. He speaks on “currency trade wars” which is also an indicator before the collapse of the global economy.