Money versus Credit:

Few people have any real money. But almost everyone has credit. At today’s ultra-low interest rates, they can own stuff they don’t need with money they don’t have. That is why Janet Yellen tells the world not to expect “normalization” of interest rates anytime soon. She knows there will be hell to pay when people have to pay higher finance costs. Besides, how can the Fed allow interest rates to rise? The federal government is addicted to low interest payments on its $17.5 trillion in debt. On the basis of today’s low rates the US government in 2024 has got to pay $880 billion on interest against a total expenditure of estimated $240 billion. To put this in perspective: Interest payments are 50 times larger than the NASA, and 105 times the FBI budget.


The Shadow Government dictates the policies and events on behalf of the Rothschild Bloodline who control the global financial system; they have accumulated their power by theft and exploitation. Their whole system is based on a gigantic fraud because there is no money, as people perceive it. The ‘money’ that’s earned is backed by nothing. The value is only the value that people can be persuaded it has. These are worthless pieces of paper or figures on a computer screen that people are tricked into taking seriously. Money is brought in circulation through what is called ‘credit’ from money, which is believed, which exists. Banks are not lending anything, but people are paying fortunes to do so.


credit cardThe Illuminati have controlled banking and governments for centuries, and they have been able to dictate laws of the financial system and introduce ‘fractional reserve lending’. This allows the banks to lend ten times what they have on deposit. In other words they lend ‘money’ they don’t have and doesn’t exist – called credit – while charging interest on it. So the banking system is a fantastic business, they lend money they don’t have and charge the lender interest on it. Invented by Mayer Amschel Rothschild.


“Mr. Rothschild loaned promissory notes – which are worthless – to governments and individuals. When the economy turned buoyant, then he made money scarce, by tightening the control of the system, and collect the collateral through the obligation of contracts. On their decision this cycle was repeated – by applying pressure to ignite a war,” – recently Syria and now Ukraine. Then they control the availability of currency to determine which side would win the war. The government, which agreed to give them control of its economic system, gets the support. Collection is guaranteed by economic aid to the enemy of the debtor.


“The profit derived from this economic methodology made Mr. Rothschild all the wealthier. He discovered that the public greed would allow currency to be printed by government order beyond the limit of the backing in precious metal – inflating the production of goods and services to grow GDP.”


“By controlling the issuing of money through credit, the Rothschilds control the entire world economy. They can expand it or crash it, at will. The depression that began in 2008 is another Rothschild creation to further their agenda in centralised global finance and introduce the long-planned world central bank. They have been engineering booms and busts for centuries to advance their goals. Simple done once charging interest on money and control the creation of money. The difference between boom and bust is the amount of money in circulation and its perceived value. They dictate both, they decide how much money will be issued and circulated through their control of banks and governments. Stimulating a boom by making credit easy – more money in circulation, and this gets the population deeply in debt during economic good times. Then they crash the economy by finding an excuse to take money out of circulation and making credit harder to get.”


Businesses and people cannot repay their loanbeggarss because there is not enough money in circulation to generate economic activity, and the Rothschilds take the rewards with all the collateral that was pledged when the loans were taken out. That reduces the number of businesses dramatically. The products and market of the broken businesses are taken over by Rothschild corporations to further centralise their global economic power. “The same occurs with governments, when a depression decimates governments revenues they seek still more loans to maintain spending, and so the Rothschilds control of government continues to expand.” In the same manner the cabal purposely created today’s global economic crisis.


The Crisis:

All of a sudden, all that “stuff people don’t really need” stack up in warehouses and on retail shelves unsold. Then the people who make that “stuff that is not really needed” will find their hours cut back. And the economy will shrink.


The nation’s politicians know, too, that easy credit makes it possible for them to borrow cheaply… and use the money to buy votes. That is another way to understand how modern government works. They have abandoned the old “invade, conquer, steal” model in favor of the “print, dupe, transfer” model. In other words: Chicanery and fraud have replaced larceny and brute force.


Governments on behalf of the cabal tax as much as they can get away with – about 50% in the westernized democracies. Meanwhile, the Central Banker’s cheap credit boosts the total tax take by injectionpumping up sales and profits. It also helps finance the rest of Government’s transfer schemes.


In this way wealth is transferred from the people who earn it and own it – to zombies. Taxes allow government to transfer today’s output. But credit allows it to transfer tomorrow’s output: It takes from future generations of taxpayers to buy off present generations of voters and chiselers.


Trouble is, the model works only as long as the productive part of society is expanding fast enough to fund the whole scheme. Japan is already shrinking. The European economy is dead in the water. And the US has grown at only 0.9% a year on average over the last five years, as its public debt has grown four to five times as fast. When the zombies multiply faster than the people who produce real goods and services, it is just a matter of time before the entire system collapses.


According to the Census Bureau, in 2012 were 103,087,000 full-time year-round workers in the United States – including 16,606,000 full-time year-round government workers. The welfare-takers outnumbered full-time year-round workers by 6,544,000. More credit leads to more zombies, which leads to less real output per person. Inevitable conclusion: disaster.


Swiss gold referendum:

On November 30th, voters in Switzerland will head to the polls to vote in a referendum on gold. On the swiss goldballot is a measure to prohibit the Swiss National Bank (SNB) from further gold sales, to repatriate Swiss-owned gold to Switzerland, and to mandate that gold make up at least 20 % of the SNB’s assets.


Arising from popular sentiment similar as movements in the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands, this referendum is an attempt to bring more oversight and accountability to the SNB, Switzerland’s central bank.


Just like the U.S. and the EU, Switzerland at the federal level is ruled by a group of elites who are more concerned with their own status, wellbeing, and international reputation than with the good of the country.


The gold referendum, if it is successful, will be a slap in the face to those elites. The Swiss people appreciate the work their forefathers put into building up large gold reserves, a respected currency, and a strong, independent banking system. They do not want to see centuries of struggle squandered by a central bank.


The results of the November referendum may be a bellwether, indicating just how strong popular movements can be in establishing central bank accountability and returning gold to a monetary role.


Jim Rickards believes that the Swiss gold referendum the latest “snowflake” is that could trigger a financial avalanche. The outcome could prove be very impactful, as it could quell or confirm doubts about the amount of physical gold available at the New York Fed. That in turn could send the price of gold higher by multiples.


WHEN will the latest silver and gold manipulation end? If everything goes as “they” planned it, we will see a move up after the COMEX silver settlement date of September 26th expires. The question is, will they short their way up once again keeping the silver and gold price contained? Hard to tell but this time may be different. Most likely the world will have a freely traded silver market by the end of this year. And will that be the end of the manipulation game? We will see.


Gold manipulation declassified:

“Gold manipulation is now so obvious the manipulators should be embarrassed…” “A lot of the gold manipulation’s actually are being done by governments,” – “We know this because they operate through something called the BIS. That’s the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), based in Basel, Switzerland.” – “If you read the footnotes to their annual financial statements… they say they conduct gold sale and leasing transactions on behalf of central banks and commercial banks.” There are: “Letters from the president of the United States to the chancellor of Germany saying, ‘Hey, we want you guys not to buy any gold because we want to keep the price down.'”


Watch below interview with Chris Powell of GATA to see how gold and silver prices are manipulated.

Among the aspects discussed are the U.S. government’s having authorized itself to rig all markets secretly, the U.S. government documents recently disclosed showing that central banks are trading secretly in all major U.S. futures markets, the other documents GATA has compiled proving the gold price suppression scheme, why the gold mining industry refuses to do anything about it, why the scheme will keep succeeding until gold investors shun “paper gold,” and the treason of the central bankers in developing countries.


Video interview –