The Financial System is designed to put everyone into debt

Corrupt bankers, want the world financially destroyed



Monetary policy

Monetary policy, means how much money is printed, how much credit is created, and how much it costs. The question is, where have all these trillions of dollars that have been created gone? The answer is into the financial- and real estate- markets. It’s why the stocks and housing prices have been hitting to new highs almost every day. All that money the Central Banks have been creating has gone into these markets. Although, a chunk of it has also gone into the bond market.


Nobody “needs” stocks and bonds. But everybody needs a home of some type, and many people can’t afford a house because a lot of that money has driven housing prices up much faster than wages. Believe it or not, this is not going to end well. There are masses of homeless people living on the streets. The world is still in the eye of this gigantic financial and economic hurricane began hitting us in 2007. The question now is: When will its trailing edge having been reached?


All currencies over the last one hundred years have lost much of their purchasing power, a total loss that amounts up to 97-98% of their initial value, because they were not backed by anything. That has a huge impact on the average individual who is trying to make ends meet, while the 1% is left unscathed. About 62% of all jobs do not pay enough to support a middle-class lifestyle. Today we are on the back end of the money system, people have to work harder than ever before as the cost of living continues to rise, while wages are flat or declining.


All this started when politicians sold out and gave control of the monetary system to a group of private western Rothschild central banks. Wages and jobs have been declining over all these years of central banking reign. This is in part because currencies are constantly, by design, losing value through inflation. – Since the central bank was implemented, things have gone from bad to worse, and they are getting a lot worse every day, as there is no desire for improvement.


The recession of 2008 never ended. It is still going on today without any progress in the foreseeable future. People are never  being able to return to the standard of living they had before 2008, as the entire economic system is deteriorating very quickly.


Home prices are declining rapidly and this has nothing to do with what President Trump is doing. It is the central banking system that is flawed, it is designed not to work. It is only designed to put countries and people into debt and to make money for the 1% at the top, the very wealthy that have the control.



The loan policy


The Central Banks made it possible for people to buy a car, purchase a house and get an education. This people were able to do in the past, when they purchased these things maybe fully or partly in cash, and/or took out a 15-year mortgage for a home. They almost certainly bought their car with cash. A few decennia later, they needed to finance the purchase of a car for three years, which was later stretched out a few years longer. Eventually many people were forced through necessity to purchase cars with a finance plan of 62 months. As recently as a few years ago, people had to lease their car, because the value of the currency had decreased so much, which was making everything extra expensive. In order to be able to purchase this car, they would have to take out a bigger and bigger loan. If that dried up, they couldn’t afford a car anymore.


Similar scenarios were applicable to housing, education, and so on. Home purchases first started with 20% down payment, and then they reduced that steadfastly, until we hit a 0% down payment. In the end, they will run out of borrowers, but they needed to keep the system running, and this is how they have managed to do just that, by doing this for a very long time. But now they are reaching the end stages.


As more and more people are being pushed out of the market, the auto spending outlook has fallen by the way side, and student loan debt is rising as delinquencies start to kick in. Student loans are the worst nightmare for the millennials. They have so much debt that they cannot function in the real world. Many went to college hoping to get a high paying job, but all they received was debt and a low paying job.


Today, the majority of us has to take out a loan to purchase the things we want. Before people realise it, all they have got are loans, while the inferior jobs which are available, don’t pay sufficiently for the instalments on all these loans. For this reason, the banks have adjusted the payment terms to pay the loans back. Nonetheless, with all these people having joined the loan market, the central banks have run out of sufficient numbers of loan applicants. What they did in essence, was to go from prime lenders, to subprime lenders to sub–subprime lenders, and even then, they ran out of loan-takers. This is the sign that the end stages of the central bankers’ economy and their monetary system based on credit/debt-money has been reached.


What the Central Bankers invented next is what they do best, recalculating everything, to allow lenders to take out more loans. This made it possible for them to grant more loans, as on paper the credit-ratings increased. On the other hand, when the value of currencies continues to decrease, people keep running out of credit facilities. Although in general, borrowers could end up with a higher credit score to give out more loans, at some time in the future it turns out to be insufficient again in attracting more borrowers.


Then the central banks increased their loan-ceiling so that existing debtors could borrow even more, to purchase maybe a better car. The question arises, why is all this facilitated to the public? It is because the central banks need to do this in order to keep their system operational. And when there are no more additional borrowers entering the loan market, the volume of debt cannot be further enlarged. This means game over for the central banks.


Bear in mind, this monetary system is debt-based. The central banks need debt to issue new currency out of thin air. Of course, the entire system is a complete fraud, and it is now entering its final stages, since no new debt is forthcoming. That is why the Deep State, who owns the central bank for their funding, want to start WW3, to blame the failure of the system on war as they have done in the past. But people don’t want more war and President Trump knows all that, so that eventually, this may prove to be the reason the federal reserve is forced close its doors. They cannot restart another financial system as originally was planned and often announced based on the SDR world currency.


After a short period of time, the central bank system will be going down, with the blame on them and not on President Trump, who for the moment has the upper hand in holding the narrative on who is responsible for bringing the system down.


In the meantime, there are plenty of signs that the economy is deteriorating, including the big banking institutions themselves. As the financial numbers of these banks correctly show, they are in great trouble. But all the while, the central banks tell us that the banks are fine. They flaunt the stress tests results, which of course are all made up by them.


Corrupt bankers, want the world financially destroyed

Remember, this is a private central bank economy and not a peoples’ economy, because the currency is issued by these institutions and not by the people, as it should be, and is stated in the constitution.


What better way to control a country and its people, by putting them into debt, because once they are in debt they have to do everything you want them to do. If people don’t do what the banks want them to do, they collect on that debt, and if they don’t have sufficient funds, then they seize their assets.


And this exactly is the form of enslavement we are in. People might not feel it or they may even believe that they are free, but in reality, they are not free. Once the banks say we are going to collect the debt now, people have to come up with the money. So, what are you going to do, you keep working, and then they place a tax on your earnings and they also have a hidden tax, which is inflation; the continual decrease of the value of the currency. The consequence of inflation is that one needs more of these currency units to pay for the product you need to purchase. And this keeps the people enslaved in the system, which is what the banks really want. Because they want the masses under their control.


This also affects the pension funds which are all underfunded and by now severely in trouble. This is true, even if most of the stock and bond markets are at all-time highs, since, as interest rates go up, stock and bond prices go down. If they squeeze the bubble that they’ve blown up, the air in the bubble just escapes to somewhere else.


When observed that the economy is slowing down, and everything else is breaking down, home prices, automobiles, etc. one thing is clear; Trump is out there continually criticising the Fed. This indicates that Trump is setting up the narrative which will bring down the central bank. He is creating an open avenue, setting up the opportunity to audit the private central bank. This will expose to the people of the world what the central banksters are all about. Once people learn what they have been doing, they will be shocked.


The plan is not only to go after the Deep State, but to go after the source of their funding that has made it possible for the Deep State to do what it does; print easy money. In short, the private central banks print money out of thin air, governments borrow it with usury added and taxpayers fund this fraud.


The Central Banks are not tied to checks and balances audits, so they are able to do whatever they want to do. And as we see, the entire economic system is deteriorating rapidly. Trump continuously and correctly points his finger at the Fed. He maintains that they allow the economy to slide into recession, and repeats endlessly what the Fed is doing wrong, insinuating that this will be the reason if the economy weakens, and finally falls to pieces.


Look at today’s economy and people will see that auto sales are drying up. Car sales are down 12%. Also new home sales are completely disintegrating with a 5% month to month down trend. Meanwhile, sales prices have declined 3,5 % from a year ago. This is a complete and utter disaster, meanwhile the Fed is raising the interest rate, which first and foremost affects the housing industry.


Interest rate hikes are also affecting other industries, like concrete, lumber, copper, roofing, tar, furniture, you name it. While this happens, the supply of homes keeps rising from a 6,5-month supply barely a month ago, up to almost a 7,5-month supply today. This sharp rise in the supply of homes confirms that something is wrong. There is an overall decline in home purchases of up to 40% and accelerating. It cannot be overstated that the Fed and all Central Banks in general destroy the economy. Trump has stated, “every time we do something great the Fed raises the interest rate!” This is part of the plan as explained here.


To remind readers, the plan is not only to eliminate the Deep State, but even more importantly, their funding. Because if the Deep State is eliminated without the elimination of their source of funding, this would mean that in no time there would be new players and history would repeat itself again. It is crucial that everything is cut off, and this has been planned a long time ago.


As President Trump has reiterated to us, the central bank is wrecking the economy. This means that for your survival, you have to prepare by storing sufficient food etc. for the estimated duration of the transition. The fiat financial system is dying, as planned by the alliance. A market collapse would hide the reset, with the exact timing unknown because of an in-progress purge operation on the Satanic Deep State Cabal.



People must understand that we are living with an evil and totally unfair privately owned central banking system. We are seen as and are living like medieval “serfs”. So, it is vital that all private Central Banks are destroyed at all costs and that legislation is enacted to ensure no such bank is ever established again.


Furthermore, all issuance of credit has to be tightly regulated to avoid usurious exploitation of the people from happening again. All Banksters need to be thoroughly investigated and when found guilty, jailed. All assets should be confiscated on a global scale.


It truly is a pity that people have already forgotten how unpleasant it was back in 2008 and 2009. They also have no idea why it happened to start with. But it happened because government’s fiscal and monetary policies, created distortions and misallocations of capital in the economy. It is much more serious now than it was back in 2008 and the consequences are going to be much worse, just one more reason to be prepared.

The 5 G-system will be destroyed and GMO crops ripped from the soil to save mankind from their ill effects.


Great wealth will be released into the new QFS (Quantum Financial System) of the BRICS Alliance headquartered in Beijing, Moscow, New Delhi, Rio De Janeiro, Cape Town and the Great Zimbabwe. Its wealth is estimated at $1 followed by 68 zeroes. This world changing transition can only be made possible via the use of the new QFS.


Now it is known that the Elites’ plan is to kill all of us so that they can loot all our wealth from us. They are directed and controlled by their handlers of secret ancient family bloodlines in the Vatican.


Almost everything that you have been told or taught is a lie, as people eventually will discover.


The entire economic system as we know it, is changing before our eyes. The total collapse of the stock market is an indicator of the imminence of the GESARA (Global Economic Security and Reformation Act) transition.


The world is approaching a period of time where everything is going to happen at the same time. The Deep State’s propaganda and illusions can only last for a certain period of time, and once everything completely starts to crumble, which is happening now, people will discover the fraud they have lived with.


The people and enterprises are feeling the pain. Raising the interest rates is not helping the economy and it is hurting the everyday person. The auto industry is feeling the pain too, as new car sales decline, because people refuse the higher prices and the higher interest rates. The Fed says the financial debt cannot be sustained, the U.S. needs to act now.


With President Trump continuously blaming the Fed, so he is able to setup the narrative, the central bank is now panicking as they are totally trapped.


So President Trump keeps repeating, ‘the fed is nonstop raising interest rates’ in setting up his narrative by continuously contradicting the Fed, when everything is completed then ‘boom’ the entire central bank system is going to collapse.


This time the situation will be different as the central bank will not control the narrative. In the past, recessions and depression were under the full control of the central bank providing the narrative with the help of the MSM and governments that were in full compliance with everything the central bank dictated to be done. This time the Central Bank is left out in the cold with the narrative pointing at them. And this is going to allow the people to understand and realise what is actually happening. A good guide is my book THE GREAT AWAKENING, especially written to wake up, and to realise that we all have been unceasingly deceived.


The public should remember that they should navigate  this transition from point A to point Z. and everything in between is transition. The transition is going to be difficult, as many have been struggling to survive since the crisis of 2008/9. But again, this time around, a lot more people are going to be hit, which unfortunately many people don’t see coming and the full consequences of which, very few people understand.


Because many jobs are being laid off, the stock market is declining, stores are closing down, many people that thought they were safe after the first crisis round, might not be safe this time. Then, there are the pensioners that aren’t getting their full pensions, but perhaps just a slice of what it should have been. All the while home prices are going down dramatically.


People will hold on to their homes if they can, until everything improves, which, for sure will happen eventually. While it will become much better on the other side of this imminent economic disaster, we have to go through this transition first. So, prepare for the fact that many of us will have to go through a very difficult time. President Trump has already warned us with the start signal, when he points a finger at the fed. Don’t think it is not going to happen because with all that is evident around us, the new economic system is on the horizon.