Experimenting with quantitative easing and negative interest rates

We are living like medieval serfs

Central Banks are not tied to checks and balance audits

The QFS has accounts for each and every human being on this planet

Real money is linked with gold

The great awakening is upon us


Earning money, when actually getting poorer

Stocks finish at all-time highs. But think again. In terms of real money – in gold-linked, pre-1971 dollars — stocks have been losing ground since the start of this millennium.

We are witnessing the most remarkable episode in financial history. Investors think they are making money, while they are actually getting poorer.


President Donald J. Trump tells the international Deep State Cabal at Davos that the U.S. economy is “spectacular,” while many countries have never recovered from the crisis of ’08-’09. – Be conscious and awake to witness the upcoming financial demolition game on a global scale.


The Fed clearly made the right choice when it chose to pump up the repo market with hundreds of billions in new money every night. Otherwise, the world economy, the stock market, the whole financial system would have gone to Hell.


It would surely do the right thing next week and the weeks thereafter, too. The feds have $6 trillion of short-term loans to “roll” in over the next six months. That’s the cost of overspending by governments on wars, wasted subsidies, giveaways, unnecessary activities, and other throw away.


Experimenting with quantitative easing and negative interest rates

It was Gideon Gono, who — as the governor of Zimbabwe’s central bank — started printing Trillions-Zimbabwe dollar notes from 2003 onwards, and by doing so, destroyed the country’s economy.


President Mugabe of Zimbabwe proposed a gold-backed dollar. And he only resorted to the printing press, he said, because he needed a way to pay the army. Wasn’t that the right choice? If, he had not paid the army, the soldiers might have gone on the rampage and have taken over the government.


And then there was Rudolf von Havenstein who was the German Central Bank Governor before, during, and following World War I. Though he served his country in this capacity for fully 15 years, he is generally remembered as the architect of Germany’s disastrous hyperinflation during the years from 1921 to 1923. His name is often invoked today as a cautionary tale to central bankers who play with fire experimenting with quantitative easing and negative interest rates. He also presided over one of the most notorious episodes in hyperinflation history, in Germany in the early 1920s.


The current financial crisis has only one parallel: The Wall Street Crash of 1929 and subsequent Great Depression of the 1930s, which crippled the future of an entire generation and set the stage for the horrors of the Second World War. Yet the economic meltdown could have been avoided, had it not been for the decisions taken by a small number of central bankers.


Wasn’t Rudolf von Havenstein in almost the same situation as America’s current Fed chief, Jerome Powell? And didn’t he do the “right” thing, too?  Von Havenstein faced a real dilemma. Were he to refuse to print the money necessary to finance the deficit, he risked causing a sharp rise in interest rates as the government scrambled to borrow from every source. The mass unemployment that would ensue, he believed, would bring on a domestic economic and political crisis.


Was von Havenstein stupid? Evil? No more than the rest of us. Perhaps he made the right choice. But the results were disastrous. Because, printing new money cheats people who have worked, saved, and trusted the old money. Knowing that the money is fake, and knowing what happens when a country tries to pay its expenses with fake money, what kind of idiot would do such thing?


We are living like medieval serfs

The major increase in “money printing” by the Fed-Central Bank happened between 2008 and 2015 — with $3.6 trillion of new money added. But that was said to be an “emergency” caused by the crisis of ’08-’09. Reluctantly and sluggishly, the Fed then began “normalising” by raising rates and reducing the money supply. This endeavour came to an end in July of 2019 when the Fed began to cut rates again. And then, on September 17, without a cloud in the sky, it “cranked up the printing presses” to add about $100 billion a month over the next five or even more months — simply to cover the deficits.


That’s inflation. Remember, “inflation” refers to adding more money to the existing money supply, not specifically to the kind of “inflation” that people don’t like — consumer price inflation.


Because, first comes the money-printing. Then come asset price increases. Sharply rising consumer prices are usually the last and most spectacular phase of an inflationary disaster. Like, during Weimar Germany (1919-1933), when prices rose at a 29,000% annual rate.


In Greece in 1944, prices doubled every four days. And in Venezuela today, prices are up some 53 million percent since 2016. No one knows for sure how or why, precisely, these hyperinflations happen. But everyone is pretty sure it won’t happen to him. Nevertheless, hyperinflationary disasters happen to good and bad people alike.


Average middle-class citizens, are already suffering from the corrupt monetary system, and are scrambling to find the best way to protect their wealth and ensure their safety in these challenging times. The unwinding of history’s largest financial bubble is now upon us.


People must understand that we are living with an evil and totally unfair Rothschild clan owned central banking system. We are handled as and are living like medieval “serfs”. So, it is vital that all private Central Banks are destroyed at all costs and that legislation is enacted to ensure no such bank is ever established again.


Central Banks are not tied to checks and balance audits

The plan is not only to go after the Deep State, but to go after the source of their funding that has made it possible for the Deep State to do what it does; print easy money. In short, the Rothschilds controlled central banks print money out of thin air, governments borrow it with usury added and taxpayers fund this fraud.


The Central Banks are not tied to checks and balance audits, so they are able to do whatever they want to do. And as we see, the entire economic system is deteriorating rapidly. President Trump continuously and correctly points his finger at the Fed. He maintains that they allow the economy to slide into recession, and repeats endlessly what the Fed is doing is wrong, insinuating that this will be the reason if the economy weakens, and finally falls to pieces, the Central Banks are to blame.


A New Monetary System to end the Cabal’s corruption, usury, and manipulation is set to be run on a quantum computer, based on an orbiting satellite, and protected by Secret Space Programs, to ensure that it cannot be hacked. The corresponding quantum technology was provided by benevolent off Earth Galactics. The purpose of the new financial system is to put an end to Cabal corruption, usury, and manipulation within the whole banking world. The key is to implement limitations that will prevent corrupted banksters from gaining excessive and dishonest profits.


All Cabal assets are to be seized by the Alliance and redistributed to benefit humanity.

Alliance theoreticians work on a daily basis to determine the timing of the Revaluation (RV) release using mathematical formulas based on multiple factors. The multiple factors taken into account are the current state of the geopolitical arena, the global economy, the un-awakened masses, current events, and future, planned events.


The QFS has accounts for each and every human being on this planet

This allows the Alliance to determine the optimal time to release the RV. The optimal time for the release of the RV is quickly approaching, as all the dominoes steadily fall into place, revealing the big picture, while the counterfeit money markets of the central banks are rapidly collapsing.


Meanwhile, the RV has evolved beyond a simple revaluation and currency, and is not going to be the way as originally imagined. It, will now be handled through the Quantum Financial System (QFS). The QFS presently has accounts for each and every human being on this planet. Compensation funds will be given to every human being, everything the Cabal has stolen will be directly deposited into individual QFS accounts.


The Quantum Financial System will be publicly explained after the full disclosure event, as the enactment of GESARA – Global Economic Security Reformation Act – is announced.


Assets will be connected to a true algorithm that predicts actual prices based on production and demand, ending the market rigging. Enacted with;


Implementation of the Gold Standard

Debt Elimination

20% flat tax on new goods only

Elimination of all income tax

Elimination of government subsidised pharmaceutical drug pushers


Real money is linked with gold

In its highest manifestation, real money is based on gold. While silver is also seen as real money, though not as apt as gold. Money is, has always has been, and always will be a commodity. Cryptos, like Bitcoins, as well as Dollars and all other paper currencies today, are not and cannot be real money in this sense, because these are not linked with commodities. Bitcoins and Dollars – and all currencies for that matter – are not “commodities”; they are nothing but numbers without substance.

Humanity today is struggling to maintain itself, to further the industrial and commercial activity of the world that was established when gold was money. The people of the world must become aware of the fact that what we have today has been deliberately imposed upon us, enabling total chaos and to keep us in slavery.


Look at real estate and the price of shares, they are lacking any inkling of reality. This chaos can prevail because humanity is no longer in touch with the realities of the physical world: rational human activity has been disconnected from the realities of the world, due to the indoctrination with false money numbers. This indoctrination with false money stands as a dividing wall between us and the physical world. People cannot be expected to act in good sense and with reason to the physical world, while using units of fakery. These are two different worlds and they can never be congruent.


The great awakening is upon us

In short, it is an outstanding piece of change that is going to take place, that may bring people to tears of joy. It demands the greatest re-education of life. The book, THE GREAT AWAKENING, digs deeper into the most relevant topics, as well into related subjects and connections. Be assured, it will be a Great Awakening, explaining how the Elite are running the world with the purpose of enslaving every person in every country of the world. They incite economic crises and wars for their own profit with as many casualties as possible, the details of which will blow your mind. Be grateful every day that Donald Trump has become the US President, draining the swamp every day as promised. It is everyone’s duty to be a Patriot in their country all over the world.


However, these major changes can only begin when more than half of the population is awake and more or less understands how the world has been manipulated by a small group of global Mafiosi called the Deep State. The big danger is that otherwise chaos will break out among the population, from which the Deep State will benefit.


That is why as such must be prevented under all circumstances. Only one chance is available to permanently remove the Deep State. That is why the Alliance carefully evaluates all parameters for firing the one available effective shot from day to day.


Help others to waking up by sharing FWC-articles with everyone you know. It doesn’t matter if they are immediately interested, they will in any case have to be informed that life on earth has consisted of slavery for millenniums of years, victimising 99% of humanity that has never ever experienced real freedom.


Think about; Lies are a powerful form of magic; they can mislead large groups of people into making horrible mistakes and at the same time ensuring that they remain blind to the most obvious aspects. People are easily being misled by lies, thinking they are doing the right thing. It actually is a horrible occult act of diabolical magic.