Never believe government’s numbers

More Scam to keep the show going

Elites are Desperate to stay on in power

The ‘race to debase’ your purchasing power

Our Revolution has started



The Weakness of paper money

Precisely this non-backing of currency is the inherent weakness of our “paper money”, governments have the power to declare paper to be “legal tender”, but they do not have the power to give that money value. This is something that no one, especially not politicians will tell you, if they even understand this. All Central Banks should be abolished. The average citizen doesn’t have a clue how dangerous and corrupt the Central Bank Money System and their governments really are. They are worldwide the greatest enemy of the people.


The world over, governments have embarked on an out-of-control experiment with ‘debt money’, that they could alternatively have issued as ‘debt-free-money’, without interest attached.


In today’s world, credit or debt money is printed in absurd quantities out of thin air, and so much of it is borrowed that it can never ever be paid back in full to the creditors. It took the USA “216 years to rack up $8.5 trillion in debt, and then just 8 more years to double that amount.” Governments won’t be able to do a single thing about this crisis, as they themselves have knowingly created it!


This whole slimy structure is a fraudulent illusion. Fake money. Fake News. Fake GDP. Fake stimulus. Fake growth. Fake opinions. And fake statistics. But all what the phony money does is distort, mislead, and cheat. Like all counterfeit money, it can make some people the ‘insiders’ richer, only by making the ‘outsiders’ poorer.


Ninety percent of each nation’s financial assets are held by 10% of the people. Want to make them richer? Just give more counterfeit money to Wall Street. And, the overall effect causes chaos, confusion, and envy.


That’s why one of the techniques of modern warfare is to counterfeit an enemy’s currency, hoping to wreck its economy. While making some people richer, there’s no case in history where “stimulus” has made the majority of people richer.


Most people rely on the economy for their income and not on the stock market. An economy is a complex web of give and take. Favour the savers and you punish the borrowers. Favour the exporters and you squeeze the importers. Privilege the rich and you give the poor a kick in the back. If trying to stimulate the whole economy, by throwing money from helicopters, all it does is raise prices and cause misery and chaos for everyone.


Once they begun to live on “printing press” money, they soon became dependent on it. Then, there is need to print more and more just to keep from slipping backwards. There’s no example in history where printing-press money has actually made an economy better off; none. Nor has it ever made people a penny richer. Instead, it always leads to poverty, chaos, inflation, social upheaval, and corruption.


The media reports the money-printing as a “stimulus” measure. But there is no record in the long, sorry history of state-managed economies of a single one that was actually improved by printing-press money.


“Distort” or “Pervert” would be a better word, because it suggests unnatural and disgusting tendencies. There are a lot of things that can be stimulated. But economies are neither hollow nor dependent. They are complex webs, intricately balanced and bound. each string has two ends and many connections. Pull on one end, and the entire web breaks down.


Stimulate savers or borrowers by increasing or decreasing interest rates. But it cannot both together at the same time. Because stimulate the savers it un-stimulate the borrowers. Stimulate the borrowers it un-stimulate the savers. So far, no one has ever figured out how to stimulate both at the same time.


To make a long story short; the Central Bank’s printing-press money can distort, but it is unable to improve. And the more is pretend to stimulate the economy with printing-press money, the greater the mess they make. Distortions reduce efficiency, real investment, and wealth, slow growth, causing people to make mistakes, and correctly make them feel they are being ripped off. More distortion, eventually blows itself into the Day of Debt reckoning. The world is a counterfeit illusion. It is becoming harder and harder to hold it together.


Analysing the sell-out of a nation by its elite; Who launched wars against drugs, poverty, terrorism, a virus, and last but not least, against honest money. These wars benefited the MIC – Military Industrial Complex -, shifting power, status and about $30 trillion, to the elite over the last 30 years.


Never believe government’s numbers

For nearly half a century, asset values, standards of living, and GDP growth have depended on neither real output nor real earnings. Instead, credit has expanded above and beyond the output needed to support it. Since roughly the beginning of the 1980s, debt has grown by in excess of $35 trillion more than corresponding GDP. Sooner or later, something has to give; debt cannot increase faster than economic growth forever.


Economists tell, people have nothing to worry about because money supply and consumer inflation are under control. They are wrong. The numbers are suspicious, and the economists miss the point. They can find almost any inflation number they want – depending on the assumptions made.


And what about the money supply? The nature of money has changed. Since 1971, the money supply importance has declined. Gold and silver were moved out of the way in 1968, when ended the requirement for the Federal Reserve to hold gold reserves against Federal Reserve notes. Gold was finally taken out in 1971, when President Nixon ended direct convertibility. And, ‘credit/ debt’ money took its place.

In the old-fashioned sense  people no longer have much “money”. They have little in savings. And what they do save is not real money – it is a short-term debt instrument issued by their central bank.


When people go to buy a house, a car, or even a three-course dinner, they do not use cash. Instead, they use credit. What matters to them is not how much money they have, but how much credit they have available, and whether they have the cash flow to keep up with their mounting debt-service costs. Their buying power depends on the continued supply of credit.


Inflation expectations, too, no longer depend on the money supply, but on the availability of credit and the public’s readiness to use it.


But when the big break comes, trust in this debt model, its money, its promises, its theories, and its ways of doing business, will all disappear. People will not be able to identify the culprit, exactly. Instead, they will merely feel cheated, and many will feel as though they have to cheat, too. Loans, business commitments, paperwork of all sorts – all become unreliable and untrustworthy. Contracts, bills, receipts – often, they are simply made up.


People tend to cheat in many different ways. Offshore bank accounts became common, with many transactions made through secret accounts, and many purchases and sales made in cash and “under the table.”


Business investments’ trust in government and the money system will decline quickly. People won’t be prepared. They will learn – at considerable expense – to diversify into other assets, gold, silver, real estate, and other hard assets, to distrust official numbers, and to be prepared to ignore manipulated statistics and sneaky transactions.


More Scam to keep the show going

But there is more scam; the more they have to scam to keep the show going the angrier become people they leave behind.


After Federal Reserve chief Paul Volcker “rescued” the system in 1980, the resulting fake dollar and fake interest rates produced fake wealth on a scale the country had never seen before. The Dow rose 29 times. But the wealth was heavily concentrated in the richest hands. The rest of the people got, relatively, poorer.


Factory jobs decamped to China and Mexico. The old machinists, welders, and hot roll handlers were left behind. Now, they live in shabby neighbourhoods on disability. They can talk only about the good old days.


Wealth migrated from the towns where people made things to the towns where people just made money. Like Manhattan, where apartment prices rose four times since the beginning of this century. And there, people made plenty of money, thanks to the Central Bank’s war on honest money, known as gold and silver.


The Federal Reserve Central Bank launched five major assaults. There were three waves of interest rate cuts – 1989-1992, 2000-2003, and 2007-2008 – along with a $3.6 trillion heavy artillery barrage injection after the crisis of 2008-2009 and $3 trillion more to fight the COVID Shutdown. Almost every penny went to the richest, oldest 10% of the country, leaving 90% of the population behind. This COVID Shutdown – another attempt to protect the elite at the expense of the working class – forced much of the economy onto the internet, leaving behind millions of face-to-face, hand-to-mouth workers.


Waiters, parking lot attendants, landlords in some areas, clowns in Disney World, strippers in Night Clubs, whole industries were decimated. Many people will never get their jobs back. They have been left behind, perhaps permanently.


But the biggest “Left Behind” is still ahead? According to professor Lawrence Kotlikoff of Boston University, pensioners have been promised $210 trillion in pension and medical benefits that can’t possibly be paid? The Central Banks already spend two dollars for every dollar governments collect in taxes, while millions of left-behind people are losing faith in the “social contract”. Wonder why our greedy elite won’t be able to keep this up much longer?


Elites are Desperate to stay on in power

America’s elites have built their power status and wealth, over decades. They have thrived from wars against drugs, poverty, terrorism, a virus and especially, against honest money, and let the rest of society to pay the price. With industries and jobs decimated as a result of the coronavirus lockdowns and restrictions, even more people have been left behind, some permanently. Desperate to hang on to what they have got, the elites will do whatever it takes to keep the corruption running.


Moreover, the “solution” is obvious. If people wanted to make their country Great Again, they could simply go back to the things that made it great in the first place; honest money, smaller government, and a free market economy.


Stop printing fake money. Cut government spending. Balance the budget. Remove all the corrupt politicians and make The Swamp to drying up. Cut off the fake money, and let people earn real money, by providing valid goods and services to each other.


Cut out the artificially low interest rates, and people will save again, create new jobs, and invest in real output. Take away the Central Banks, and stocks and bonds will fall, erasing much of the “inequality” between rich and poor.


Stop the bailouts, to let zombie companies go out of business, making way for new, healthy enterprises. Think about, stimulus is giving away free money that does not stimulate an economy, it does the opposite!


The ‘race to debase’ your purchasing power

Paper money works great for the rich, who can hedge their exposure to the currency and whose access to fixed-rate credit allows huge asset purchases. But it is horrible for the middle class.


When the US-dollar as the reserve currency was taken off gold in 1971, it allowed the central banks to continuously debase their currency, while the wages paid in the same currency no longer kept pace with inflation i.e. the loss of purchasing power.


Any reasonable study of paper-money systems versus gold-backed monetary systems demonstrates the superiority of gold straight off. So, why does almost every modern government choose paper? The answer is because paper money allows the wealthy and powerful their consigned interests in the economy, to manipulate interest rates, prices, the money supply, and credit to their exclusive advantage, while keeping the populace enslaved in the process.


Today’s monetary system dooms every average citizen to poverty and almost guarantees that the rich and powerful will become richer. And it is this massive gap that is ultimately fuelling the problems the world faces today.


More than 1,000 economists have now signed a letter urging voters to reject “reckless and selfish” Trump on Election Day. Finally, you might think, economists are coming forward to condemn Trump for spending, and printing too much money. Since he took office, the federal deficit has risen 435%. Federal spending has more than doubled. Two million businesses have closed. And real wages are flat, while billionaires are 55% richer.


The August economists – including at least one Nobel Prize winner – might have mentioned, too, that if this countrywide system continues – and it will, regardless of who sits in the Oval Office next year – the nation is headed for a true crisis.


However, not a word of it. Instead, they think Joe Biden – who’s promising even more spending – will “actually generate faster growth in both employment and real GDP. How come even economists – who should at least know how an economy works, and must be able to see the economic disaster coming – are blind to it?


But the zombie who believes in sound money is rare. So is the bankrupt who believes in saving. And if an economist is going to guide a nation to disaster, he must first wakeup.


People who grow up in hard times know there’s no such thing as a free lunch. But those who grow up in soft times imagine that the all-you-can-eat buffet is open 24/7. And don’t mind locking up the whole nation, if it lets them alive a single day longer.


Today’s end of the line situation is far grimmer than anyone is being told. Only the implementation of RV and QFS followed by GESARA will deliver the fiscal remedy for the people who must now live in this new reality.


Our Revolution has started now

Think about; The Deep State Elites and your government protect and enrich themselves, they have nothing good in mind for the populace. But now we the people have arrived at a cross road in the history of our civilisation. Disaster could emerge, if the committed election fraud is not presented to the public, for the reason that the Deep Stators still think they are in control, which is not, because their criminal plan is to wipe us out.


As result, a global power struggle has begun; they will continue to fight to the bitter end. Meanwhile, their resources have been cut off. People will be shocked when they discover what reality looks like, it is nothing else as a shameless illusion. Once they can clearly see how all election systems are being manipulated, followed by massive cover-ups of lies and deceit, they should wake up. These criminals are Satanists who worship the devil, they have no empathy for mankind.


Just, this moment in time, is our only one opportunity to defeat the criminal satanic hidden government, the Deep State and their political and civil service puppets, who have no hesitation to destroy mankind and planet Earth. It is clear that the awakening human race is not going to let this happen just like that, but more importantly, to fight now for the future of our younger generations.


All people are urged to stand up and fight for their country and their civilisation. To take back both. None of the criminals should be left without having been prosecuted and convicted. Our country belongs to us and our vote must be counted fairly. Real freedom will be the result of our courage and initiative to fight for it and to help to drain the Deep State swamps around the world. Our revolution has now begun and will continue until the truth, our true freedom and free markets are established! We will build on completely new foundations to establish a people economy and innovative community structures together with its citizens.


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Unity is Power

Our liberation process cannot be stopped anymore. Uniting with others who are like minded people creates and shapes our best reality. Worldwide networks of awakening people are being created, such as in Spain in the Marbella / Malaga area, which attracts an increasing number of participants. In just a few months of existence, the group has grown to more than 360 members. If you would like to apply or learn how to start your own regional or local group, please contact FWC via email. Our future lies in our own hands specifically in small communities that become the foundation of our self-managed society.

Stay tuned there is more to follow…