Social and human relations are being confiscated

Covid has nothing to do with your health

Not Allow Politicians to Dictate Science

Protection from Pandemics Does Not Come from a Syringe 

UK Supreme Court Judge Slams ‘Totalitarian” COVID “Control Freaks”

What No One Tells about Lockdowns

PCR Test Results Are Meaningless says Inventor


Covid-19 is the Deep State’s Great Reset Defining Your Future 

It promises a horrifying future as at least 90% of the surviving population will be eliminated. George Orwell in his in 1948 published book “1984” wrote about in detail.

This is your final wake up call; COVID 19(84) is a big lie needed to enact big pharma sponsored coup that is now unfolding around us. Governments never act in people’s best interest, while Parliaments or Congress have never been self-governing and have made themselves legally unaccountable. The Corona virus act is unconstitutional, unlawful and passed without our consent. Your sovereignty has been illegally taken away and must be reverted back.


More importantly, now that we know what the World Economic Forum – WEF for Humanity – has in mind, it must upset everyone; by 2030, Agenda 2021 will be fully implemented. Strengthened by the measures now in place to protect against COVID-19.


“Coercing the entire population is morally and constitutionally indefensible in a country

which is not yet a totalitarian state, like China”


People should protect themselves from their government by not obeying their mask rule. By 2030 you will own nothing and be happy about that.


The Deep State (DS) names it; ‘The Great Reset’ that foresees a credit scheme, whereby all personal debt would be forgiven” – against handing over all your assets to an administrative body or agency, likely the IMF. In other words; you would own nothing but be happy, as all your necessities will be provided for by the One World Government.


It should not come to your mind to disagree with the system, because – soon each one of you has been Covid-vaccinated and nano-chipped, with 5G and soon to come 6G, your mind can be read and programmed. This is not a conspiracy theory. It is a commanding report signed by the WEF.


The necessary technology, has been developed several decennia back. It is now just a matter of time to implement it. Rather sooner than later it will be fully operational, if We, The People, right now do not protest on a very large scale to show amass our Civil Disobedience. The longer we wait with action, the more we sleepwalk without any chance on return into this absolute human disaster.


Social and human relations are being confiscated

Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, Kissinger et al, have never made a secret out of their strong opinion that the world is over-populated and that the number of people has to be literally drastically reduced. Meaning large scale eugenics for all of us.


A perfect method for reducing the world population, are Bill Gates initiated, and WHO-supported vaccination programs. Scandals of such disastrous vaccine programs resulting in children’s death were in the 1990s recorded in India, in 2014 in Kenya and recently in other parts of the world.


We together citizens of planet Earth are all in the same boat facing an unprecedented threat to our existence, freedom, liberty, ownership of private property, private businesses, and our right to live our lives as we choose. Without exception, in March 2020 mankind did not ask for criminal racketeering and bioterrorism protected by a mandatory useless stupid mask on our face, destruction of our financial status, loss of businesses, jobs, homes, marriages, etc.  We did not ask for (COV)ID-2020, or UN Agenda 21, or UN Agenda 2030 to “Great Reset” mankind under a tyranny that has already proven throughout history not being a workable model of governance, innovation or economics. Tyranny is the Deep State’s goal of that must fail as Communism has failed in other nations, like Russia, that lived under this model of government in the past.


Covid has nothing to do with your health

COVID-19 is a colossal scam on mankind It has nothing to do with your health, as the intent of the hidden government is always to induce tyranny or die economically. The mandatory masks, social distancing, forced lock-downs, forced closures and subsequent failures of businesses were not health related decisions. They were mandated by corrupt Deep State criminals that bribed most of our leaders around the world by lining their own pockets to tyrannize their fellow citizens.


There are at least a dozen nations, like Sweden, that never followed up on this insanity of tyranny and now require the right laws and financial means to put an end to this insanity.


For reasons of confidentiality and protection of the identity; the true aim of this plan was reported in early 2020. It confirms that this Covid scam is a proven act of criminal racketeering, bioterrorism, violation of human constitutional rights in an all-out effort to overpower mankind. It is the long ago planned last phase for mankind to entering the New World Order, governed by a One World Government better known as the United Nations with a few Elites pulling the puppet strings.


As earlier described the German attorney, Dr Reiner Fuellmich of the German Corona investigative committee, has brought an action in Germany against the entire world on “abuse of human rights issues” but probably lacks sufficient support to bring this International Cabal down and put an end to this bioterrorism?


His produced damning evidence says the Rothschild family patented fake positive result C19 tests years ago. Dr Reiner a jurist is preparing one of the largest class actions lawsuits against the authorities. The motive is the shameless fraud committed by a relatively small international syndicate of criminals posing as health professionals, hidden under the WHO-banner.


To completely dismantle this attack against humanity, it requires an assault on the Deep State their financial sources, and key government officials that sold out their own fellow humans.


Taking WEF founder Klaus Schwab at face value; he clearly sees the future for humanity as described in the plan authorised by the World Economic Forum to exterminate mankind:


“By 2030 you will own nothing and be happy about that.” 


Fascism has never been a political tool to remove private ownership, but Marxist communism has these objectives. Be advised that the WEF is a front for the UN Agenda 2030.


There are no official reports to show that the government has done their job to make sure the vaccines are safe, pure and not harmful to the health of the people to protect them from diseases or have the funds for that same protection to foreigners since the Big Pharma companies seem intent on monopolising the world in vaccines.


The critical mass of decision-makers within the WHO, world’s intelligence and law enforcement organisations have realised the whole COVID 19 campaign is a massive crime against humanity.


One of the factors is the WHO’s own idiotic and deceptive statement, about the millions that have died. But, now the CDC is admitting “no quantified virus is isolates of the 2019-nCoV currently available…” Read on:


In other words, the entire shut down of economies, forcing people to wear face masks, social distancing, etc. is based on a virus they cannot even prove to exist.


Not Allow Politicians to Dictate Science

The only problem is, that because the results from studies challenging what the media has established as conventional wisdom about the disease, are at best being ignored and at worst being openly distorted by the unconventional media. This is dangerous and foolish suppression of science to politics and it may well end up causing many more unnecessary deaths.


Among these studies is the Danish mask study, which was completed several months ago but was only recently published in a peer-reviewed journal. The study took two groups and gave the first group masks to wear with instruction on how they should be used. The other group was the mask-free control group.


The study found that coronavirus spread within the statistical margin of error in each group. In other words, wearing the mask did little if anything to control the spread of the virus. As the wearing of masks is still being mandated across countries around the globe, this study should be reported as an important piece of counter-evidence. At the very least it might be expected to invite a rush of similar studies to refute or confirm the results.



Protection from Pandemics Does Not Come from a Syringe 

The fact that we all would rather prevent an illness than have to cure an illness, but that’s easier said than done. Exactly how can illness be prevented? The discussion moves inevitably to the role of the immune system as the prime defender – but a strong immune system doesn’t come from just air and water. It requires a wide spectrum of nutrients from fertile soil. Those ingredients trigger the body’s production of a chemical called Nitric Oxide, which plays a vital role in the function of every organ in the body. Those same plant-source ingredients are among others in Cardio Miracle products, which could save lives.

Due to suppression, very few people know that there is a criminal bioterrorism action filed in Prague Czech Republic on April 21, 2020. This team is far ahead on case research, evidence; documentation in hand supports the subpoenas and court orders to force disclosure across nations. Most of the current lawsuits are nation specific or based on laws that will not stop this assault on humanity.


That Czech lawsuit is being joined to the US District Court in its entirety with the result the government sold out their own citizens. Interested parties are welcome to contact the Lead Plaintiff.


UK Supreme Court Judge Slams ‘Totalitarian’ COVID ‘Control Freaks’

In an op-ed published Sunday, Lord Sumption noted that the “debate about whether to let us have a family Christmas perfectly sums up what is wrong with his Government’s handling” of the crisis.


Sumption wrote that there are “many different answers to the dilemmas of a Covid Christmas”, yet the crux of the matter is “whether we should be allowed to make the choice for ourselves, instead of having it imposed on us by law.”


“But for the Jacobins of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) and the control freaks in the Department of Health, the only answer,”


The British government has posited allowing people to spend 5 days in the company of their relatives over Christmas, but with the caveat that in January they will have to pay back the privilege with more lockdown time, specifically another 25 days.


Masks don’t protect the wearers, but they don’t protect other people, either.

The U.S. has had all types of masking. Still, only 823 people per million have died from the coronavirus in the US. While in Sweden, which is said to have the most relaxed mask policy in the world, had fewer still – 660 per million.


Even better is people protect themselves from their government by not obeying their their mask rule.


What do we make of these numbers? They prove nothing. But they show that as a matter of public policy, mask-wearing requirements don’t really do much good.


What No One Tells about Lockdowns

In a famous experiment at Yale University in 1961 in which normal people were tested to see if they would do things against their judgement or conscience – even to the extent of causing death to an innocent person – if they were told to do so by someone who represented authority. The experiment found that most of them would complain about such directions but would follow orders anyway because they felt compelled to obey authority.


This experiment was done in the wake of the Nuremberg Trials in which Nazis had been executed for war crimes despite their defence that they were just following orders. This is the difficulty with obedience to authority especially when you know authority is on the dark side. The right response is; not to obey against your inner consent.


Authority advocating for lockdowns, are complicit in tearing families apart. And are complicit in inflicting untold suffering on millions of people around the world. Being complicit in casting the poorest and most vulnerable in our societies into even further grinding poverty. They are complicit in murder.


Those advocating for lockdowns have seen the destruction and death that those policies have wrought this year people are living through right now. Not only are people being deprived of their livelihoods and forced into grinding poverty as a direct result of these shutdowns, but now the undeniable truth is that if authority is advocating for lockdowns, they are advocating for some portion of the population to be consigned to death. Please wake up:


This is not acceptable. We cannot allow this to happen.


If we forsake this, our most basic right — the right to step foot outside of our own homes — then we forsake our humanity itself. An important part of what makes us human is being taken away from us in the name of stopping the spread of COVID-19.


But there is good news for those who have managed to retain their sanity in the time of insanity. We do not need a complicated plan in order to subvert this agenda. We do not need a special commission or ask permission from the government. We do not need to join any particular political party or even any particular protest movement.


All we have to do is disobey these unlawful “orders.”


Making political sense of the world can be tricky unless one understands the role of the state in societies. The state is not primarily there to speak for voters or uphold democratic rights and values; it is a criminal vehicle for facilitating and legitimating the concentration of wealth and power into fewer and fewer hands.


PCR Test Results Are Meaningless says Inventor

The inventor of the PCR Test, explains why the results are meaningless. Dr Tom Cowan says these are meaningless because it has never been standardised and compared to an isolated virus. He also states that the package insert for the PCR test by Roche, clearly conditions “This test is not to be used for diagnostic purposes.”


Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test who was awarded a Nobel Chemistry Prize, said that by using certain protocols for the PCR test, scientists can come up with any result they want. He told; “…with PCR, if you do it well, you can find almost anything in anybody.”


When it comes to COVID, the presence of viral particles picked up by the PCR technique does not and has not been quantitatively linked to an active “symptomatic” infection. It simply cannot be so, because infection threshold as a result of viral load is different for each patient. It turns out, if you “cycle” over around 25 times, the false positivity of COVID infection starts getting very high.


Take note; this moment in time, is our only one opportunity to defeat the hidden satanic government, the criminal Deep State and their political and civil service puppets, who have no hesitation to destroy mankind and planet Earth. It is clear that the awakening human race is not going to let this happen just like that, but more importantly, to fight now for the future of our younger generations.


All people are urged to stand up and fight for their country and their civilisation. To take back both. None of the criminals should be left without having been prosecuted and convicted. Our country belongs to us and our vote must be counted fairly. Real freedom will be the result of our courage and initiative to fight for it and to help to drain the Deep State swamps around the world. Our revolution has now begun and will continue until the truth, our true freedom and free markets are established! We will build on completely new foundations to establish a people economy and innovative self-governing community structures together with fellow citizens.


If you found this information interesting, explanatory, valuable, and/or insightful, please share it with everyone you know to help awaken and prepare them. And don’t forget to put up your national flag showing the world you are awake, and motivate the silent awake majority to follow suit. The more flags out show the cabal is losing their grip of power over us. There is much more enlightening information to follow! You are invited to subscribe free of charge as well as participate in the discussion on the Final Wakeup Call website at .



Unity is Power

Our liberation process cannot be stopped anymore. Uniting with others who are like minded people creates and shapes our best reality. Worldwide networks of awakening people are being created, such as in Spain in the Marbella / Malaga area, which attracts an increasing number of participants. In just a few months of existence, the group has grown to more than 380 members. If you would like to apply or learn how to start your own regional or local group, please contact FWC via email. Our future lies in our own hands specifically in small communities that become the foundation of our self-managed society.



Stay tuned there is more to follow…