An extremely powerful network structure

The Octopus Top of the Global Satanic Deep State

13 Archon Bloodline Families run Planet Earth

Innovative Thinking



Draining the Swamp

If you really wish to live in a world that is “sophisticated” enough to be run by a world government more specifically by the bloodline Deep State elite steering global bankers, then by all means, continue to read the MSM mainstream media and believe all presented information.


If, however, the idea of a select coterie of a global highbrow-financial elite running the world does not sound like the ideal society for humanity’s future, we citizen must WAKE UP to stop the brainwashing and shine the lights of publicity on the actions of powerful individuals and institutions, bringing a critical eye to their ideologies and movements, to battle the tide of misinformation and discover the New World Order. Most people aren’t suspicious enough as suspicion helps you connect the dots. A little more distrust – or at least doubt, combined with scornful disrespect – would help you understand how society works.


Draining the Swamp needs to be done top-down. Already, for the awake it is noticeable the Deep State power structure is waning and starts to fail in a most spectacular manner, as can be witnessed with the election fraud in the the US. This stimulates the growing motivation for our bottom-up consensus power. The one unlimited resource we have on the planet is the human brain, to discover that the current strategy of globalist capitalism is failing, because it is killing the goose with golden eggs at multiple levels. Everyone is born with brains but unfortunately, many under us never use. Wake up and start question your situation and all the things that happens around you.


Now, it is important to reduce the knowledge gap between the awake in the know and the sheeple at sleep. Let your local government understand that you feel deceived by them on every level, especially with their tyrannical anti-Covid actions, which are contrary to the Constitution. ‘Nothing is what it seems’ and this must become common knowledge under the populace at large. There is no pandemic and Covid-virus doesn’t exist, as no scientist has been able to locate this virus. You are being prepared to be depopulated by your own government, that is bribed and under control of the Satanic Deep State. This satanic control is the result of a very well organised long-term conspiracy with the purpose to establish the New World Order, based on the Luciferian revolution against God and Nature.


The super rich are surrounded by bootlickers and pretenders, among them are your government and the corrupt politicians whose continued employment demands that they do not question the ideas they are told to convey. But we the people can easily break them up, by throwing away our mask and being disobedient Let them know you are displeased with their treatment. Send them the important news items from the alternative media and ask why they are not acting to protect their citizenry?


We the people need to move away from political ideologies and party systems, as these have exerted a denigrating influence on us. We must and can run our own local society.


An extremely powerful network structure

The Robber Barons of the past, who in turn have become the corporate owners of today, are the self-appointed globalists who believe they are more enlightened and entitled through their heritage, therefore being worthier than others to rule the world, than we could do ourselves.

Through their ownership of the multinationals, they control all governments and by extension, our food, water, electricity, and pharmaceuticals. They are extracting immense profits, even as they poison and sicken entire populations in their pursuit of depopulation. Consider yourself forewarned!

The Deep State cabal with their cronies are an extremely powerful network of people that controls nearly everything around us. People won’t read about it in the mainstream media because they are also controlled by these very same people. Politicians won’t talk about it publicly as they too are complicit.


Many maintain that the Deep State is hidden, however it is hidden in plain sight. For those willing to wake up and take notice, it is unconcealed and for all to be seen. There are 12 levels or dimensions of consciousness. The majority, the sheeple, is in the 3rd. The awake are in the 4th, while more experienced are in the 5th with very few in the 6th dimension. And that is only half way up to complete the consciousness ladder!


The Hidden government or Deep State is the source of all that is negative on planet Earth. To survive the coming rough times, it’s essential to understand what it is all about. The Deep State is organised of top-echelon employees of powerful agencies, like Israel’s Mossad, the CIA, FBI, NSA, IMF, CFR, BIS, the World Bank, top generals, admirals, and other military operatives, long-term congressmen, lords and senators, directors of important supervisory agencies and CEO’s of most of the big multinationals, of which the majority shareholder ownership is in the hands of Deep State bloodline cronies.


The Octopus Top of the Global Satanic Deep State

The real top of the pyramid consists of the Luciferian Pharaonic rulers of Octogon seated in Switzerland, which appears to be the core of the Global octopus of ruling elites with their tentacles reaching into every niche of “our” society.  These are the Pharaonic Templar Bankers of Switzerland with their 5th Column Masonic minions. These form the ruling Oligarchy around the world. The Ruling Pharaohs, originate from Lucifer’s occult mystery religions, that came out of Babylon and Egypt. They now are identified and located as the Global Elite or Deep State-cabal, who see us as their slaves and property, to do with as they please.


At the top of the pyramid hierarchy sit the Swiss OCTOGON Templars, followed by the 2nd layer consisting of the Jesuits, Masonic-top, George Soros and the Nazis. Actually, the Nazis are an integrated part of the Octogon, and somewhat belong to the top too.


Their Head Quarter (HQ) is in Switzerland 6.000 metres below the surface of Lake Geneva that has one of their entries in the CERN-complex. Their name Octogon is a highly secretive Nazi organisation, founded at the end of WW2 to acquire all of its fortune from looted Nazi Gold and assets deposited into Switzerland, to use for future wars and illegal actions.


Additionally, is known that Switzerland is responsible for managing and maintaining the Babylon System in the underworld. Figuratively speaking, Switzerland is the sieve of the underworld for it removes unwanted people and ideas, especially in respect to the secret home of the CIA and the fact that the Roman Empire is still alive, located in Greenland.


mere 147 corporations which form a “super entity” have control over 50% of the world’s wealth; which is the real economy. These mega-corporations are at the centre of the global central bank economy.

13 Archon Bloodline Families run Planet Earth

The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, and Schiffs are a part of the main actors of in total 13-Archon bloodline families. They own the private U.S. Federal Reserve and almost all other, except in Russia, Central Banks in the World, in which The Bank of England and the German Deutsche Bank serve with money laundering to the Octogon Bank of International Settlement – BIS in Basel Switzerland.


The Bilderberg group, the Counsel of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, form an integral part of the banking cartel which also is a complete fraud.


The Bilderberg group and the CFR are charged with the implementation of the New World Order agenda being their command over de- and population control, food, water, vaccinations, chemtrails spraying, and air poisoning, by running the drug cartels.


All together these groups encompass the global swamp that is now rapidly being drained by the TRUMP – TEAM. With the help of The Earth Alliance, the Patriots and every awakened citizen. – Be aware, all countries and even all individuals, like you and me, are incorporated in Companies by the cabal and subsequently being bankrupted by the banking cartel, that also includes the thirteen archon bloodline families.


It is important to note that most of the malversations have been accomplished through the corporate banks and government services corporations, fraudulently presented to the people as being legalised banking institutions and so called ‘elected governments’, which, instead of serving the people, are simply hired contractors of the British Crown in the City of London, to oppress everyone.


It is of the greatest priority to root out all these criminals and imposters responsible for all of today’s and past misère in the world. These banks and governments are all foreign Khazarian controlled corporations, contractors, and agencies that are accountable for the mismanagement of the greater part of the world.


This colossal affair must only be addressed as a global issue and resolved in favour of we the people, because we the people have never authorised, nor benefited from these criminal activities caused by Central Banksters and their corporate affiliates. All people throughout the world have been victimised through misconducts and fiduciary trust fraud on an inconceivable scale.


The global financial market correction could begin during the coming weeks, as more GESARA-related changes are made around the world. – All people should now be waking up to the realisation that they are mind-controlled by the establishment.


This centuries-long tyrannical regime is reaching its end, and must be destroyed forever. No more lies and manipulations. All markets will be freed, all aspects of live are being freed from oppression and suppression. People will take responsibility for their own lives and decide for themselves. There is no overpopulation, no global warming, there is enough food for everyone.


All future generations, their children and upcoming generations must be informed about the history long repression of people to avoid that new similar criminal evils will return in the future again. Only continued civil vigilance can prevent the return of these criminal money thieves. The easiest way to achieve this is to purchase, read, and study the book The Great Awakening, written specifically for this purpose. Being a guarantee for ourselves and future generations continuous well-being, happiness, health and joy, this book should not be missing in any bookcase.


Innovative Thinking

To see all this from another perspective. Light can only be shown and seen once people understand that they live in the dark. It is already 30 years my duty to awake people. People can be shown the open door to walk through. But, the walking over the threshold, has to be done by themselves. – If not 50% or more of the populace is awake, the TRUTH cannot be presented. The danger of rioting and looting is too great to run the risk of breaking down society.


The masses for a great part are still in denial. The ruling class is fully complicit in the subversion of civilisation. People, adapted to their enslavement are too venal, craven and dumb to face reality. Many have neither an idea nor perception of the restraint that is eventually going to be put on them. They would rather ignore the obvious and go into denial of a truth that has already become reality and among themselves they prefer to reassuring each other that ‘government would never take people’s freedoms away and make them serfs, that they already are!’


Humanity has on a large scale given away its mind and its responsibility – consider the broader consequences of this behaviour for human existence. When we give away our mind and responsibility, we also give away our freedom and in essence, our lives.


If we don’t awaken en masse, we will soon be totally degraded until humanity is completely lost. Then soon before 2030 our culling under some false pretext will seem like Divine Retribution. And that is how Satan works. Luciferians detest all of Creation and Life itself, while they embrace Destruction and Death. It is a Death Cult. THE GREAT AWAKENING must now arrive in full force as it is our plight to save humanity for future generations.


FWC has spend much time, energy and money waking up as many people as possible. Even though not yet finished, the struggle has to go on, for which your help is requested to unite as many awake people as is possible, and have them informed about the progress made. We are close to the finish line; the historic change is imminent.


The tide of history has decisively turned to our advantage, now we have the opportunity to defeat the ancient evil force from Planet Earth. We the Patriots part of Trump Team are winning the secret war to liberate all of humanity its full completion is now certain. This is the greatest turning point in history. For the first time ever this month people will watch history unfolding in real-time, as an ancient Satanic ruling class is overthrown. History will be totally rewritten when the dust finally settles.


Keep your mind on; this moment in time, is our only one opportunity to defeat the hidden satanic government, the criminal Deep State and their political and civil service puppets, who have no hesitation to destroy mankind and planet Earth. It is clear that the awakening human race is not going to let this happen just like that, but more importantly, to fight now for the future of our younger generations.


All people are urged to stand up and fight for their country and their civilisation. To take back both. None of the criminals should be left without having been prosecuted and convicted. Our country belongs to us and our vote must be counted fairly. Real freedom will be the result of our courage and initiative to fight for it and to help to drain the Deep State swamps around the world. Our revolution has now begun and will continue until the truth, our true freedom and free markets are established! We will build on completely new foundations to establish a people economy and innovative self-governing community structures together with fellow citizens.

If you found this information interesting, explanatory, valuable, and/or insightful, please share it with everyone you know to help awaken and prepare them. And don’t forget to put up your national flag showing the world you are awake, and motivate the silent awake majority to follow suit. The more flags out show the cabal is losing their grip of power over us. There is much more enlightening information to follow! You are invited to subscribe free of charge as well as participate in the discussion on the Final Wakeup Call website at .


Unity is Power

Our liberation process cannot be stopped anymore. Uniting with others who are like minded people creates and shapes our best reality. Worldwide networks of awakening people are being created, such as in Spain in the Marbella / Malaga area, which attracts an increasing number of participants. In just a few months of existence, the group has grown to more than 390 members. If you would like to apply or learn how to start your own regional or local group, please contact FWC via email. Our future lies in our own hands specifically in small communities that become the foundation of our self-managed society.



Stay tuned there is more to follow…