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Banking system is a gigantic criminal enterprise

The economy is False and Rigged

Artificial currency prices

The truth about the monetary system

Phony Government

Nep Democracy

Elections Fraud

All Covid-injections are poison turning injected people into bioweapons

Fear is man’s worst adviser. It is the main weapon of the genocidal Deep State globalists. By keeping the population in constant fear, they can control eight billion people at once. The world’s population today is in the same situation as the Europeans were in WW2 under Hitler, where the Nazis imposed fear and coercion on the citizens in the same way, to keep them stupidly in constant deprivation and misery. Fear disengages healthy thinking. Without fear, no one is willing to stand in line for a free poisonous fallacious injection.


For that reason, it is important to reduce the knowledge gap between the awake in the know and the sheeple at sleep. ‘Nothing is what it seems’ and this must become common knowledge to everyone. No  scientist has been able to locate this Covid virus, they have not found any evidence whatsoever to support asymptomatic transmission of the coronavirus. There is no pandemic and Covid-virus doesn’t exist, their treatment is not even a vaccine but a poisonous injection to make every recipient a walking bioweapon.


So, it is the other way around, as now is known. Covid mania has been transformed into a bioweapon of mass destruction, by making vaccinated people walking bioweapons that infects everyone else. Vaccinated or not vaccinated! This whole vaccine operation, which is not a vaccine altogether, is a toxic injection more precisely a transmissible bioweapon containing a spike protein to shed infectious particles around in order to infect anyone.


This poisonous injection thus not a vaccine has been designed decennia ago to obtain the most perfect autonomous depopulation medicine ever invented on planet Earth. Akin leprosy disease originated by the Europeans about 500 years ago in Africa and South America, where patients were removed from society because they were contagious to others.


As another reminder; is one of the most devastating plagues in human history, known as the bubonic or black pest plague that resulted in the death of about 1/3 of the European population in the early 14th Century, when homes and work places were inhabited by flea-infested rats.


Now, experts already talk about an insigne to be worn by injected citizens. – In short, authorities have violated their own existence without regard to legal rules, promoting hoax vaccines to exterminate human race on Earth.


Understand; it is quite appealing to the elite cabal that is bent on depopulation, to create pandemics. However, the fact remains that earlier pandemics witnessed, especially the Ebola pandemic, were exaggerated and fake like the latest Covid.


Banking system is a gigantic criminal enterprise

Nobody knows the actual honest value of anything anymore, because criminal Crooks and Robber Barons have manipulated about everything to suit themselves for as long as two centuries at least.


It gets even more complicated when taken into consideration that all the collateral assets used to back the Banks, largely belongs to private people or private trusts and not to the Banks themselves.


The Banks are selling the public big lies, claiming that all these private assets have been “abandoned” and are in their care and that these assets are actually their assets now, legitimising their issuance of up to ten times the value of those assets as debt credit.


What happens when the actual legitimate owners show up and want to move their assets elsewhere? What happens when they want to spend some of their assets? The bank is already grossly “over-extended” and cannot afford these assets being reclaimed.


So, they continue to lie and steal, refusing to let the legitimate owners have access to their deposited money. They tell the trustees and owners, “we don’t know who you are” and “no such assets are on deposit here”, and despite all the receipts and proofs, many people have showed by proving indisputably their claims from the time onwards when their deposits were made and what they consisted of and who signed off on them, the banks continue to stonewall. Their final reply is, “it’s a matter of National Security”. Our banks are “too big to fail”.


People would be better off keeping all their money under their mattresses, especially if they have a considerable amount of money, because although it is anti-intuitive, the more money that is deposited, the more likely it is you will be the victim of this kind of Bank Theft. Once the money is out of the bank, buy hard assets like gold or silver in exchange, in order not to lose hard earned value by inflation, that soon is going to skyrocket.


The economy is False and Rigged

The economy is a central bank manipulated economy, more precisely a debt-based economy, not based on assets, education, hard work and free market principles. Not generating prices and accountability a real free market economy typically does. Instead, the economy is based on fake manipulated prices, for speculative control of commodities, supporting currency by Deep State puppets, manipulated and falsified official statistics, orchestrated propaganda by financial media, and disengagement of countries, such as Russia and China, being directly harmed, both economically and politically by the US-dollar payments system.


For centuries the Rothschilds are in control of banking and governments, hey have been able to dictate laws for the financial system and introduced ‘fractional reserve lending’. This allows the banks to lend ten times of what they have on deposit. In other words, they lend ‘money’ they don’t have. It simply doesn’t exist – called credit – attached with interest on it. That has made the banking system a fantastic, lucrative business model; they lend money they don’t have and charge the borrower interest on it, invented by Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812).


Artificial currency prices

All Currencies have been fixed, propped-up, and “set” by the Exchange Stabilisation Fund (ESF), which has been used as a giant Commodity Price Fixing Mechanism. This ESF-mechanism was designed and implemented by the World Bank on behalf of the Rothschild camp.


And as the judicial system has also been bought and paid for by the cabal, this allowed commodity price fixing of precious metals and currencies. This is a serious crime and otherwise would have been punished.


The reason that commodity price fixing and especially currency price fixing is a crime, is that it results in market and economic manipulations undermining the national independence and sovereignty. This gives unjust advantages to some countries at the expense of others via the artificial manipulation of the value of their currency.


The free market defines the value of everything. The prices of all Precious Metals have been suppressed, curbed and fixed by the Rothschild-owned London Gold and Silver Boards, while the members of Parliament have been kept in the dark, like all the rest of us regarding the volumes of precious metals, equally in the ground and above.


When prices are not known; how much of a commodity is available relative to the demand for that commodity, there is no objective indicator available about what the market value of that commodity really is.


Most people are totally clueless that their money has no value, and that the Central Bank, financial system, and Governments are totally corrupt. Understand, we, the people and our country together are simply one nation under God, as all are equal, like all other 208 sovereign nations of the world.


Regrettably, most people have lost their shining light as a beacon of self-esteem. To address this short-coming; every citizen should take note of this article to understand how and why we the people have been manipulated into perpetual debt slavery.


Most people really don’t know what money is, and what it is not. It is taken as a given but actually that shouldn’t be the case. One of the principal mistakes made is that money is seen as being equal to debt, which it cannot be. As, obviously debt is the opposite of money. Nevertheless, the entire world monetary system is based on debt, which is a fraud and a contradiction in itself!


As result, the financial system is inevitable heading for a disastrous failure. There won’t be a way around it, as debt can’t be used as money. Just, by legally equalising the money created by ordinary people who trust each other, called trust-money, with money created by the central banks which is debt-money, acquires the latter the trust placed into the first.


This results in inflation, which in itself is forthright theft: The increase of the money supply goes far beyond social trust. The conflict between the two kinds of money – trust versus debt money – is clear: because a dollar can be spent only once – in principle for private transactions between citizens, but that same dollar is again being promised to pay off the public debt, through the schemes in which governments are engaged, without consent, nor knowledge of the people.


To keep it simple: the creditor of the money is to be paid back – which is the Central Bank – with the same money created out of nothing. Between the Central Bank and the abused citizens, is a smoke screen placed: by the government’s requirement citizens to pay their taxes in central bank currency. Which, in a sense is the commitment that defines the essence of the debt money fraud.


This scam results in the following consequences: if all debt is repaid, then there is no money left in circulation. Because the first component of the money supply – trust money – serves as collateral for the second – debt money – and the second is for the purchase of the first, while both support the illusion of money. In other words, Public debt is required to create money while the people are told that their money is needed to pay off public debt, which of course is complete nonsense and a huge lie!


The pledge of trust money is a promise. The collateral of debt money that arises from “debt” requires collateral for which taxes are created, collected by the government to pay off the ‘never-ending’ or perpetual debt to the Central Bank in the currency that the central bank itself has created out of thin air. That then is mixed with the trust money already in circulation, making the scam invisible.


The truth about the monetary system

This scam is rooted in the principle of perpetual loans, imposed by central bankers on governments that borrow money that did not exist prior to the loan, against the collateral of tax money from the people, with interest attached.


Money that governments themselves could have created interest-free.


But governments have been forced into an enterprise owned by the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and consequently are required to borrow from the central banks.


A free market actually means markets where everyone is freed from regulations to exploit whomever and whatever required. And not the wrong way round where Governments willingly destroys free markets to put into operation injections to benefit their Big Pharma masters. And, simultaneously refusing to guard the public against the created dangers.


Fake Government

Our Government itself is also an entirely fake creation. They should derive their powers with the consent of the people. All current Governments around the world are fake – they exist to exploit rather than protect the public. Governments are not de jure entities but rather de facto. They are secretly incorporated and have become legal. corporations with the sole purpose to maximise profit. Conveniently, the fake Government is headed by fake leaders, these are the puppets of the Hidden Government, whose souls have been bought and paid for by the ruling powers behind the scenes.


Fake Democracy

People use the word “democracy” to mean a system where the common people have a fair say in public affairs. But democracy in fact is a dictatorship, where 51% rules the other 49%.  The proper form for having a say in public affairs by the citizens is Anarchy, derived from the Greek word anarchia that correctly translated means ‘without ruler’. Essentially, Freedom not being enslaves and forced against your will. Freedom means voluntarily, to associate with whomever one desires under whatever conditions or intrusions that doesn’t interfere or diminish the ability of others to enjoy the same Freedom.


Elections Fraud

We live in a world where few people can see the difference between reality and fantasy. And maybe there is no difference. Just looking at the US-election and meanwhile other elections in Spain and The Netherlands, where the results visibly have been rigged, to get the Deep State puppets re-elected.


Elections have become a farce, since the introduction of rigged electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail. If you can’t trust that your vote will be counted properly, how can you possibly think an average person could have any say at all in public affairs? Stalin Has once said; “people who cast their votes, decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”


There is much more fake and wrong in our society, far too many subjects to handle in one article, to be correctly explained. There will be more in a follow up issue. But don’t forget;


Only mass awakening can stop these criminals who are destroying us in real time. Open your eyes and fight for your life and that of your children!


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Unity is Power

Our liberation process cannot be stopped anymore. Uniting with others who are like minded people creates and shapes our best reality. Worldwide networks of awakening people are being created, such as in Spain in the Marbella / Malaga area, which attracts an increasing number of participants. In just a few months of existence, the group has grown to over 530 members. If you would like to apply or learn how to start your own regional or local group, please contact FWC via email. Our future lies in our own hands specifically in small communities that become the foundation of our self-managed society.


Stay tuned there is more to follow…