Additives Generate ADHD to treat Symptoms with Ritalin and Prozac

GMO is Control over future life on planet Earth

Which food is safe to be consumed?


Our daily food isn’t good

There are numerous studies available justifying critical questions about our food industry, and as many of us know, there are corporations that are willing to do anything, including lying, if it means that their products will continue to generate large profits.


There are fast food outlets around every corner, vending machines in every office, and busy people take pre cooked food at home as the norm. Easy access to a lazy lifestyle is creating unhealthy habits for many of us, including our children.

While probably every parent wants nothing more than to give their kids the healthiest of diets, unhealthy habits occur more frequently than is good. Parents should remind about the importance of getting their family to eat healthy, by making positive choices, and to get up and move around for the biological varieties. The children themselves will be grateful when grown up.


The Lancet – before being bought by the cabal – revealed in 2007, that there was a clear link between food and drink additives and hyperactive behaviour in children. “Scientist conducted the research on 300 three-year old and eight-year-old children, none of them suffered from hyperactivity disorder. They drank a mixture of additives that reflected the average daily additive intake of a child in Britain, and afterwards they were observed to become boisterous and lose concentration. They were not able to play with one toy or complete a task and they exhibited what was called ‘impulsive behaviour’. The eight-year olds were not able to complete a 15-minutes computer exercise.”


Additives Generate ADHD to treat Symptoms with Ritalin and Prozac

Big-Pharma and its medical profession tell us, these are the symptoms of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which must be treated with Ritalin, Prozac, and the likes. The behaviour traits of kids in an official trial and those given mind-altering drugs like Ritalin for behaviour disorder are the same. No wonder, then, that the astonishing rise in the use of these mind-altering drugs has followed the astonishing majority of child behaviour problems, as they are the result of the additives added in drinks and food. It is important to remember that all the cartels, be they Big-Pharma, Big-Oil, Big-Biotech, are controlled by the same network of the bloodline families that manipulate and operate in every country. One makes people ill with its chemical concoction’s, then Big-Pharma gives them more chemical concoctions in the name of treating the man-made problem. Everyone is a winner, except the people. Those that cannot get ill through food and drinks, – that aren’t many – they get ill through ‘philanthropic’ vaccination programmes in the developing world, promoted by the Bill and Malinda Gates foundation.


“Genetically Modified Food is a major part of the secret agenda and those in the shadows behind the demonic biotech cabal, most notorious Monsanto and Bayer, they know exactly what they are doing and why. Monsanto is the company that told the world that PCBs, DDT, and Agent Orange – all lethal – are safe. Big biotech is already devastating the genetic foundations of nature and people, their target is to do it all over the planet.”


GMO is Control over future life on planet Earth

There has been GMO-resistance in the EU, but secretly the EU has given the all clear for GM food, because the same families that control Big-Pharma and all the others, control the EU too.


Their aim is rather, the ultimate control over future life on planet Earth, supremacy dictators and despots only ever dreamt of. Left unchecked, the Criminal Deep State behind the GMO Project is one decade away from total dominance of the planet’s food capacities.” This aspect of the GMO story needs telling.


Proponents of GM crops claim that the world needs such technology to address hunger and to feed a growing global population. It is told by the GM biotech sector that GM crops are essential, are better for the environment and will provide the tools that farmers need in a time of ‘climate change’. It even claims that GM crops provide higher yields and higher incomes for farmers around the world.


Contrary to these statements: The Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN) has released a fully referenced report that dissects each of these claims and dismisses them one by one. Hunger is caused by poverty and inequality. People are generally hungry not because of insufficient agricultural production but because they do not have money to buy food, access to land to grow food, or because of complex problems like food spoilage, poor food distribution systems, and a lack of reliable water and infrastructure for irrigation, storage, transport and financing.


If these deeper problems are not addressed and as long as food is not reaching those who are hungry and poor, increased agricultural production will not help reduce food insecurity. Enough food already is produced to feed the world’s population and did so even at the peak of the world food crisis in 2008. “Current global food production provides enough to feed ten billion people. As the world produces 17 per cent more food per person than it did 30 years ago and yet the number of food insecure people is still very high.”


The GM crops that are on the market today are not designed to address hunger. “Four GM crops account or almost 100 per cent of worldwide GM crop acreage. All four have been developed for large-scale industrial farming systems and are used as cash crops for export, to produce fuel or for processed food and animal feed. GM crops have not increased yields and do not increase farmers’ incomes.


GM crops lead to an increase in pesticide use and cause further harm to the environment.” Pesticide reduction was the primary selling point for adoption, but overall pesticide use has increased!



“GM crops are patented and owned by large corporations. These companies profit from the sale of GM crops and royalties on GM traits, while small-scale farmers round the world bear the increased cost of buying seeds and the risks that come with using GM crops. GM crops reduce choice but increase risk for farmers, while the likes of Monsanto dominate the agri-tech sector and rake in enormous profits.”


The main message is that hunger, food security and ‘feeding the world’ is a political, social and economic problem and no amount of gene splicing is capable of surmounting obstacles like poor roads, inadequate rural credit systems and insufficient irrigation. The answer to food security, food democracy and local/national food sovereignty does not lie with making farmers dependent on a few large corporations whose bottom line is exploiting agriculture to maximize profit and cull the world population!



Which food is safe to be consumed?

“Anytime you see a “fat free” or “low fat” label, just think “chemical shit storm.”

Many food products are packed with harmful chemicals and artificial flavours that are detrimental to human health. It’s a big time marketing gimmick for unsuspected consumers. A great example is fat free yogurt, which was found to be associated with greater weight gain. Studies have shown that the sugars and additives used to replace missing fat, drive up insulin resistance, which leads to greater weight gain. This applies to all types of “low fat” food options. You can read more about here.


To generate large profits from their products, corporations in the food industry undertake anything from lying in their commercials through false labelling, while both should represent the truth about the food itself. Here are five commonly abused terms by the food industry in general that are used to mislead and trick consumers. Be very weary of the labels on your food. Pick and choose with caution, do some research and select your food with awareness.

1.) Natural: One of the biggest scams is the so-called “natural” label commonly seen on food products. Truth is, a lot of the food products with this label are FAR from natural. They may still be GMO, and they are probably still covered with pesticides. They may contain growth hormones, antibiotics, and are likely processed, which isn’t natural at all.


2.) Organic: Many foods today are labelled ‘organic’ but still contain ingredients that are not organic. Organic food however, does not use GMOs in the production of their foods, and there are several guidelines that a company must follow in order to label their food ‘organic.’ A complete list can be found here.


The truth is consumers really cannot quite know if their food is truly organic, much trust in government organisations that are responsible for this type of oversight have led to a complete lack of truth. The only way to truly know is to grow your own food. Nevertheless, sufficient evidence shows that organic food in grocery stores is still better than non-organic food. It means in general fewer pesticides.


3.) Sugar: Sugar cane is real, natural sugar. It’s provided by nature and provides a number of different vitamins and minerals, although as sweeteners fruit sugars, and honey are still healthier. However, what is called sugar today is not really sugar; it’s completely artificial like aspartame in soft drinks that damages the immune system. It’s no secret that junk food is full of additives, designed to be addictive, and the sugar within literally kills you and is be linked to cancer. A recent UCLA study determined that it is also lowering your IQ.


Even worse; studying over 5,300 “healthy adults” in the US – aged between 20 and 65 years old, who had no history of diabetes or cardiovascular disease – researchers found that the biological age of those who have been drinking soft drinks daily was increased – thus potentially shortening their lifespan with four years. Cell aging, prompted by sugary soft drinks including cola, is similar to the aging caused by excessive smoking, says the report, published in the American Journal of Public Health. The study was based on the examination of telomeres – a part of chromosomes, linked with human lifespan.


4.) Grass Fed: Grass fed does not mean organic, “organically” raised cows are sent to factory farm feedlots to be fattened prior to slaughter. It’s also important to remember that grass fed cows can be injected with growth hormones and antibiotics.


5.) Spices: A number of spices are chemically produced, just like anything else. In fact, much of today’s food is not even real food! While natural grown spices are very healthy, but when put on a food label one cannot really ensure that they are what they say that they are. Spices are also not required to be free from contaminants.


6.) Fortunately, there are many farmer shops that sell biological food only, go to the internet to find one in your area. Vegetables such as Broccoli and Avocados, if organically grown, are good sources of very healthy minerals. Furthermore, many supermarkets maintain a bio- section. By law the addition bio or biological is not allowable for none bio-products. Let’s hope this is respected by the sellers.


If we the people allow those relatively few Deep State Elites to impose their evil upon the rest of us, “life” would be neither human, nor would it be anything what could be considered ‘life’.


People would merely exist, not live, jam packed in high-rise tiny boxes in mega-cities within human settlement zones of the mega-regions as regulated by Agenda 2030. The population would be a fraction of what it is today, and humans would be denied access to 95% of the world’s surface. Everyone would be micro-chipped and connected to a computer system, which would dictate their thoughts, emotions, and health, or more, precisely the lack of it.


Surveillance would be 24/7 through microchips, – already realised with COVID injection, wireless systems like smart Grids, in every building, location and form of transport within and between the megacities. Every thought could be accessed and recorded in real time. People would be watched in their own ‘home box’ by cameras via the compulsory television – ‘Orwell’s Tele-screens’.


The switch-over from analogue to digital television is connected to this, which is why it has been done in such a rush that includes all aspects of broadcasting – even car radios, and telephones at great expense to the target population. It also has brought smart phones, televisions, etc. HAARP, 5G and other communication networks are able to send same messages to an entire country and eventually the whole planet, once the whole network system is in place. The world’s first fully integrated Smart City is called ‘Songdo’ located on an artificial island in South Korea.


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