The Holy See

The Jesuits are spiritual potentates

The Pleiadeans tell humanity’s true past – Part 3/3


The Jesuits and the Roman Church dictate the world

Actually both, the Holy See, and the Vatican have been instrumental in converting all national governments on earth, into national corporations under deceptively the same name, but written in capital letters. For the purpose, to function under the jurisdiction of the International Law of the Sea and the Roman Curia, which makes this fraudulent act a legal fiction.


It is now specifically the responsibility of the Holy See and Pope Francis to undo this breach of trust and mismanagement of corporate nations, because they are primarily responsible for this creation. They claim that we, living beings, are responsible for paying their debts because they turned each individual into a corporation under deceptively the same name written in capital letters.


This is how they were able to plunder us through the banking mafia cartel, when in fact they are the ones responsible for everything that was created. Using the same appellations, to exercise public office for their own benefit.


The Holy See

The Holy See was officially notified about a decade ago regarding their illegal and immoral actions against humanity and against the legitimate government of the people, which has been going on since the 1800s, and also in respect of all acts arising from this fraud and deceit.


The abuses through corporations continue every day and have now reached legendary proportions, while still no statement from the Holy See has been revealed about the fictitious nature of these entities, which were actually created by their actions. There is also no public condemnation on their criminality, and no visible development to punish, regulate, or liquidate them.


All these illegally formed corporations should be liquidated, with no ill effects on the millions of innocents, who were misinformed and abused by the corporations created under their own names written in capital letters. Unfortunately, many people have no clue what happened to their names and assets, and therefore never had or taken the opportunity to act against it.


The Pope has full knowledge of this, while these actions continue without resistance. Every day more innocent people are dragged into this web as accomplices, after the fact has already been committed, while many more victims of this system of lies and deceit will follow.


The Jesuits are spiritual potentates

The Vatican, controlled by the Jesuits, exclusively owns all the nation’s businesses: Satan, through the Freemasons, owns the Vatican, while the pope is its slave. Throughout history, the Satanic Luciferian Jesuit order has been inherent with war and genocide, formally removed from many countries, including France and England, but still widely present in Spain and Italy.


Researchers claim that Jesuits are the real spiritual potentates of the New World Order. The Pope is the CEO in charge of the system of this criminal mafia.


The Jesuits and the Roman Church changed history, hiding its reality, by first killing all scientists in this field in the 16th century, and then telling fairy tales about the history of the earth. One of the many lies was about Mary Magdalene really being the wife of Jesus, giving him two sons named Jesus II Justus, and Joseph, along with a daughter named Tamar. These facts were suppressed by the Roman Church.


Jesus was one of the few messengers sent to people to educate us on what and who we really are, and if we wanted to develop our true spirit, we had to first understand his information and exorcise negativism on the planet.


Fearing the negative ambitions of Marduk – the son of Enki – the Anunnaki were given permission by Anu to use seven powerful weapons, which many today believe were tactical nuclear weapons.


Below, Michael Love provides the additional information he received on this subject, now published on FWC site in three consecutive instalments;


Pleiadeans tell humanity’s true past – Part 3/3


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Part 3/3

The objective of the Sirian creators was to develop a barely intelligent worker who could use the tools, be easily controlled and follow orders. Initially, in the first created Earth humans, the creators left the genetics above the 2nd strand of DNA dormant.


Although the general purpose of human creation was to be servants and workers for the gods, the ancient tablets say that Enki had a loving emotional bond with his human creation. He described them as his blood children and cared for them as such.


After humans were created on earth, there were numerous events where Enki took care of them and protected them from the indifference of his family. Enki made sure that he gave humans the extra divine spark when he created them, so that they could eventually realise that they were their own god.


Later, in this human creation story, Enki went behind the backs of his brother and family and gave humans in Edin’s paradise the genetic fruit of the Anunnaki tree of knowledge with the divine spark of higher consciousness.


When the Annona started this whole process of creating man, they did not know at all what might happen. The truth is, they created something much greater than themselves, which contained the truly divine spark. Enki had upgraded humanity to super intelligent, even higher than the Annona.


When the evil brother Enlil heard of this, he said:


“Look, man has become like one of us, he knows right and wrong; and now he can reach out his hand and also take fruits from the tree of life, eat, and live forever.”


Enlil banished the first two humans from the Anunnaki Paradise Edin, and in general the human genes of immortality remained dormant. Yet Enki again went to extremes and gave one of his human creations the genetic fruit of the tree of longevity, and this longevity genetic was passed on to certain human children.


This action of Enki, combined with the interbreeding of Iggy men (sons of god) with earth women, produced hellish giant children, which was the beginning of the end for early earth man.


The Iggy – workers of the lower Sirian dynasty on Mars, aka the sentinels, had entered a forbidden area in space during a gold mining transport mission. When they emerged, they were said to have been infected with the spirit of the Archons. After this, they began to intensely desire earthly human women. Together, 200 Iggies swore an oath and made a secret plan to come to Earth and kidnap human women as wives.


The Iggy descended to earth and landed at an Anunnaki facility on Mount Hermon on the southern edge of the Cedar Mountains to attend the wedding of Enki’s son Marduk. On the mountain was a huge platform known as the Baalbek landing site, meaning “a place only accessible to gods.” After Marduk’s marriage ceremony, the Iggy kidnapped 200 human women and demanded that these women produce offspring with them.


They taught the earthly women all sorts of charms and magic, and the Iggy’s wives bore hybrid angels/humans as children who wreaked havoc at planetary level. The Iggy were also masters of genetics, and they began to genetically combine animals and humans, contaminating all flesh on earth.


The wicked children of these sentinels continued until the entire earth was completely contaminated, so the Anunnaki high council decided to take drastic measures.


These 200 Iggies were brought to justice by the Anunnaki authorities and branded as “fallen angels”. Enlil banished these fallen angels to the lower parts of the earth as punishment for 70 earthly generations.


Soon after, about 12,500 years ago, Nibiru moved through Earth’s solar system in its 3,600-year orbit. The leading scientists of the Sirian dynasty at the time proclaimed a fateful space weather forecast for planet Earth, as the massive planet Nibiru would come very close to Earth.


After much discussion by the councils on how to remove the wicked hybrid giant children from the earth, and after Enlil presented his case against Enki’s earthly people, it was indeed decided by father god Anu to keep the news of the coming earthly calamity hidden from all creatures on earth in order to wipe them all out by the waters of the great flood.


After the fate of mankind was decided, Enki did his utmost to save humanity from what was to come. He managed to secretly rescue some of his beloved human creations, Noah and his family, as well as the samples of all DNA on earth, to repopulate and replenish the earth after the great flood.


The great winged red destroyer, Nibiru, then came close to Earth, and its magnetic force was so strong that it completely overtook Earth.


As the gods watched from their spaceships above the earth, the huge sheets of ice from the north and south plunged into the oceans, and the mighty oceans rose 6 miles into the sky. The ice age was abruptly ended by this great deluge, when all humanity and everything that existed on the planet’s surface was wiped out.


During the first post-flood period, the water receded, and dry land appeared. The Sirian dynasty landed back on the earth’s surface and immediately began rebuilding their cities and their global gold-mining empire.


Enki’s son Ningazidda (Thoth) was commissioned to build a new spaceport in the land of Chem, called Ekur, the great mountain, aka the great pyramid of Egypt.


Enki complained about his human creations, there was much discussion among the family about everything that had happened on Earth. After much pondering, Enlil agreed that humans had to be made again, mainly because the Anunnaki still needed workers.


It was agreed and recorded by father/king Anu that this new earth man would be less fertile, should have a shorter lifespan and be less conscious than his predecessors.


They wanted to ensure that the new earthmen would never learn the story of what had happened. It was also stipulated that the divine right to rule should be transferred from the Sirian dynasty to hybrid human terrestrial rulers.


Anu agreed to give these human hybrid called kings all Sirian knowledge to build an advanced society on earth. The condition was that these human kings had to be fully accountable to senior Annona leaders on Nibiru.


Enki’s other son Marduk felt unfairly treated in this whole earth mission, as he was always rejected or overlooked as a leader on earth. This made him very bitter about his treatment and so he decided to seize power himself.


These star beings were often worse than humans when it came to war and often fought against their own kind, resulting in terrible destruction. Fighting between the Sirian star family increased, and on earth a great war broke out between the families of Enlil and Enki, using weapons of mass destruction in the Sinai battle at Sodom and Gomorrah that claimed many lives on earth.


The Syrian dynasty eventually left Earth, leaving behind their human hybrid bloodline of kings.


After the guardians of Mount Hermon were freed from their 70-generation punishment, elder Anunnaki gave them the chance to redeem themselves.


The Sirian rulers ordered them to assist the new human kings in cultivating Earth operations.


These fallen angels and ex-criminals were still under probation and were closely observed. To prevent them from escaping from Earth, an energetic field was placed around the planet, trapping them.


These fallen beings decided, now that they were trapped on Earth anyway, they might as well take over Earth to create a pleasant playground for themselves.


What is more horrifying, is that the bitter son Marduk eventually took total dominion over planet Earth, and has since put the bloodline hybrid kings under his control along with the fallen Iggy and helpers.


Marduk still rules planet earth today. He is the god of this world, and he runs the show. If you are looking for a villain, he is the ultimate bandit.


Is there another good guy in this story?

Regardless of what the Anunnaki did on earth; Enki is the true creator of humanity. He went against the entire Anunnaki dynasty to give humanity the divine spark that enables higher consciousness and long life.


Not all Anunnaki had bad intentions towards humanity, as the Annona of the Sirius star system are descended from Lyric humanoids who generally have a benevolent nature. Enki was the prime example of this.


Enki raised his first creations, Adamu and Tiamat, in Edin and declared that they would not be slaves to anyone. When Enlil threw these first humans out of Edin, Enki placed them in another paradise. During the cataclysm of 12,000 years ago, if Enki had not intervened on behalf of humanity with Noah, chances are that modern man would not have existed.


Enki taught his second, improved creations, Adapa & Titi, all his sacred knowledge. In every situation, Enki showed mercy and gave the benefit to others.


He was the best father to his children and gave them the greatest love even when they did not behave well.


Moreover, after Enki created the first human, he became personally and emotionally involved in his creations and changed his stance on the slave agenda.


We always give Enki some credit because he was a benevolent being with compassion for humanity. In his own words, Enki later wrote how sorry he was for what the Anunnaki had done on planet Earth, and he promised to come back one day in the future to make amends with humanity.



This is the true story of humanity’s origins and prehistory that underpins these accurately portrayed events that took place. The story is bittersweet and perhaps hard to digest, but it is the truth that everyone needs to explore and process for themselves at a deeper level.


The big question.

Since Marduk still rules the world, how does humanity break free from this long period of manipulation and deception?


The Anunnaki plan for this world is to keep humanity in the dark with no information so that they can never be aware of anything. Enlil himself said, “A learned man is a dangerous man.” He knew that if man ever woke up they would see what has happened and is still happening to them, that then his power would be over.


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The great awakening on earth is happening now; but humanity needs more information to be presented until the full truth is known. Many master teachers on the planet are working hard every day today to provide the true light to humanity. These light beings are doing the most important work that can be done to assist humanity.


It is crucial to do deep research into what really happened in ancient times so that one can see it for oneself and pass that light on to others.


It is man’s destiny to be filled with Light and Consciousness and be free sovereign beings forever.


The universe has its own way of dealing with all this, and at just the right moment it will send a powerful wave of light to earth, called the “great solar flash”, which will fully activate the consciousness of all beings on earth. At that moment, every factuality will become known.


In the coming weeks and months, you will see the issue of what happened in Earth’s prehistory come more and more to the forefront of human consciousness. There will be a lot of public discussion on this subject, and this is a good sign, needed until the truth settles down.


Regardless of what happened in Earth’s ancient past, you have the divine spark of divinity within you. You are becoming fully aware of many new things and have now evolved your soul to a higher level. You are now completing your task of becoming what you are, and when you are ready, you will triumph gloriously.


The Light is truth, and this truth is complete freedom.



Michael and the Pleiadians


This 3 issues data stream is long, so it is good to go back and read this whole transmission again slowly, so that it is integrated in your memory. Take notes and look for the deeper meaning in and behind all this.

More revelations are to follow. Remain alert for this …

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