Alien Spaceships around planet Earth

2023 Removal of World Leaders

Medium for frequency healing

Perpetual Fountain of Youth


Alien Spaceships around planet Earth

2023 will be the year of our liberation from debt bondage. Behind the scenes, we are already long and well on our way to this goal. Trust the PLAN. Q keeps saying ‘We have all the information’- our Alliance has the luxury of waiting for the perfect moment to deliver the death blow to the Deep State.


No wonder the Deep State is in a complete panic. The world is on the threshold of permanent peace. This is a feat of super high calibre done by the patriots with the help of our Exterrestrial Brothers and Sisters. All military forces and war materiel abroad are returning to their home ports.


Will this extraordinary news make fat headlines in the mainstream media? You bet, it won’t. The Deep State still controls the MSM and they are desperate to prevent the people from knowing that the war machine and central banks are being termed.


It is over and out for the cabal. Therefore, to everyone with good reason to look forward to a prosperous and healthy New Year 2023. Soon, for the first time, we will truly live as free inhabitants on planet Earth to develop as our Creator intended.


Without wars, hunger, poverty, or misery. We are going to enjoy our lives to the fullest. Please spread the word. The sleepers who still know of nothing may wake up and understand none of this.


All those incarnated here, at this time, are having their last experience in duality. This existence will determine who will go to the New 5D-Earth, that is, to the New Cycle, which is no longer of reconciliation and trials. Those who are not yet in the necessary frequency will be removed from this planet and have to redo their lessons on another 3D planet in the Universe.


This exchange of souls on Earth has been going on for decades. With dis-incarnation, the soul that is not in the desired vibration will not reincarnate on planet Earth. Many wonder, where will these souls be taken?


It has been mentioned in previous texts that spiritual colonies are emptied on Earth. Obviously, no soul that is exiled can stay behind there. It would be nonsense. So those take another travel destination.


There are thousands of Alien Spaceships in the atmosphere around Earth, which receive these souls. Upon receipt, they are informed that they are not yet at the necessary frequency to inherit the New Earth. Comforted by selflessly assisting Spirits, they are guided to what awaits them. They will then know that they will leave Earth to complete the apprenticeship on other Planets of trial and reconciliation.


After receiving them in the Spaceships, since they are already disincarnated, they will be taken to the Astral of their new Planet. They will not reincarnate immediately as is believed. A process of energetic adaptation precedes that.


2023 Removal of World Leaders

We will see more clearly in this year 2023 the removal of most world leaders, precisely that reptilian hybrid part that is part of the dominant Deep State Matrix. The cleansing will, as mentioned, is already in its final phase. Everything that does not have a Light Frequency will soon cease to exist.


The veil holding our souls captive on this planet, through the reincarnation process, will be lifted to free humanity, and evolve as the Creator intended for us.


‘Off-the-world’ technology will become available that will fix everything that is wrong on earth, and can keep us young and healthy.


We are learning about technologies, like healing machines that have been in operation extra terrestrially for a long time. Called MedBeds; “which can keep us young and healthy for as long as we want, which could be about 1,000 years before a new race reaches the next level.”


In their obsession of questions like “When will the revelation come?”, most people rarely ask useful questions about what might happen next. Some of the most fascinating developments to come relate to science and technology.


What scientific knowledge aliens might possess, what technology might develop from this knowledge, and what might happen when we gain access to such technologies? More clarity will be provided in upcoming FWC publications.


 Medium for frequency healing

Anyone who is not at the specific Earth frequency for awakening and healing, i.e. not open to incoming ascension energies; or incoming waves of harmonic resonance, leading to unity consciousness, will either have to transform or fail.


This process consists of body and soul, and is not a fantasy, it is measurable, real science and fact; called Schumann resonances. These are global Electromagnetic resonances, generated and activated by energies from our Universe, visible as lightning, among other things.


Nikola Tesla’s Frequency healing device is explained in this video.


Ancient Egyptians already used certain resonant vowel sounds in their ancient rituals; these vowels were considered extremely sacred so they were removed from the colloquial language and no longer appeared in the written hieroglyphic language.


Furthermore, during ceremonies, the Egyptians used an instrument called “Sistrum“, a rattle with metal discs, which has been shown to produce exceptionally high levels of ultrasound.


In the 1890s, legendary inventor Nikola Tesla was loafing in his laboratory with his close friend Samuel Clemens, also known as the famous writer Mark Twain. The two had a long-term relationship, and Twain, who was notoriously fascinated by science and technology, was a regular visitor to Tesla’s laboratory.


At this point in his life, Twain was, as Tesla described,


“…in the worst condition, suffering from a variety of disturbing and dangerous ailments.”


On that particular afternoon, Tesla suggested that Twain could try out a new invention he had been working on, a mechanical oscillator that sends vibrations of different frequencies through the body. Twain agreed and got on Tesla’s machine. At the end of the session, Twain suddenly jumped up and rushed to the toilet with terrible diarrhoea.


Despite this, Twain continued to use the machine daily for almost two months and by the end of it he had, in Tesla’s words,


“regained his former strength and ability to enjoy life to the full”.


This was exactly what Tesla had expected; it was the same results Tesla and his assistants had achieved during their experiments with this invention. As Tesla described in his reports:


“I stepped onto the platform and the vibrations generated by the machine were transmitted to my body. The feeling was as strange as it was pleasant, and I asked my assistants to try it too. They did and, like me, were stunned and satisfied. But a few minutes later, some of us who had stayed longer on the platform felt an unspeakable and urgent need that had to be satisfied immediately, and then the awe-inspiring truth dawned on me.”


“When I started practising mechanical therapy with my assistants, we were in the habit of finishing our meals quickly and rushing to the laboratory. We suffered from dyspepsia and various stomach ailments, gallbladder, constipation, flatulence and other disorders, all natural consequences of such an unregulated habit. But only after a week of application, during which I improved the technique and taught my assistants how best to do justice to the treatment, all these forms of illness disappeared as if by magic for almost four years. While using it during this period, we were all in excellent health.”


Perpetual Fountain of Youth

Tesla described this discovery and invention as his greatest contribution to human well-being, a bold statement for an inventor at the level of Nikola Tesla.


Throughout the rest of his life, he would use his oscillation machine to treat people with a wide variety of health problems – from constipation to cardiovascular disease, injuries and infections, sleep disorders and hormonal imbalances.


But what exactly was it that he had discovered? As Tesla himself said:


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”


What does this advanced technology mean to someone 80 years old? He/she can be 30 years old again in less than three minutes. Fifty years of his/her life peeled off. Now the woman can have children again. They can build a new family if they want to. It seems, Med Bed technology is a perpetual fountain of youth.