End Your Enslavement


Democracy Scam:

Democracy, the highly esteemed western ideal, is nothing more than a dictatorial corrupt mob rule, because it constantly violates the inherent rights of individuals, or any minority by the omnipotent rule of the majority, which doesn’t respect the natural rights of individuals above the Democracy scamwishes of majorities. The main purpose of a Republic or Kingdom is to protect minorities, and the individual’s absolute rights, from the tyranny of the majority. This is accomplished through the use of a written constitution, specifically limiting the power of the majority.


But voters, except for a referendum, never get a chance to vote on issues. They vote for candidates that are financed by insiders, with agendas the outsiders cannot even imagine. In fact democracy is a degenerate, corrupt, and outdated institution. It is in reality a major contractual failure on the part of the ‘Global Estate Trust’ and the individuals, and offices, responsible for maintaining the rule of law.


All in good faith elected officers in government that are supposed to represent the interest of their electorate, most certainly don’t represent the people. They are corporate officers of a commercial corporation under contract to provide governmental services. They have the same limitations and motivations as any other corporate executive. They are in government to serve themselves, but not the public. They are participating in a foreign government in a foreign jurisdiction, and they aren’t parliamentarians, they never were either.


Global Estate Trust Scam:

The Global Estate Trust – in which clandestinely all nations are incorporated – is by far the largest corporate enterprise on Earth. The Holy See created the very concept of “incorporation” while corporate entities continue to be created and administered entirely under copyrights and administrative law forms of the Roman Curia.


The Pope has the undisputed right to liquidate any incorporated entity – read nation – that is not functioning lawfully according to its charter. He may also order disposition of corporate assets to the creditors of any incorporated nation that he liquidates, and can alter or void any statute passed by any incorporated government at will.

Global Estate Trust Scam

However people don’t see the Global Estate Trust for what it is, as it always has been around. They take it for granted as part of the landscape of the world but in fact, it is the result of tireless, conscious corrupt and determined efforts, spent over centuries of time. Watch in this respect this video explaining how Top Illuminati control the world, and now use Islam to destroy the West in their drive to implement the New World Order.


In fact there is, in essence already a “one world government” and it has been here throughout the development of the western world as a commercial and political power, for over at least the last 450 years till the present day. However this power has been based on the creation of money that historically already started about 6.000 years ago during the Sumerian era, which is found confirmed in this short video.


What is “national trust” and why does it matter? When new nations are born and enter the international community, as for example The United States of America did in 1776, a dispute begins over representation of the land and its assets, despite the original law of God states that the land belongs to its residents.


As a reminder: There is only one human family on this planet, one sea, and one global jurisdiction. All true law amongst them have only three simple principles:


  1. Keep the peace.
  2. Love others as you would be loved.
  3. Do no harm.


If everyone honours these simple natural laws, an end is put to all endless conflicts, and criminality. People just protect themselves and everyone else from being used as instrument of evil. The system of duality and enslavement would end without a fight.


The Pope, acting within his chronological office, as the Donor of all these assets to be held in the national trust, formally recognizes each new nation. In which the people and their assets are the only True Form of wealth of that nation.


So subsequently the corporate nations are guilty of stealing people’s identities and property for their profit. Perpetrators, Facilitators and Enforcers of the Pope have mismanaged those Nations, through Banksters, Lawyers, Politicians, Government Agencies, Ministers, and Armies.


End the Scam:

Fraud AlertAs a result these unlawful activities must be stopped. Everybody in the western hemisphere needs to unite and be organised to file a letter of protest to terminate this unlawful construct. – In the meantime an important initiative has been undertaken in just doing that by handing over a notification to the International Court of Justice in The Hague that disavow any national affiliations with IMF, World Banks, United Nations, Federal Reserve and all other such organisations, – all institutions privately owned by the RKM cabal – as well as all alleged encumbrances and claims associated with the corporate United States and mutatis mutandis all other incorporated Nations, which corporations were never created, sanctioned, or authorised according to the will of the people in these Nations.


Newspaper letter-What has America become

National Debt Scam:

Financial_scam_Tim_Fotolia_largeWhen corporate governments go bankrupt, the IMF comes in to take possession of all assets, which are all living people and their private properties and assets in that nation. As such happened on July 1, 2013 when USA INC was released from bankruptcy. And as compensation the IMF seized all living Americans and their properties. Making all Americans victim of Reverse Trust Fraud Schemes that are being carried out by governmental service corporations.


As simple as all this is, still there hasn’t been any media outlet highlighting this. Yet everyone on Earth should understand that most importantly each individual, along with his/her private property and assets, the basis is on which the system of corporate government is built.


It all began when Nathan Rothschild son of Mayer Amschel Bauer alias Rothschild, during the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, with a lot of speculated money England ‘purchased’, money that also bought governmental service corporations like the central bank that never had a valid contract with the corporate nation, and pretended to be the government. But they are not and never were. They are a bunch of swindlers that defraud the public at large and steal their assets, in exchange for worthless paper, called ‘money’. They manipulate markets, control everything they can think of, cripple development, and pile up a mountain of debt against the people, their assets and their original physical land nation. – The economy of Central Banksters By the Central Banksters For the Central Banksters must be replaced. Watch this video to learn more about the Central Banksters’ scam.


Debit:Credit balancedThis corporate debt is called ‘national debt’ established by false pretences, deceit and other means of fraud of which the victims, you and me, are unaware, and from which we don’t profit. – Such debts are void by legal definition and cannot be collected.


If normal accounting principles are applied ‘debt versus credit’ have to be balanced, it shows that for every debt a credit is created. So if there is X trillion national debt, there is also X trillion national credit.


So, the money creators, banksters and their pals, owe the National Credit to the public and its nation land. In essence the fraudulent convertible debt that is created and falsely presented as debt is in fact a credit, then they get the public to assume that the fake debt is real debt and to let them pay for it, which leaves the perpetrators in possession of an equal amount of ‘extra credit’, which they can invest and use for their own benefit, for example starting wars and financing terrorist attacks. – Dear readers please understand this is just another scam where central banksters loan the public their own credit at interest!


This is the way Central Banksters entrap the people into eternal indebtedness that only can increase exponentially. “Central Banks are protected from insolvency due to their ability to create money and can therefore operate with negative equity,” and they don’t pay for anything; they simply collect debt with interest. This shows how the people are cheated out of their labour and resources in exchange for promises on ‘debt money’ – to siphon off the populace in exchange for worthless paper to keep them in everlasting debt enslavement. This perpetual racketeering scheme has been set up one hundred years ago.




Wake up unitePeople only have themselves to blame. Undoubtedly it is better to celebrate the collapse of each government at all levels that are led by the incompetent Elite, factually all over the world.


Each day that goes by, meddlesome, intrusive and costly bills are adopted to silently close in all of the populace in their world prison that leads to the completion of Agenda 21 and the implementation of the New World Order that comes by ever closer.



Please folks WAKE UP and unite to fight for your legal rights and personal FREEDOM.


The solution must come from the outside, from us the people. It must arise from the thinking, living, breathing, willing people of the world, people who will change their way of thinking and their way of life, and teach others to do the same. Start by forwarding this message to all of your contacts, and be inquisitive for their reaction.

A word to the 1%:

Word to the EliteEverything stated here has been going on for decades.  Anyone living on this planet would have to be ‘living’ in a box not to be shockingly aware of the crime spree outlined in what could be construed as a very general ‘bill of particulars’ outline of his indictment. Ever since each major count of this criminal indictment has been laid out for all to see, it appears that we the people have miserably failed to act on it thus far.


To learn more about the daily assaults committed on your health, your life, and how correctly to act to bringing this misery to an end, read the details here.


Note: Jesse Ventura is former governor of Minnesota.


For a better motivation to acting immediately, watch this short trailer to understand how purposely vaccines systematically have poisoned our children, while doctors were kept in the dark about the harmful effects. If we don’t stop this now, by 2032 one in two children will have been victimised by Autism and that will be a real catastrophe!


Major Changes Ahead!

All Corporate Nations that masquerade as people’s lawful government have almost destroyed each sovereign nation! Staff members at the highest echelon in government — including in the military — know this. They have been waiting for the “right time” to help take people’s nation back to the respective lawful government. In the very near future, you can expect a major constructive change in the banking and currency system. Read more about here:

As a first step, the White Dragon Society WDS has offered the Khazarian owners of the FED an enormous quantity of gold at a discount. This is why Obama en Yellen are holding emergency meetings over the last few days, in the presence of a WDS member. If the Khazarians refuse this offer the FED will become isolated, as the 188 BRICS nations including the EU will announce a new international gold backed currency that allows holders of US dollars during a period of three month to be exchanged for this new currency. After that these countries will no longer accept the US dollar. Eventually a new regime will replace the bankrupt Feds setting the USA free to issue their own local currency.


Interview with Judge Anna Riezinger:

Judge Anna Riezinger talks about the Evil FRAUDING BAR Association the gatekeepers of Bankster Corporate Governments that infest the world TODAY.  – GUILTY OF PERSONAGE: the crime of knowingly misrepresenting a living man or woman as a legal fiction – some form of corporation, such as a trust, public utility, or foundation. She explains the history of the continuing criminal enterprise called the Crown Temple B.A.R. and how they’ve been pirating our lives and land. These are truly sick people, and they should be prosecuted for their crimes of treason and murder.