Agenda 21:

There are no apologies, agenda 21 already has been responsible for damaging the western world in ways that most cannot even begin to comprehend, and will continue to be a threat to our very existence and prosperity until this RK Mafia cabal – the ‘real enemy’ forever is purged from the system, and those traitors responsible for violating our national security and ‘selling out’ are brought to justice. Just consider their declaration of self-created war against those forces and their draconian measures that destroys our prosperity and freedom, for their own benefit.


Don’t think we the people are in power, as ought to be. A very tiny part of a small minority of less than one per cent of the populace has abused Gladio activityour power. People may think that they have a free press and total control over governments, but in fact it is an oligarchy – just a few – that control the international power game that is regulated by the masonic lodge P2 that have created their own army called Gladio with US financial support, and is incorporated in NATO, which on its turn is not a transparent organisation but a secret army. Governments want terrorist attacks to happen, so they can ask the people for more money, to pay for their own assassination. It is used to steer people in the desired direction and deprive their freedom in exchange for more security that won’t and cannot be provided. Most terrorist attacks are executed by Mossad and CIA squads, and secretly coordinated by NATO on which their HQ cannot comment because it is top secret. Read more about it in Operation Northwoods and their false flag terrorism, to create domestic enemies, with the strategy to shock people in spawning maximum anxiety and fear.


Muslim attacks:

Western governments and NATO encourage Muslim attacks to create fear and hatred under the Europeans and Americans, coining reason to bombing Muslim countries, instigating humanitarian crisis, and topple were necessary elected governments, likewise in the Ukraine. All these activities are undertaken to confiscate people’s freedom, reinforced through manipulated MSM. If people realise all this, the power of the ONE per cent would disappear overnight, so WAKE UP because it now is of the highest priority. Do not allow the islamification currently happening in Europe to become instituted. Act before it’s too late, and be bitten by the vicious snake.



multicuturalismEurope is full of diverse and beautiful cultures. It doesn’t need to import cultures that oppress women, murder gays and follow Sharia Law. It’s insane that the regressive left defends the very cultures whose values are completely opposite to their own liberal values, simply because its followers aren’t white skinned. There is nothing that increases intolerance more than importing intolerant cultures. Eventually the EU is heading for civil war with societal collapse. Listen to this interview with John Rubino who explains in detail, the danger of demographic entitlements liabilities that’s going to blow up in the face.



Follow this fascinating expose into the NWO and the satanic agenda of the global elite by author James Perloff that in more detail is fully explained in his latest book ‘Truth is a Lonely Warrior: – Unmasking the Forces Behind Global Destruction’, which is the opening to de-brainwashing.




Be assured, all these Gladio-style ‘terrorist’ attacks are designed to keep the rich elite in power. Those authoritarian ‘leaders’ benefit from the insecurity created by ‘Muslim terrorism’, while the political elite of the state of Israel benefits the most. These terrorists have to try harder to terrify the people into accepting racism, fascism and a police state. – Gladio creates Geopolitical Chaos in Europe, Northern Ireland, Iraq and now in Syria,


“… it was set up with British help in the 1950’s, operated by the secret services and partly financed by the United States (Khazarian Mafia controlled) CIA.” –


To understand today’s geopolitical chaos, and the methods of instability used by the state, both at home and abroad, read all the details on this website.



“The idea of the ‘pseudo gang’ is to murder innocent civilians and then blame the murders on the people that the military wants to discredit.” – “The pseudo gang works for the military but pretends to be a bunch of terrorists.”


Just to high-light a few facts: In August of 1990, Italian Prime Minister Giulio Andreotti was murdered after he confirmed that a secret army, called Gladio, had existed in Italy throughout the Cold War period. His revelations were shocking, not simply because they admitted to something that had long been denied, but because he went on to claim that a network of secret ‘stay-behind’ armies had been set up all throughout the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation – NATO – countries. In short, this was an issue that involved far more than just Italy.


In 1990 – Switzerland: Former head of the Swiss secret army P26, Colonel Alboth was found dead, stabbed with his own bayonet, after having indicated that he was willing to reveal ‘the whole truth’ about the network.



Nazi Germany:

Nazi GermanyOf all the people that suffer from terrorist attacks, people of Muslim faith suffer by far the most. – Israel, a country created on stolen Palestinian land and surrounded by Muslim nations, requires continued threat of ‘Islamic terrorism’ to justify its existence. In pushing this insane agenda so far, by encouraging the ‘West’ to adopt Israeli attitudes towards Palestinians, it seems that conditions are being created whereby the events of Nazi Germany may well repeat, only this time with Muslims in the position of the Jews.


Adamus Crime Group:

Banksters crimesAnother crime group is involved too, the Adamus Group, aka German Nazi Paperclip, directly tied to the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve and the massive manipulation of worldwide financial markets using programmed software “Next Gen” technology that allows the crooked worldwide banks to have 5 – 7 seconds lead time on all worldwide financial trading. It is a worldwide intelligence gathering network that manages worldwide databases on behalf of the U.S. Khazarian Mafia in collaboration with NSA (National Security Agency) that shares their intelligence gathering capability with the criminal banking giants to put the entire saving deposits of people at risk that have their funds in banks.



They hack websites, monitor emails, illegally wiretap phones of citizens, which the facto transformed western nations into a fascist states, controlled by financial gangster banks that also control the media, most of the financial network news, bureaucracies and political stooges.



Brussels Airport Attack:

operation-gladio-BrusselAnd to make it even more interesting: The Brussels Airport is the domain of Israeli Mossad Terrorist Headquarters. – European INTERPOL, with reference to the French Defence Ministry, has issued thirty-five warrants for the immediate arrests of active Belgium and German security and immigration officials that have aided and abetted the activities of the major European ISIS terrorist cell headquartered in Hamburg.


Former Israeli Intel Operatives run the Security at Brussels Airport, under the aviation and general security services firm ICTS that handles all security operations at Brussels airport, the scene of the most recent bomb attack. ICTS was established in 1982 by former members of Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency and El Al airline security agents, and has a major presence around the world in airport security including operations in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Japan and Russia. ICTS employs the security system applied in Israel, whereby passengers are profiled to assess the degree to which they pose a potential threat on the basis of a number of indicators, including age, name, origin and behaviour during questioning.



They make sure that people are being killed. There is no mercy, even not for own members. The Evil Empire produced already multiple examples. And they continue coming, as the world watch in awe. There are no scruples for killing for a specific objective: global dominance over resources, people — and money-money-money is the objective. Consequently most, if not all, terrorist attacks are Mossad and CIA originated; read more about which and each attack.



Freedom confiscation:

Fear is the name of the game. People blinded and in the midst of fear – under the shock, accept any policy, which means more police protection under the guise that government takes care of us when given them our civil rights, called FREEDOM. Military curfews are installed as the answer. But where and what horror will be next? Germany – Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, or less known places to maintain sufficient tension.

Fortunately, there is Vladimir Putin and Russia. Russian people have time and again brought sacrifices to save humanity, intervening for peace, far beyond protecting their own borders. A recent example is Syria; seventy years ago the Soviet army crushed Hitler, ending WWII on the Continent.



Wake-Up-and-pass onDoes humanity need a bloodbath to wake up – or is there hope that truth will reach the conscience of individuals who then bond in expanding solidarity – in such a way that policemen and women as well as soldiers will start recognizing that they are exploited by this elusive group of elitists, the cream of the crop of humankind, the chief manipulators of the universe, as mere cannon fodder, or at best, as slaves to defend their obscene wealth and power! By now it must be clear the real terrorists are the Khazarian stooges in your government. – WAKE UP and pass on this message to everyone you know.


Why RKM elite aren’t financially exposed:

An until now unknown Panama law firm, founded by Nazi linked lawyers, exposes offshore links of some of the globe’s most prominent elite that apparently aren’t Khazarian members? This unprecedented leak of more than 11 million documents, has revealed the hidden financial dealing and wheeling of some of the world’s wealthiest people, as well as 12 current and former world leaders and 128 more politicians and public officials around the world. But nothing about the clandestine drug cartels owned by the Bushes and the Clintons, or the head of states in the EU, like Merkel, Hollande, Rajoy. And nothing about the crook Hillary Clinton with her illegal slush funds is she using another law firm? Or is it that Cabal owners and puppet masters are associated with influential world powers like the Vatican, European Royalty and private families such as George Soros, Rothschilds, Carnegies and Rockefellers, hiding their funds in the Vatican Bank? Possibly, as cabal monies are commonly laundered through the Vatican Bank.

Read more here. The question that arises is why mainly anti western heads like Putin and Assad are exposed, and not the others? In this video a good analyses is made, showing that half-truth is far worse than a full lie!



Delivered to the Office of International Law at The Hague

The nation states give Notice to disavow any national affiliations with IMF, World Banks, United Nations, Federal Reserve and all other such organizations, as well as all alleged encumbrances and claims associated with the corporate United States and other corporate Nations, which were never created, sanctioned, or authorised according to the will of the people of the united states of America, and other Nations.


NATO’s Secret Armies – Operation GLADIO

This is a brilliant interview with Swiss author Daniele Ganser, who documented the terrorist activities of the security services through GLADIO in his book, “NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe.”


His fascinating book shows how the CIA and the British secret service, in collaboration with the military alliance NATO and European military secret services, set up a network of clandestine anti-communist armies in Western Europe after World War II.


What Ganser describes seems to be exactly what’s been deployed on the ground not only in Paris, where a mysterious source from a controversial – and illegal- Bataclan massacre photo confirms to be ISRAELI EXTREMISTS, and in Brussels, but also in Syria, taking the form of al Qaeda Rebels, ISIS and the like. Listen: