Government is people’s greatest enemy:


Unworkable system:

The paper monetary system is the major source of economic suffering. One of the reasons is that parliaments cannot control government’s spending. That’s why governments can fund wars and maintain a police state. The paper money monopoly distorts economic signals and causes booms and busts. It robs the people with the insidious tax called inflation.

Unworkable systemCentral Bankers have massive power because of the paper money system. If it were restrained by a gold standard or monetary competition, Central Banks still would be a menace, but not a mortal threat. As the privately owned Central Banks by definition control the governments, they hold the entire economic future hostage. The most conspicuous policy that has harmed the middle class was the “Zero Interest Rate policy” ZIRP, now in many countries replaced by Negative Interest Rates, NIRP. These are several steps beyond the old “too big to fail” doctrine, and one or two steps short of total nationalisation.


Those are the kind of extremes Central Bankers pursued to sustain an unworkable system. It provides a predictable trajectory: from paper money to total government control. – Each new step away from free-market money, creates new problems that seem to cry out for more intervention, which creates more problems, and so on until the entire system unravels. These criminal Banksters apparently are paid huge salaries to be dumb!


And this is precisely what is happening. The incredible bust of 2008 might turn out to be a warm-up. Another, even worse meltdown threatens because rather than face reality, Central Banksters papered over the problems. As a result, hyperinflation soon is a real possibility, and then it is not possible to simply pull a lever to stop it once it starts. Bank runs will continue to threaten. The paper currencies will continue to lose purchasing power. Governments will continue to grow.


People’s choice:

Reform the monetary system or strangle the future of freedom itself. This is the choice people face. It is not too late. The need for reform has never been more urgent.

Freedom and sound money are inseparable. Money must be returned to the people to manage and be taken away from the government and its controlling apparatus at the central bank. Foolish central banksters’ policies are creating distortions unlike anything the world ever has seen. And this is going to end in disaster. No one can be certain when these problems will come to a head. But the recent acceleration in plunging government-bond yields suggests it could be sooner than expected. The risks are of a magnitude that has never existed in history before. And this is why people who have capital or savings would be wise to prepare for these risks. Even if the Brexit referendum is manipulated and lost, the European banking system is in a state of collapse, which will destroy the dictatorial fascist EU-project anyhow.


If you still haven’t taken the advice to put a portion of your savings in physical gold, and silver, you’re urged to do so soon.


Individual Freedom and free market:

The wisdom behind the freedom possessed Economist Milton Friedman (1912-2006). He was the leading free-market economist of the 20th century and maybe of all time.

His academically most important work was proving the importance of a rational monetary supply and showing the disastrous results of irrational political meddling with money. – About what caused the Great Depression, Friedman explained:


“The Fed was largely responsible for converting what might have been a garden-variety recession, although perhaps a fairly severe one, into a major catastrophe. Instead of using its powers to offset the depression, it presided over a decline in the quantity of money by one-third from 1929 to 1933… Far from the depression being a failure of the free-enterprise system, it was a tragic failure of government.


And what would Friedman say today now that the “tragic failure of central banksters” is going in the opposite direction – expanding “the quantity of money” by insane proportions? Most likely he would condemn central bankers’ conduct.


Free-MarketFriedman correctly justified that the free market is good for everybody – rich, poor, minorities, majorities, the disadvantaged, almost anybody else. Only those in government, don’t want the free market as it delivers power to individuals. So the politicians, tell the people they have far more advantages if government regulate the markets for which they need to take some freedom away. In reality they want the power for themselves, and not in de hands of individuals.


Freedoms are physical things. All the physical goods and services of the world – including freedom of speech and belief – are traded in a marketplace of some kind. – When the marketplace is free, then “an exchange between two parties is voluntary, and will not take place unless both believe they will benefit from it.”


When the marketplace is not free, the exchange doesn’t have to be voluntary, the exchange could take place under threat of force, even though you know you won’t benefit from it. In that event you are sold into slavery.


All kinds of government interferences in free markets – including so called “beneficial” government’s interference for people, are more beneficial for government, but bad for individuals.


Insiders versus the Outsiders:

Democracy means people freely elect those who govern them, while governments ought to be employed by the people with the Insider versus outsiderspurpose to serve them, however the opposite is reality. So people may think that government actions are extensions of their own freedoms. – Friedman warns to be careful about thinking that way…


Every accretion of government power for whatever purpose increases the danger that government, instead of serving the great majority of its citizens, will become a means whereby some of its citizens can take advantage of others.


And don’t think poor people are the exception…


The poor tend to lack not only the skills valued in the market, but also the skills required to be successful in the political scramble for funds.


Even in the case of a “good government,” people are giving up their individuality, as they have to conform to what the government tells to do. That isn’t going to make everybody happy. In the free market, all parties are unanimous about the deal being a good deal. In the un-free market produced by government threat of force, someone is getting a sore deal…


The ballot box produces conformity without unanimity; the marketplace produces unanimity without conformity. – That is why it is desirable to use the ballot box, only for those decisions where conformity is essential.


Most profitable business:

big governmentThe most profitable business on Earth, by far, is government. And how bigger government is, the more expensive to run, for which people have to contribute more in taxes.


Crunching the numbers from several eras, then the verdict is clear: No other business model comes close; nothing rakes in money like a government. The numbers were so large; a method of proof was necessary to double-check them.


In the end, the statement stands confirmed: Government is, by far, the biggest and most profitable business on the planet, and always has been.



The first managed area on Earth was a peaceful city-anarchy.

A tremendous amount of evidence is available from this city, now called Catalhoyuk. As many as 10,000 people lived there between 7500 BC and 5700 BC – about 5,000 years before the pyramids of Egypt were built – with no master and no overseer. There was no courthouse, no tax collector, no central administration of any kind.


These people, were peaceful, cooperative, individuals, highly artistic. They were clean, well dressed, well fed, and productive. Many were long-distance traders, and they may have used a currency. They were anything but ignorant prehistoric brutes. The artefacts tell the tale.


Anarchy is often misinterpreted and for average individuals a pejorative used to describe hooligans rampaging through the streets, hurling bricks, stones and Molotov cocktails, generally making a nuisance of themselves. But in fact it means the opposite. The word has been appropriated by the official media to be used for what is exactly the opposite of what it stands for. What they made of it is a convenient confounding definition that serves the goals of governments. Governments preside over the enslavement of individuals within their territory. Government is the problem, NOT the solution.


Golden age:

Golden AgeToday we people can step into a golden age any time we want to. Scarcity has been dying for centuries now. The price of commodities like wheat and copper have flat-lined when measured in wages. And with the technologies we have coming online now, this process is only speeding up.

The problem is that people have authorized an incredible amount of replacement scarcity, and that’s what keeps us working double shifts to no great benefit.


But as soon as we decide that it’s not really our duty to install people we despise. And once we stop “needing” every new piece of gadget, and stop living to impress our neighbours and start cultivating our actual lives we’ll discover that we’re already rich and we’re already producing enough for everyone to have plenty.



The Brexit decision is already made by the RKM, whatever the British voters decide, their voice doesn’t mean anything, read the open letter from Greece.


An example how this goes: Obvious casually but a perfect timing; an anti-Brexit-advocate assassination Joe Cox, a Rothschild wake Up sheeplepuppet, and Member of Parliament actively campaigning to remain in the European Union; must take place exactly seven days before the referendum. Main Stream Media is grateful for weeping family on TV at the funeral, with headlines: “A Nation in Shock”. The perception is framed; Brexit promoters are near-terrorists! – And it’s done deal: GB remains in the EU. As, this murder suddenly swung heavily in favour of Britain remaining in the European Union. –  If people’s convictions can be changed that dramatically by a random act of violence, why even bother having referendums?

Again all is under the control of the psychotic RKM-gang with more than 6,000 years of experience in mass manipulation, with endless quantities of self-printed money and absolutely no conscience, fulfilling their only goal full enslavement of mankind by means of ever shrinking freedoms and ever more profound intervention in the lives of citizens.


Nowadays people have been conditioned to believe this is impossible, but the math says otherwise.


So the message is clear; a turn-around has to be initiated to produce a widespread reaction against government people’s greatest enemy. People don’t need to suffer from austerities and unemployment, through a political system with all the dirt, slime, and raw sewage of liberalism, socialism, and populism that is shown during election season. What is needed is a free choice and a free market, managed in Anarchy, run by the people themselves. Wake Up and take responsibility for your own destiny. Simply start today, it is certainly possible, successful and much cheaper.


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