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Criminal TBTF-Institutes Ruin the Economy



In the 1930s, Russian economist Nikolai Kondratieff produced a theory, which explained that truly hard times come in broad cycles, or “Super-Bubbles.” These Super-Bubbles are typically made up of several smaller or normal bubbles. – Interestingly: Kondratieff stated that economic cycles are more powerful than government. And that while the government can alter the Super Bubbleimpact of a smaller “normal” bubble, it is helpless in the wake of a true “Super-Bubble.” To be more precise, de central banksters can control events for years, even decades. They can postpone financial devastation, but not prevent it happening. As Kondratieff stated; governments cannot resolve whatsoever, as the real economic cycle is going to run its course, no matter what they undertake.


According to Kondratieff, governments’ acts are a hopeless charade. Real prosperity can’t come until all the “poison” is out of the economic system. The consequence of underestimating these cycles is catastrophic, and a force much more powerful than any government can control.


Aspects of long-wave theories:

However, one of the undeniable appealing aspects of long-wave theories is that it makes possible a simple interpretation of what might be otherwise complex. On the other hand, long-wave theories often explain very little, even less in rigged markets as what has been the case in the the economy over the last 40-years.


To be precise; Kondratieff, for example, never gives satisfactory explanation as to why capitalism should undergo a convulsion every 50/60 years. The question arises of what determines cycle length, and more specific what are the underlying causes of cycles? Probably there are none, as most are far more psychological than economical.


Totally random processes are capable of generating a series of results that, in retrospect, may appear to be cyclical. In fact, they are not. A random series is, by definition, pattern-less. Pattern recognition is a highly developed faculty of the human species. No doubt it proved its survival value again and again during a long evolutionary history. Some see patterns that sometimes don’t exist, but nevertheless are recognized as true.


During the last 40 years a series of financial bubbles fuelled by government spending and easy money, created by Central Banks that have misused their power to print money to staving off financial devastation. Once, too much money is printed and pumped into the economy it didn’t improve anything. As proof notice, the world since 2008 is still in a severe recession.


The economy:

Consider the 2000-2001 technology crash. The markets tanked. Investors got crushed. The economy tottered on the brink of economytotal collapse. And what happened? In rushed the government with low interest rates, pumping money into the economy and fuelling an unprecedented, and unsustainable real estate boom. Of course, the real estates bubble busted, resulting in the credit crisis, sparking the global financial meltdown of 2008-2009. And now eight years on the world economy has even more deteriorated, while the next crash can be expected soon, probably this year. Depending on who enters the White House as President?


All markets are manipulated, according to the Kondratieff theory the bubbles should have busted already in 2008. With more inflated markets anytime soon, this time a global crash has got to occur. All signs are visible that Central Bankers with their printing and negative interest rates have no other tools left, they most likely have lost control, which makes the situation even more dangerous.


At least 43 countries from every corner of the globe pumped massive amounts of money into the global economy, but the picture is meanwhile clear. Massive bailouts and trillions in stimulus funding prevented the global economy from collapsing.


The real estate bubble busted in 2007/08, resulting in the credit crisis and sparking the global financial meltdown of 2008-2009. The stock market plunged by 50%. Investors lost $3.2 trillion or more. Long-standing financial pillars like Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns vanished from the face of the Earth. For a while, it looked as if the whole system would collapse. Hundreds of banks went under that had to be bailed out. – Government rushed in and saved the day.


But the solution was a Band-Aid. It merely postponed the inevitable: a long and deep market slide that erased unprecedented levels of wealth from the global economy. – Now, governments are portraying the bailout as a success. And sure enough, people were relaxing, and even started to feel confident again. Falsified reports of economic strength were hitting the wires, but in real terms the market didn’t climb as was expected and reported. Now the party is over and the end of the Kondratieff cycle that was already many years overdue, has arrived.


Treasury Bonds:

News that would have been considered unthinkable a few years ago has now become routine. For example, the yield on 10-year German bunds – the European equivalent of 10-year T-Bond in the U.S – plunged to a record low of 0.033%.

negative bond yieldsIn other words, the benchmark sovereign debt of one of the world’s most important economies yields less than one-half of one percent. And analysts believe it could hit 0% as early as this week. And here it is: German Benchmark Bond Yield Dips Below Zero

10-year bund yield’s move into negative territory marks a milestone in investors’ flight to safer assets.



Of course, European sovereign yields are plunging thanks to the ECB’s massive easing programs. The quantitative easing program has purchased more than 1 trillion euros of bonds so far. The ECB’s easing program, on a relative basis, is now officially bigger than those of the U.S. or Japan. And, it’s about to get even bigger and worse.


Today, the ECB is buying European corporate bonds, too.


The European Central Bank is now printing money to buy junk bonds.”


However, the RKM cartel is on its last leg, they cannot stop gold and silver bull market, as sovereign debts are far to great in being able to keep the monetary system up-right.


The financial system of the EU is shaking on its foundation and about to collapse. The latest report from the BIS says international banks have reduced lending to the EU by $276 billion during the last quarter of 2015.


The contraction between End-September and End-December 2015 was driven primarily by a $276 billion drop in cross-border claims on euro area countries,



The EU’s bankrupt system will not be able to survive such a huge reduction of money. This might be the reason for RKM – George Soros, to going into gold as hedge against financial turmoil in the US and the EU. Count with the fact that gold will become currency soon.


Japanese government bonds:

An important international credit ratings agency, Fitch said it downgraded Japan’s creditworthiness “from stable to negative.” The reason? Tokyo is dealing from an empty hat. Fitch fears Japan won’t be able to service its mountain of debt.


Hoarding billions of euros and gold:

What could possibly go wrong? The unintended consequences of the ECB’s massive easing programs are becoming Executives Hoarding goldundeniable. Earlier this year, Munich Re – the world’s second-largest reinsurance firm – publicly announced it was loading up on gold and cash to counter the ECB’s move into negative interest rates. Today, is learned, one of Germany’s biggest banks could soon do the same. According to news service Reuters, Commerzbank is considering “hoarding billions of euros in vaults” rather than paying to keep it with the ECB.



These ideas aren’t coming from gold bugs, radicals, or conspiracy theorists. They’re coming from the executives of major corporations. If these folks are considering hoarding cash and gold, be sure there are plenty of others who are thinking the same thing. But it’s not happening only in Europe, but in Japan too.


U.S. Debt Clock Shows: The Current DOLLAR TO SILVER Price: $813 Per Ounce

PHYSICAL silver is worth a hell of a lot more than $17 an ounce. And that’s a hard-core FACT.



Negative interest rates:

Negative rates are increasing the risks for the financial system and the world economy. Bank profitability is crashing due to the low rates and forces them to take greater risks.


Pensioner hoardmoneySavers and pensioners, have been financially killed. And without savings, there will be no investments and no growth in the economy.


But then again the biggest disaster is hitting the pension sector. Virtually all pension funds are seriously underfunded, especially if they applied realistic rates of return. Pension funds hold three principal investments: stocks, bonds and property. These are all bubble assets inflated by the credit explosion that central banks have orchestrated.



As these assets implode, there will be no pension left for anybody. People who are about to retire in coming years have no understanding of the fate that is going to hit them. They will receive no pension or a pension that is worthless.


Deteriorating economy:

As the economy deteriorates, the unemployment rate will also rise dramatically. The combination of retirees with no pension and a high percentage of the population without a job will lead to severe human disasters around the world. Central Banksters will of course print unlimited amounts of money, but this will have no effect as artificial money never can create wealth.


This all is the result of central banks interfering in the natural cycles of the economy by financial repression and rigging, actually interfering with nature’s law. So instead of having minor booms and busts, the manipulation of markets and the economy creates the most massive super booms and busts. It is not the first time it happens in history and it will continue to happen. It will sadly lead to a period of very difficult adjustments and misery for current generations and possibly even future ones.


The end-phase:

In addition to all the negative fundamental factors, there are certain indicators that are telling us that we are now getting nearer to the end-phase of the downturn that started in 2006. – The bottom line is that economical, financial and geopolitical risks are today greater than ever in the world. Hopefully the worst case scenario doesn’t materialize, because if it does, life on Earth will be very different for a very long time.


The EndRemember, today the economy is in its biggest bubble in history for over the last 100 years, the end game is likely to lead to the biggest implosion in history of the world economy and financial system.


Whatever the outcome of the crisis the world will find itself in, over the coming years, it is absolutely essential to insure your wealth against these risks. The best financial insurance available and by far the cheapest is physical gold and silver stored outside the banking system. This is the only insurance available that appreciates as risk increases.


The truth:

The truth is, this so-called recovery cycle is now visibly dying of old age and being crushed by the head winds of global deflation. Rather than acknowledging the jig is up, our reckless criminal monetary TBTF-Institutes have completely ruined the economy by just equivocating, procrastinating and prevaricating about the monumental policy failure it has superintended. When this 83-month-long fake economic recovery finally rolls over into depression someday soon, the implosion will be thunderous.


TBTF InstitutionThe world is on the verge of a major financial crisis. Much more severe, different, and longer lasting than what was seen in 2008 and 2009. Paper currencies will fall apart, as they have done many times throughout history. The true saviour is in gold and silver. – That’s why everyone is encouraged to own physical gold and or silver. Putting just 10% or 15% of your wealth in precious metals could help you avoid big losses during the next financial crisis.


Global investors and fund managers are uneasy about negative rates. A third of all government debt in the world – over $10 trillion now – has negative interest rates. This absurd policy can’t have a positive outcome and shows how misguided and unstable global monetary policy has become.


Worldwide, everyday people are getting squeezed by central banksters, but they aren’t alone. More and more dissent comes from the big banks at the heart of the global financial system that stand against the European Central Bank.

Deutsche Bank’s chief economist David Folkerts-Landau released a scathing report, aptly titled “The ECB Must Change,” Amongst other complaints he said;


“The longer the ECB persists with unconventional monetary policy, the greater the damage to the European project will be.”


In other words, there is no room left to react to any recessionary forces down the road. It means there is no way to turn around without capsizing the boat.


Negative rates also remove the sceptic’s usual argument, that gold doesn’t pay any interest. But owning gold is better than buying a bond that is guaranteed to lose money. Gold is not just a hedge against inflation, or deflation, or negative rates, or stock market weakness, or political ineptness, or terrorism, or what ever is going to occur. Gold and silver are a hedge against all types of turmoil and crisis.


The next wave:

3D War of the Worlds Final SeasonaaBo Polny has made quite a number of wrong calls, but he truthfully knows what is going to happen and keeps trying to time a rigged market, which is virtually impossible in an environment of falsification and fabrication, and that certainly is a positive endeavour. Pensioners with gold and silver in their possession eventually will be on the right side, but when? Will the Fed be able to keep this economy afloat 10 more years? That looks next to impossible. Bo’s timing has been off, but so was everyone’s, but anyone with a kind of economical insight knows the only way to get out this crisis alive is through precious metals, hopefully soon. Scale down and bite your time in discomfort. After rain always comes sunshine; better days must be ahead.



The cycle analyses by Bo Polny



News-Bulletin1Latest Update from the Khazarian frontline:

The Rothschilds told Benjamin Fulford; “we are aware of what you and your contact desire. We do agree and are working with other members of the family to make this happen. We are also aware of what is currently taking place. The Golden Lily’s are ready to be harvested. Read details here. It will be integrated in the change-over to the new plan. – Each new district will have their own reserves, for their new currency. Each district will be part of a basket of Asian currencies that are backed with various commodities. We will send our representative over to meet with you, as we know how to reach you. Please be on standby.”

“So in other words, the Rothschilds have finally agreed to support a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and trigger an exponential expansion of humanity into the universe. This is good news indeed for the planet. We will keep readers posted on any further developments.”

Truth is stranger than fiction:

Response from ANONYMOUS Regarding Neil Keenan

Anonymous crossed checked all information regarding Mr. Neil Keenan and his Group K. All submitted information is true, as well his reports concerning opening of the Collateral Accounts. Obama is proven OUT and only used as a frontman, otherwise General Dunford would have taken over. Cabal members Bush and Clinton are obstructing the process. The Rothschilds want privately to discuss with Mr Keenan their soft landing. Listen to this video and convince yourself and friends that the world is in the process of the most historic change ever. Of which we the people are witnesses.