Optimal vigilance protects humanity from Deep State control:


The Cleaner:

Trump’s biggest virtue was that he seemed to be exposing the truth on key issues. As a consequence many Americans who supported President-elect Trump, see him as the populist leader saving America from ruin. Many people are sick and tired of permanent war that recast Russia and China as war enemies, a fictional fact to be sombody-has-to-do-itemployed as an argument to start WW3. People have also had enough of the ongoing big government corruption and paedophile ring activities, harming every family on the planet for centuries. They want restoration of the rule of law, while draining the swamp of dangerous traitors, kicking them out to face justice by trial for their crimes against humanity.


People worldwide are dying from the poisonous chemicals the cabal is putting in our food, water, air and even in the vaccines of which it is claimed ‘heal’ us. Through the spraying of these chemicals, manufactured by Monsanto and other chemical companies, weed killers find their way into our food and poison our drinking water. How many more people must suffer from these toxins and die before the cabal and all associated criminals are brought to justice and put in jail? Have these criminals not inflicted enough pain and suffering, and done enough harm to provide sufficient cause to be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law? Of course they have, there is not the slightest doubt about that.


The criminal secret government controls the levers of power in Washington DC, and does not have the people’s well being at heart. The political establishment is responsible for the disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration and economic and foreign policies that have bled societies dry. The common people won the election in The US, but the Oligarchy is still there, as powerful as ever. They have already launched their counter-attack using their media whores and hiring so-called progressive groups in an attempt to delegitimize Trump with protests, petitions, and endless false news reports.


Against all odds Trump’s ascension to power is seen as people’s last hope to ward off the globalists’ century old mission to implement the One World Order, meaning slavery and depopulation for humanity. Finally, the masses have reached the tipping point, demanding the removal of the Deep State that pulls the strings in the western world, demanding that it be brought down once and forever. The voice of the people is rising up in protest, pushing for a   take-back of power from the political elites. A transformation shift is coming into view.



But don’t get your hopes up too high in believing that Trump will be fighting hard for us little people, as Washington under Trump may be looking more each day like the same old oligarchy business-as-usual. There expectationscould be a dark, sinister cloud facing us with the prospect of a Trump-Pence administration in the months and years ahead.


As a reminder; Obama was the perceived antithesis to Bush when so many Americans were entranced by their hope for change. But no sooner was he fulfilling his figurehead puppet role in the White House, and his promise to close Guantanamo Bay within 60 days after taking office was forgotten. Now, 8 years later, Guantanamo Bay is still open. He also promised to end Bush and Cheney’s unwanted wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that were amplified with Libya, and now Syria; these wars have all been legitimised on false premises, despite Obama’s promise to be the ‘most open and transparent’ president in US history. All this flew right out the window, which has been extensively witnessed and confirmed during his tenure in office. He has delivered more lies and more unending wars, and endless streams of corruption and paedophilia, than any other President before him. He promised to partner with Russia in Syria to destroy the terrorist that America had created, but instead continued supporting them. It is a good thing to list all Trump’s promises, in order to raise people’s awareness so together we can see to it that he follows through on them;



Defying the pressure:

Trump’s biggest challenge will be to defy the pressure and demands from the ruling elite, directly opposing all hit-runmsmhis election promises. His power is limited to the extent that the cabal will try to thwart every turn Trump makes to follow through on his vowed promises to the people. Nevertheless; The globalists fear Trump.


The last time a US president actually challenged the Deep State shadow government, controlled by the ruling elite, he got himself assassinated 53 years ago last month. The international crime cabal has been regularly getting away with targeting and murdering perceived threats to its status quo evildoing for a very, very long time.


The crime cabal is presently in the fight for its life, refusing to relinquish power in a changing, hegemonic, no longer unipolar world. The earth’s secret rulers fear losing control in the face of awakened global masses, determined to hold Satanic worshipping elitists accountable for their despicably horrifying crimes against humanity, and their human genocide agenda.


Ruling Elites exposed:

Meanwhile, the elites are being exposed further by the day and are increasingly coming under pressure by the changing global dynamics of shifting powers. They have now started to turn on each other, the Rothschilds elites-exposedagainst the Rockefellers. As the US Empire most certainly is heading for an economic downfall, Western oligarchs are feeling the global balance of power and control shifting both geopolitically and economically dramatically away from the West toward the Eastern powers of Russia, China and Iran.


So, should anything different be expected from Trump’s presidency? Could he be a close insider, dubbed “outsider”? Could this possibly be another deception, taking into account the White House occupant is always a puppet controlled by the Deep State, the longtime owners of the globalist system.


If the elites have indeed “placed” Donald Trump in the position of president of the USA, he must be in it for a reason. The important question is: Will he work on behalf of the people, or the Deep State – cabal?


Only time will tell, but extra vigilance is imperative so as to intervene immediately when necessary. Much of his doing hinges on the nearly ousted, but still unfinished power struggle within and by the power elite.


Donald J. Trump, is making himself ready to lead a gigantic, out of control governmental services corporation calling itself “the United States of America INC.”. Despite all negative prior experiences, people must remain hopeful and have faith in what can be, counting on our togetherness to attain our goals. If Donald Trump and his staff read the comments and suggestions of so many people on how to make America “Great Again”, it would aid him in deciphering the complexity of challenges facing humanity today.  It is imperative that many people start thinking about solutions and taking action to restore all nations, and in so doing we could free the world again, free for everyone.


Once the people assume and accept their responsibility to govern themselves, the job will get done and be done well. The government corporations, its agencies and its managers will have no choice but to hear the call and obey, or lose their coveted position to new service providers.


It is a simple enough proposition if it is seen clearly and executed appropriately. Donald Trump, unlike Barack Obama, has a solid history as entrepreneur, businessman, and manager. Thanks to his enormous ego, he knows and admits the necessity of keeping his clients happy, since we the people are his “customers” we have reason to be hopeful.


The world has recently been witness to a revolution, probably the biggest election revolution in US-history, since George Washington when he decided not to be a king. This in itself is already a most important achievement for the time being.


Nevertheless a serious forewarning; Most events in the political world are engineered events designed to elicit a specific psychological response from peopleThis is the globalists’ system by design, by which the world works. Until this is fully understood, things will change at a snail’s pace.


Financial crisis:

Since at least 2008, the global elites have been deliberately setting the stage for an evolving international financial-crisisfinancial crisis, greater than any other seen in modern history. This engineered crisis is a typical ‘problem, reaction, solution’ in progress, and has now reached its fulfilment. We are in the so-called endgame. There is no better way for the elites than to put the blame on Trump for the catastrophe that is most certain to unfold. He will certainly be made the scapegoat for the financial crash, which the globalists purposely have created.


Unfortunately, despite the market’s cheers, nothing in Trump’s proposals is likely to derail the coming credit-default cycle and the massive bear market that will follow. In fact, his plans are only likely to make things worse. It is going to start this month with a rise in interest rates, which is the price of money that is going up. When rates move upwards, they will affect stocks, bonds, property, and even the value of the cash in your wallet.


The increase in interest rates will also have a huge impact on derivatives – securities that derive their value from another security – like a stock or bond. This isn’t just a problem for the banks that hold them, this is a threat to the entire global banking and monetary system.



Financial system is in its final stage:

financial-system-is-in-its-final-stageDon’t be a victim of this devious system. Wise people have already protected their savings with the purchase of gold and silver – that are for the moment still cheap – so too should everyone else protect themselves financially and become eligible to make windfall profits as this criminal, engineered crisis unfolds.


The financial system has reached its final stage. We may soon witness another 1% of the population awakening to the economic nightmare and taking action by buying precious metals. When the run starts, it won’t be because 90% of the population wakes up and says ‘I need precious metals to protect my financial wellbeing’. What will happen is that just 1% will say ‘I need precious metals to protect my financial wellbeing’. This would suffice to double the market on the demand side, as the physical gold market is less than 1% of all financial assets, and the silver market is about .02% of all financial assets.


So, it will not take a big number of new buyers to put the precious metals price at astronomical levels. When it starts to play out that people don’t trust the currency they are holding in their wallet, be assured, there will be a run into gold and silver that will be noted in the financial book of records in the future to come!


The dollar is going up, up and up, and it will peak. Once it starts moving down, it will start going down kind of slowly, and then, it will build momentum. Then, it will hit terminal velocity. It will hit a level of maximum acceleration and will continue until it hits ground zero. When that occurs, more and more people will be motivated to move into precious metals. The hard truth will become evident; either you have gold and silver or you don’t.