Impending Turbulence


The Shakeup:

Trump has delivered a vigorous, aggressive shake-up to the establishment. He is determined to succeed, but running an insolvent economy in a virtually bankrupt world will be much more difficult than building a property shakeup-wakeupempire. The continued debasement of currencies will guarantee a higher gold price. The failure of the paper gold market could happen at any time. When this happens, there will be no physical gold available at any price until there is equilibrium in the physical market.


Japan is totally bankrupt. China has a major debt problem, and the European banking system is unlikely to survive in its present form. What started with Brexit is likely to continue in many European countries. Like the people in the US, many Europeans are tired of. the elite in Brussels ruling over 500 million people with little understanding of the resentment that these irresponsible, without accountability, unelected bureaucrats are causing.


Europe to remove the Khazarians from power:

The Trump-led American revolution will expand into Europe to remove the Khazarians from power. The Italian election this 4th of December will most likely be a political game changer, thanks to the tireless efforts of Beppe Grillo and his five-star movement. –


Much like in America, the populist uprising in Italy is another fierce resolution away from the elites. It is supported with vocal opposition by two Euro-sceptic political parties; the conservative Northern League and the Five Star Movement. The ever-colourful leader of the Five Star party, the former comedian Beppe Grillo, proudly noted:

brexit-breakup“We are the barbarians! The real idiots, populists and the demagogues are the journalists and the establishment intellectuals.”


This sentiment has given rise to his populist, anti-establishment political movement, the Five Star Movement, which wants Italy to hit the reset button. It blames Italy’s chronic lack of growth on the euro currency, which many Italians agree on, and it has promised to hold a vote to leave the euro and reinstate Italy’s old currency, the lira, as soon as it is in power. This could be very soon indeed. Of course, they must assume power before Italy is able to drop the euro, but this is just the beginning and things could start unfolding as soon as next month.


The vote could have powerful consequences in the currency market. A “No” win would not trigger an instant exit out of the euro, but it could lay down the foundation for such a move.


Italy is the third-largest economy in the EU, and if the forces of Euro-scepticism take over Rome, there is no way that the euro could maintain its status as the single currency for 500 million European citizens. So, we will be watching with bated breath as December 5th comes around. EU-Divorce, Italian-style, may be the latest salvo against the post-World War II economic order. The corresponding turmoil resulting from this could give rise to a bigger headache than anyone has ever imagined.


In 2017, France and Germany are both having elections. The cabal stooges, French President Francois Hollande and Chancellor Angela Merkel, are almost certainly to be replaced by nationalists. – Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right National Front, says that if she wins the presidential elections, the world will become a safer place, as France will cooperate with both US President-elect Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Le Pen says that her joining forces with Putin & Trump as the leader of France, would be ‘good for world peace’.



The break-up of the EU and the end of the Euro is just a matter of time and it could happen a lot faster than eu-breakupanyone expects. The EU is already dying financially with all the debt-expanding, bankrupt governments, businesses and individuals. The EU is sinking economically, weighted down with stifling regulations and taxes. It also is being strangled demographically, with birth rates far below death rates, except for African and Muslim immigrants, who are not integrating and are causing excessive anxiety to the Europeans. As with millions of migrants, who seem to expect free food, shelter, clothing, money, the right to rape women and hang around in coffee bars all day long complaining. The EU has long been a hotbed of religious, ethnic and race wars.


The migration of Muslims into the EU is going to be one of the biggest problems in the next generation. It’s a sure thing that not millions, but tens of millions of “feet people” and “boat people”, with the inclusion of under-cover mercenaries, initiated and financially sponsored by George Soros through his multiple organisations, are going to try to overrun Europe by design. If they are accepted and are permitted to resettle, it will destroy what’s left of Western Civilization. If they are prevented, it could result in millions of deaths, and be quite a scandal. It is not known how this will play out, but it’s bound to be a huge and very ugly catastrophe. – What should you do? Acquire plenty of gold and silver, and make sure that you have one or more residences that are out of harm’s way.


The Euro is doomed. It will reach its intrinsic value of zero probably before the dollar does. The euro will likely cease to exist by the end of the decade. The best alternative to protect your euro wealth, of course, is precious metals; gold and silver.


euro-doomedDraghi, who deserves the same fate as was bestowed upon Hillary, is incompetent, and acting in a completely predictable manner. It is important to minimise your quantity of euro’s as much as possible, and to make a plan to get all out as fast as possible when necessary.


It is likely to get a lot worse. Rising interest rates are looming, influenced by the stress in the debt markets, the imminent break down of the bond market, and higher unemployment that cause major problems in the global financial system. This is to be countered with massive money printing to no avail, leading to substantially higher debt as well as a vicious debt cycle without an exit.


Gold is money:

Gold in essence does not appreciate in value. It performs the function that money should. It represents a stable value just as it has done for thousands of years. One ounce of gold bought a good man’s suit some 2,000 years ago, it did as recently as 100 years ago, and it still does today. This is exactly how money should perform. It should maintain its value over time.


Few people realise that their currency that they call money, has nothing to do with money at all. All paper currencies are of a temporary nature and they eventually return to their intrinsic value of zero. This is because reckless governments cling to power by printing or borrowing endless amounts of fiat money in the hope that they will placate the people and buy votes. Fiat money, as the name indicates, can never be real money. It is issued at will, and is not backed by anything but debt and liabilities.


Power and money corrupts:

Power and money corrupts. It is a lethal combination that not only destroys people but also nations. Sadly, a point has been reached in history when the unlimited amounts of fiat money that have been created will even power-and-money-corruptsdestroy whole continents, factually destroying the world’s monetary paper system completely.

The destruction of currencies has been the norm throughout history as no paper or fiat currency has been known to survive. Therefore, there is little hope of introducing a sound money system that is not backed by value that will prove to be of a permanent nature. Power seems to have such a corrupting effect on everyone who enters politics, as the urge to print and spend money that doesn’t exist, appears to be completely irresistible.


The Solution:

The simple solution would be to get rid of all central banks because central banks are the main reason why money never remains money but always eventually returns to the intrinsic value of the paper it is printed on, namely zero. Central banks perform two principal functions:


  • Dictation of interest rates through manipulation, and
  • Printing of


By manipulating interest rates, they destroy the functioning of the natural laws of supply and demand.

In a free market; if there is high demand for money, interest rates will go up to dampen the demand for money. Higher rates also compensate depositors for the increased risks they take and rightly so.


The present financial repression or manipulation is of a degree never seen before. It has totally destroyed the free market forces and therefore it has sown the seeds for the coming financial Armageddon. Whenever the natural laws of supply and demand are interfered with, it always has severe consequences.


Financial system will not survive:

One thing is certain, the current financial system will not survive because it is based on principles which are not sustainable. In such a system, there is no sound money. What is also certain is that gold and silver are the only want-to-survivereal money, both will continue to reflect the mismanagement of the world economy as the currencies complete their journey to zero-value in the near future.


In the end, markets are always bigger than any central bank or even a group of central banks plotting together to attain a desired effect. The reality of this principle played out in 2008 when various markets crumbled for months, leading to the Lehman collapse and the subsequent upheaval.


The Western central bank franchise system is totally broken, insolvent, and corrupt. It beckons the Gold Standard’s return. The entire financial system is built upon a debt-based monetary system. The debt saturation process has run its full course. The central banksters have been covering the sovereign debt for the past five years or so, bankrupting their balance sheets.


Global Financial Reset:

A massive global debt write-down of sovereign bonds is coming, on the back end of the Global Financial Reset. This paradigm shift is of a most disruptive sort, while power shifts eastward. – No economic growth should be anticipated, as this is nowhere to be seen in the proximity of the current horizon. Nothing is sufficient to unwind our present tremendous debt burden.


With humanity in control of its own future, i.e. in control of the process of creating and distributing money, trillions of dollars could be made available to end poverty and stop environmental destruction within a matter of months, not decades.


Implementation of the Gold Standard:

The implementation of the Gold Standard will render almost all US dollar-based debt securities toxic paper. QE to-big-to-failmight have bought time for the TBTF-banks, but it guaranteed the demise of the economy, and the default of all sovereign debts. No prospect of a return to normality can come out of this chaos. This is why war is being vigorously pursued, in order to retain power for the Elite.


Expect a revolution from the East, as it installs the Gold Standard in certain key areas. Gold, silver and platinum are the best way to augment diversification while functioning as a tangible hedge against foolish monetary policy by the financial elite, whose whims and ludicrous schemes are wrecking the economy.


The world is in a monetary environment that is paving the way for the gold standard that is of paramount importance in backstopping currencies across the world. Dollars, Pounds, Euros, Yen, Yuan and more, are all in dire straits. In addition to this when looking at the raw supply side, the world is in a period of declining gold output.


It will take many years for investment to catch up with the ongoing gold and silver demand, after all it takes five years, sometimes longer, to build a mine. It takes up to 20 years to run the entire cycle, from exploration through permitting, development, build out, and initiation. The point is, gold mining takes time and it is hard work!


The 2017- Predictions – by Gerald Celente:

The MSM is Gone and the Panic in the Financial Markets is Coming

The MSM is now so discredited that it is beyond the point of no return. Celente goes on to say;


“I was saying up until recently about the mainstream media that they still have the clout to set the tone. Now, they don’t. Look at how many newspapers supported Hillary Clinton in editorials, all of the major papers, and it didn’t amount to anything. The facts are there, and again look at the numbers. The bottom line is they are falling out of profitability, and they can’t sustain themselves. That’s the bottom line. News Corp., and one after another, its business is 20% down. You can’t keep a business going like that.”


On the economy, Celente says a crash is coming, and gold is flashing a warning signal overseas. Celente contends;


“It almost happened this year with Brexit, but again you are looking at the paper world and the real world, and they keep manipulating it. As you see gold prices going down, is anyone talking about what is going on in India? They just pulled in the high end rupees. There is panic going on over there. They are buying up gold, and they are one of the biggest gold purchasers in the world, and add China. Nobody is talking about it, and there is bedlam going on right now. They are saying they want to stop the black market, so people are buying up gold, but they are shorting the market with naked shorts on the commodities end to drive down the prices because when prices go up, it shows what a fraud the whole system is. So, right now, from our contacts there, the gold buyers in India are buying up as much gold as they can.”


Celente goes on to predict;


“We’re forecasting the economy is not going to rebound with the economic proposals that are in place now. The global situation has created an environment for financial panic. The financial panic conditions have been in place for quite a while. What Trump’s victory has done is played it off for a little bit possibly, but on the negative side, you still have the debt and interest rates going up and the debt that has to be paid. On gold, we believe right now is near its bottom.”