Deep State’s funding swindle

Real money changed into fake money

Stimulus is Fraud 

Taxpayer Monies Laundered Through Privately Owned Tax Offices



Corrupt Debt-Money-System let us live as Medieval Serfs

The banking system is a fantastic business; they lend out money they don’t have and charge the lender interest on it, add to it the ‘fractional reserve lending’ that allows the banks to lend ten times more than what they have on deposit. In other words, they lend ‘money’ they don’t have and doesn’t exist, properly called – credit or debt money – with interest charges attached.

Under a fraudulent monetary system, debt in real terms, becomes impossible to pay, while the required debt liquidation can only be accomplished by debasement of the currency, that is inflation, in other words theft. Fake money rewards the special interest cliques most closely associated with money managers: such as the Deep State, banking industry, military industrial complex, Wall Street, and the many beneficiaries of government spending.


Unfair distribution of wealth is a characteristic of a fiat monetary system and is being witnessed today in its extreme. As an example; the three richest people on Earth own more than the bottom 60% of the world’s population. Fiat money dislikes morality, and thus creates an immoral society. It requires the rejection of a convertible commodity standard, and can only be enforced with powerful legal tender laws.

Economic bubbles are the monsters birthed by fiat currencies, central bank manipulation of the money supply and interest rates. A fiat currency eliminates a definable unit of accounting, which is needed for sound economic calculation.


Most importantly, the central bank global financial debt system is being brought to the point of deflation, which will force the Deep State to relinquish their global control. The fiat financial system will be replaced by local currencies, i.e. gold-backed sovereign money units, run on the QFS. This will be the foundation for the post-fiat, GESARA world


Recovering from the damage caused by the fiat currencies will prove to be much more difficult than rejecting the temptation to initiate a fiat currency as the unit of account in the first place. – Honest money is the essential ally of liberty. Precious metals must and will return to serve as the foundation for the new QFS-system.


Worldwide, people are waking up to the fact that the current economic system of fiat debt-money is unsustainable, and banksters are quietly and secretly preparing for the worst. Governments will do what they always do in a financial crisis: protect insiders and those close to the Deep State.


Average middle-class citizens are already suffering from the corrupt monetary system, and are scrambling to find the best way to protect their wealth and ensure their safety in these challenging times. The unwinding of history’s largest financial fraud and greatest bubble is now upon us.


People must understand that they are living with a criminal and totally unfair privately owned central banking system with their government as partner. – What is observed is us living like medieval “serfs” under this system. So, it is vital that all private Central Banks are abolished at all costs and that legislation is enacted to ensure no such bank in the future is ever being established again.


Deep State’s funding swindle

The plan is not only to go after the Shadow Government and the Deep State, but to go after the source of their funding that has made it possible for them to do what it does; print easy money and promote corruption. In short; the Rothschilds controlled central banks print money out of thin air, governments borrow and force taxpayers to fund this Ponzi scheme.


Central Banks are not tied to checks and balances audits, so they are able to do whatever they want to do. They have been applying fraudulent accounting practices that don’t account for the money they have created. And as is observed, the entire economic system is deteriorating rapidly. President Trump continuously and correctly points his finger at the Fed. He maintains that they allow the economy to slide into recession, and repeats endlessly what the Fed is doing is wrong, insinuating that this will be the reason if the economy weakens, and finally falls to pieces, the Central Banks are to blame.


Look at today’s economy and people will see that all sales are drying up. Car sales are down 12%. Also new home sales in various areas are disintegrating with a 5% month to month downtrend. Meanwhile, sales prices in many regions have declined 3,5 % from a year ago. This is a complete and utter disaster, even worse after the Central Bank lowered the interest rate to zero, which first and foremost affects the retirees.


Real money changed into fake money

In the depression of the 1930s it was the supply of money that mattered, but after Nixon in 1972 abolished the gold backing for the US dollar, he changed ‘real money’ into fake ‘credit/debt money’. So now, it’s not the supply of money that matters, it’s the supply of credit – the quantity of debt made. As long as credit is increasing at a healthy rate below 2% which means inflation and is nothing else as plain theft by the government, markets and GDP go up. When the demand of credit doesn’t increase; expect recession and bear markets. The idea behind the QE (quantitative easing) was to supply more credit money, but as there was no market for, QE became a worthless tool, because it does not create extra lending capability.


QE effectively cannot create new lending volume. To put it as simply as possible. Reserves are bank assets. Lending is constrained by available capital. QE shifts assets but doesn’t alter capital. For example, if the Central Bank buys $2.6 trillion in Treasuries from the nongovernment sector; the nongovernment sector sells $2.6 trillion in Treasuries to the Central Bank. This gives the impression that the Federal Reserve central bank ‘injected’ $2.6 trillion in liquidity into the system. In spite of this, the net effect is still zero.


In addition, a bank can go to Goldman Sachs and lever up that $2.6 trillion as if it were something new, which is false.They could do that before using Treasury securities as collateral.


The idea that the excess reserves point to future hyperinflation is also absurd. The assumption is that the banking system will somehow ‘lend out’ those excess reserves. It can’t happen. It’s impossible. Banks in aggregate cannot lend reserves. Period. Even very well educated people have not been aware of this.


The Central Banks know credit must expand, otherwise there will be a depression. But, today’s debt levels are so high that a depression would be catastrophic. The disaster would be worldwide. While people would die.


“Because a depression in the US would mean tens of millions… maybe hundreds of millions… of people in China and Southeast Asia would lose their jobs. Businesses would go broke. Governments would go broke. People living at the margin – with no savings – would soon be desperate. Civilisation would not survive. That’s why the Fed will not allow a real credit contraction.”


Governments and Central Banks are very keen to stop a depression, as they do not want to admit that they had any role in causing it. Due to their own policies, – ultra-low interest rates and fake money – they have created excesses that need to be purged. Don’t expect them to confess that their impotent remedy of more money-printing, will only make the ultimate correction worse.


So far this century, they’ve held off three major corrections. From October 2000 to July 2003, they chopped 5% off their key lending rate and set off the blow-up of the real estate market in 2008-2009. Then, they thwarted that correction too, again cutting their key rate by more than 5%, and printing up an additional $3.6 trillion. And this year, they’ve gone “Full Weimar”, with rates back down to zero, and another $3 trillion in new fake money.

After the fake COVID pandemic has ended, the new economy will not require so much office and parking spaces, because more people have been working from home. Restaurant tables, airplane seats, big-city housing, cruise ships, and theatres are left empty. Since fewer people commute to work, they don’t need so many automobiles or gasoline, either. Oil shares have been cut in half so far this year.


This has put the financial system in a situation with many fingers in the dike, and it isn’t known in advance, which one finger is being removed that might cause the dike to give way. But it does look more certain that the end of U.S. reserve dollar hegemony is in sight. Two of the main questions at this point in time are: When does it end, and when does the real panic begin? Regardless, the demise of the fiat reserve dollar is a certainty.


Stimulus is Fraud 

All stimulus efforts are merely different forms of fraud — all based on misleading consumers, investors and businesses with “inflation,” that is the case, with fake money that no one ever earned or saved.


Counterfeiting money is a do-it-yourself version of inflation. It is illegal, for good reason. It’s a fraud, pretending that this new money represents real wealth. The only people who can get away with this sort of fraud are those who work for the government; they falsely claim that their counterfeiting stimulates the economy.

The counterfeit money has been introduced into the economy in a number of different ways. In the West over the last 30 years, it has mostly gone in like a thief through the monetary back alleys, remaining mainly in financialised assets.


Naturally, this was great for people who owned stocks and bonds. The top 10% of the population, for example, watched its wealth grow from about $20 trillion 30 years ago to about $75 trillion today. During that same time, U.S. GDP rose only $15 trillion — which is about what the bottom 90% gained in wealth during that time.


Another way to look at it is to compare total household net worth to GDP. Typically, households have a total net worth equal to about 3.5 times GDP. Now, the figure is over five times GDP. Households have about $30 trillion more, almost all of it owned by the 10% of richest families and almost all of it based not on increased real wealth (GDP increases), but on the aforementioned funny-money counterfeiting.


Gold will be trading for at least ten times what the price is today. It’s going to happen; but the date is uncertain. People need to own gold/silver because the central planners are leading the economy to ruin. Also, silver is going to see extraordinary gains over the long term. Copper too will see fantastic gains as they continue to modernise and invest in infrastructure. The bottom line is people need to be patient because the day is drawing near when the world will shift its attention once again to gold, silver, platinum and other commodities, and the criminal central bankers’ manipulations come to an end.


The Western central planners and their agents at the bullion banks have had an ongoing war against gold for a long time now, and the tide may finally be turning against them, despite the ongoing downdraft by their manipulations.


Taxpayer Monies Laundered Through Privately Owned Tax Offices

People who think that peace and prosperity are worthy goals, must eventually reject fiat currencies. For at least since the 1600s, taxpayer monies have been illegally laundered through what now is known as privately owned tax offices, central banks and cabal owned corporations identified as: Washington DC, the City of London and the Holy See in Vatican City. The elites, banksters and politicians have been filling their pockets all along the way. 


Governments are funded totally through black earning projects, such as drug-, organ- and human-trafficking, including child-sex-trading and the off-budget accounting as published in the comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR). –


When President Trump finally implements GESARA Law the Federal Reserve Central Bank and IRS will officially be defunct. Income taxes will be abolished and replaced with a sales tax on non-essential items.


The new monetary system known as the Quantum Financial System (QFS) will end the Cabal’s corruption, usury, and manipulation within the banking industry. The QFS is ready for its implementation, and is waiting behind the coulisses. This new Quantum Financial System is set to be run on a quantum computer that is based on an orbiting satellite, and is protected by Secret Space Programs to ensure that it cannot be hacked. The quantum technology that corresponds to this new system is being provided by benevolent Galactics. The key is to implement limitations that will prevent corrupted banksters from gaining significant profits. Crooked banksters are no longer in charge of any funds within the QFS. Paper money and banks will eventually disappear, though coinage will remain as a safeguard against corruption, and the populace will prosper.


All Cabal assets are to be seized by the Alliance and redistributed to benefit humanity. Alliance theoreticians have been working on a daily basis to determine the timing of the RV (currency revaluation) release using mathematical formulas based on multiple factors. The issues taken into account are the current state of the geopolitical arena, the global economy, the number of un-awakened masses, current events, and future planned events.


This allows the Alliance to determine the optimal time to release the RV. This optimal time for the release of the RV is quickly approaching as all the dominoes steadily fall into place, revealing the greater picture.


Meanwhile, the RV has evolved beyond a simple revaluation of currencies, and is not going to be done the way as was originally imagined. Now, it is going to be handled through the Quantum Financial System (QFS). The QFS currently has accounts for each and every human being on Earth. Compensation funds will be given to every human being; everything the Cabal has stolen will be directly deposited into individual QFS accounts.



The Quantum Financial System is going to be explained after the full disclosure event, as the enactment of GESARA (the Global Economic Security and Reformation Act) is announced. Assets will be connected to a true algorithm that predicts actual prices based on production and demand, ending the market rigging. The QFS is going to be enacted with:

  • Gold Standard
  • Debt Elimination
  • A flat tax on new goods only
  • Elimination of all income tax
  • Elimination of government subsidised pharmaceutical drug pushers


For readers interested in more details, The book The Great Awakening, explains how the Elite are running the world with the purpose of enslaving every individual in every country of the world. They incite wars for their own profit with as many casualties as possible, the details of which will blow your mind. Be grateful, for every day that Trump has become the US President, the swamp is being drained on a daily basis as he promised. It is everyone’s duty to be a Patriot in their country all over the world.


Awake people want to meet other awake individuals, without masks, for the reason that we together are stronger, and able to defeat the Deep State cabal quicker. Our liberation process cannot be stopped anymore. Uniting with others who are like minded creates and shapes our best reality. World wide awake networks have been and are being created, like those in the Marbella / Malaga area of Spain who have been around for several months with increasing numbers of participants. If you would like to meet up with them, please contact Peggy via email. Meetings and lectures in English are organised on a regular basis.


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