Octogon Templars are the ruling Oligarchy of the World

Society of Jesus Diabolical Plan

People’s sovereignty to be returned


Octogon Hidden Empire of Darkness

Many may think they are pretty well informed about all of the main players in the Deep State “conspiracy” playing field, concerning the various elements of society that control our world from behind the scenes. However, the organisational structure is made up of eight layers and is far more complicated, than is known.


Far earlier, before Noah’s Great Flood took place approximately 4,359 years ago in the year 2348 BC., the reign on Earth of the 12th planet had completed ten administrations, that are related with the orbital period of planet Nibiru.


The periods of reign lasted till the moment Nibiru arrived with the new incoming reign that began shortly thereafter after the planet’s departure. Ultimately determining the length of the governing period of the commander in chief. Landing and departure had to coincide with the time Nibiru approached the Earth, which determined the length and change of each reign, measured by the orbital period of 3,600 earth years. That is why scholars called these periods legendary in length.


There is little doubt that life on another planet is linked, in terms of time, to the orbital period around the sun. So one year on Nibiru is then equivalent to 3,600 earth-years. The duration of the kingship as indicated by the Sumerians is by no means legendary and would have lasted five, eight, or even ten Nefilim years of planet Nibiru.


Also, the progress of human civilisation, was determined by the intervention of the Nefilim, and had three stages that were each ca. 3,600 years long; these was the Mesolithic period ca. 11,000 years B.C., the pottery phase ca. 7,400 B.C., and the sudden emergence of the Sumerian civilisation ca. 3,600 B.C. It is therefore not improbable the Nefilim periodically assessed the progress of mankind on Earth, and were each time involved with it when The Twelfth Planet orbited planet Earth. They are deeply engaged in the creation of an entirely new and even more disconnected human body as we know today, to make sure all human beings were trapped in their Matrix of the third dimension, for trouble-free manipulation and control.


Historians have established that the first landing on Earth of the Nefilim specifically called Anunnaki took place about 450,000 years ago. I.e. after the Atlantis civilisation was destroyed. It is clear that these beings had the means of interplanetary travel more than 500,000 years ago. Meanwhile, scholars have concluded that life actually also developed on the outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.


For life to develop as we know it, water is a necessity. The Mesopotamian texts leave no doubt about the presence of water on the 12th planet Nibiru. They therefore called this planet the green planet of life.


To preserve the matrix, the exterrestrial rulers eventually enlisted the help of the Knights Templar, the Magi Priesthood of Melchizedek, as part of the Ancient Priesthood of Solomon, that directly connects the Order with the oldest civilisations, the ancient Pharaonic Egyptian Priesthood, the Priesthoods of the Biblical King Melchizedek and King Solomon, as well as the Essenes, who recorded the Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi Scrolls, including the Lost Gospels and the Book of Enoch.

This lineage of priestly succession also connects the Templar Priesthood with some of the most important leaders of civilisation in human history, including King Khufu called the architect of the Great Pyramid of Egypt(?), Amenhotep III, the father of Queen Nefertiti and grandfather of King Tutankhamen, Sheshonq I, who returned the Ark of the Covenant from the Temple of Solomon to Egypt, and Cleopatra, the High Priestess of Isis.


Octogon Templars are the ruling Oligarchy of the World

Nowadays, at the top of the pyramidal hierarchy sit the Swiss Octogon Templars, followed by the 2nd layer consisting of Soros and the Nazis. Actually, the Nazis are an integrated part of the Octogon, and somewhat belong to the top too.


Octogon is the name of a highly secretive Nazi organisation, which by the end of WW2 acquired all of its fortune from looted Nazi Gold and goods deposited into Switzerland, in order to use it for future wars and illegal actions.


A well-known German scandal from the 90’s concerning black funds used for political election campaigns of Helmut Kohl and the CDU were financed with Nazi Gold, laundered in Switzerland and organised by the Octogon secret Nazi organisation under the secret code word ‘Templars of Switzerland’.


The ones at the top of the pyramid are known as the Luciferian Pharaonic rulers of Octogon established in Switzerland, which appears to be the core of the Global octopus of ruling elites with their tentacles reaching into every niche of “our” society.  These are the Pharaonic Templar Bankers of Switzerland with their 5th Column Masonic minions that forms the ruling Oligarchy around the world.


These Ruling Pharaohs, originate from Lucifer’s occult mystery religions, that came out of Babylon and Egypt, nowadays identified as the Global Elite or Global Mafia. Who see us people as their slaves and property, to do with us as they please. For this reason, they have created energy fields, Vibrational frequency’s through 5G, which connect the consciousness of the participants to the Negative Alien Agenda. It is the Archon groups on planet Saturn who manipulate the Consciousness energies that transmits Satanic belief networks to spread


After the Luciferian Knights Templar were established to covertly replace the original Christos Essene Templars and Maji Grail lines on the earth, they asserted their genetic elitism and divine right to rule. They systematically slaughtering any of the population that did not comply with their agenda. A major timeline trigger event began with the Celtic invasions 9,500 years ago, when the Negative Alien Agenda and their Luciferian Knights Templars were first attempting to create a super-race of genetic elites for the ruling on planet Earth.


This process evolved into the Freemasonry, Knights Templar, Rosicrucian’s, Jesuits, and other secret societies that continues until today. These secret societies were originally formed by the Luciferian Knights Templar and are ultimately designed to hide the ancient sacred knowledge of humanity’s true origins from the common people, in order to route them into the stream of falsehoods, ignorance and organised religion, in particular the Church of Rome and Islam.


For optimal understanding of this significant information, it is extremely recommended to study above embedded links.


Society of Jesus Diabolical Plan

The Black Jesuit Pope is the Reverend Father Arturo Marcelino Sosa Abascal, who recently replaced his predecessor Adolfo Nicolás, and is since 2016 the Superior General of the Society of Jesus Diabolical Plan for a New World Order, of the Roman Empire. He controls the secret societies who in turn control the CIA and via the JTTF – The Joint Terrorism Task Force – the FBI and US Intel agencies that run the drug trafficking, the depicted uranium weapons shipments, the illegal white phosphorus weapons, the organ harvesting, the paedophilia rings, the car theft rings, the illegal use of the diplomatic containers, etc. and last but not least the Human sacrifices and trafficking.


The secret societies are puppets of the Black Pope, while the Black Pope is a puppet of the CIA. The Clinton Foundation serves the CIA and its agenda, and is supported by US-Congress. The department of Defence is sucked in and drained by the CIA and has its spies in Congress. On the other hand, the CIA is the puppet of the Swiss Octogon Templars. Among other, they hide their money in Bitcoin, which has been created by Alice at the CERN LHC laboratories in Geneva.


The Jesuit controlled Vatican, is the sole owner of all western corporate countries and through their birth certificate with their surname in capitals of every individual on planet Earth: Satan rules, through the Freemasons, owns the Vatican, while the Pope is his slave. Catholicism will be eradicated forever, probably sooner than later. Throughout history, the Satanic Luciferian Jesuit Order has been tied together with war and genocide. The Jesuits were formally removed from many countries, including France and England, but are still widely present and active in Spain and Italy.


‘Superior General’ of the Society of Jesus is the official title of the leader of the Roman Catholic religious order, the Jesuits. He is generally addressed as Father General. The position frequently carries the derogatory nickname of the Black Pope.


The Jesuits and the Roman Catholic Church have altered history and hidden the rest of it by fabricating ‘fairy tales’ about the earth’s true history. One such lie was about Mary Magdalene, who was in truth, the wife of Jesus, and bore him two sons with the names Jesus II Justus, and Joseph, along with a daughter named Tamar. This knowledge has been suppressed by the Roman Catholic Church. The Church began the procedure of killing scientists in 1600, to change the narrative in order to serve their Agenda.


The Holy Grail or, Sangreal Grail, is all about the blood of Jesus, and about the truth of who is a descendant of whom. Many have made false claims to certain Bloodlines, including the Rothschilds and the Monarchs.


Major changes are pending to restore our status, and teach us about what has been done to us by the Global Deep State Crime Cabal, which includes Draco Reptilians, Grays, and other exterrestrial entities from a universe intentionally hidden from us by those dark beings. Pope Francis is a Jesuit and preached recently that his god is Lucifer, implicating that the Pope is a Satanic worshipper.


People’s sovereignty to be returned

The Patriots meanwhile have restored much of the truth, and they have corrected the Sangreal treaty from 300 A.D. which returns to all of earth’s people their sovereignty, and from now on should be treated as such. This will be the end of the phony Elites and their Slave-Scam they have been running to the detriment of the World’s populace for thousands of centuries. – Scientists know that there were nuclear wars many thousands of years ago, of which radiation still does exist in small quantities in the Middle East.


The Roman Pontiff and all his war criminals, some pretending to be Jews, who are in reality Khazarian Mafioso, as well as all the European Royalty, Nazis, and Pedophiles, are Satanists. They hold office in the Vatican, the City of London, Washington DC, and the United Nations City State, in New York City. This information was received from an insider who, for obvious reasons, wishes to remain anonymous:


All those in positions of absolute power like the Queen of England, Soros, the Rothschilds, Bushes, Clintons, Rockefellers, Pope, the hidden Jesuit Hierarchy, etc. are one bloodline family. They are cousins, nephews, uncles and nieces to each other.


Readers will be stunned when the truth of our history is revealed in the not too distant future. – The real plan is to get rid of 90% of human beings, to being killed by poisoning through COVID-vaccination, food and medicines. Once, completed it will be impossible for anyone to stand up against this takeover.


Read the book 1984 written by George Orwell, and you learn where we have arrived in our today’s history, chipping off at every turn a piece of our liberty, wearing face mask, social distancing and lockdown, are the latest attacks on our free souls. Those who are not awake, are living their daily lives within the matrix system, and are quietly consenting to the Deep State tyranny, unless they speak out now against it. So, you need to stand up and take action to opt out of today’s Deep States Matrix.


The only way out of this Cabal-Matrix; Is our mass awakening that will produce a turnaround, into a world that makes a total difference for everyone! A world where there are no predators, no wars, no controlling hierarchy, no blood-sucking vampires, no slave-drivers at the top, that rule us the enslaved at the bottom. No more fighting for self-sufficiency, because we will achieve everything in local communities where we live and decide together.


Think about; It is not the fake Corona Virus that has changed the world, it is politicians who have used Corona as a pretext to change the world to their advantage. They discovered that health statistics after all is an even greater opportunity for their despotism and status hunger than all indicators of economic statistics. In short as Hans Herman Hoppe once stated:


The State is an institution run by gangs of murders, plunders, and thieves, surrounded by willing executioners, propagandists, sycophants, crooks, liars, clowns, charlatans, fools and useful idiots – an institution that dirties and taints everything it touches.


Not only the monetary system, but also the entire world system has been corrupted. Soon there will be no freedom left; we have been enslaved by our birth certificates and the tax system. We have been made the property of the Deep State cabal to pay them tax money, managed by the Vatican bank. It is getting worse every day. The point of no return is fast approaching and will soon be passed. There is little time left to act in the interests of our common defence. If you do not act now, you deserve what you get.


It is up to all of us to contribute our part, by encouraging and informing the masses to wake up. Only with help of the masses our freedom is safeguarded. Freedom only gains value by fighting for it yourself.


To be continued…


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Unity is Power

Our liberation process cannot be stopped anymore. Uniting with others who are like minded people creates and shapes our best reality. Worldwide networks of awakening people are being created, such as in Spain in the Marbella / Malaga area, which attracts an increasing number of participants. In just a few months of existence, the group has grown to over 530 members. If you would like to apply or learn how to start your own regional or local group, please contact FWC via email. Our future lies in our own hands specifically in small communities that become the foundation of our self-managed society.

Stay tuned there is more to follow…

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