Jesuits are Masters with the consciousness trap of illusion

Negative Alien Agenda 

Global electromagnetic resonances

Consciousness and Unity is what is needed


The importance of consciousness

What people should really terrify, is not fear of dying of a none existing Covid -19 infection, but the terror of those who govern the world, and who are scaring all people into submission with their objective to achieve total tyrannical power in a once-free World. The fake Covid-19 or Corona has changed the world, although it is nothing else than science fiction. It is a Deep State manipulation that applies Corona as a pretext to change the world into the its penultimate stage for the final implementation of the New World Order. They have discovered that health statistics after all have an even greater impact for their despotism and deception than all indicators of economic statistics.


The origins of life on Earth go back much farther in time than widely is known, and still is lesser known as the episodes of human history. The first adventurous act began beyond the confines of this planet and traces down through star empires, galactic federations, when alien beings visited the then existing civilisations of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu and those who have only started being discovered recently.


In 1882, in a period of relative ignorance and disbelief regarding extraterrestrial matters, scholar Ignatius Donnelly wrote in his book on Atlantis: ‘The Antediluvian World’, “That the Gods and Goddesses of ancient mythologies were in fact kings and queens of Atlantis. This was a High-tech Pre-Flood Civilisation and founder of successive human civilisations and communities.”



The British chemist Frederick Soddy discovered that isotopes can be used for dating in geology, he wrote in 1909: “I believe that in the past there have been civilisations that were familiar with atomic energy and these were totally destroyed by their misuse of it.” Swiss author Erich von Däniken has written extremely popular books from as far back as the 1970’s, books about alien visitors and ancient astronauts.



As described in earlier FWC-articles, the human race was developed as a source of labour for the Anunnaki extraterrestrial civilisation, and it would seem that this is true to this day. To maintain power over the people and to preserve their possessions on planet Earth, this higher civilisation, are. our jailers by setting up FEMA-camps as people prisons. They, incessantly cause conflicts between human beings on earth, creating continual physical hardships. This situation has existed for thousands of years and still exists today, as now is shown with their false pandemic.


It is precisely the immense and ancient power of the omniscient elite – interwoven with their blood philosophy – that has endeavoured to suppress virtually every major movement throughout history that obstructed to fully develop the human potential. It has been revealed that this knowledge is still firmly anchored in the highest degrees of today’s secret societies.


About at least 600.000 years ago the Anunnaki from planet Nibiru organised a large battle-group against the Atlantis civilisation on planet Earth with the objective to explode Earth’s protective force field by setting off explosions in order to take control over the Giza Stargate, to achieve their goal to enter planet Earth.


When these Nefilim, the collective name for exterrestrials, first wanted to come to Earth about 600,000 years ago, the Earth was in the middle of the first ice age. The first warm period, the interglacial period, was about 550,000 years ago. The second ice age lasted from 480,000 to 430,000 years ago. When the Nefilim first landed on Earth about 450,000 years ago, one third of the Earth’s surface was still covered with ice and glaciers. Because of the many frozen waters there was little rainfall, and the level of the sea was lower because much of the water had turned into ice and was lying on the land.


Eventually, approximately 450,000 years ago the Anunnaki humanoid aliens were able to arrive by spacecraft on planet Earth. They came from a planet about three times the size of planet Earth, which was called Nibiru by the Sumerians. Nibiru was described on clay-tablets in ancient Sumerian literature as the twelfth planet of our solar system. The Sumerians were far ahead of modern man in the field of astronomy, declares the Detroit News in an article. The Sumerians also counted the Moon and the Sun as planetary bodies, thus reaching the total of twelve, the same number the assembly of Anunnaki sovereigns consists of.


These humanoid aliens are Satanists, originating from planet Saturn. They are abusing Earth’s human beings as their slaves to mine the gold that they use for reasons of long levity. Once the number of people on Earth had outgrown their set limits they reduced the population number. As they did also in the more recent past with the Great Flood, when only Noach with his Arc and animals, became survivor thanks to the for knowledge and warning given to Noach by Enki, who had genetically transformed Earth’s standing beings into today’s humans, named homo sapiens.


Jesuits are Masters with the consciousness trap of illusion

The Luciferian Knights Templar formed secret societies designed to hide the ancient secret knowledge of humanity’s true origin from the common people, in order to direct them into delusions, ignorance and organised religion, such as the Catholic Church of Rome, Islam and other known religions.


Napoleon Bonaparte, in his Memoirs, accurately described his Jesuit masters, as follow:

 “The Jesuits are a military organisation, and not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organisation is: POWER. Power in its most despotic form. Absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms: and at the same time the most horrifying initiators of enormous abuses….


“The general of the Jesuits insists on being master, sovereign, over the sovereigns. Wherever the Jesuits are admitted, they will be masters, cost what it may. Their society is by nature dictatorial, and therefore it is the most irreconcilable enemy of all constituted authority. Every act, every crime, however atrocious, is a meritorious work, if committed for the interest of the Society of the Jesuits, or by the order of the general.”


At that time; the true prophets of this world Jesus, Buddha with other well known priests, figured out the truth and broke through the consciousness trap of illusion. The simple message they tried to deliver, has been distorted with endless nonsense, to put people back in their consciousness trap. An important question is now, how to escape out of this trap?

The true prophets tried to help people to unlock this trap by showing all 13 energy points, named Chakra, in humans through constructive healthily living patterns, clean thoughts, clean food combined with meditation and routinely prayer. Which, opens the mind to independent thinking and self education.


Everything is energy and herein lies the truth of Deep State’s dark consciousness trap, which seeks to subjugate humanity into misery, agony and suffering, the darkest black energy aspects encompass Dead Light, Negative Forms and thus, a World of Lies.


One of the great modern thinkers in this field was Maria Montessori, with her emphasis on autonomous thinking and individual intuition enhancements, viewing children as naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a sufficiently supportive but individual and well-prepared learning environment. It discourages conventional follower-attitude. Montessori developed her theories in the early 1900s through scientific experimentation with her students; the method has since been used in many parts of the world, in public and private schools alike. Accordingly, the importance of Earth’s frequencies was discovered and applied.


As, Axiatonal Lines control and modulate dimensional frequencies and intelligence through the Chakras and other bodily energy systems. The crystal seals grid is what governs the particle spin and levels of frequency build-up that transduce and transmit into the chakra itself. The bio-energetic mechanics of the crystal star greatly impacts and evolves the capacity of our ability to embody higher expressions of dimensional consciousness, integrating multi-dimensional identities for DNA activation, and merkaba, the dance of love and light, activation, for spiritual ascension.



Negative Alien Agenda 

A major timeline trigger event began with the Celtic invasions 9,500 years ago, when the Negative Alien Agenda was established to create a super-race of genetic elites for the ruling on planet Earth, as an extension for the Anunnaki rulers, with the help of Luciferian Knights Templars. This process evolved into the Jesuits, Freemasonry, Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, and other secret societies that still continues today. These secret societies were originally formed by the Luciferian Knights Templar and are ultimately designed to hide the ancient sacred knowledge of humanity’s true origins from the common people, in order to route them into the stream of falsehoods, ignorance and organised religion, in particular the Church of Rome and Islam.



Global electromagnetic resonances

Another avenue is to destroy people from the inside out, as now is happening with the mRNA vaccines to inactivate the human immune system in order to promote the growth of cancer cells. Mode-RNA effectively hacks the human life-software. It destroys the body’s healing process. These injections are the most reckless acts of medical treachery ever committed against the human race.


Anything that is not on the specific Earth-frequency for the awakening and healing process, is not open to incoming ascension energies. Incoming ascension energy are positive frequencies of harmony and consciousness. Mode-RNA hacking transforms these energies into failure. Actually, inducing people into a coma to avoid their awakening, in other words putting the mind out of sync with the Earth’s Frequency, meaning out of harmony as they feel and exhibit signs of discomfort that can range from anxiety, insomnia, illness, or restrained immune system.


Conversely when humans are in sync the body is in complete harmony, and able to healing itself and to increase its vitality. Further, measurements of Schumann resonance eventually arrived at a frequency of exactly 7.83 Hz, which is even more interesting, as this frequency is one that applies to mammals. This frequency turns alien negative forces into positive energies, by means of the body’s 13 chakra system. Learn more here. 


“Chakra” is a Sanskrit word literally translated as wheel or disk.” To visualise a chakra in the body, envision a swirling wheel of energy where consciousness and matter meet each other. They are thought to recharge through contact with the stream of cosmic energy in the atmosphere.


Each chakra is connected to a specific gland, organ, and body system and also to a specific colour vibration frequency. In addition, each energy vortex has an important function in creating our energetic balance. Moreover, these energy centres vibrate at different levels relative to the awareness of the individuals and their capacity to integrate the characteristics of each into their life. The openness and flow of energy through your chakras are necessary in order to become fully self-conscious and in harmony with your spiritual nature, creating physical, mental and emotional health.


Since most of humanity has been unable to activate the impulse in the higher heart to connect the 4th DNA strand during the period from adolescence to adulthood, caused by chemicals in chemtrails that over time distort the DNA patterns associated with the emergence and spread of diseases of emotional and physical imbalance. This is not natural. If a person cannot activate their mind and access their 4th strand of DNA, their Soul Identity cannot be activated. Therefore, they are not aware of why they have incarnated on earth, what their higher purpose is, and they cannot connect with or listen to their Higher Self, – commonly known as intuition and logic thinking, because their Higher Sense perception abilities have not been activated.


Consciousness and Unity is what is needed

Consciousness and Unity are at odds with the Deep State cabal ‘s social engineering programmes. In reality, the Covid pandemic is affecting people’s social consciousness. Some understanding is needed to identify the social engineering programmes of the global elite, and how not to fall victim to them. The global elite want 90% depopulation. They want total control and surveillance of every aspect of your life. They want socialism, with the power and wealth in their own pockets, in other words communism.


Consciousness and Unity are a direct obstruction to their plans. That is why they want to take away everything of value. They do this in the name of preserving planet Earth and improving the climate, which arguments are lies. If everyone is quarantined and moved around in electric vehicles with limited range, they can control us better. Be assured all climate and other new stipulations are designed to confine the rest of us in limited designated areas. For which the FEMA-Camps have been established.

The global Corona or Covid-19 quarantine is the first step in that direction. There are only two possible scenarios that explains the cabal’s approach: Either, it’s a disaster and thousands of people are dying from this fake virus, about they don’t care! Or, the whole thing is a hoax, but you idiots will believe anything, so they are going to rub it right in your stupid face, by telling people to wear a face mask and to socially distancing themselves! And indeed they are right, as about 90% of us are obedient stupid followers.


If a face mask is worn for hours, it can reduce blood oxygenation as much as 20%, which can lead to a loss of consciousness. There are meanwhile too many cases of elderly individuals or any person with poor lung function passing out, leading to more Corona deaths.


Wakeup folks, this quarantine is tyranny, where healthy people deliberately are locked down. Protest your government en masse to let them know you disagree and should send them home. We the people are in charge. Regretfully, we employ these corrupt individuals already far too long.


We already could have freed ourselves, if it wasn’t that the mass is still at sleep. People must fight for their own freedom otherwise it doesn’t provide them the value of liberty! In the end with all the vaccination stuff around society will cull itself. The weak shall fall by the wayside. And the strong will prevail.


If you found this information interesting, explanatory, valuable, and/or insightful, please share it with everyone you know to help awaken and prepare them. And don’t forget to put up your national flag showing the world you are awake, and motivate the silent awake majority to follow suit. The more flags out show the cabal is losing their grip of power over us. There is much more enlightening information to follow! You are invited to subscribe free of charge as well as participate in the discussion on the Final Wakeup Call website at .


Unity is Power

Our liberation process cannot be stopped anymore. Uniting with others who are like minded people creates and shapes our best reality. Worldwide networks of awakening people are being created, such as in Spain in the Marbella / Malaga area, which attracts an increasing number of participants. In just a few months of existence, the group has grown to over 530 members. If you would like to apply or learn how to start your own regional or local group, please contact FWC via email. Our future lies in our own hands specifically in small communities that become the foundation of our self-managed society.

Stay tuned there is more to follow…