Velocity of Money Spurs on Hyperinflation

New printed currency spent for pandemic bribes

The destruction of the economy

The true story behind Evergreen


The Virus Economy

More Liquidity is another word for inflation aka Money Theft. Our eyes are on it, because more of it is headed our way. Central Banks justify more intervention. They reassure the mob. After all, they know what they are doing!


The people need explanations for the strange phenomena fake money brings. They need bogus “solutions” to the problems it causes. Cutting off the fake money is not an option, so they invent theories that permit them to do even stranger and more harmful things.


“We have increased spending and now we have $1 trillion budget deficits,” Christine Lagarde pointed out on TV recently. “But we have seen none of the bad things that traditional economists expected. No crowding out. No spike in interest rates. No inflation.” Nothing bad has happened yet, she believes. And from this she extrapolates that nothing bad is likely to happen. Although, according to their own information, the ECB over the pandemic period has increased the money supply with 5 Trillion euros!


Rudolf Von Havenstein had said the same thing in 1920 even he knew it would cause inflation, but he considered it the lesser of two evils. He also seemed to think that the inflation would be moderate, as it had been during the war, and that it would reduce the crushing weight of Germany’s war debt.


One little step led to another. And five years later, when von Havenstein died, the central bank of Germany had printed some 500 quintillion marks. This hyperinflation of the money supply caused a hyper deflation in the value of the mark. One U.S. dollar was worth 4.2 trillion marks by December 1923.


And what about today’s inflation? As long as the economy is operating below “capacity,” it is believed consumer prices won’t rise. As long as there are empty seats in the theatre, like from real estate, crypto currencies, and the stock exchange. In other words, the central banks should try to fill them by printing more money.


In the long run, this fiscal policy will be catastrophic. The world economy now depends on ultra-low interest rates and bond yields. And those depend on ultra-low inflation rates. Keep in mind; you can get ultra-low inflation with easy monetary policies, but not with easy fiscal policies.


The Treasury market is already anticipating rising inflation. Bond prices are falling; yields are rising, exactly what you’d expect if investors were no longer worried about deflation.


Velocity of Money Spurs on Hyperinflation

When consumer price inflation starts to spike in earnest, bonds will fall hard, and all Hell will break loose. And what will the central banks do? What could they do? The responsible thing would be to raise interest rates to head off the inflation. But that would bring on the correction that they have worked so hard to avoid. Instead, they will do what all irresponsible governments do. More spending, more stimulus, more inflation. And so, inflation could become hyperinflation. But it is said that is still in the future, perhaps long in the future?


From a wealth preservation point of view, this period in time will be the last chance for investors and savers who don’t have enough physical gold and silver to stock up. In the next few months’ gold and silver will go up many thousands of dollars/euro’s an ounce and will be a critical part of investors’ wealth preservation portfolios. In order to protect their assets from total destruction. As gold and silver markets go up, the massive paper selling of gold and silver, which has been done by governments and bullion banks in order to depress the prices, will come back as a boomerang.


Hyper-liquidity can become hyperinflation via the velocity of money in a crisis of confidence of the paper currencies. Therefore, hyperinflation will be a currency-motivated event.


Notwithstanding, most people say that this will not happen this time. They make this claim because they believe the Central Banks have the capacity and the foresight to prevent this. Which is not.


New printed currency spent for pandemic bribes

Much of the new printed currency is used for bribes. Although, obviously no official numbers are emitted, we can be assured that hospitals, police corps, and many other institutions have been bribed with fake money to keep the phony pandemic alive. It has been discovered that every dead corpse registered as a pandemic victim brings in up to 20.000 each. Hospitals are empty, but make more money than before.


Then, as consequence from the fake pandemic; Consumer purchases have declined, which means that new money is not yet in circulation, and is therefore being used to pay back debt or being saved in old socks, as it is obvious no one is spending or investing. Rather sooner than later, the money shall have to come back into circulation, and to all intents and purposes this shall enter a period of hyperinflation, implicating; lots of money chasing a few goods.


There are so many outside forces that are influencing the markets. How could anyone possibly think that moves by central banks are intelligent decisions that are going to stop volatility? The central banks have been wrong continually.


Nevertheless, governments all over the planet have gone to war and introduced measures to stop subsidies and spending, giving and taking, doing something for your neighbour that they should be doing for you.


The destruction of the economy

In a normal economy, people work with one another, and create wealth. They trade with each other, too, benefiting from each other’s skills and advantages. Trade means contact and contact transfers not just goods and services, but viruses and bacteria, too. Which leads to the major plot: the destruction of the central bank economy.


Whole industries are being wiped out. The U.S. and Canadian oil industry, for example, has been decimated. Its bonds are going to zero. Most likely, the oil drillers will never recover. They need high oil prices and ultra low borrowing rates. Neither of those things are likely to happen again anytime soon. Oil is cheap. And who would lend to an oil producer now? Moreover, free energy is on the rise for the people worldwide.


Forever, there is unlimited quantity of free energy available, for daily use. Nicolas Tesla could have made this wireless energy available to us about at least hundred years ago! But, the Deep State didn’t want to let you know about, as it destroys their oil monopoly.


Airlines have lost market share to Zoom Meetings, malls have lost business to online sellers. Bookstores, hotels, convention centres, live sport events and entertainment, are depressed. And how about the Post Offices and railroad companies? How many of these things will really recover? Or even survive?


Industries are always evolving, with some falling and some rising. The governments’ war with the virus seems to have sped things up. And the damage doesn’t stay in the most exposed industries. These businesses have employees, and creditors, and suppliers. The damage ripples out, like the waves in a lake when you toss in a stone. And all of these businesses and employees pay taxes. April is usually the biggest month of the year for government’s tax receipts. This month, though, the pickings will be slim. For, here are some more numbers


Closing the shutters for a month is equivalent to an 8% fall in GDP. Two months more makes a depression. Or look at it this way. Last year, 150 million workers spent all year producing a GDP of $20 trillion. But this year, already, 17 million people have filed for unemployment benefits.


That is 11% of the workforce. Most likely another 15 million or so will have joined them by today. This suggests a reduction of output of 21%. Again, that’s a depression. That would be bad enough. But then again, governments could simply claim victory in their battle with the virus, ease off on their restrictions, and let the economy get back to work.


There would be hardship aplenty. Bankruptcies. Defaults. High unemployment. Crashes, with assets going for cents on the Dollar. These economic losses are real. They don’t disappear simply because the central banks print pieces of paper with ink on them. They can only be made to go away by hard work, investment, skill, risk and all the other elements of win-win prosperity.


Europe is stodgy, lethargic, overtaxed and over-regulated. Its workers take too many vacations, and its businesses lack the dynamic spirit that makes U.S. enterprises so successful. As, George W. Bush reminded, the French don’t even have a word for “entrepreneur.” Compared to the hard-charging American dealmakers, Europe just cannot keep up?

However, there is a silver lining on the horizon. The patriots are letting the Deep State destroy their own systems, while the QFS, the people’s system is ready to replace it. Never intervene when the enemy of the people is destroying itself. It may take more time, but it prevents civil wars.


Moreover, this chaos humanity and the world is going through is the fall of the Deep State tyrants; their Draconian Law is giving way to Unity Consciousness and Universal Law. An empire based on the old ways has no foundation, it will fall, taking down all who live within its walls. Those religious, political and corporate businesses that are not aligned with Unity Consciousness or Universal Law, better known as “Truth”, will either restructure or fail. Anything that is not awakening, will either have to transform or fail.


We already could have been freed, if it wasn’t that the mass is still asleep. People must fight for their own freedom otherwise it doesn’t provide them the value of liberty! In the end with all the vaccination stuff around society will cull itself. The weak shall fall by the wayside. And the strong will prevail.


The true story behind Evergreen

The DS Great Reset, such as climate change, increased extinction, economic crisis, green revolution, and now the Covid hoax, are being promoted to distract and frighten the populace, to have a justification for more authoritarian control such as wearing face masks, social distancing, and to have an excuse for changing their monetary system, as the financial edifice of the private central banks is rapidly crumbling.


In response; the container ship Evergreen that blocked the Suez Canal came not only to break the global money system, but also was contrived to break up the entire DS infrastructure, even more their people, children, organs, nuclear weapons and drug trafficking rings.


The symbolic phrase: “We shall see where the ship runs aground” also could signify the end of our nightmare. The Evergreen container ship will be the bombshell that wakes up humanity en masse when discovered that children and women are being trafficked into the containers. People will become aware of what has been happening for hundreds of years, to satisfy Satanic cults, sacrificing children to Satan is a necessity for their authority on Earth.


Many will see this crime against humanity live and then understand that the whole pandemic is fake. By bribing hospitals and doctors, who are in the plot of the virus, means another crime against humanity. This must be the moment of our mass awakening and victory over the Deep State.


Naval traffic data shows the Evergreen passing through Little Bitter Lake. The ship is using its own engines and travels at 8.60 knots. According to initial reports, the container ship may stop in Little Bitter Lake for investigation, but it may also be on its way to Greater Bitter Lake. This means that the channel is “free” for passage of other vessels. The ship will be inspected in the lake and unloaded if necessary.


This Evergreen operation is brilliant in its simplicity, logistics and efficiency. Especially designed to awaken the masses from their profound inanity. If soon children are freed from the containers, and the media does not report about it, they will nevertheless be shocked and wonder why the MSM does not report about it? Of course, this malpractice by the Deep State was known long ago and could have been dealt with in other ways without a Suez Canal blockade. But when maximum impact is required, genius is the only solution. An operation that kills several birds with one stone!


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Unity is Power

Our liberation process cannot be stopped anymore. Uniting with others who are like minded people creates and shapes our best reality. Worldwide networks of awakening people are being created, such as in Spain in the Marbella / Malaga area, which attracts an increasing number of participants. In just a few months of existence, the group has grown to over 530 members. If you would like to apply or learn how to start your own regional or local group, please contact FWC via email. Our future lies in our own hands specifically in small communities that become the foundation of our self-managed society.

Stay tuned there is more to follow…