Regime change is on its way:


Loss of Confidence:

There exists almost a total loss of confidence in government; the average person is getting angry and not going to take it anymore. But sadly the anger is unfocused because it’s very difficult for a society to function without a vision, and confidence, while nothing has been learned about what governing really means, and today not is what it pretends to be. Government itself is unfocused and everything is a lie.


Los of confidenceThis is very tragic for the fabric of society and its culture. WAKEUP; let’s start by ridding ourselves of the liars and pretenders. For all intentions and purposes, that would be the established order – society in all its manifestations. Whether people like it or not, change will come.
Be optimistic that change can be done, eventually. Our lives and those of our children and future generations depend on us by making the right move now. How will we ever explain to our grandchildren that we let this happen, even though we had the means to prevent it? – Abolish the Central Banks all over the world, they are the main culprits of our today’s misère, and are going to loose out on this current financial crisis they have designed, a return to sound money is the first thing necessary. Even governments can be abolished or strongly reduced is size and influence. The world perfectly will function in a free market environment without regulations.



The Public Debt:

Public DebtThe ‘public debt’ is not the debt of the public it is the debt of the ‘corporate nation government’ that has been founded by the RKM cabal to fleece the people, and all those nation-corporations are already bankrupt. – By now the cabal is in their final stage, fighting for survival with the ‘noose’ tightening daily. – The cabal will be defeated before the end of this year. And the cabal’s central corporate government in Washington D.C. that like all the other corporate western governments, will be replaced by people governments in size something about 90% reduced and handle only the few specific duties assigned to it by the original respective constitutions. – Supervising finance and commerce are not amongst them.


So say “No” to Bailouts or Bailins the next time because the cabal have plans to institute their One World Government after the crash and the Governments and Central Bankers will come in to save the day by printing a Zillion more of everything monetary. The cabal has had this plan for over one hundred years, and is in the process to implement it to cause the people an incredible amount of pain and suffering.


The hidden government:

It is the hidden government that really run the major part of the world. It is those foreign-based Archon “bloodline” families that infiltrated and Hidden governmenthijacked America in 1913 through the private illegal and unconstitutional Federal Reserve System.

These hidden leaders who sit at the top of the RKM Pyramid of World Power instructed the Saudis to lower their price of oil. This was planned to sanction Putin for supporting the Russian Federation’s good long-term allies Syria and Iran and bring the Russian Federation to its knees.


They believed that this would quickly disable the Russian Federation economically especially when added on top of the US led staged coup d’état in the Ukraine. They paid 5 Billions of US taxpayer dollars for this act of war against the Ukrainians, with the downing of MH 17 flight killing close to 300 innocent citizens, to show the world that the only one to blame is Putin.



The Russian Federation responded to the lowering of the Saudi crude Oil price to beat the West at their own game. – Apparently there is a new and increasingly powerful group from the Gnostic bloodline family – the ‘Good Guys’ entering the scene, – they are keeping a low profile but are demanding some “ultimatums”.


Global Reset Plan:

Global resetThis powerful group called the White Dragon Society – WDS, is different from the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) Archon bloodline that has held the World captive for at least the last 300 years. They appear to be aligned with the Russian Federation and a sector hidden deep inside the Pentagon with special-access to the black US Defence contractor programs.


It appears they also taught the G20 members that the current RKM World financial system is unsustainable and the World would no longer accept it anymore or even allow it.


During these meetings a global reset plan was proposed and approved to decouple oil from the US Dollar and create a basket of adjusted currencies in place of the US PetroDollar as the World’s Reserve Currency.


A schedule was allegedly set up for rolling out this new World financial system and dislodging the RKM system piece by piece. However despite the secret Reset Agreement being made and signed, the RKM and its cronies are now resisting it. This should be no surprise since this Archon “bloodline family” principals have always been remarkably two-faced.



Resistance to this new secret agreement is showing up with ISIS and Deash, with the US and Israeli coup d’état staged in the Ukraine, as the western RKM large banks attempt to prop up themselves as long as they can. The longer they resist honouring this agreement, the farther they will fall and will take more and more of the West – especially Europe and America – down with them.


People to band together:

People band togetherNow is the time for all western people to unite together and disconnect themselves from the RKM’s sinking ship.



“We now know for certain that the KM (RKM) is a large, worldwide inter-generational secret Luciferian occult system of unimaginable evil based on ancient Babylonian Talmudism known as Baal Worship.”


The question arises, how could such a powerful force as the RKM ever agree to give up their power and monetary hegemony around the World without a major fight using America’s military forces, which they hijacked right before WW1?


There isn’t yet a complete answer to this question, but it appears that this new group (WDS) has substantial defensive military might, which they have shared with the Russian Federation, that apparently surpasses American military capability even when NATO and Israel are added to it, as is being observed.


With the Good Guys (WDS) on our side, the people in the western world have a chance at overthrowing the Criminals that have stolen our society. The reset won’t be easy to implement, but certainly will be feasibly successful, while during the transition period difficult times and moments would cause pain as well, but at least pain for the better of our society.


Keep up the good work. Try to become better informed, by staying and making others AWAKE, as many as possible; everyone’s help is much needed.


The Change:

Better Days, Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Copy Room Over The Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

Better Days, Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Copy Room Over The Dramatic Clouds and Sky.

And here is a first sign that really proves progress has already been made. – A major threat is now on the LBMA’s radar; the ABX finally launched its first phase rollout and is now fully functional, providing direct access for all global market participants. This is the biggest news to hit the gold market that will change the way precious metal price discovery is established.


The launch of the Allocated Bullion Exchange – ABX is the world’s first global institutional electronic exchange for allocated physical metals; it is a disrupter to existing Khazarian controlled physical methods of bullion trading. The LBMA are now scrambling for survival, as the paper market is being dismantled.



They all are sleeping together in one bed!

Who are the puppets and tyrants of the hidden government in charge of the implementation of The New World Order?

In this shocking new book of the Italian Grand Master Gioele Magaldi: ‘Freemasonry – The discovery of the Ur-lodges’ is the list published of known politicians and industrialists that underlines this statement.


Werner Altnickel explains in his video below; ‘now it looks very bleak, as is discovered how good these lodges are organized’, and that their plan of total world domination – the New World Order – will be soon accomplished. Some of the well-known public figures that collaborate together are listed below:


Note: The Ur-Lodge is the highest grade in the Freemason hierarchy; it was founded by Zbiegniew Brzezinski, as manifestation of a compromise between conservative and progressive Ur-masons.
Some of the well-known listed members.

Barack Obama – US President, “Maat”,

Vladimir Putin (Russian Federation President, “Golden Eurasia”).
Angela Merkel (German Chancelor since 2005, “Golden Eurasia”, “Valhalla” , “Parsifal”).
François Hollande (classe 1954, presidente della Repubblica francese in carica dal 2012, affiliato alla “Ferdinand Lassalle” e alla “Fraternité Verte”).

Christine Lagarde (FMI Director, “Three Eyes”, “Pan-Europa”).

Mario Draghi (classe 1947, presidente della Banca centrale europea dal 2011, affiliato alla “Edmund Burke”, alla “Pan-Europa”, alla “Compass Star-Rose/Rosa-Stella Ventorum”, alla “Three Eyes” e alla “Der Ring”).

George W. Bush (US President from 2001 to 2009, “Hathor Pentalpha”).
Michael Leeden (US journalist and political expert, “White Eagle”, “Hathor Pentalpha”).
Condoleezza Rice (US Politician, “Three Eyes”, “Hathor Pentalpha”).
Madeleine Albright (US politician, “Three Eyes”, “Leviathan”).
Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi (Leader of Isis and so-called Islamic Caliphate, “Hathor Pentalpha”).
Tony Blair (UK Prime Minister from 1997 to 2007, “Edmund Burke” , then “Hathor Pentalpha”).
David Cameron (UK Prime Minister since 2010, “Edmund Burke”, “Geburah”).
Mariano Rajoy (Prime Minister of Spain since 2011, “Pan-Europa”, “Valhalla”, “Parsifal”).
Antonis Samaras (Greek Prime Minister since 2013 “Three Eyes”.
Nicolas Sarkozy (Politician, President of France from 2007 to 2012, “Edmund Burke”, “Geburah”, “Atlantis-Aletheia”, “Pan-Europa”, “Hathor Pentalpha”).
Manuel Valls (French Prime Minister since 2012, first Grand Orient de France then “Edmund Burke”, “Compass Star-Rose/Rosa-Stella Ventorum”, “Der Ring”).

Mark Rutte (classe 1967, primo ministro dei Paesi Bassi dal 2010, affiliato alla “Three Eyes” e alla “Pan-Europa”).
Ben van Beurden (classe 1958, top manager, ceo della Royal Dutch Shell, affiliato alla “Geburah” e alla “Der Ring”).
Wolfgang Schäuble (classe 1942, politico, attuale ministro delle finanze tedesco, attuale Maestro Venerabile della “Der Ring”, affiliato alla “Joseph de Maistre”).
Peter Voser (classe 1958, top manager e ceo della Royal Dutch Shell, affiliato alla “Pan-Europa”).

Bill Gates (US business magnate and investor, “Compass Star-Rose/Rosa-Stella Ventorum”).




Elite Are No Longer in Control. They’re scared to death. 25% of the populace is AWAKE now.

It is time to spread the word to the other 75% of humanity world wide, and to watch this video. The people of our peaceful Earth need to open their hearts and minds. Now is the opportunity for all of us to grow up as a human race in a peaceful, compassionate way. We the people are one big family now. Families treat other family member’s with love and respect. Please WAKEUP human race. Global reset plan. Hidden government, Elite,



The very latest news is positive!

With thanks to the WSOMN team, from their website comes the latest news over the reset. The Chinese (WDS) are in charge of global financial markets. The Chinese are ticked off that the United States (RKM) has not met their obligations to release the GCR. – General Dunford has been told by the Chinese to “Get it done or else” the Chinese will go around USA themselves if not done.


The Chinese are tired of USA (RKM) making demands over Iraq. The USA is trying to hold the GCR at bay, while they have postponed the GCR a couple of times. Get it done “today” or tomorrow (February 15th & February 16th) is the order.


The Prosperity Programs (PP) is waiting to go out to the recipients. GCR or PP what goes first? In 48hours to get 70% of the PP delivered then GCR is to follow. If the PP doesn’t go out, the WDS group would still be able to go without the delivery of the Prosperity Programs.


TRNs are live, but the rate needs to be set and China may set the rate tonight February 15th. – An assassination attempt on General Dunford’s life on 11th instant has been confirmed. General Dunford was on his way last Thursday 2/11 and he switched cars in his motorcade. The car that he was supposed to be riding in was blown up.


The ‘Bad Guys’ were actually killed on the spot, also a single shooter tried taking out Dunford, but the assassin was killed too.


Dunford is OK and got the signatures on the peace treaties and came back last evening 2/14. He has a crew of people working on getting the GCR done. Admiral (Reno) has signed off on everything and all the SKRs (Safe Keeping Receipts) are supposed to be paid off today.



The Messenger from the WDS has contacted our site with the following message:

“The Secret Assets for Monetary.”

The existence of The Owner named on the Global Collateral Account remains there and is still alive today. The emergence of The Real Owner is not intended to indicate who owns and controls. However, more focus gives approval to every head of state, banks and companies that want to utilize the assets of the special account. The Owner as a Top Approval Authority will sign each request for cooperation to take advantage of this special account asset.


The Owner of this Global Collateral Account is individual and independent, without any intervention from other parties or has the intention of intervening parties who wish to utilise this asset.


Shows the results of the verification special account number 103.357. 777 (Global Collateral Account) to The Owner are the initial terms of cooperation utilize these assets. If you want to contact us, you can find instructions on the Internet. The Owner have provided, depending on the readiness of you will realize this cooperation.



Not only documents for proving the truth of this information, but The Owner is willing to prove by forensic testing.




Humanitarian in Harmony


Watch this video for more detailed information about the Global Collateral Accounts