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End Game Is Underway – Gold & Silver To Be Pushing $10,000 & $400 By End of 2017!

Financial Collapse is near


Running out of ammunition:

Clearly the Khazarian mafia is getting scared and running out of ammunition. The fact that the Khazarian mob controlled Bank of Japan, like the ECB in Europe was forced to resort to negative interest rates proves their fake fiat monies are less worth than nothing. The US Federal Reserve Board will soon be forced to do the same thing. The more people put money in their banks, the more that money is vanishing.


It’s a remarkable time right now. This all is going on before being able to identify what the world is going through or where it is headed. People that are AWAKE have long seen this coming and now we’re in it. It’s really two converging worlds – the vibrational changes from beyond, are attacking the Khazarian Mafia-controllers that block these energies and jam the beneficial signals available to the people by instilling fear and insecurity, while bombarding us with a toxic cocktail of electromagnetic, chemical, genetic, nuclear and techno-trans human influences.


The Illuminati:

IlluminatieThe Khazarian Mafia alias the Illuminati have manipulated the world already during a very long time, in the year 1924 in the Joplin Globe paper was an article published that laid bare their sinister plans for humanity, taking over the world by destroying it. People at the time were very worried. They already had noticed the creation of unrest, followed by distrust, and finally class hatred, the last purposely accelerated with nowadays arrival of refugees.




Plainly their goals are the abolition of

  • Government
  • Patriotism
  • Private property rights
  • Inheritance rights
  • Religion, and finally
  • Family relations.

bush obama-surpriseReaders that are awake have observed our today’s social environment and seen how far these goals have been fulfilled.


Who REALLY controls the world, and are pulling the strings from behind the curtain? All these covert actions are conspired and plotted in the circle surrounding the well-connected Archon family dynasties such as Rothschild, Rockefeller, Harriman, Bush, Dulles, Clinton and others, through covert financier-style foreign policy on behalf of the international banking circles to which they belong.



It is of the utmost importance the people recognise these criminals because their criminalities must be treated as crimes, similar to what Iceland already has done. – These criminals want to start World War III, to kill off humankind. Has everyone understood this?  We the people are dealing with the most powerful satanic top-criminals. Alaska State Superior Judge Ana von Reitz formulates her indictment as follow:



Back in the 1910’s and 1920’s their Great-Grandfathers engineered the Great Depression.  As a result, business in America went off the gold standard, then in 1971, the silver standard. Both. You have to ask yourself—why?  What was actually going on?


The Emergency Banking Act (1934) and HJR 192 and other actions set up a fixed “dollar for dollar” exchange rate allowing the perpetrators operating the “Federal Reserve System” to exchange their Promissory Notes known as “Federal Reserve Notes” for our United States Dollars defined as one ounce of fine silver. They traded their paper promises for our actual silver and gold…


As a result of this chicanery, lies, and deceit, all the gold was stolen out of Fort Knox, all our silver was stripped away, too, and landed in the pockets of the banks that colluded to create this situation in the first place: Federal Reserve, World Bank, IBRD, IMF are the principal culprits.


Debt Reflation not possible anymore:

They invented and implemented the perpetually growing debt spiral, but now something has changed. A big change of this sort is an enormous event that creates a trend to get out of debt. Deleverage by paying down debt. That is, of course, a contraction. Contraction means depressionThe world is going into a depression. It’s going to get very nasty. The end result is; nations’ governments are going to have to revalue gold because that is the only thing they will have left. They will have to resort to that to keep trade coming in. No country is completely independent economically. All nations need things others produce. In order to have that world trade going, there is no other solution than going back to gold.


ReflationFor at least one hundred years the financial system has been manipulated to the hilt, in bringing the world on its knees with their financial engineering that should have been alarming on its own for every well-educated expert. But the majority masterfully has been kept in the dark about the hidden agenda, despite every time the bells rung. In depth analyses learn that the whole monetary system is – intentionally – destructing itself. The excessive currency printing of debt-money has arrived in its final ‘reflation’ stage of self-destruction because the debt in the world has grown so excessively that the credit-system is gone in reverse mode, as the paradox occurs that no liquidity is left to pay back debt.


Reflation is no longer possible anymore and the deflationists are being proven correct. They are correct in regards to a credit system working in reverse with a negative feedback loop stoking a deflationary death spiral.


There is just one small problem, what will happen to the currencies of these central bank issuers including and especially The Fed, who also are caught up in the negative feedback loop?
Currency survival:

This is the main and most pressing financial question people ever have faced in their lifetime. Will the currencies survive and thrive in the deflation or will they be seen for what they are, IOU’s of bankrupt issuers at the very centre of the credit crisis quagmire? If you answer this question incorrectly, you have finished your own financial life.


The key question is against what assets will the currency “deflate”? The answer of course is as it has always has been, “gold”. – While the pundits will have you believe “gold was devalued versus the dollar in 1934″, this for sure was quite the opposite. And while certain experts now will have you believe the “dollar” was the best investment in the 1930’s, for sure they are wrong!



Dollars then were “derivatives” – derived from – of gold. At that time they were freely interchangeable at banks until 1933, then the dollar was devalued from $20.67 to $35 dollars necessary to purchase one ounce of gold. In other words, it took nearly 75% more dollars to purchase an ounce of gold – end of story, gold was King during the last and only deflation since then, dollars and all other currencies now will be devalued versus gold again.
The two most important aspects of gold are; it cannot go “bankrupt” nor can it be freely “printed”. Those who say the U.S. can never “go bankrupt” because the debt is in dollars and they will just print more, are 100% correct but horribly wrong!


Correct, the U.S. can print any amount of dollars necessary to pay off debt. This still doesn’t mean they do not “default”. To explain this simple in other words:


If McDonalds fails to give you a promised hamburger next Tuesday but instead promises you a hamburger every Tuesday for the rest of your life, where’s the beef? It never ever comes just as there will be zero value to any dollar bill should the U.S. or any other central banker decides to print the Zillions needed to avoid default.


This falls under the category SUPPLY versus DEMAND! In case you don’t understand what is said, “old” dollars will become worthless as they become over printed to avoid “default” – but devaluation is default in its own right.

In this photo taken with a fisheye lens, flames from a fire set alight in a container by activists with the Frankfurt Occupy movement are seen in front of the European Central Bank and a sculpture of the euro symbol in Frankfurt, Germany, Monday, Nov. 21, 2011. (AP Photo/Michael Probst)

In the meantime wait for the currency event termed “hyperinflation” that is going to happen; as debtors must navigate a deflationary environment where credit is drying up everywhere they look. It should amaze everyone that the world is facing a liquidity crisis after all the trillions of digital currency units added to the system since 2008 – it seem almost impossible to have a lack of liquidity doesn’t it? But this is the fact debtors face globally and that threatens to shut the system down, because of no liquidity!


Taking this two steps further than the deflationists, what exactly will happen once credit does collapse and the spigot gets shut off? In the case of the U.S., they most likely will “print” to the point of full – rather than the current partial monetization of all the debt.


This printing will be done by a bankrupt entity with more IOU’s around the globe than humanity can count. How will the massive supply of dollars issued by a bankrupt and fraudulent issuer possibly be a “good thing” for the value of dollars?


This process no matter how simple it seems to be is two-steps too far for the deflationists! The real result of credit freezing up will amount to a national and probably global famine. It is incredible that the aspect of credit is almost never being connected to “distribution”. Forget about actual farming or production needing credit to function, how will product make it to store shelves without credit even if it does “grow”?




The Economic Collapse is Accelerating:

Dr Jim Willie: The Quickening has begun. – Interesting to listen to this interview, in particular from 49 min. onwards not to miss out.


How Rothschild’s Goldman Sachs Greece have destroyed:

Dutch subtitles


A documentary about the role of Goldman with assisted approach from the EU to create jointly with the US ”a crisis” to open this way our total dictatorial Union, which is then expanded into the one world government with one world currency. Forewarned is forearmed.


End Game Is Underway – Gold & Silver To Be Pushing $10,000 & $400 By End of 2017!

This Final Wake Up Call is for all of you, the end game has commenced!

Interesting times are ahead, the US reserve system is going to end, and then the USA is equal with all other nations. New gold backed currencies are on their way, as US Dollar priced commodities are of the past.


In the short run $2500-$5000 for gold is a safe bet, as the full financial global reset arrives. – Quiet disclosures have already begun through various TV shows; full disclosure of various items will begin shortly. Have no fear. Gold/silver will be part of the new financial system. The cabal is trying to hold on their ugly days of ruling this world through fear and slavery, but that is over. All are to be praised and rewarded for buying precious metals to protect themselves and loved ones!


Centre peace of the reset is the removal of the corrupt US dollar and regime. The cabal will not being able to finance wars like the ones in the Ukraine, Syria, assisting Turkey against Syria, and Saudi Arabia against Yemen that effectively are flash points of WW III. The only money the cabal has left is the Narcotic money flow for so far not cut-off.


Gold and other commodities backed currencies are in view, which will have a gigantic effect on the prices of Gold and Silver, these precious metals will rise many times over. Count, in today’s dollars, with $10.000 and $ 400 before the end of 2017. For example the Mexican Peso will be fully backed by Silver, other South American currencies would be backed by copper. The USA has no gold left all is stolen.


All these changes are already in progress over the last three-month, the end game is near. That could be triggered by the collapse of the German Deutsche Bank that will set in motion the collapses of RBS, Barclay, Soc. General in France, Intesa in Italy, and Santander in Spain. All these banks are totally rotten from the inside out. The whole banking system must be recapitalised based on precious metals or commodities. Gold and Silver are the top tier assets for the new backed standard system and both are being applied for international trade. Now a true capitalist society is on its way, after being absent for many decades and will supported by the free market as the backbone for the new monetary system, bringing for once and forever the market rigging to an end.


Many big banks have already quantities of gold and silver accumulated for their necessary recapitalisation. Expect those prices to go-up by 3 – 4 fold in the coming month says Jim Willy in below interview.