Silver is indispensable:

Of all elements, silver is the indispensable precious metal. It is the most electrically and thermally conductive, and reflective metal on earth. Modern life, as is known, would not exist without silver. Due to scientific discoveries the industrial use of silver in photography, batteries, electronics, and in many more of these items came of age and consequently widely available after WW2, and exploded in usage after the 1960s. Unlike silver gold has only two basic uses; money and jewellery, both are hoarding application that’s why gold doesn’t become used up. Less than 10% is used in industrial applications. Ninety per cent of all gold ever mined throughout history is still available somewhere. There even is twelve times more gold stored off-market than the officially stated 180.000 tons. – Huge quantities of gold are still held by ancient wealthy dynasties. Governments too hold gold, while silver by almost none.

silver barsStockpiles of gold are growing, and those of silver are declining dramatically. Nowadays, like in 1979 investors have become net buyers of silver as inventories almost have vanished, which technically should have increased the silver price, which also is rigged like gold. If all mining activity were to cease, the amount of time for aboveground silver would last only 4 month. It is amazing that the public hasn’t already realised how massively undervalued silver is today; this should be silver’s time to shine!


At current rates of production, there is less mineable silver left in the earth’s crust than any other metal including gold. According to US Geological Survey at current rate of production silver reserves will be exhausted in twenty-five and gold in thirty years. Be assured that the upcoming transfer of wealth will come from precious metals and commodities. One of the biggest catalysts for growth in precious metals will come from silver. The world is likely on the verge of the greatest silver boom in history, as silver being scarcer than gold. That’s why eventually silver prices more than gold will explode.



There is still only one store of value and medium of exchange that has stood the test of time. And that is gold and sliver that will be your saviour as we progress further and further into the great monetary experiment of reckless money printing, undertaken by central bankers around the world that is like peeing in the bed. It feels good at first. But as time goes on, it starts to get uncomfortable.


Markets are going to wake up:

When the market finally wakes up from its coma it will realise that $ 50 silver can easier double than $ 2.000 gold. Most people think that the cheaper precious metal has less value than the more expensive gold, but that’s the wrong perception in the case of silver, and when physical becomes nearly non-existent that will explode the silver price to imaginable proportions. And as in this respect price means nothing, it’s better to look at value.


Market Wake UpThe current pricing rate between gold and silver is 80 to 1, in other words today 80 ounces of silver will buy1 ounce of gold, while the historical rate during 2.000 years has been 12 ounces of silver for 1 ounce of gold. For more than one hundred years the gold/silver ratio has been out of whack than anything else in the market place. Be assured that markets always return to their median, as recently proven with the housing market. So, a return to 12 to 1, when less silver is available to buy, could even drive the price of silver so far up to meet the price of gold.


Be your own Central Bank:

Now readers will understand that silver indeed is a very precious metal. Remember silver is far more scarce than gold. When it comes back to purchasing power silver stays alone, unloved and ignored by most, and incredibly undervalued today.


In the constitution of the USA and most other nations is stated that only gold and silver coin can be money, nevertheless all these governments outlawed money and changed it for currency. For five thousands years, gold and silver have been the only assets that never have failed, their purchasing power has and will never fail by falling to zero. Even more important these precious metals are the most private financial assets not part of the financial system that simultaneously is someone else’s liability. Those can be wholly owned, as safe-haven investments that rise during economic upheaval, war, and natural disasters, have a stable proven performance track record during inflation and deflation, and hold high value density, as a small amount of gold and silver provide significant purchasing power. And conveniently every ounce has the same value; every diamond or collector coin on the other hand is different in value and requires expert assessment. Physical gold and silver are money of themselves.


Wealth Transfer:

Whatever the price number is for gold and silver, if the world’s currencies were to collapse, the purchasing power of those who have not accumulated gold and silver or other precious metals would get transferred to those that did, and that will be a mind-boggling quantity of wealth. More than in any other time in human history, people that own precious metals can increase their standard of living exponentially during the coming upheaval, without being exposed to great risks.


Wealth TransferAll experts will have told you that precious metals are not an investment, but rather a safe haven – called wealth insurance. This is true, but there are these brief moments in history where gold and silver is both a safe haven and the best performing investment, achieving truly massive gains in absolute purchasing power.


Right now, the world is in the early stages of the next great bull market in gold and silver, and if not acted soon, you may miss the opportunity to make quick, easy, triple-digit gains. In 2016 Gold is to double and Silver to triple! So hurry-up before it is too late to buy.



The coming wealth transfer acts against the background of global imbalances that dwarf anyone that came before. And this combined with the fact that all world currencies are fiat-exhibiting signs of weakness that stress cracks in the financial system. In other words this situation is extremely sporadic and has never happened before on such a scale, which now is a once in a lifetime opportunity for precious metal owners that never will occur again! As there exist no scenario where fiat currencies ever have survived, Gold and Silver will be the real winners, but this time in absolute gigantic proportion of wealth transfer.

The saying: Knowledge is power that can be worn as a suit of armour, and Truth weapon is that can be wielded like sword, slicing through the propaganda of misinformation and deceit, laying bare the lies for all of us that are AWAKE, so now there is no fear but just enthusiasm to defeat the cabal for once and forever.

The Dark Horse:

Dark HorseEric Sprott states, the world’s silver supply would be gone “in a nanosecond” once the people realize there isn’t as much metal as we believe, “because it’s a very small amount of money.” He also noted, there’s a shortfall in the world’s gold supply. The message is clear: Buy gold and silver coins and bullion now, for as much as you’ve liquidity available and keep doing so till the prices escalate. The world is running out of silver. Which makes Silver the dark horse in the market.



There is shortness developing in the market, and the central bankers are out of ammunition, so eventually, a tipping point will be reached, where the investment public completely loses faith in the U.S. dollar. Finally, the day will come when people realize that holding a contract for gold that doesn’t exist isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on, as at the same time this too is the case for the dollar, euro and all the paper monies. PANIC and CHAOS will break out. Prepare for a chain reaction collapse, wiping everyone out!



Gold and silver have revalued themselves throughout the centuries and defeated all fiat paper currencies by bringing those fraudulent moneys to justice. This is as certain as the sunrises in the morning. The honest physical precious metal investors will be rewarded with gains that will overshadow the stolen wealth of the Khazarian thieves.


Awakening Followed By Chaos

Market ChaosGold and silver analyst Bix Weir says the next huge financial calamity starts with “a mass awakening followed by chaos.” – “People keep asking how will the people wake up? – The moment that happens is when the banks fail, and they go to their ATM’s – They are going to be very angry. – They will believe these banks will have stolen their life savings. That’s when people will wake up in mass amounts.”

When all this happens you should have physical gold and silver – especially silver. Weir explains, “Silver has been used as money for 5,000 years, even more than gold has been used as money. Above ground silver and above ground gold are about 6 billion ounces each in total. Why is there an 80 to 1 ratio in price of silver to gold? It’s the computers and the market rigging that has been going on since the 1970’s. – Silver will be the last released in manipulation because it is so important. It’s a national security issue. – The price of silver today in U.S. dollar terms should be one to one with the price of gold. After the shakeout it will be a 4 to one ratio.”