The Planetary Transition


Nothing will ever be the same again

Planet Earth has moved up an octave in the Galactic Spiral and this is changing its vibration and frequency. These frequencies will break through the veils and liberate the consciousness. The New Age has dawned. Nothing will ever be the same again. All Earthly souls who have not yet finished their learning process will have to move to other Schools, other Third Dimension Planets. This mutation point is the beginning of homecoming. Consciousness has reached the frequency level of 5D. Liberation for the awake has finally arrived!


In the third dimensional world, we are leaving behind, nothing is real. Much if not everything is an illusion, at least as much is perceived in 3D. It seems to exist, because man’s physical senses confirm it. But in fact it is nothing more than a holographic projection, necessary for the maintenance of reduced consciousness.


In this state, life is believed to be limited to birth, growth and death. The struggle for survival is always the greatest challenge. And even this is an illusion, for the soul survives the death of the physical body and incarnates further in a new body, and so on, until all the lessons have been absorbed, understood and added to the new version of the higher soul.


Being happy with one’s life, soon becomes the general experience. Some say that money can buy happiness, but money can only buy goods and services.


People need to start thinking independently; to act in innovative ways; most if not all of the existing parameters will soon be obsolete. The meaning and value of money will be totally different from what is usual. Everyone will have enough money to live on. There will be no need to take advantage of others, or to steal to buy anything.


Skill is the only limit to one’s ability. Everyone is free, allowed to pursue any hobby, and to work when they wish.


GESARA is designed to remove poverty and all resulting ills from the Earth during the transitional phase, and being introduced once the cabal owned existing money system has completely destroyed itself.


The changes will not be made for the sake of poverty, but are part of the plan to bring comfort and protection. This will take people’s experience to a new level to bring joy and happiness.


Planet Earth will have a higher positive dimension for Environment, Food, Happiness, creating more jobs through the rescue and purification of planet Earth. The gross sales metric is redundant, the spending of money is just an illusion, as are numbers for the value of shares and real estate, etc. People are going to realise what is really the purpose of their life, which has been forgotten by the majority.





The final moment of the planetary transition

By: Vital Frosi


Beloved ones!

The title of today’s article, has never been more applicable than now. Everything becomes an argument because everyone wants to be right. It seems that everyone suddenly considers themselves to be a scholar and a well-recognised expert on every subject. It is evident from the writing, the few studies and the knowledge of one’s own language, but in any case it is an opinion that wants to impose itself on everyone else.


When we say that no one can change the conscience of others, we are in fact giving information and not just an opinion. This moment of humanity is the end of a cycle. The previous texts, presented all the variations and possibilities, so that everyone who follows this work is aware and can understand what is actually happening now with our Planet and humanity.


We are in a planetary transition. Earth is no longer a world of trials and tribulations, but a world of regeneration. As if this were not enough, the frequencies that used to be in the Third Dimension are slowly changing upwards to vibrate in the Fifth Dimension.


The change will be total and final. It is as if each of us is being transported to a different planet. Nothing will ever be the same again. In a short time, the part of humanity that will inherit the New Earth will no longer have a limited consciousness as it did on the Old Earth.


The Photon Light that is already entering our Planet is expanding the consciousness of all souls incarnated here now. Even without extensive knowledge, people already consider themselves experts on every subject.


It is obvious that many are right in their considerations, because they already have innate knowledge or have acquired knowledge in the present existence. And this strengthens the knowledge even more. But a great majority have no basis of knowledge, which distorts their understanding. Therefore, they are manipulable.


Manipulation is a common practice today. The rulers of humanity know very well how to use this tactic. So, they create false information, the very thing that is important to them. They provide this information to the manipulable masses through the media, who are paid for it. While, the already limited insights and knowledge of the masses contribute to the misinformation.


Vanity and the inflated ego inherent in mankind contribute even more to the existence of conflicts of interest and endless discussions, which are always aimed at the interests of those who serve the masses.


It has never been otherwise. This is a time of definitions and choices that will take each person to a different timeline. Some will go to the New Earth, and others will be guided around it, that is, to Planets destined for their exile, according to the vibration of each who chooses this path. This is the final moment of the planetary transition.


If until now something was often defined as “screaming”, as they used to say, there will be no more of it now. There is no point in trying to be right.


What determines the compatible timeline is the frequency of each. It will not be reason or the lack of it. It will be the state of each consciousness. It is, as Christ Jesus said, those who will inherit the new earth.


Do you want to be right or happy?

It is at least worth thinking about. Consider also the possibility that you are wrong. Recognise that there are still surprises and many more to come. Be open and receptive to information, even if it is not in accordance with your own beliefs or concepts.

If we have been deceived all along, those who have done so will want to continue. Do not argue; just observe and then you will see and discover how the rulers of the world today are playing their game.


The game board is on the table and now the final moves of the game are being shown. But in the wider vision of the already awakened in consciousness, the end result is already known. And nothing and no-one can change this, because the whole process of Transition and Resurrection has already been laid down. THE LIGHT HAS WON!


When such information is passed on, it is also a way of reassuring those hearts that are affected by the moment and by the anticipation of what is to come.


We are here to clarify, but always with ethics and respect for everything and others. We are not here to be recognised or to gain high ratings and followers.


The aim is only to inform and clarify. If only five readers understand this message, that is enough. We do not need anyone’s approval, because it is enough that it passes through the sieve of conscience and responsibility. We do not want to convince anyone.



The last text on frequencies, published here, provided very significant encouragement to thousands of people who could understand what they were feeling.


Almost two thousand reactions alone. At the break of dawn with the battle between Russia and Ukraine, the comments were diverted from the text. As a result, more than 90% of the 1,300 responses were off-topic.


Some answers were given to clarify certain doubts, which led to anger and verbal aggression of different calibre. Including a large demonstration by lack of respect, ethics and morals, characterised by those who chose the timeline of exile from Earth.


There was even someone who wrote that he followed me regularly, but now stopped following me because of some reaction. To clarify, no followers are needed to fulfil my mission. I just need to know that I am responsible for my actions and my deeds. Nothing more.


No one is required to be on this site. Seeds are sown to bring forth good fruit. The seeds that fall on the stones are unfortunately lost.


Therefore, from now on, no more questions will be answered that are not related to the subject of the published text. It is better to have only 10 questions that can really clarify the question for the one who asks it and also for those who follow it, than to have  of them, many of which only serve to bring more discussion and hate motivation among the readers.


It was already written in the last text of 2021:



Let us avoid confrontation.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.



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