Fake NASA Agency

Bogus Defence

Fake War on Terror

Imitation War Against Poverty

War on cash with Fake Motives

Economy and markets have been falsified by phony money

Compulsory Education doesn’t learn anything

Neither idea nor insight into what the future holds

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Tell a Lie instead of the Truth

Civilisation, the product of thousands of years of striving, hangs in the balance. Degeneracy is everywhere before our eyes. As the world sinks into tyranny; will peoples defend their liberty and their souls, or will they sink into the tyranny, which again has raised its ugly and all-devouring head?


Formed by the secretive Luciferian elite, seeking the new world order is taking hold of all nations, the whole world. Its influence infiltrates from within every aspect of our society, from the products we buy at the grocery store to the topics of news networks. They are now causing the greatest financial catastrophe in history to implement their ages ago planned new world order.

The world is changing fast, and many people are beginning to see through corporate- owned mainstream media – MSM. Television is specialised in ‘faking’ and lying about major global events on multiple occasions. Dr. Udo Ulfkotte , ultimately a whistle-blower, was a top German journalist for more than two decades who had been forced to publish the work of intelligence agents under his own name, and was instructed that noncompliance would result in losing his job. At last of all he was murdered in a car accident.


Fake NASA Agency

NASA was created by the Deep State as a smokescreen, designed to distract and entertain the public with “chemical rockets” that are “fun to watch.” As anti-gravity insider once stated; the real space missions have been carried out in secret by the US Air Force and Navy. NASA has not even built one new Space Shuttle Orbiter in the past 40 years.


According to Gary McKinnon, a British hacker who broke into the computers of the US Army, Air Force, Navy and NASA, confirmed; we already have fully operational warships in space. His findings reinforce and validate the claims of multiple whistle-blowers who have confessed to having served in space and even on Mars. Insiders tell, NASA-manned Moon missions have never occurred, as it is impossible with their technology to pass the Van Allen radiation belt.


NASA’s 1969 moon landing was filmed on Earth in the Nevada dessert, the 1986 doomed challenger crew is still alive and well. More NASA and government deception has faked space walks, Earth pictures and footage, and the Deaths of Astronauts. What do they gain by this? Look at it this way, even though they faked the death of many Astronauts, they gave them all new lives, fortunately they are alive and well, and this is a good thing. However, the mystery behind the destruction of the space shuttle is still not known. The real reason NASA moon landing aspiration was gradually shut down might be the Deep State’s far superior covert space program, for which NASA was used as a distraction cover-up.


Bogus Defence

Routinely attacking other nations on the flimsiest of pretexts is done to gain more geopolitical influence, install puppet dictators, steal land and natural resources. Israel loves to talk about its right to defend itself, but when has Israel ever been under a real threat of attack, apart from their own imagination? Perhaps they were worried that a few Palestinians with rocks and sticks might be able to penetrate their billion-dollar defences, generously donated by US taxpayers. The US military has always been about unbridled aggressive on pre-emptive strikes and attack. Supported by the military-industrial- complex- MIC. Only, to fill the Deep State cabal pockets and bribe everyone else in war compliance.


Fake War on Terror

The War on Terror appears to be a setup, too. This will most certainly go down in the books of the Deep State as a total flop. Not only has this myth failed to stop terrorism, it has failed to get it started! After decades of constant intervention and trillions spent to stimulate attacks, people’s risk of being killed by a terrorist is still only one in 4 million.


April 17, 2013

Then there’s the latest story of wanting to begin restricting cash and precious metals transfers from outside the EU. Of course, the reason given for this suppression is that it is necessary to shut down avenues such as those that are supposedly used to covertly fund militant terror attacks across the continent. Yet to be said; every terror attack at least all significant ones are staged and done with very little money, by involvement of government resources. All official reports of the MSM fake news were staged and edited in advance, to ensure that each channel tells the same deeply depressing story.


Imitation War Against Poverty

The War on Poverty, is another huge flop. No serious economist, which rules out most of them anyway, can be believed that poverty can be overcome by spending money on programs that encourage dependence. And so, the War on Poverty is able to continue.


Over 50-years later and $25 trillion down the drain, the anti-poverty warriors still put on their helmets and go into battle every day. Do they expect to win this war? Of course not. “You get what you pay for”. Milton Friedman said. Paying people to stay poor was bound to find some takers.


There are 30 million more living in poverty than when the war on poverty began. Excluded from this number are many of the jobless. The War on Poverty has not done them much good either. There are more jobless people than ever before. And they are all now dependent on the Deep State government.


The War on Poverty supports not only an army of poor people, but also a whole industry of experts, educators, lawyers, sociologists, managers, researchers, and community organisers – some in the public sector, some in the private sector. All of these people are supported, but the real winners are the government puppets that fill their pockets with part of the money.


War on cash with Fake Motives

Anti-cash and negative interest rates are radical and insane measures. These are signs of total desperation. But a huge threat to salary earners financial security. Central planners are playing with fire to stage a currency catastrophe. As most people have no idea what really happens when a currency collapses let alone how to prepare for one.


Banning cash shows the cabal is desperate. This is not a move they would consider if they were confident in keeping control over the financial system and economy. The ultimate result of this action of desperation, will be counter productive to them, and a blessing for the population. Ultimately it opens the way for the introduction of QFS, the people money system with honest gold backed money, freed from intervention and inflation, infinitely maintaining its purchasing power.


After the ECB, the US Central Bank is now also unveiling a 6 trillion-dollar budget, which will increase government spending to the highest level since WW2. They are pushing the economy to the brink of collapse, exactly where the patriots want it. When the crisis hits, who will be blamed? If the storm hits the people, the banks will be blamed and charged with treason. The storm is coming, what kind of storm, the people will find out soon enough.


Economy and markets have been falsified by phony money

Money and banks are founded on faulty public sentiment. Money should be a symbol of value. The main manipulators on Earth are the central banksters. They have a monopoly over the money supply. They can increase or decrease their balance sheet at any time by buying or selling assets, which primarily is government debt. They have approximately quintupled the adjusted monetary base since 2008, while keeping overnight bank lending rate at near zero.


Their issued money is made out of nothing, it is a counterfeited substitute that should not bear the name ‘money’ but at most ‘currency’, as opposed to money created out of labour, minerals, or resources through the input of energy. Due to bribery from the central banksters; by law, this worthless debt money is being made legal tender to give it parity with energy money, to drain valuable people’s energy into the elite coffers. This is a disgusting fraud in plain sight.


Compulsory Education doesn’t learn anything

Education has to be a plus for the individual and for society, right? Wrong. Education is only a benefit when freely floating conditions and prices are allowed to determine what it is worth. The young have no idea or appreciation of the work that goes into learning a profession and making money. And the old know a deeper truth: It scarcely matters.

Since the 1960s spending on education, in per capita terms, adjusted for inflation, has soared. From the 1930s, when the first careful records were compiled, to the 1990s, real spending on education multiplied 5 times per student. It more than doubled from the ’60s.


Did this increase in spending do any good? Not on the available evidence. Test scores; measured achievement, have not budged in 40 years. In other words, the additional investment over the last 40 years has been wasted. The money might as well have been thrown down the drain.


While achievement tests have not changed, tests of potential achievement have improved. For whatever reason, IQ tests and SATs show that young people are getting smarter, or better at taking the tests. This may seem like good news. But when it is realised that multiple choice tests are easier, the intrinsic quality of the test has declined. What one sees is that investments in education over the last 4 decades have actually delivered a negative return. The original test material was better able to learn and appreciate. So that on balance, investments in education yielded less in the way of quality learning.


True education stands in stark contrast to indoctrination, which as the word suggests is all about putting dogma, belief systems or doctrines into someone’s mind. Unfortunately, our education system today is one of fake education or indoctrination, having been set up by the elite in the early 20th century. They in turn based it on the earlier Prussian industrial school model which was designed to produce obedient citizens, workers and soldiers – not creative free thinkers who would challenge the system. It is, essentially, a model of mandatory education, in which all members of a country must attend school up to a certain level.


One of the great modern thinkers and improvers in this field was Maria Montessori, with her emphasis on autonomous thinking and individual intuition enhancements, viewing children as naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a sufficiently supportive but individual and well-prepared learning environment. It discourages conventional follower-attitude. Montessori developed her theories in the early 1900s through scientific experimentation with her students; the method has since been used in many parts of the world, in public and private schools alike. Accordingly, the importance of earth frequencies was discovered and applied. One of her students was this author, who started thinking independently at a young age and was awake at 16 and reached the 6th dimension in consciousness decades later. To clarify, the average person lives in the 3rd dimension, the awake ones in the 4th and 5th dimensions. In total there are 12 dimensions of consciousness.


Neither idea nor insight into what the future holds

The momentum for the completion of the New World Order (NWO) through centralised control of global politics, business, banking, military and media is gaining pace by the day, and is clearly evident through the large scale spying upon us. George Orwell already wrote it in his book 1984, published in 1948, Big Brother is watching you!


Whenever a hidden agenda is about to be implemented, something occurs to scare the people, justifying the action for implementation. Our world is more and more becoming a recurrence of fascist Nazi Germany, before and during WWII. This is, in accordance with the plans of the Deep State Cabal, as the promotion of the new world that awaits the global population.


The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), and multinational corporations already control most Governments; promoting the one world government through their control of the media, foundation grants, and education; with power exerted over all issues of the day; they already control almost all avenues; they have the financial power to promote the “New World Order”. The key to their success is the control and manipulation by the international bankers of the money systems of almost every nation, while making it appear as though they are controlled by the government.


People have neither the slightest idea, nor the insight of the restrain that is going to be put on them. They would rather ignore the obvious and go into denial of the truth that has already become reality. Instead, people prefer assuring each other that their government would never take people’s freedoms away and make us serfs of the elite.

Humanity has on a large scale given away its mind and its responsibility – it is advisable to consider the broader consequences of this behaviour for human existence.


The system is corrupt, and dangerously dysfunctional. But why does no one say so? Central Bankers have since the 1980s been fighting credit corrections – being the originators of the credit bubbles. And for the last ten years, the Central Bankers have been so actively and aggressively defending the past that the future hasn’t had a chance. Their easy money has corrupted the entire system. So, there will never be a true recovering economy.


Not only the monetary system, but all systems all over the world are corrupted. We the people soon don’t have any freedom left; all of us are enslaved through the tax and money system, and by our birth certificate. People have become assets to earn money for the Elite that is deposited in the DS-controlled Vatican bank. Things are getting worse by the day. The point of no return has been passed. There is little time left to act in our mutual defence. Remember; If you do nothing you deserve what you are going to get.


Infinite power is within each and every individual. The reason we are controlled is not because we don’t have the power to decide our own destiny, it is that we unknowingly have give n away our power. When we don’t take responsibility for our destiny on all fronts, something happens we don’t like, for someone else is blamed. When there is a problem, people think first what is government going to do about it.


But remember it are the hidden rulers who instructed your government that has secretly created these problems, and they consequently respond to people’s demand by offering a ‘solution’ that always requires more centralisation of power and erosion of your freedom.


Think about; The world is run by Satanic Luciferians united in secret societies, founded on death cults. Their control over the money supply is the root of all evil. These criminals can never have enough, they want more for themselves and less for us. This is will never stop. Theft, lies and murder are their main tools. Look around and see what is happening everyday of the year, year after year. By 2030 only 10% of today’s population will be robotised and alive, to serve the Deep State elites that by then own our planet Earth. Ask yourself do you let that happen?



Only mass awakening can stop these criminals who are destroying us in real time. Open your eyes and fight for your life and that of your children!


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