Gold, the most stable long-term form of Money:


Gold is like a chameleon:

Gold is like a chameleon it changes colour in response to the environment in which it resides. Soon, gold will be making an important change. At times, gold behaves like a commodity as it tracks the ups and downs of commodity indices. At other times, gold is viewed as a safe haven investment, when it competes with stocks and bonds for investor attention. And as of now, gold is assuming its role as the most stable long-term form of money the world has ever known.


In a strategic geopolitical move, the largest investors in the world are dumping treasuries by the wayside to acquire gold, which means this trend will continue until the aims of the Axis of Gold have been achieved. These aims include the overthrow of the U.S. dollar as the benchmark global reserve currency. When that happens, collapsing confidence in the dollar will send the dollar price of gold skyrocketing.


1.7 billion people will have a new gold investment standard for the first time.

This will unleash a “Gold Shock”, the biggest ever seen. – Resulting from a clever loophole, the World Gold Council has designed an Islamic-compliant gold investment. What this means is that, unlike most gold ETFs or futures, these funds are actually backed with REAL physical bullion. This is where things get even more thrilling for gold investors who decide to take action on this now, as Islamic Gold appetite is a vital new force in the physical gold market.


Bear in mind; Most gold investments are backed by nothing. The ETFs and gold futures, which are traded on the London and Comex exchanges, are non-backed paper contracts, which will result in more than 250 claims on every ounce of gold that is available. In fact, that’s why Islamic law forbids gold trading: as the fact of the matter is that most “gold” investments are backed by nothing!


The flood of paper contracts doesn’t represent the scarcity of physical bullion, and that is going to change soon. With the creation of new gold-backed investment vehicles in the Islamic world, investors will enjoy the unprecedented opportunity to trade gold backed funds, backed by physical bullion.

Mammoth gold surge:

There is only a finite number of these gold-backed mediums available, restricted by the physical amount of metal on hand. Anticipated is a massive surge of new traders into a gold-backed investment market that has never before taken place. The effects of this new legal change are almost impossible to predict. Who knows how high gold could go on the supply/demand imbalance? $5,000 may probably prove to be just the tipping point for unthinkably high levels, like $7,000 or even $10,000/ounce. With the coming change in Islamic law, suddenly fortunes could be made in the gold market.

China wants control over gold pricing:

China is going to take control of the pricing of gold, since last year China opened the Shanghai Gold Exchange. This was a historic move that could push the Chinese to dominate the global gold market. Only a few understand the dramatic ramifications of this development.


The Shanghai Gold Exchange has over 10 million customers, and this is just the beginning. As China continues to try to address its economic, political and social issues; the Shanghai Gold Exchange could become the source of explosive growth in customer numbers, and gold demand, in the not too distant future.


Across the world, there is a scarcity of gold exploration, and very few significant new discoveries. Based simply on the lack of new mines under construction, and the absence of expansion work at existing facilities; don’t expect to see any significant growth in gold output over the next three to five years. A shortage of gold to meet demand in China will soon affect investors in the rest of the world. So prepare now, and position yourself to profit from increasing demand for gold.


The Chinese have been quietly buying gold at a frantic pace. Some estimate up to 20 tons per month. One report shows that China may even hold up to a whopping 30,000 tons of gold. If these estimates are even close to the mark, China’s gold reserves are nearly double that of all major countries combined!


The Chinese want to control the price of gold, and to base it on actual physical gold available on the market, and this could be a true game-changer. Over the past forty-years the gold price has been based on paper gold contract exchanges that were easily manipulated to suppress the gold and silver price downwards, in order to power the fake strength of the US-dollar. But the Chinese are about to change this, by establishing the price of precious metals based on availability and demand.


Convergence of powerful forces:

The convergence of these two powerful forces is so perfect that it has led to some questions as to whether or not this is all just a coincidence? In fact, the Chinese are quietly opening Yuan “clearing banks” in Middle Eastern countries. These banks promote the growing use of Chinese money in large financial transactions and trading. Recently, a new Yuan bank in Dubai was opened, which will be the financial hub of the Middle East.


Thanks to these clearing banks, Muslims will be able to trade easily on Shanghai’s Yuan-denominated gold exchange, making Asia the world’s gold centre as well as inviting billions of people from Dubai to Tokyo into physical gold-backed trades.


Supply side of gold:

So far, this has been the demand side of the story. But there is a third factor, namely the availability or supply of gold. In answer to the question; will there be enough gold to meet the new demand?


Experts say, “peak gold” was reached a few years ago, as the production of gold has been rapidly shrinking, while demand is strong, if not soaring. This trend is hardly known outside the mining industry. Last year, Goldman Sachs warned that there’s “only 20 years of known mineable gold reserves.” That’s because the costs of mining exploration have surged 10-fold, even as new gold deposit discoveries are becoming fewer. This means a shrinking new supply of gold, while demand is rising. Resulting from the unprecedented and instant surge of demand from 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide, it can be established mathematically that the price is going to rise, if not skyrocket very soon.


The new Shanghai Gold Exchange could return physical gold back to the gold markets based on supply and demand price setting, creating a huge demand and a shortage in the supply. Combined with the expected rapidly devaluing dollar, record unemployment in Europe, and a stock market running out of steam, that is being prepared for the planned crash.




These circumstances are independently sending gold into the early stages of a new bull market. Expect that by March 31st next, the floodgates for gold will open. The measures that are currently being taken are inevitably driving gold towards $5,000/ounce in an incredible fast move upwards. If the media catch wind of the recent developments in the gold market before March 31st, the gold mania will be thrust into overdrive. The Gold buying frenzy could then even start before the implementation of the coming Islamic law change. The time to take action is now.



Make Money Great Again:
There is a grass-roots campaign developing to Make Money Great Again, which is the necessary first step to making America great again. So as President Trump begins his second week in office, I encourage everyone to visit There you can sign the petition to Make Money Great Again. It petitions President Trump to sign an Executive Order that allows gold and silver to circulate once again as currency by removing all impediments on the precious metals, such as taxes. In so doing, this would give Americans a choice in currency. Most importantly, it would enable everyone, if they so chose, to once again use sound money in day-to-day commerce.


James Turk Explains the details:  



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