Collapse of the dollar reserve currency

Crypto Mania



Large-scale Population Reduction

Money creation through debt issuance must remain in balance with economic growth. As debt increases, more growth is needed, and if this growth falters, so does the entire money system unless the excess debt is removed.


In other words, the debt is now over-designed so that the global financial fiat money system is going under. Eventually this system will be replaced by the QFS.


The question now is; Will the collapse of the US dollar come before this happens, because the Deep State is trying to force this by all means to replace the system on their own terms?


History shows that it will be a narrow escape. Since 2008, the money system appears to have been predestined on this course. But, it will soon go under, in the same way that every other fiat currency money system in history has fallen by self-destruction.


An imminent collapse is being planned by the Deep State with the aim of creating total destruction, chaos and disorder, as large-scale population reduction is the motive.


The criminal government officials think they can hiding underground in hidden shelters, which have now been destroyed. The result is; that worldwide the financial cabal money system is eliminated and replaced, but now by the people controlled QFS system- instead of the cabal planned SDR fiat currency money system, managed by the IMF.


The world is now still in the cabal’s usual ‘Problem-Reaction-Solution (PRS)’ phase of crises and disasters that allows them to increase their control over us.


In this scenario, the existing infrastructure of funding from top to bottom is completely destroyed through manipulation by the media, academia, and the local public school system. They have been working intensively for years to realise this plan. After it turned out that a WW3 was not possible, the COVID pandemic was launched earlier as a substitute, to be completed in a Hillary Clinton administration.


Regardless of what people think about the creation of Agenda 2030, it is wise to take the time to read the Protocols of Zion. Don’t just read them, study them. They explain exactly what is happening in the world now and why.


Only once there is a chance to totally destroy the Deep State. Studying the protocols reveals that each agenda item has been skilfully executed over many generations and comes from the top of the cabal pyramid. Their knowledge of human weaknesses and the power of lies and deception seems to be unrivalled. Thus, their plan for the destruction of humanity and all control infrastructure systems offers them the opportunity to start again.


Do not worry, the Patriots and Lightworkers are now firmly in control of the situation.


Collapse of the dollar reserve currency

The collapse of the dollar reserve currency has been expected for many years since the 2007/8 crisis and was planned to tighten the Deep State grip over the masses, without major loss of infrastructure.


But, once all Central Banks are eliminated, physical gold-backed QFS currencies will be implemented locally, via people controlled QFS system, replacing all existing Rothschild Central Banks money systems.


After, elimination of all central banks (CB), the TBTF – Too Big To Fail banks are dismantled and converted into smaller local bank locations to serve the public only. Crypto holders who think they have made a good investment will be disappointed!


Meanwhile, many lives are being destroyed by unnecessary Covid injections and by fraud at all levels. It is the last breath of the cabal in the dying fiat currency system.


Crypto Mania

The world is subject to a new “Mass Madness” or madness of the crowd. The current “Mass Madness” of our world, in the 21st century, is – without a doubt – its fascination with Bitcoin and fellow “cryptocurrencies”.


It is utterly pointless to argue with those who are subject to the delusion because it is an impenetrable delusion.


A large part of our world, especially in “more developed countries”, is under the spell of this madness, due to the publicity it has received via the Internet.


Bitcoin and others are true technological wonders, there is no doubt about that. Among other things, because of their security, confidentiality, ubiquity at any time, wherever the Internet is available.


Bitcoin c.s. have caused mind-boggling phenomena never before manifested among mankind. This stems from the fact that Bitcoin c.s. is not related to anything tangible, yet it is instantly accessible in the world on the Internet. Bitcoin c.s. is psychologically related to magic, which gained a large following in bygone times.


While belief in Bitcoin is a positive hope for the safe possession of personal wealth, associated with excessive growth, belief in witchcraft supports fear and repulsion. But in essence, these are “popular delusions”.


Bitcoin raises hopes of monetary security and the desire for rapid growth in personal monetary fortune. While witchcraft inspires fear of evil spirits. Both Bitcoin and Witchcraft have no relationship to personal merit or personal failings; by which is meant that with Bitcoin you can imagine yourself rich without having done a single bit of productive work or created a productive idea. Whereas with fear of witchcraft you can harbour unfounded fears without any reality.


However what Crypto investors don’t understand; these currencies are initiated by central banks as an overflow outlet for their excess of necessary money printing, similar to the asset and real estate markets. The increase in paper value is fantom imagination.


To put Bitcoin c.s. in the context of “Popular Delusions” and “mass idiocy”, the whole madness is based on greed, or money mania. Some historical examples support this thesis. Such as; the South Sea Bubble, Tulip Mania, Soothsaying, Influence of politics and religion, Crusades, etc.


During the tulip mania in the 17th century, one bulb could buy a mansion on the Keijzergracht in Amsterdam!


In today’s 21st Century, humanity has been subjected to the greatest “Folk Madness” ever recorded in thousands of years of cultural history.


Bitcoin c.s. have placed a monetary value on the possession of electronic digits – so that possession protects the owner of a Bitcoin, or a tiny fraction of a Bitcoin, from theft.


A Bitcoin worth $50,000 is yours, yours alone, and cannot be stolen from you. And your Bitcoin could be worth a lot more in the near future. What is against that?


The big question, which is never talked about; is “What is Bitcoin worth?”


Let’s say a Bitcoin is quoted at US$50,000. A large sum.


But objectivity demands, “Define a US dollar, or any other currency that currently exists in the world.”


The correct answer is: “A US Dollar is an electronic figure, created in the USA, by an institution called the “Federal Reserve Bank of the USA.” – All other currencies are created in the same way, by Central Banks of the respective country.


All the “money” in the world today, is nothing more than electronic digits!


This looks like fraud!


The fact that millions of others do value an electronic cipher and are willing to give up Dollars – which are themselves only electronic ciphers – does not inspire one to “own” such an impertinence as a Digital Crypto currency.


What happens to the thousands of dollars that one Bitcoin is supposed to be worth the day the Federal Reserve “goes bankrupt” and ceases to exist?


Furthermore, if the dollar collapses, which it certainly will, all the other currencies in the world that are denominated in Bitcoin will also be worth nothing, because the dollar is the reserve currency for all the other currencies except the now gold-backed Russian Ruble and the Chinese Yuan.


One day, a book will be published on this subject; titled The Crypto Mania in analogy to the Tulip Mania!


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