Mainstream Media is Indoctrination

Free Markets don’t exist

False Free Trade Agreements

Counterfeit Law

Bogus Rights

Fake Authority

Forged History


Fakery, fraud, propaganda and brainwashing destroys your consciousness

Our world is filled with extraordinary amounts of lies, deception, disinformation, misinformation, fakery, fraud, facades, mirages, propaganda and brainwashing. Altogether in this series of nine issues, sixty cases have been highlighted, but still there are many more. The good thing though is that once you awaken to the deception, you can use it as a tool for raising your consciousness. Consciousness means coming from the heart, getting in touch with your intuition and consequently reaching a state of intuitive knowing. Hence, in contrast to accessing the internet, consciousness allows us to access our ‘inner net.’


Donald Trump exposed the Deep State cabal; the “dark” criminal people who are doing everything possible to keep humanity from waking up. They are desperate and pulling out all the stops to prevent the change into a better world for ‘we the people’. The cabal hate humanity they fear us as they know what our true capabilities are and that is why they destroy us through Big Pharma’s poisoning pills; so-called “Health care” obstructive methods to healing; initiated by toxic fluoridated water; processed foods containing toxic chemicals; soft drinks with dangerous sweeteners; chemtrails that destroy the environment; an education systems full of lies, to name just a few facts.


They want the world for themselves. All governments are bribed, corrupted and undermined by banksters. The populace has been misled, deceived, and plundered by banksters. The purchasing power of your hard earned money is made less valuable every hour, because of their endless money printing. Bankers manipulate currencies for political and economic advantage, consequently approved by corrupt governments and supported and enforced by corrupt law enforcement officials. Anyhow, they don’t want people questioning anything, while we should be doing it!


The Satanists have power over, corrupt politicians, and others in charge throughout the system, they are mind controlled to safeguard complete control of events. For the outside – the side the public sees – these Satanists are quite normal, but when switched, they are very different beings. The originator of this mind control process is the Nazi ‘Angel of Death’ Josef Mengele, who was helped to escape Germany after WWII to the United States and South America by the Archon bloodline network that control American Intelligence (CIA) and the Roman Catholic Church. They wanted the ‘camp doctor’ at Auschwitz, to continue his sickening genetic and mind control research that he had conducted on Jewish children in the concentration camps. National Borders don’t matter to the Archon Crime Cabal members; they are one ‘global family’.


Mainstream Media is Indoctrination

The corporate kings of the modern world are master manipulators, they understand the secret. every ruler since the dawn of civilisation has known: Whoever controls the narratives is believed by society, and in control of that society.


To control society, the media is very important. With their ownership of the financial system those are the most valuable tools for the Deep State. They can push away any thoughts or arguments that do not serve their agenda. That is what mass media news is all about. All innocent, honest positive news can be brushed aside. The MSM will be the last to fall. Soon people will be able to see the downfall of the mainstream media happening in real time. The Deep State Media dates back to hundreds of years ago. Media has always been a part of the cabal tactics.


The Protocols of Zion are the Blueprint for the Deep State’s One World Government-control-operation, that testifies;

“In our official statements, we will deceptively use an opposite view, and always do our best to appear noble and cooperative. The words of a statesman do not have to correspond to his actions.”


Free Markets don’t exist

Conveniently, there are fake free markets, not true ones. A free market means markets where everyone is freed from regulations to exploit whomever and whatever they want. And not the wrong way round where The Government willingly destroys free markets to implement vaccines to benefit their Big Pharma masters, while simultaneously refusing to protect the public against the dangers from the poisonous injections.


The central bank stimulus policies, of hundreds of trillions in fake money added to the global monetary base, has destroyed all markets. Fake money has financed far more real estate and factories than ever is needed. It has driven the real estate and stock market prices up tenfold and created fake wealth. Today’s paper money wealth is just another illusion that eventually will blow-up.


False Free Trade Agreements

Once the central banks go down, the first thing they will say is, all this debt is null and void. Because the regulators will send auditors to control the central bank’s books, only to discover that the banks have not been honest to the people, and that most of the debt and most of what they have done was completely against their charter, rendering everything null and void. It is obvious what is happening now is an indication that this is definitely playing out that way.


Under the guise of interest for nation-states, is the one umbrella of the New World Order, which must create sustainable life on the planet, and stop climate change. – Unfortunately today too many people are too complacent and squarely ignorant to the many warnings that are visible all around them. They still think that authorities are taking care of them, so, above mentioned view would be impossible and consequently are dismissed as conspiracy.


Counterfeit Law

People’s legal system has been changed in admiralty jurisdiction or maritime jurisdiction, instead of human common law jurisdiction. Maritime jurisdiction is the law based on contracts, formerly used as the main commercial jurisdiction to arbitrate disputes among merchants sailing with goods on the seas between countries.

However, the average human is at a big disadvantage in commercial jurisdiction where many human rights don’t apply, as it is based on contract.

Consequently, much of nowadays “law” is not true law but counterfeit law: statutes, regulations, rules, policy, by-laws and codes. These are all commercial terms which only apply to commercial entities – and as people and countries are by the cabal transformed into corporate companies they are not anymore a legal individual that is why your name on all official documents is written in capital letters. In other words, you are owned by the cabal and traded like slaves on the exchange, instead belonging to yourself.


Governments and Law Society rely upon deception to trick you into accepting their presumptions of law as facts of law. But, remember; we have fundamental rights – unalienable, God-given, natural rights – regardless whether a nation’s government recognises it or dictates it as law.


Bogus Rights

We are all born free. We are all born with real, natural, unalienable, God-given, natural human rights regardless of where you were born geographically. Yet instead of honouring these natural rights, governments have given bogus rights, which are actually privileges in disguise. Because, privileges, of course, can be revoked at any time by the governing authority. So, in name, we have been given “civil rights” and UN “human rights” which are not the same thing as stand alone, natural rights. These bogus rights make us their servant-slave, rather than employer, in relation to Authorities.


Fake Authority

Humanity has given its power to fake authorities. People have been tricked into giving over unquestioning obedience to authority, without thinking critically, question sources and biases, and make decisions for themselves. They have blind trust in their government, which is not a virtue, as governments is bought and bribed by the DS-puppet masters and is made people’s greatest enemy! Exactly this is what has gotten us into the big mess we’re in. People blindly follow authority without bothering to apply common sense or critical thinking to the hollow words of their leaders. Most people have an implicit trust for people in power and in uniform. They have an implicit trust in bankers, lawyers, scientists and doctors, because, as has been drummed into them, these are prestigious professions. Now, there are many honourable people in these professions, but there are also many power hungry control freaks, sociopaths, liars and psychopaths too, because that kind of personality gravitates towards power – and that is precisely what makes a worldwide scheme of tyranny like the New World Order so possible. If you are not streetwise, your unquestionable obedience can easily be exploited to serve the global conspiracy.


Forged History

History is written by the victors. If these victors have an agenda to dominate or set up a system of control with their newly won power to ensure their position at the helm for many years to come, they can easily rewrite history or promote learning fake history in order to legitimise themselves.


In other words; people need actively re-examine our past and work out what happened, and see the patterns in order to learn from made mistakes. As George Santayana said, “those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.


The most important thing people have to realise is, their 3 dimensional reality is not real. Meaning this is nothing but a consciousness trap. Who we really are is hidden from us. Our spiritual nature is our only true form. That is why all these dark forces spend so much time and money on attempting to make people forget. They use subtle techniques to keep us all trapped. That is where the true magic lies. If you cannot see preceding it, you have been defeated. Then; It all is an illusion.


All is an Illusion although there are many more, the majority have been explained in the preceding eight issues and this one in total sixty of those are recapitulated here;



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  1. Mainstream Media is Indoctrination

Free Markets don’t exist

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Counterfeit Law

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Our freedom must be fought for from below by ourselves, not from above. All of us together must reject our government and their rules, they are the puppets of the DS puppet masters. Remember: if we do not start this liberation process ourselves, freedom has no value and will not last!

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