Computers are the Achilles heel:

Compromise computers and they can bankrupt the world’s richest economy. Cripple them and you bring the world’s mightiest military to its knees. Destroy them and the enemy is yours for the taking.


The fabricated “war on terror” has succeeded in creating even more “terror” that must be combated with enormous expenditures of money. Apparently, politicians intend that monies paid in Social Security, Pension funds, and taxes must be redirected to the military and security services.


Keyboard Hand GrenadeThe war in Iraq has become a 14-year defeat with the radical Islamic State controlling half of Iraq and Syria. Islamist resistance to Western domination has spread into Africa, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and the oil emirates becoming ripe to fall.


Having let the genie out of the bottle in the Middle East, the USA has turned to conflict with Russia and by extension to China. This is a big bite for a government that has not been able to defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan after 14 years.


Russia is not a country accustomed to defeat. Moreover, Russia has massive nuclear forces and massive territory into which to absorb any US/NATO invasion. Picking a fight with a well-armed country, with by far the largest landmass of any nation shows a lack of elementary strategic insight. But that’s exactly what the US is doing.


Threat that isn’t:

The Russian restraint on Washington is regarded as a threat. In their view a “hostile power” is a country with an independent foreign policy, such as the BRICS, Iran, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina, Cuba, and North Korea have proclaimed. This is too much independence for Obama cs. to stomach. As Russian President Vladimir Putin recently stated, “Washington doesn’t want partners. Washington wants vassals.” The natural response from Russia is digital warfare.


Hackers from the Chinese, Russian and Iranian governments have established the control to shut down America’s power grids, nuclear reactors, air traffic control, trains and subways, water and sanitation facilities, oil and gas pipelines, essential manufacturing processes and more, in accordance to Admiral Michael Rogers, recently warned:


bear“Russian strongman Vladimir Putin has infected America’s computers with viruses that can shut down the U.S. economy with a single keystroke. He can turn off the electric grid, nuclear reactors, air traffic control, trains and subways, water and sanitation, oil and gas pipelines, factories and more. He simply can “switch off” the U.S. banking system and stock market and every employer in the nation at will. He is also attacking the computers that control America’s weapons systems.”


U.S. officials have freely admitted that there is no defense. ‘We are quite literally at our enemies’ mercy,’ and caught off guard.


“All of that leads me to believe it is only a matter of when, not if, we are going to see something dramatic,” he continued.


Some time later, President Obama confirmed Admiral Rogers’ testimony, saying that America’s enemies are now seeking to – quote “sabotage our power grid, our financial institutions, our air traffic control systems.”


An arrow hitting an Achilles heel on a red circle background

It can be activated with a single keystroke on any computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere in the world. U.S.-enemies quite literally can “switch off” the U.S. economy at will. But as terrifying as this new fact of life may be, it is only the beginning of the story.


They can also manipulate the computers that manage the stock, bond and commodities markets – as well as every financial institution, from the largest banks and brokerages down to the solitary ATM. – They can plunder the memory of computers that store the most sensitive national security secrets, intellectual property and personal information – like health records, bank accounts, credit information, loans, credit cards and tax returns. They can sabotage the computers that keep the government and bureaucrats in business, and even paralyze the U.S. military.


After years of warnings from experts, the sensational hacks at Sony, Home Depot, the Pentagon and even the White House of the past year, have finally seized national attention. But by far the most disturbing attacks are against computers that run the U.S. government and military.


A world dependent on computers:

Precisely because the world has become so dependent on computers, those have become the Achilles’ heel, as the greatest vulnerability. Dependence on computers has given enemies a single choke point they can use to destroy a nation. There is no longer any need for adversaries to spend trillions attempting to equal the US military might in the air, land and sea. No need to attack thousands of strategic targets across the country and around the world.


985_technology_addiction“At this very moment, their intrusion software … viruses … worms … Trojan horses and other bits of code … are working quietly in thousands of government’s computer systems across the nation. Cyber spies are “preparing the battlefield” by gathering knowledge for use in combat. They are also perfecting ways to control, debilitate or destroy America’s weapons systems.”


In November 2014, it was reported that private records of at least 25,000 Homeland Security employees were compromised. This kind of information is often used to launch “phishing” attacks aimed at gaining access to sensitive U.S. government networks. They are also attacking U.S. defence contractors and the classified information on their computers.


National Security Agency whistle-blower Edward Snowden divulged the fact that Chinese hackers stole 50 terabytes – about 4.3 billion pages of data – on Lockheed’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. The stolen data included plans for the aircraft’s engines and more. Military experts say Beijing likely used the information to develop the Chengdu J-20 and the Shenyang J-31.


Russia and China are not U.S.’ only adversaries in this great cyber-war. Recently Iran has joined the digital war against the United States. Iranian agents hacked the U.S. Navy’ computers, gaining access to sensitive emails and other materials. But all of these threats PALE by comparison to the attacks on America’s nukes.


According to Thomas D’Agostino of the National Nuclear Security Administration, the computers that control America’s nuclear weapons are attacked up to 10 million times each and every day. If only a 1.000th of a per cent is accurate that would put the maximum number of successful attacks at about 1,000 – every day of the year; 365,000 successful attacks on America’s nukes every year.



Could a hacker actually launch America’s nuclear missiles? The terrifying answer is that nobody knows for sure! – As terrifying as attacks on the U.S. infrastructure, government and military facilities may be, about 69% of the breaches that occur in America each year are aimed at U.S. companies.


Many of these assaults are designed to accomplish one of four objectives:

  • To gain control of the electrical grid, oil and gas pipelines, air traffic control and other critical infrastructure systems that are controlled by privately owned or maintained computer systems.
  • Stealing intellectual property of U.S. corporations, particularly military contractors.
  • Gathering personal information, as names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, email addresses and more.
  • This information then is used to gain access to computers that those people have access to – government computers – military computers -infrastructure computers.


After stealing your email address for instance, a foreign government agent might send an email that appears to be from a trusted source. When opened an attachment or a link is clicked in the email, infects instantly the computer with malware that gives hackers the passwords you use to access the company or government computers you have access to and every network that’s connected to them. – But these cyber-spies aren’t the only hackers who want your personal information. Cyber-thieves, looking to steal your identity want it, too.


A list of the most recent victims includes many of America’s largest companies, as 7-Eleven, AOL, Citigroup, Home Depot, Kmart, Nasdaq, Target Stores, and many more. – The now-famous hack of Sony Pictures’ network by the hacking group “Guardians of Peace” – attributed to North Korea by the FBI – was devastating. It exposed sensitive personal records on 47,000 current and former employees and freelancers including famous producers, directors and screen stars. It also stole unreleased movies from Sony’s computers and erased its hard drives. And the latest is Carphone Warehouse, where personal data on 2.4 million customers are stolen.


America is clearly losing this great digital war. Until now, few people in Washington or in the business world were concerned enough to advocate substantial expenditures to defend against cyber-attacks. The private sector is more than three times bigger than the federal government and yet it spends only about one-third as much to secure its computers.



Cardinal Error:

When Putin became a fundamental challenger to the USA, the government in Washington was preoccupied with its lack of success with its invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Being illegal missions that were not accomplished, like all the others in the ME thereafter.


unintended consequencesBy 2014 while blowing up weddings, funerals, village elders, and children’s soccer games in the Middle East, Washington woke up, as meanwhile Russia had achieved independence from Washington’s control and presented itself as a formidable challenger to the US supreme-unilateral-super-power structure. Putin and Russia have had enough of Washington’s lies and arrogance.


As counter action Washington chooses Ukraine, as a long time constituent of Russia to split off from Russia. Consequently, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, spent $5 billion to organize street riots, and launching a coup with orchestrated “demonstrations” added with violence that resulted in the overthrow and flight of the democratically elected government of Victor Yanukovych.


In other words, Obama cs. destroyed first the democracy in a country with a coup before their ‘democracy’ could take root. Ukrainian democracy meant nothing to Washington’s intent on seizing Ukraine. The purpose was to stage Russia with a security problem and justify sanctions against “Russian aggression” for which flight MH.17 was downed over the Ukraine in order to break up Russia’s growing economic and political relationships with Europe.


The Russian government, for 89% backed by the Russian people, have made it clear that Russia rejects vassalage status as the price of being part of the West. The implication is that Russia must be destroyed. – Implying WW3 with the destruction of the world.


The Solution:

What can be done to restore peace? First, total regime change: Second, the EU must abandon NATO and state that Washington is a greater threat than Russia. – Without NATO Washington has no cover for its aggression and no military bases with which to surround Russia.


It is Washington, not Russia that has an ideology of “Wir sind uber alles.” Obama endorsed this claim that “America is the exceptional country.” – Putin has made no such claim for Russia. Putin’s response to Obama’s claim is that “God created us equal.” And has found another way to attack America with his digital warfare game.

Eventually: arrogance, self-indulgence and lies create DOWNFALL



The US army has since WW2 lost all of the initiated wars; in fact much longer these wars were intended to be lost. These were not meant to be won, winning would be the worst thing that could happen. These wars are designed to keep the war industry in business. Winning a war means the defense industry cannot stay in business, because winning a war, means the troops are send home, and spending of money stops.


So these wars of invasion were for theft of natural resources – the stolen oil from Iraq was sold to China, while the money was used to bribe for more influence – and intended to go on forever. The military does not want to win them, as there is no enemy that conventionally could not be defeated.


It is another kind of corruption of the defense industry. The US military are not prepared to fight a real war, as their defense budgets are all set up to take money from one group of people to be given to them. They are not set up to defend the country either.


There are huge expenditures for material – war material that is suitable for fighting World War II. And when a real war comes up against a real enemy, like, say, China and Russia that real enemy has now cleverly developed new digital weapons on the cheap that will work against America’s clunky old structure, and so the US will be defeated.


The War that must be fought:

Unfortunately, there still remain a war that MUST be fought by all of us AWAKE, a war that is not yet won, against the greatest enemy the world has – the ‘Rothschild Khazarian Mafia’ (RKM). – The biggest problem lays in the United States, which remains under control of a small number of horrible gangsters headed by the Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller clans. They keep the populace for their lifetime in debt slavery.



Everyone awake needs to support the ‘good guys’ in our society, until the Federal Reserve Board (FED), the ECB, and the BoJ are taken over by the public. These Central Banks to are the source of the RKM power applied on the public via debt money, known as US dollar, Euro, Yen, and the respective money printing presses, that has got to be replaced by trust money backed by resources of value.