Many dislike what is good for them


The Awakening

When people wake up and realise that the purpose of life is different from the government policies used, e.g. tax increases, it is understood that these policies have never had any positive effect!


Be happy with your sanity and life, forget the corrupt government as it will be removed soon. Some say money makes happiness, but money only buys material things.

Happiness and real wealth comes from within by e.g. making real things and providing services, which are opposed to debt. This needs no further explanation.


Similarly with real gold-backed money; Everyone, accepts a gold coin as is. With no backstory or balance sheet statement. This is how real money works; it closes transactions, you accept payment and the account is settled.


The Deep State, which has cleverly manipulated and enslaved us, cares less and less about whether or not we accept their carefully cultivated 5-senses 3D fake reality, the one that provides the illusion in this world theatre.


The slavers care less and less about the fact that in this theatre of illusion, audiences are discovering the holes in the disintegrating picture that was once considered real.


Behind the scenes, the house of cards is crumbling. As a result, more and more of us see the strings that connect and direct the puppets, viz. the supposedly elected politicians: they observe how the puppeteers direct and set, this is no longer hidden in the shadows as before.


Everything that comes to us at the right time and moment; is Cosmic Intelligence in charge of all movements in the infinite Universe.


From a cloud in our atmosphere to the movement of an entire Galaxy, is perfect organisation, permanently ordering and harmonising. Otherwise, billions of planets and stars could not follow their orbits without colliding with each other.


It is not yet realised or understood, that the human being is such a tiny being, so that it does not matter within the infinity of divine creation. The human body is a mini-universe. Our origin is in the Source, viz. a divine Seed atom. Thus, we humans are also atomic. But above all, we ourselves are consciousness.


Human consciousness is rising; that promotes gradual and relative movement in this quadrant of the Universe. Often, someone says they want to change the world. Obviously, that world should be planet Earth. Few know that this is possible, and that it is much easier than is imagined.


The difference is that few understand; to change the world, it is enough to change oneself. Others, however, want the world to change, but make no effort to do so themselves. It is here that some important aspects need to be clarified in this time of Transition.


You have not incarnated at this time by chance. It has taken many millennia of preparation to be allowed to be here on Earth now, as part of the Transition of planet Earth into the 5th Dimension with the ascension of part of humanity. You awake are here to perform your own ascension, and soon you will be an Ascended Master, as well as every previous Ascended Master before you.


But you need to know and, above all, believe that! You are much more than you think you are. Whereas before you were basically a small particle of your own consciousness, now that consciousness is rapidly increasing and new versions of yourself are taking over your material body. You become a new self.


Our Exterrestrial guest author Vital Frosi describes the transition from the old to the new world in more detail in the exposé below.






There is much up-to-date information available today for anyone seeking instruction or enlightenment. This is part of the final process of this Planetary Cycle, because the Divine Plan offers every opportunity for every soul incarnated on Earth.


No one can ever claim not to have been given the opportunity. As a School of Souls, our Planet offers the same lessons to all its students, even if at different times.


I saw the sentence that headlines today’s text in a message from Aurora Ray, a great messenger at this time of Planetary Transition. This sentence inspires me to share something now.


We are crossing the interdimensional bridge, there is no more time to lose. The Old Cycle is closing and the New Age is dawning on the other side of the Bridge.


Mankind on Earth came to this School to experience duality, according to the Laws of Cause and Effect, whose consciousness, in the form of a Fractal, actually felt separated from Source, because the veil of oblivion made it impossible to remember anything before the incarnation of now.


We have mentioned here before that most souls incarnated here have already gone through hundreds of incarnations, that is, on average between 600 and 1,100 passages through material life. In this rather long time, everyone has been able to experience, one by one, every possible and imaginable possibility. There is nothing in this world that you have not experienced at some point during your long walk as a human being.


Now it is time for change at this school. The curriculum is going to change to a higher level. All those who have passed will ascend. A new reality is coming. Learning will continue, but no longer on the basis of trials and tribulations and reconciliation, that is, on the basis of pain and suffering as was the case during this first cycle, which is now beginning to conclude.


Many experiences so far have been very traumatic. Some conscious people, though ready for the new School, have not yet recovered from these traumas. Who have the transpersonal memories still in the luggage of the soul. Some more expressive memories such as guilt, anger, fear, victimisation, shame and resentment are still active in these memories.


Limiting beliefs can also get in the way of crossing the bridge now. Many lies imposed over the centuries have created false truths in consciousness. This is because we still have the resistant ego within us. The ego always seeks a familiar state of consciousness, i.e. the comfort zone. It vigorously resists any change, even when it is to its advantage.


Whenever a difficulty arises in life, it is always a message from the soul to the consciousness possessing the physical body that a lesson, an exercise, a rescue or a change is needed. This is why the soul needs a physical body in every reincarnation.


The body is the sounding board of the soul and it expresses itself through it. Understanding the language of the body helps in understanding and making decisions about the changes to be made.


And here comes the phrase that guides the text and today: ‘Many hate that which is good for them’. But what is the reason for that? Let us try to explain the main reasons.


The beliefs that every person has within are based not only on lived experiences, but mostly on what has been imposed from outside. The lies, misinformation and deception that have been perpetrated for thousands of years have made man believe in interpretations that do not correspond to reality.


Very little of what has been taught is real. We must remember since the Archons arrived here that humanity is controlled by a group of dominators.


Another factor that instils fear is the traumas still rooted in the unconscious memories of each person. Those natural experiences that the incarnated soul had to go through often left a sequel, caused by pain and suffering, when going through such experiences.


Another cause, also unconscious, stems from past lives, when the then incarnated soul was deceived. Trust was betrayed, and the result of that betrayal still resonates in the soul’s stirrings.


Fear pushes it back and so one cannot overcome the barrier of the new, the unknown.


And finally, this is perhaps the worst situation that makes you fear the very thing that can help any incarnated soul: resistance to change.


It is always more comfortable to stay where you are, because that place is already known and does not bring uncertainty, even if it is unfavourable. It is the famous situation that many people articulate:


“It’s bad, but still good”.


But we have to trust! There is a Divine Plan for humanity. We have reached the Mutation Point. It is necessary to take this step forward now. Everything that has happened so far is part of the learning process, even if the pain was very great at times. But the worst is over. How many times was this sentence uttered in this message!


Trust the plan! Another encouraging phrase!

no one will go through what he does not have to go through!


The fear of crossing the boundaries of what has been and what is to come must be overcome. These are the final tests that determine whether one is qualified or not, for making your ascension.

It is sadly very sad, seeing the large number of incarnations that are hesitant to take advantage of the last chances for change.


Are many afraid of that which is good for them?


It is a pity, because time is running out! They may be losing what is most important for the soul in experience in this school: viz. the real possibility of ascension.


A little more effort, trust and courage is enough to make the change in each of you a reality, in this last moment of the Transition.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment!



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This is huge! New Golden Age!
Darkest night is just before dawn! – 2022